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Dare to make more progress
Alliance for Freedom, Justice and Sustainability
Coalition agreement 2021-2025 between the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD),
BÜNDNIS 90 / DIE GRÜNEN and the Free Democrats (FDP)

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table of contents
I. Preamble ............................................... .................................................. .............................................. 4
II. Modern state, digital awakening and innovations ......................................... .............................. 8th
Modern state and democracy .............................................. .................................................. ........ 8th
Digital innovations and digital infrastructure ............................................. .................................. 15
Innovation, science, university and research ........................................... .......................... 19
III. Climate protection in a socio-ecological market economy ........................................... ................... 24
Business ................................................. .................................................. ....................................... 25
Environmental and nature protection .............................................. .................................................. ................. 36
Agriculture and Food ............................................... .................................................. ......... 43
Mobility ................................................. .................................................. ......................................... 48
Climate, energy, transformation ............................................. .................................................. .......... 54
IV. Respect, opportunities and social security in the modern world of work ...................................... ... 65
Job ................................................. .................................................. .............................................. 66
Welfare state, old-age provision, basic security ............................................. ....................................... 72
Care and health ............................................... .................................................. ..................... 80
Building and living ............................................... .................................................. .......................... 88
V. Chances for children, strong families and the best education for a lifetime .................................... ....... 93
Education and opportunities for everyone ............................................. .................................................. ............. 94
Children, youth, families and seniors ........................................... .................................................. 98
VI. Freedom and Security, Equality and Diversity in Modern Democracy ....................... 103
Internal security, civil rights, justice, consumer protection, sport ........................................ ........ 103
Equality ................................................. .................................................. ............................... 114
Diversity ................................................. .................................................. .......................................... 116
Cultural and media policy .............................................. .................................................. ............... 121
Good living conditions in town and country ............................................ ........................................ 127
VII. Germany's responsibility for Europe and the world ......................................... ...................... 130
Europe ................................................. .................................................. .......................................... 131
Integration, migration, flight ............................................. .................................................. .......... 137
Foreign, security, defense, development, human rights ......................................... .......... 143
VIII. Future investments and sustainable finances ............................................ ............................ 158
IX. Working methods of the government and political groups ............................................. ..................................... 173

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I. Preamble
Our three parties see the result of the Bundestag election as a task, a joint one
Form government coalition.
We have different traditions and perspectives, but we are united by the willingness to
To take joint responsibility for the future of Germany, the goal, the necessary one
Advance modernization, the awareness that this progress also with one
A promise of security must go hand in hand with the confidence that this can be achieved together. we
commit us to serve the good of all citizens.
What challenges the country
We take responsibility at a time when the corona pandemic continues to make the country strong
burdened. For many it means great suffering, goes hand in hand with existential worries and demands everyone
significant restrictions. Defeating the pandemic is our priority these days
Task to which we dedicate ourselves with all our might. Implement the necessary protective measures and
Promoting comprehensive vaccination protection is a national and societal one
The world is in upheaval at the beginning of a decade, so we cannot stand still.
The climate crisis endangers our livelihoods and threatens freedom, prosperity and security.
In the face of intensified global competition, Germany and Europe must have their own
re-establish economic strength. In international system competition, it is our values ​​that count
determined to defend with democratic partners. At the same time, digitization is changing
The way we do business, work and communicate with one another. Our society
is getting older and more diverse. It is also important to reduce social tensions in times of rapid change
reduce and increase confidence in our democracy.
These challenges are immense, interwoven and in their simultaneity
challenging. They will shape the country and society for a long time. But if we do this
Shaping upheavals also offers great opportunities. The task of this coalition is to support it
to push the necessary innovations politically and to provide orientation. With that we want a new one
Trigger dynamics that affect society as a whole.

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What we want to advance
Germany will only be able to keep up with the times if we modernize the state itself.
We want to make government action faster and more effective and better able to respond to future crises
prepare. We are advancing the comprehensive digitalization of administration. It's about that
To make life easier for the citizens. We will be the public infrastructure,
Modernize public spaces and networks and plan, approve and implement them
accelerate significantly. The economy should also have an ally in administration.
More than 30 years after the German unification, it remains our task to promote the inner social and unity
to be completed economically. The living conditions in our regions, in cities and the
rural areas are not created equal, but they should be equal. To good living conditions
include affordable housing, fast internet, and accessible health care
Sustainable mobility offers suitable for everyday use.
Achieving the Paris climate protection goals is our top priority. Climate protection ensures freedom,
Justice and Sustainable Prosperity. The social market economy is considered to be a social
to re-establish an ecological market economy. We create a set of rules that clears the way
for innovations and measures to put Germany on the 1.5-degree path. We bring
new pace in the energy transition by removing hurdles for the expansion of renewable energies
clear the way. Step by step we are ending the fossil fuel age, also by using the
Ideally, the coal phase-out should be brought forward to 2030 and the technology of the internal combustion engine behind
let us.
To secure our prosperity in the globalization is only possible if we economically and
Continue to play in the top league in terms of technology and develop the innovative strength of our economy.
The basis for this are fair competitive conditions; this also includes fair taxation -
nationally and internationally - as well as the consistent fight against tax evasion.
Extensive investments must be made in the modernization of the country - both privately and publicly. the
public investments, especially in climate protection, digitization, education and research
we guarantee incentives for private individuals within the framework of the existing debt rule of the Basic Law
Make investments and create space for entrepreneurial risk in order to generate growth
to generate.

