Cinema times

I am loading up my new android phone with the apps from the old one but when it comes to cinema schedules, the old Orange applications has gone; they’re no longer funding it. Their replacement is ‘compare the market’ and their stupid meerkats but you need to be a customer. I am not!  🙁


More Macro-economics at the Register! The short answer is that it did. Tim explores Friedman’s mV=PQ and the newish phenomenon that V varies; it’d be a bit shit if it varied as a result of changes in m, but Tim concludes that QE proves there is a monetary policy option to business cycle management. Something that had been thought to be unavailable since 1936.


Just checking out the s.p. on Brown selling Britain’s Gold and comparing it with the coalition’s sale of the Post Office. Over a two year period, the loss of gold value, minus the appreciation of the alternate assets purchased is pretty much what the coalition splashed up the wall on privatising the Royal Mail.