CAC & Women’s CAC

And now there’s another election in the Labour Party. The Conference Arrangements Committee ballot is still open, but this article also talks about two women, Teresa Clark & Jean Crocker seeking election to the Women’s Conference Arrangements Committee. The ballot for Labour’s Conference arrangements committee have not yet closed, emails with unique passwords were sent earlier this month and paper ballots sent out a week or two ago. There are two slates, one supporting the current Leadership, and one representing New Labour continuity. I have voted for Seema Chandwani & Billy Hayes. I suggest you do too.

Labour & Millwall

Paul Bell, one of Lewisham Labour’s candidates for Mayor talks about the way in which New Bermondsey Development a.k.a. as the Millwall CPO started here …. He opposed it in 2011, whereas three of the other candidates, Alan Hall, Damien Egan and Paul Maslin voted for it, twice! This is substantiated by Paul Maslin here …. Paul Bell opposed the scheme because it wasn’t good enough for Lewisham, there were insufficient social houses. Paul’s promises in his housing manifesto. are based on the same values. He promises never to CPO land for private developers. It’s important to keep football in Lewisham so it’s good that Labour Council came to its senses, however we need a people’s housing policy that provides homes for the people of Lewisham. #backbell

Hate Speech

One further fallout from Charlotteville, especially for my American friends and correspondents is the debate around “Free Speech” & “No Platform”. Even in America, free speech does not allow you to incite others to hate. The world consensus is that within the rule of law, hate (discriminatory) speech must be suppressed. Such laws must be for a legitimate purpose, and necessary to promote that legitimate purpose but for those who argue that they should be debated, or that we diminish ourselves by suppressing their right to free speech; you’re wrong! We cannot build a decent society without eliminating abuse, intimidation and discrimination. Our duty to build a decent society is as great or greater than our duty to permit fascists to speak!

Here’s what happens when you let them speak!



Free Speech

The best comment on Charlottesville, “Just to be clear guys, it stopped being about statues the moment people started walking around with swastikas, I think that can be pretty much agreed universally.” from CNN’s Kate Bolduan.

Too hard to leave

I wish I could make this a haiku, it was written for and published on twitter.

On #Brexit #lab16 Labour’s Conference is right; redlines on citizen rights or No!

It’s too hard to leave, people with good will, if limited intellect, towards #Brexit are failing to agree satisfactory terms.

On the sanctity of the referendum’s democratic will, we now already have a second mandate, the general election 2017.

Also Parliament can’t guarantee anything, it can always change its mind.

No safe space

No safe space

I made a storify after the election, and its terrorist disruption about the, mainly Tory response in blaming the internet. I don’t make the point that the Northern Ireland “troubles” were pre-internet but I do talk about the Tories, and May’s instinctive response is to censor and silence dissidents. I also point to Amnesty Internationa;’s critical report on the UK’s surveillance laws. I transferred this to the blog, as at the original date of publication, once Storify announced they were abandoning the service.