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We want the necessary skilled workers through better educational opportunities, targeted further training, the
Increase in labor force participation and modernization of immigration law
to win.
Everyone should be able to shape their own life freely and independently. But the chances are
not distributed equally for everyone. That is why the foundations for social advancement opportunities must already be laid in daycare
and school to be laid. We focus on the areas where support is particularly important
is needed and want to work more closely with the countries. We want to strengthen families
and lift more children out of poverty. To this end, we are introducing a basic child benefit. have children
own rights, which we will anchor in the Basic Law.
Career biographies are often marked by breaks, especially in times of change. We want
Providing security even in transition and encouraging people to try new things. Achievement must be recognized
and work are paid fairly. That is why we will raise the minimum wage to 12 euros and ourselves
advocate equal pay for women and men. We keep the pension level stable,
expand the statutory pension insurance to include partial funding and will be
Fundamentally reform the private pension system. We redeem the basic security through
new citizens' money, so that the dignity of the individual is respected and social participation is better
is promoted.
The strength of our republic lies in the freedom of diversity and in the democratic and social
Cohesion. Security and freedom are mutually dependent. The security agencies and theirs
Employees deserve respect and support. We want their structures and cooperation
make it more efficient. We defend our rule of law and ensure the protection of our citizens
and citizens.
Our maxim is a free society in which equality between women and men
is realized and different life plans and biographies have their place. US
connects the understanding of Germany as a diverse immigration society. To the
Taking social reality into account, we enable equal participation and
modernize legal norms - from family law to citizenship law. Any
We counteract discrimination.

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A strong democracy lives from the people who carry it. It needs a diverse culture and
free media. Voluntary work and democratic engagement strengthen the social
Cohesion. It is our job to promote them reliably.
The great challenges of our time can only be met in international cooperation and
cope together in a strong European Union. We stand by global responsibility
Germany as a major industrial nation in the world. The commitment for peace, freedom,
For us, human rights, democracy, the rule of law and sustainability are an indispensable part
a successful and credible foreign policy. We are committed to our humanitarian
Responsibility to protect and want to regulate the procedures for flight and migration.
We act in accordance with the European self-image and in coordination with our international ones
Partners. We want to increase the strategic sovereignty of the European Union by increasing our
Foreign, security, development and trade policy based on values ​​and as a common basis
align with European interests.
How we want to work
Germany is diverse and society is freer and richer in perspectives, but also
has become more complex and contradictory. Public spirit, solidarity and cohesion are new too
determine. This does not work by ignoring differences, but by
different voices in our country are equally heard.
In this sense, a coalition of our three very different parties also reflects a part
the complex social reality. If we can do things together
to push ahead, this can send an encouraging signal to society: that cohesion
and progress can also be made with different perspectives.
We want to promote a culture of respect - respect for other opinions, for counter-arguments
and strife, for other worlds and attitudes. The present coalition agreement shows that
we have found viable joint solutions. It forms the working basis for ours

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II. Modern state, digital awakening and innovations
Germany must be able to act and perform, especially in times of crisis. The state must
work with foresight for its citizens. To do this, we want to modernize it, like this
that it enables opportunities and gives security. A state that cooperates with business and
Civil society seeks, offers more transparency and participation in its decisions and with a
uncomplicated, fast and digital management makes people's lives easier.
For the tasks that lie ahead of us, we need a speed in infrastructure expansion. The proceedings,
Decisions and implementation have to be much faster. We are therefore planning
and modernize, reduce bureaucracy and digitize approval procedures as well as the
Improve personnel capacities. By involving citizens earlier, we do it
Planning faster and more effectively.
We want to make better use of the potential of digitization in the state and society. Our goal is that
Comprehensive supply of fiber optics and the latest cellular standard. We are going digital
Promote key technologies and improve the conditions for start-ups at the technology location.
We want something new and become technological, digital, social and sustainable
Promote innovation. Through better framework conditions for universities, science and
Research, we want to make the science location more creative and competitive.
Freedom of science and research are the key to creative ideas that contribute to the
to cope with the major challenges of our time.
Modern state and democracy
We want a fundamental change towards an enabling, learning and digital state,
who works for the citizens with foresight. It's about making life easier too
do. State action should become faster and more effective and economic like
promote and integrate social innovation processes. We want a new culture of
Establish cooperation that is also fed by the strength of civil society.

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Administrative modernization
The administration should become more agile and digital. You must be interdisciplinary and creative
Set problem solutions. We will consistently think about them from the usage perspective.
We want to overcome the silo mentality and become firm, cross-departmental and cross-agency agile
Equip project teams and innovation units with specific skills. We will
Proactive administrative action through application-free and automated procedures by law
We expect the management of the ministries and the executives in the public service to do so
they promote a modern leadership and administrative culture and provide digital solutions.
The employees' initiative and courage must be valued and rewarded.
The state can only be modernized with a strong public service. We will
make it more attractive. The state must be flexible with diversity, equality and digital
Working conditions be a role model. We encourage and simplify staff exchanges and the
Rotation between different authorities, between federal and state governments and between administrations
and private sector. We are making the recruitment requirements more practical
Work experience and strengthen the instrument of old-age benefits. Digitization is becoming one
general and cross-agency core component of the training. To protect the integrity of the
To ensure civil service, we will ensure that enemies of the constitution faster than
previously could be removed from service.
Living democracy
Democracy lives from trust in all state institutions and constitutional organs. We will
therefore strengthen parliament as a place for debate and legislation.
We want to improve the quality of legislation. To do this, we will start new projects at an early stage and
Discuss across departments, also in new formats. We'll be practice and concerned
Better involve circles from society and representatives of Parliament and
the experiences and requirements of the federal states and municipalities in the concrete
Consider implementation of the law. In the run-up to the legislative process, the possibility of
digital execution (digital check). We will set up a center for legislation.

