Another thought about Nokia’s last year and a half!

Not a dead duck

Q: What happens when you hit windows phone with a duck?

A: You get two dead ducks?

First heard applied to OS/2, but worth repeating in the light of the Nokia sale to Microsoft

Author’s Productivity

The last article took me 4 hours to write. I have expertise in the subject matter, which makes it easier and quicker, but had to do the research to find the quotes and cross references and read the supporting links to ensure relevance. The population data came from google sources and wikipedia. There are nearly 1400 words.

Is this slow or fast? Not sure, but it was more than the ½ hour that Boris Johnson claims his chickenfeed column in the Telegraph takes him to write each week and I get £250,000 less than he does for it.


Otherwise my first impression with an ipodtouch; I managed to spend a couple of hours on my new ipod touch today. I have loaded my music and selected a few applications. Scott Wilson showed me iPint on his iphone, so I had to go and get that, I’ll show you why.

Smoking in public (in Amsterdam)

It seems that the Dutch have adopted the European/west coast habit of banning cigarettes in public spaces, which now includes bars, restaurants, offices and shops. Of course there’s a complication in the Netherlands. If your cigarettes contains cannabis you must smoke it indoors, otherwise, if they only contain tobacco you have to go outside.

Capitalism, Communism & Monopoly

Jonathan’s Blog article “Scare Tactics in the World of Open Source” seems to imply Microsoft use the allegation of Communism as a massive insult. I understand that this isn’t unusual in the US. Probably best not ask which is a worse insult, Communist or Monopolist; only one of these activities is defended by the 1st Amendment.