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*  Jul 2016 - I have restored the foaf file.

*  Jan 2015 - I have uploaded the Labour's Rules to the site to act as a mirror.

*  Dec 2014 - I created a mirror for the SNOBs site since its hosting funding was about to withdraw. This wiki article refers.

*  Nov 2014 - I have uploaded the DITF PWC Report on the economics of the arts to the mirror site.

*  Aug 2013 - I have inserted a new snipsnap landing page. It is the object of the redirection on the old snipsnap site. The redirection will only be in place 1 month.

*  Aug 2013 - The snipsnap blog and wiki have been copied across to the wordpress instances.

*  Jun 2013 - I started a tidy up of the static site. A lot of the web services I have been relying on are falling apart. I have come to relying on my blog, my new wiki and my mingle page to keep the site fresh. The other external dynamic feeds are being enclosed, and sites such as living social and plazes failed a while ago. The index page has been revised, and the indexed visibile static site reduced to Home, Downloads, News and the Sitemap.

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