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We will create a digital legislative portal that will show the phase in which
Project. There we will try out public comment options.
In future, a synopsis will be attached to draft bills of the federal government, which will state the current legal situation
contrasts with the planned changes. We want to make laws easier to understand. the
We will expand accessibility in the offers of the Bundestag and the federal government.
We want to improve decision-making by introducing new forms of civil dialogue such as
Use citizens' councils without giving up the principle of representation. We'll be councilors too
insert and organize specific issues through the Bundestag. In doing so we will
respect equal participation. The results will be referred to the Bundestag
ensured. We will strengthen and digitize the petition process as a whole, and the
Create the opportunity to discuss public petitions in committees and in plenary sessions.
We want to strengthen our democracy through more transparency. We are guided by the open principles
Government Action - Transparency, Participation and Cooperation. We will
Sharpen up lobby register law, include contacts to ministries from speaker level and the
Group of interest groups that are subject to registration, protecting fundamental rights and differentiating them
expand. We become influences for bills from the federal government and from the Bundestag
Third parties in the context of the preparation of legislative projects and the creation of
Comprehensive disclosure of draft legislation (so-called footprint). The regulation finds its limits in the
Freedom of mandate. We want the National Action Plans as part of the Open Government
Implementation and further development of Germany’s partnership (OGP).
We are making the criminal offense of bribery and corruption of parliamentarians more effective
We will make party sponsoring subject to publication above a minimum limit. The duty
for the immediate publication of donations to parties is reduced to 35,000 euros.
Donations and membership fees that exceed EUR 7,500 per year in total will be paid in
Accountability report must be published. We protect the integrity of the political
Competition from being impaired by covert campaign financing by means of so
called parallel actions. The Bundestag administration is responsible for its supervisory and control function in
better equipped in terms of personnel and finances in the areas of transparency and party financing. we
want to bring the law on political parties up to date, and especially the parties more

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digital decision-making and, within the framework of the constitutional limits, digital elections
enable. This should be done with the involvement of as many democratic groups as possible.
Political education and the promotion of democracy are more required than ever, than in Germany too
pluralistic, free democracy is under pressure. Actors of the
sustainable democracy promotion based on respect, tolerance, dignity and human rights
work will continue to be funded with public funds in the future. The work and funding of the
We want to provide better legal protection for political foundations. This is supposed to come from the middle of Parliament
if possible
We will develop freedom of information laws into a federal transparency law.
Federalism is a basic pillar of the Federal Republic. To increase performance,
there is a need for clarity in terms of tasks and financing. We strive for a closer, more targeted and
binding cooperation between the federal, state and local governments. We will do this together
a federalism dialogue with municipalities and states to make it more transparent and efficient
Distribution of tasks, in particular on the issues of disaster and civil protection,
Education and internal security as well as the use of the possibilities of digitization.
We stand by the Bonn-Berlin Act. For this purpose, the federal government with the Bonn region and the federal states
North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate conclude an additional contractual agreement.
We will revise the electoral law within the first year in order to sustain the growth
to prevent the Bundestag. The Bundestag must effectively move in the direction of the statutory control variable
can be reduced in size. A distortion of the distribution of seats due to unbalanced overhang seats
we refuse.
We become the “Commission for the Reform of Federal Suffrage and the Modernization of the
Parliamentary work ”again. The Commission will aim at a parity
Representation of women and men in parliament and deal with the legal
Discuss framework conditions. The Commission will also make proposals to pool
Election dates, to extend the legislative period to five years and to limit the
Check the term of office of the Federal Chancellor.

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We will reduce the active voting age for the European Parliament elections to 16 years.
We want to change the Basic Law to the active voting age for the election to the German Bundestag
to be reduced to 16 years. We want Germans living abroad to exercise their right to vote
Planning and approval acceleration
In order to modernize Germany quickly, administration, planning and
Approval procedure is a central requirement. Therefore, in the first year of government, everyone should
necessary decisions are made and enforced to private as well as state
To be able to implement investments quickly, efficiently and purposefully. Our goal is that
To reduce the duration of the procedure at least in half. For this, the state and society as well as the federal and state governments
and municipalities pull together. We want one on legal certainty and mutual
Realize a planning culture based on trust in Germany. All government agencies should
Simplify and improve administrative procedures so that legal disputes
should be avoided if possible. We will have more options under the constitutional and
Take advantage of Union law.
We will increase the personnel and technical capacities of authorities and courts. For
We are striving for a personnel and further training offensive as well as digitization at all levels
a reliable and sustainable pact for planning, approval and
Implementation acceleration with the federal states. The in-house advisory capacities of the public
Hand are being expanded into acceleration agencies, which states and municipalities can also easily access
can access. The possible uses for private project managers
are expanded. For matters of planning law, we create the conditions for
additional senates at the Federal Administrative Court. The federal government is increasing its competence to
Support of dialogical citizen participation procedures.
We will prioritize the digitization of planning and approval processes. we
will equip authorities with the necessary technology, IT interfaces between the federal government and the federal states
standardize and make the digital portal for environmental data a publicly usable central one
Expand the archive for mapping and species data. Data that have already been collected are, if necessary, by
Plausibility checks to make them usable for as long as possible. Planning processes are with
Building Information Modeling more efficient, cheaper and
designed more transparently. We will use the digital possibilities of the Planning Assurance Act
to continue seamlessly and develop further, particularly with regard to citizen participation.

