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Welcome to my "Downloads" Page. This will be replaced by the blog and wiki.

Digital Britain

Over the summer of 2009, I started to think about Digital Britain and the Diital Economy Bill. later Act. I submitted evidence to the Government's consultation on the proposed 3 strikes laws. I blogged a long abstract called Filesharing, Economics & Human Rights. I wrote a number of letters, posted to flickr and after the election in the Autumn of 2010, I wrote a presentation for Brockley Labour party which I delivered and then amended.

  • My response to the Department of Business Innovation and Science's CONSULTATION ON LEGISLATION TO ADDRESS ILLICIT PEER-to-PEER (P2P) FILE SHARING  - V4 Sep 2010
  • The Digital Economy Bill- V1 Oct 2010
    • A presentation prepared for Brockely Ward Labour Party  .pdf  tar.gz, So What? - Parliament - Digital Britain Report - Important - 3 Strikes - Copyright - Hunting Baddies - Parliament again - What next? - Bad Law? - Civil Liberties - Some Music Industry economics


  • "My CV"  - 25th Dec 2009
    • An innovative and creative IT Consultant and Leader! -  .pdf  {short description of image}

My Opensource Contributions

It's taken a while but I have uploaded some snipsnap management scripts.

  • Snipsnap Management Scripts  - 6th Sep 2010
    • run, backup, tidy space, sysv init, install -  .tgz  tar.gz
  • Planet Management Scripts - 10thAug 2013

My Blogs

I'm blogging on Some of the articles are a bit long and so I have re-produced .pdf versions here. This part of the page was written before the Oracle takeover, so best use the .pdf versions, the URL's have changed and since i am replacing this page I can't be arsed to change the URLs.

  • The Shape of the Internet  - 24th Jan 2007
    • The differences of the 'shape' of the web inside and outside the firwall.    blog    .pdf  {short description of image}
  • Making Sybase Scream  - 02nd Nov 2005
    • Sybase engines, resource rationing and consolidation.   blog    .pdf  {short description of image}
  • Consolidating Sybase  - 04th April 2005
    • More about Consolidation & Aggregation, introduction to deployment idioms.    blog    .pdf  {short description of image}
  • "Consolidation & Sybase"  - 25thNovember 2004
  • "The importance of a Cost Meta Model"  - 22ndOctober 2004
    • Discusses the role of a consolidation chart of account -    blog   .pdf  {short description of image}
  • "Maximising Creativity"  - 8th Sept 2004
  • "More about Managing the PS Firm"  - 17thAugust 2004
  • "Where Real & Virtual Worlds collide"  - 4thAugust 2004
  • "Managing the PS Firm"  - 29thJuly 2004

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