Baldur's Gate II

Baldur's Gate II is a computer game, authored by Bioware. It is a fantasy RPG and was the follow up from Baldur's Gate and its expansion the Tales of the Sword Coast. The game licensed the AD&D rules, and the Forgotten Realms milieu from the then licence holders.

* I started playing but there had been some rule changes since I had played the PnP version and I needed help to play the game. Some of this related to the rules, such as a bard & F/MU's prohibition on armour, while some related to software quality. This brough me to the internet and Planet Baldur's Gate.

* I wrote my Jaheira FAQ (which is now published as part of my wiki) as I needed much of the information to set the game up. Its very buggy and I had laost the quest twice.

*Lennon I adopted the name "Lennon" at the various forum's I use, which is why the Jaheria FAQ is (poorly) branded with Lennon. The hairy "Man in Black" was my original logo at Planet Baldursgate. I have more recently (2004) adopted another hairy bloke, but this time more appropriately dressed for adventuring in Faerun.

Perils of Branwen

* This is also my online home for my BG2 mod, the Perils of Branwen. See here.

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