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In order to speed up administrative procedures, we will do an as early as possible and intensive one
Introduce public participation. This is recognized with an obligation to cooperate
Nature conservation associations and for the public concerned combined. We want effective and
Introduce a form of material preclusion that is permissible under Union law. We'll be early
Introduce procedural conferences in the authorities.
We will provide the earliest possible deadlines for the applicable factual and legal situation. we
want to make it clear that repeated loops of interpretation, objection and response are avoided
by only newly affected people in the event of plan changes after public participation
participate and objections are only permitted against changes to the plan. We will
Extend administrative deadlines and fictitious approval when other authorities are involved.
In the case of particularly priority projects, the federal government will in future be based on the model of
Federal Immission Control Act stipulate short deadlines for issuing the plan approval decision.
We want large and particularly significant infrastructure measures also by way of permissible and
EU law-compliant legal planning accelerated and with a high level of political
Implement priority. We understand such infrastructure measures to be system-relevant
Railway lines, power lines and engineering structures (e.g. critical bridges). For the design
we will coordinate closely with the European Commission on the necessary environmental assessment
perform and through access to the Federal Administrative Court the legal protection and the
Ensure the effectiveness of environmental law. In suitable cases, the
Spatial planning procedure by the federal government into consideration. We will start with rail projects
from the Germany cycle - the expansion / new construction of the Hamm-Hanover-Berlin railway lines, corridor
Middle Rhine, Hanau-Würzburg / Fulda-Erfurt, Munich-Kiefersfelden border D / A, Karlsruhe-Basel,
"Optimized Alpha E +", east corridor south, Nuremberg-Reichenbach / border D-CZ, the Hamburg node,
Frankfurt, Cologne, Mannheim and Munich - as well as with high-voltage systems that are central to the energy transition
Direct current transmission lines SüdLink, SüdOstLink and Ultranet. Further projects will be
to be added.
We will establish closer links between spatial planning and planning approval procedures
enable to avoid double exams. We want the instrument of planning approval,
especially for maintenance, renovation, renewal, replacement and supplementary measures in
immediate spatial connection with existing infrastructures within the
Making the European legal framework more usable. We aim to have special rules for individuals

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To transfer areas of specialist planning into general administrative procedural law, insofar as this
is possible and useful. We want to strengthen plan preservation by applying the plan maintenance norms and
Expand target deviation procedure.
We will speed up administrative court proceedings through an "early first appointment" as well
through more efficient interim legal protection proceedings, in which error corrections are decisive
are taken into account and the reversibility of measures is taken into account. Plaintiffs and
Plaintiffs whose remedies help correct the problem will proceed without prejudice to the proceedings
can finish.
We want legal certainty in the protection of species law through nationwide legal
Increase standardization (especially significance thresholds) without lowering the overall level of protection.
For our common mission, the planning of infrastructure projects, especially the expansion
to drastically accelerate renewable energies, we want the relationship between climate protection and
Clarify species protection. To achieve the climate goals lies the establishment of plants for the generation or
for the transport of electricity from renewable energies as well as the expansion of electrified rail lines in
public interest and serves public safety. We will establish this in law
and for such projects under certain conditions a rule presumption for the existence of the
Create the exceptional requirements of the Federal Nature Conservation Act. We'll look for one
stronger focus on population protection, a clarification of the relationship between species and
Use climate protection as well as more standardization and legal certainty, also in Union law.
Wherever possible, we want similar tests as part of an approval procedure in a
merge integrated testing without lowering the level of protection. We want,
if necessary through opening clauses, ensure that the interaction between
Municipalities and states succeed in securing the supply of renewable energies.
These measures are accompanied by project-related and overall accounting
Compensatory measures that ensure a high level of environmental and nature protection.
In order to implement our acceleration projects quickly and with high quality, we will
set up a cross-departmental steering group with the involvement of the federal states.

