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*  May 2013 - The Bliki at http://davelevy.dyndns.info/snipsnap has been fixed.


*  Jul 2012 - The Bliki at http://davelevy.dyndns.info/snipsnap failed again. It was either Amazon's fault. or mine.


*  Jul 2011 - I have moved my mingle, and other planets to davelevy.info. Mingle is a planet aggregator, with one, one line entry for each of its elements, which in this case is a number of my social media activities, including most prominantly Twitter and delicious. I have also moved planet davelevy and planet G3 News. See More....

*  May 2011 - The Bliki at http://davelevy.dyndns.info/snipsnap is back online.

*  Apr 2011 - I implemented a blog preview on the home page using feedburner and buzzboost.


* Dec 2010 - I have started a new blog again, at http://blog.davelevy.info/, I hope I have set the .htaccess file so that all blog URLs in davelevy.info redirect to it.

*  Jul 2010 - snipsnap.org has finally gone away, and I discovered my mirror page copies were corrupt, so I repaired them.

*  Jul 2010 - The google reader feed of my bliki blog is fixed on the blog, sitemap & 404 pages, the Communities page was tweaked to reflect the failed blog.

*  Jun 2010 - My blog server died so I have un-redirected the ./blog page and amended its contents to point at the google reader feed and a hope for the future.

*  Jan 2010 - Happy New Year. I have updated the professional pages to catch up with my move to Citihub Ltd. and archived 2008's news.


*  Nov 2009 - 'Perils of Branwen', a german text translation was uploaded.

*  Aug 2009 - A new blog placeholder has been created at http://davelevy.info/blog. I also implemented a mirror of my Sun Blog as an XML file xmlin the mirrors section. The sitemap & 404 pages have been updated, and the home index page has a link. These three pages have all the sun blog link anchor text changed.

*   July 2009 - I revised the Snipsnap mirror page, I added pointers to the source code at sourceforge.net and uploaded HTMLMacro.jar. I amended the March note below.

*  Apr 2009 - I revised the Sitemap feature, with a new look and feel, and relocated the site news pages to here, this means that the hyperlinks listed on these pages needed to be changed. Each feature is located in a sub-directory with an index.html file, so that the directory names can be used to obtain most features. I have also attempted to delete any orphan pages and removed the experimental small screen optimised pages. A 404 page has been created and implemented.

*  Mar 2009 - I revised the Snipsnapmirror page, uploaded a .tgz file and added an add this button. It looks like the code's gone otherwise.


*  Xmas 2008 - The CV was updated, and supressing navigation components when printing was implemented.

*  Sep 2008 - A width constraint was implemented on the home page, communities and this page using CSS positioning. See About css and a two column page on my sun blog.

*  Aug 2008 - I started to examine the possibility of moving planet/davelevy to a third party aggregator. I am looking at friendfeed which is a 'software as a service' personal aggregator offering, and I have a Communities page and friendfeed & my planet pages on the site now. Also updates to index & professional. The 'addthis' share button was added to the home page. Professional pages had NESSI stated.

*  June 2008 - the photo's page went online.

*  May 2008 - I put the snipsnap tar archive up on the site, I needed an http version and both snipsnap.org and sourforge.net were bust the day I tried. By this time the book list server had stabilised and the Booklist page became useful.


* Xmas 2007 - Inserted a Booklist page as an interest

*  Apr 2007 - Started using Plazes and added an "I'm here" page to this site. .

*  Feb 2007 - FOAF file becomes available at davelevy.info/foaf.rdf.

*  Jan 2007 - The wallpaper page, is finally advertised on the site map, and we have 2 Cows Politics as a mirror and I upload my Garden Project page.


*  Xmas 2006 - Reworked the menu structure, moved some BG content to my SnipSnap, publicised the wallpaper page. The snipsnap instance was reworked to run behind the apache server as a proxy. The planet instance is syncronised and publicised.

*  Feb 2006 - Enter the 1&1 Affiliate program. My static content at http://www.davelevy.info is advertised as hosted by 1&1 Internet. See aside in the menu box. This is also available on the front page. I now have a Snipsnap wiki available here.... This remains experimental.


* Sep 2005 - V3.0 Green Robot goes live. - The Green Robot look and feel, my professional internet presence, the Perils of Branwen BG2 mod and my Jaheira FAQ are all uploaded onto the site.

* Jan 2005 - V3.0 Green Robot entered, tests start.

* Jan 2005 - My BG2 "Perils of Branwen" uploaded V0.8.0.4d, the URL is distributed by e-mail


* Dec 2004 - .pdf copies of selected blog articles uploaded onto the downloads page

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