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Digital innovations and digital infrastructure
Germany needs a comprehensive digital awakening. We want the potential of
Digitization for people's development opportunities, for prosperity, freedom, social
Use participation and sustainability. For this we will set ourselves ambitious and verifiable goals
and take realistic and quickly noticeable measures. Competencies in the
Federal government are reorganized and bundled, a central additional digital budget
introduced and laws subjected to a digitization check. Management is becoming more digital and
consistently citizen-oriented. We promote digital innovations as well as entrepreneurial and
social initiative and rely on open standards and diversity. We strengthen them
Digital competence, fundamental rights, self-determination and social cohesion. we
ensure safety and respect even in times of change. We also make something out of technology
social progress. In doing so, we are aware: A digital awakening, our values, the
Securing digital sovereignty and a strong technology base can only succeed in one
advanced European framework.
Digital state and digital administration
People expect easy-to-use and contemporary digital services from the state,
user-oriented, media discontinuity and comprehensive. Solutions through automation - like that
Automated payment of basic child benefits - we implement it as a priority. The further development
of the Online Access Act (OZG) is accompanied by sufficient follow-up financing, with the one
clear standardization and unification of IT procedures according to the one-for-all principle (EfA)
is supported. As part of the IT consolidation, we create clear responsibilities and lead
centralized the federal IT budget. We make the Federal IT Cooperation (FITKO)
an agile, flexible unit with a multi-year global budget. Municipalities need from
Benefit from federal funds and adopt solutions developed within the framework of the EfA principle
can. We remove barriers to digitization (written form, etc.) by means of a general clause and
standardize terms (e.g. "income"). A trustworthy, generally applicable one
Identity management and the constitutional modernization of registers have priority. For
We set open standards for public IT projects. Development contracts are usually
commissioned as open source, the corresponding software is generally made public. on
Based on a multi-cloud strategy and open interfaces as well as strict security and
We are building a public administration cloud based on transparency requirements.

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Digital infrastructure
Our goal is the nationwide supply of fiber optics (fiber-to-the-home, FTTH) and the
latest cellular standard. The commercial expansion has priority. Especially where the
When there is a lot of catching up to do, we invest in blank spaces. While maintaining the
In order to protect your investment, we enable Open Access under fair conditions, regulatory where necessary. we
ensure the pace of infrastructure expansion through lean digital application and
Approval procedures, standardization of alternative laying techniques and establishment of a nationwide
Gigabit land register. We strengthen consumer protection with guaranteed bandwidths, if necessary
through flat-rate claims for damages. On the basis of potential analyzes, we drive the
Advance fiber optic expansion even without a threshold. With full public funding that has
Operator model takes precedence. We focus on promoting entire clusters and do it
Market research process faster and more binding. We come across as a complement to FTTH and
In-house fiber optic cabling, where necessary, offer funding by means of a voucher. We bundle
Competencies and tasks for landline and mobile communications. We set up the frequency allocation
Requirements for land supply, negative auctions should also be used. we
accelerate the measures for better cell phone and WLAN reception on the railways. We examine
Paths to better digital participation for everyone, e.g. B. through accessibility. We secure them
Net neutrality.
Digital civil rights and IT security
We strengthen digital civil rights and IT security. It is a state duty to guarantee this. we
lead a right to encryption, an effective vulnerability management, with the aim
To close security gaps, and the specifications "security-by-design / default". The state too
must offer the possibility of real encrypted communication. Manufacturers are liable
for damage caused negligently by IT security gaps in your products. the
Cybersecurity strategy and IT security law will be further developed. Furthermore
we secure digital sovereignty, including through the right to interoperability and portability as well
relying on open standards, open source and European ecosystems, such as 5G or AI. we
initiate a structural reorganization of the IT security architecture, state the Federal Office for
Security in Information Technology (BSI) more independently and build it as a central point in the
IT security area. We oblige all government agencies to identify security vulnerabilities
to report to the BSI and regularly submit to an external review of their IT systems.
The identification, reporting and closing of security gaps in a responsible process,
z. B. in IT security research, should be legally feasible. We reject hackbacks as a means of

Page 18
Cyber ​​defense in principle. Untrustworthy companies are expanding
critical infrastructures not involved.
Use of data and data rights
We are raising the potential of data for everyone by building data infrastructures
support and tools such as data trustees, data hubs and data donations
together with business, science and civil society. We strive for one
better access to data, especially to start-ups as well as SMEs new innovative
Enable business models and social innovations in digitization. A data institute should
Drive data availability and standardization, data trustee models and licenses
establish. For local authorities, we create fair and competition-compliant
Conditions of access to data from companies, insofar as this is necessary for the performance of their tasks
Services of general interest is required. Strengthen for everyone who contributed to the creation of data
we provide standardized and machine-readable access to self-generated data. With a
Data Act, we create the necessary legal basis for these measures. We promote
Anonymization techniques, create legal certainty through standards and lead to criminal liability
illegal de-anonymization. We are introducing a legal right to open data and
improve the data expertise of public bodies. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is one
good international standard setting. For better enforcement and consistency of data protection
let's strengthen European cooperation, institutionalize the data protection conference in
Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) and want you to legally, where possible, binding resolutions
enable. We create regulations for employee data protection in order to provide legal clarity for
Reaching employers and employees and effectively protecting personal rights. we
are committed to the rapid adoption of an ambitious e-privacy regulation.
Digital society
We will make digital volunteering more visible, support it and strengthen it legally. the
We are better integrating civil society into digital-political projects and supporting them, in particular
in the fields of diversity and civic tech. With the Digital Services Act, we advocate preservation
freedom of communication, strong user rights, clear reporting procedures, access to data very much
large platforms for research purposes, the verifiability of their algorithmic systems as well
clear rules against disinformation. On the basis of the European requirements, we will
the legal framework (including the Telemedia Act, TMG and Network Enforcement Act, NetzDG)
fundamentally revise. We will advance the establishment of platform councils. General
Monitoring obligations, measures to scan private communications and a

Page 19
We reject the obligation to identify you. We will maintain anonymous and pseudonymous online usage.
With a law against digital violence, we will remove legal hurdles for those affected, such as gaps in
Eliminate information rights and set up comprehensive advisory services. We can do it
Legal framework for electronic reporting procedures and for private ones
Procedures and enable court-ordered account bans. We're going to set up one
Check the Federal Agency for Digital Education.
Digital key technologies
We will be the drivers of a strong technology location based on European values, talents
attracts and ensures the future viability and prosperity of our country. Investing in Artificial
Intelligence (AI), quantum technologies, cybersecurity, distributed ledger technology (DLT), robotics
and other future technologies, we are measurably strengthening and setting priorities. We strengthen
strategic technology fields e.g. B. through Important Projects of Common European Interest (IPCEIs)
and push ahead with the announced EU Chips Act. With European partner countries, we promote the
And enable collaboration between strong European research locations, especially in the field of AI
institutional freedom. In the sense of a learning, technology-promoting state, we use digital
Innovations in administration create the necessary legal basis and transparency. we
support the European AI Act. We use a multi-level, risk-based approach,
true digital civil rights, in particular freedom from discrimination, define liability rules
and avoid ex-ante regulation that hampers innovation. Biometric recognition in public
Space and automated state scoring systems by AI are to be excluded under European law.
Sustainability in digitization
We want to use the potential of digitization for more sustainability. By promoting
digital twins (e.g. working on a virtual model of an analog product), we help them
Reduce consumption of resources. We will have data centers in Germany based on ecological
Align sustainability and climate protection, including through the use of waste heat. New data centers
are to be operated in a climate-neutral manner from 2027. Public data centers roll out by 2025
Environmental management system according to EMAS (Eco Management and Audit Scheme). For IT
Procurements by the federal government are certifications such as B. the Blue Angel standard. Spare parts and
Software updates for IT devices must be available for their normal usage period.
This is to be made transparent to the users.

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Digital economy
We support a level playing field in competition and advocate ambitious regulations
of the Digital Markets Act (DMA), which must not fall short of existing national rules.
This also includes uniform European interoperability obligations and regulations for
Merger control. We are strengthening the Bundeskartellamt in dealing with platforms. We promote digital
Startups in late-stage financing and strengthen the venture capital location. We want that
Increase the share of female founders in the digital sector. We are creating a female start-up grant for this purpose
and reserve part of the future fund. Public tenders and procurement processes
we design z. B. Easier for Gov and EduTech start-ups. We will the
Make employee equity participation more attractive for start-ups. We strengthen the games location
Germany and stabilize the promotion. We strengthen SMEs in digitization
uncomplicated promotion and build support for IT security, GDPR-compliant
Data processing and the use of digital technologies.
Innovation, Science, University and Research
Germany is a country of innovation. Strong science and research are the guarantors for
Prosperity, quality of life, social cohesion and a sustainable society. We feel like it
to the future and the courage to change, are open to new things and are new to technological,
Ignite digital, social and sustainable innovation. We set new impulses for ours
Science and research landscape. Our universities and colleges for applied science
We will strengthen, innovation and science as the heart of the science system
Promote and accelerate the transfer from basic research to application. To our
We want to make science more creative, more excellent and more competitive
Further networking at European and international level. Gender equality and diversity in all of theirs
Dimensions are quality features and competitive factors in the science system. We want
the share of general government spending on research and development to 3.5 percent of GDP
Increase in 2025.
Future strategy research
We need a strong one for the solutions to the great social challenges
Science and research policy. Developing a successful vaccine against
SarsCoV2 in Germany shows: We can increase our innovation potential if we use our
Bundle and use resources effectively. We want to build on this success by

Page 21
Further develop program lines, high-tech strategy and departmental research in a mission-oriented manner.
We will measure results against international target categories and the research projects
network across the board. Daring research ideas find their place in the future strategy.
Research needs must be addressed across departments, faster and more effectively.
Central future fields include: First: Modern technologies for one
competitive and climate-neutral industry (such as steel and raw materials industry) in Germany.
Ensuring clean energy generation and supply as well as the sustainable mobility of
Future. Second: climate, climate impacts, biodiversity, sustainability, earth system and the like
Adaptation strategies, as well as sustainable agriculture and food systems. Third: a
preventive, crisis-proof and modern health system, which the opportunities
uses biotechnological and medical processes, and age-related diseases as well
combats rare or poverty-related diseases. Fourth: technological sovereignty and the
Potentials of digitization, e.g. B. in Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Technology, for
data-based solutions across all sectors. Fifth, space and ocean exploration
and creating sustainable uses. Sixth: social resilience,
Gender equality, cohesion, democracy and peace.
We are doing research on future technologies more intensely than before in European alliances
merge. We specifically promote future-oriented large-scale research facilities. We want in all
Research application areas of biotechnological processes and use the results.
Innovations and Transfer
With a modern funding policy, we ensure a successful start in a
Decade of innovation. More innovations strengthen Germany as a business location as well as
the development of society as a whole. The strength of our innovative strength lies in the regions
because many new ideas arise on site, where innovative work is being carried out on the solutions of the future.
Our goal is to strengthen application-oriented research and transfer to create and
Strengthening regional and supra-regional innovation ecosystems. For this we will become the Germans
Establish Agency for Transfer and Innovation (DATI) to promote social and technological innovations
especially at the HAW and small and medium-sized universities in cooperation with start-
ups, SMEs as well as social and public organizations.
We are building the existing funding programs for HAW as central success factors for the agency
the end. In the future, we want relevant funding programs from the different under their roof

Page 22
Bundle departments. We will enable temporally and spatially limited experimental spaces in
those innovative technologies, services or business models under real conditions
can be tried out. We want selected locations as lighthouses among the top group
international research and transfer regions, each with a specific focus
bring. To do this, we want to create innovation regions based on the British model and for this
Use and expand the scope for action under national and European law.
Germany has the chance to become the leading international biotechnology location. By
the first mRNA vaccine from Mainz, our country has achieved worldwide visibility. That’s a
Guiding function for the scientific and economic development of biotechnology.
We want to further strengthen the existing skills and development potential by working with
a new research center of the Helmholtz Association for aging research
For a real innovation boost, we have to promote spin-offs. We will
Universities Federal funds to create a start-up infrastructure for technological such as
provide social entrepreneurship. We want the spin-off culture in universities and
Strengthen non-university research institutions across the board. The cultural change required for this
is accompanied by science entrepreneurship initiatives.
We are open to the establishment of a German Tech Transfer Fund. We promote platforms that don't
Make exploited patents known and accessible to the market. We'll do the legal and
Financial framework conditions for the agency for jump innovation immediately substantial
improve so that they can act and invest more freely. We will keep their work in progress
Evaluate electoral term.
Research data
We want the unused potential that lies in numerous research data to be more effective for innovative ones
Use ideas. We want access to research data for public and private research
comprehensively improve, simplify and manage a research data law
Research clauses. We want to establish Open Access as a common standard. We sit down
for a more science-friendly copyright. The National Research Data Infrastructure
we want to develop further and promote a European research data space.
Data sharing of completely anonymized and non-personal data for research in
We want to enable public interest.

Page 23
Framework conditions for universities, science and research
Universities and colleges for applied sciences are the backbone of Germany's
Science landscape. As such, we will strengthen it, because where there is progress, it must
to be lived. We advocate the way of cooperation between the federal and state governments
sustainable science system. A decoupling of the budget development between
We counteract universities and non-university research institutions.
We will strengthen the “future contract for study and teaching” from 2022 analogous to the pact for research
and dynamize innovation. We will be the foundation for innovation in higher education in particular
develop further in the field of digital teaching. With a federal program "Digital University"
we promote broad concepts for the expansion of innovative teaching, qualification measures,
digital infrastructures and cybersecurity.
We want to set in motion a federal-state process to further develop capacity law. For
the scientific further education in addition to the basic teaching we create a framework,
within which we examine the introduction of micro-degrees.
The excellence strategy has proven itself and is intended to be a unique competitive area with additional
Funds will be provided for further clusters. We strengthen associations, applications for cooperative or
To develop interdisciplinary clusters of excellence that are treated equally in competition
Free, curiosity-driven basic research is the foundation of government research funding.
We want to keep the Pact for Research and Innovation (PFI) dynamic. We will up
Establish transparency about the status of the target agreement for the 2025 interim evaluation and
Develop mechanisms to make them more binding in the future. Our goal is: The decision for
the strategy development area is implemented immediately. The academies of science
are funded in line with the Pact for Research and Innovation. The agreed perspective
We will increase the program flat rate of the German Research Foundation (DFG) in
reliable growth steps until the end of the contract period of the pact for research and
Implement innovation.

Page 24
We are simplified and accelerated for crisis situations and priority areas of action
Develop research funding procedures. We will become bureaucracy in research and administration
reduce through shared service platforms, synergy management and more efficient reporting requirements.
In future, we will also consistently identify innovation potential in the legal impact assessment
Working conditions in science
Good science needs reliable working conditions. That's why we want this
Reform the Science Contract Act on the basis of the evaluation. We want predictability
and commitment in the post-doctoral phase significantly increase and early perspectives for
create alternative careers. We want the contract periods of doctoral positions to the
Total expected project duration and work towards that in science
Permanent positions are created for permanent tasks. We carry for an improved
Quality assurance of the doctorate concern.
We want to make the family and disability policy component binding for everyone. That
We will consolidate, expand and make the tenure track program more attractive. We want that
Strengthening the program of female professors. We want gender equality and diversity in everyone in the future
Anchoring and enforcing funding programs and institutions. With a federal-state program
we want best practice projects for 1) alternative careers outside the professorship, 2) diversity
Management, 3) promote modern governance, personnel and organizational structures. Standards for
Leadership and compliance processes are to be taken even more into account in the science system.
International university cooperation
International cooperation has never been more important. We therefore give it a high priority. we
defend academic freedom at home and abroad, strengthen protection programs and become the
Further develop the internationalization strategy in dialogue. We strengthen Erasmus +. We will the
Expand European university networks with additional locations and digitally. Bologna-
We are intensifying our cooperation with neighboring countries. To be attractive to international talent,
we will remove administrative hurdles and use a platform to recruit
support top international scientists.

Page 25
We will provide institutional funding for the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and
Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (AvH) in line with the Pact for Research and Innovation. Asia-
and we want to significantly expand our China competence.
Science communication and participation
Science is not a closed system, but lives from exchange and communication
with society. We want science communication systematically at all
anchoring scientific career levels and in the approval of funding. We sit
us for the promotion of science journalism through an independent foundation, further education
for decision-makers, analog and digital places - from
Research museums to dashboards - a.
With Citizen Science and Citizen Science we will look at perspectives from civil society
more involved in research. We want to strengthen open access and open science.
III. Climate protection in a socio-ecological market economy
Our economy lays with its companies, employees and consumers
Consumers the basis of our prosperity. As the largest industrial and export economy
In Europe, Germany is facing profound transformation processes in the 2020s
in global competition - from decarbonization to adhering to the 1.5-degree path via the
digital transformation up to demographic change. Then there is the long-lasting one
Corona pandemic that poses major challenges to parts of the economy. That's why we see them
Task to give the economic strength of our country a new dynamic. the
The economic strength and prosperity of our country will continue to be based on diversity - from the
Industry, medium-sized businesses, handicrafts, trade and services. We provide the
Give way to a socio-ecological market economy and lead a decade of
Investments in the future. This is how we lay the foundations to ensure sustainable prosperity and
create space for innovation, competitiveness and greater efficiency, for good work, social
Promotion and new strength.
We think economic development and ecological responsibility together. It is important to maintain
what sustains us and protecting our resources. The protection of the environment and nature is therefore
essential part of our political action, the 17 sustainability goals of the United

Page 26
Nations (SDG) are the guiding principles of our politics. In particular, the fight against species extinction,
requires a high level of attention and political action. Our goal is a sustainable, future-proof
Agriculture in which the farmers can operate in an economically viable manner and which
Environment, animals and climate. We strengthen regional value chains and contribute to
Maintaining rural structures.
We want sustainable, barrier-free, innovative and affordable for everyone
Enable mobility. Mobility is part of services of general interest and a prerequisite for equivalent
Living conditions in town and country.
After the corona pandemic, Germany's economy needs a fresh start. For that, the
Public authorities provide impetus and fair framework conditions nationally and in Europe
Create a single market. We want more innovation, more competitiveness, more efficiency, good
Work and climate-neutral prosperity. For that we need a decade of future investments and
more speed. Our goal is a socio-ecological market economy.
Industry is facing a central role in transforming the economy
Climate protection and digitization. We will be the innovation, investment and
Strengthen the competitiveness of the industry in order to remain a high-tech country. We promote
regional transformation clusters and will support structurally weak regions. we
develop an industrial strategy that, in conjunction with the European Green Deal, will be integrated into a
European solution is embedded and suitable measures prevent carbon leakage. Around
We will support our domestic industry, especially the basic industry, in that
Create adequate instruments to achieve the climate goals, for example
Carbon Contracts for Difference (climate contracts, CCfD), especially the
Closing the profitability gap. These instruments are designed in such a way that the
Repayment phases can be achieved with sufficient probability. We support them
Introduction of a Europe-wide effective CO 2 border adjustment mechanism or comparable
effective tools. It is crucial that this WTO conforms to the
Export industry not disadvantaged, greenwashing prevented and unbureaucratic within the
existing emissions trading system is implemented.

Page 27
We are committed to the establishment of a European Union for green hydrogen. Want to do this
we implement the IPCEI hydrogen quickly and invest in building a
Promote hydrogen network infrastructure financially. So we want to lead market for by 2030
Hydrogen technologies are becoming an ambitious update of the national
Develop hydrogen strategy.
We use the European Union and the international bodies together with European ones
Partners for an initiative to found an international climate club open to all countries
a uniform minimum CO 2 price and a joint CO 2 limit adjustment.
We create secure sales markets for climate-friendly products through minimum quotas in the
public procurement.
The federal government will ensure that electricity prices are competitive for the economy
Industrial companies based in Germany, making consistent use of their own potential
Renewable energies get what they need on the way to climate neutrality.
In addition to the expansion of the infrastructure, we will significantly increase the targets for electrolysis performance,
European and international climate and energy partnerships for climate-neutral hydrogen
and promote its derivatives on an equal footing and promote green hydrogen quotas in the
Introduce public procurement to create lead markets. We promote the in Germany
Green hydrogen production. In the interests of a rapid market ramp-up, we are promoting
Sustainable technologies even if the availability of green hydrogen is not yet available
is sufficiently ensured. We do not want the use of hydrogen to be limited
Limit fields of application. Green hydrogen should be used primarily in the economic sectors
in which it is not possible to use methods and processes through direct electrification
To convert to greenhouse gas neutrality.
Germany is to become a center for research, production and recycling of battery cells.
Together with social partners and local actors, we are building regional transformation and
Qualification cluster. We want Germany to become a global location for the semiconductor industry
do. The German semiconductor industry should also do this along the entire value chain

Page 28
be given sufficient financial support to secure this key technology in Europe
strengthen and expand in a future-proof manner.
Transformation of the automotive industry
We support the transformation of the automotive sector in order to achieve the climate goals in the transport sector
achieve to maintain jobs and added value in this country. We make Germany a
Lead market for electromobility, an innovation location for autonomous driving and accelerating
massive expansion of the charging station infrastructure. Our goal is at least 15 million
fully electric cars by 2030. For the added value of this German key industry, the
regional transformation of SMEs is also of central importance. We will therefore change
support electromobility in the automotive regions through targeted cluster funding. the
Continuation and further development of the European battery projects (IPCEI) as well as the settlement
further cell production sites including recycling in Germany are of central importance
Meaning. To this end, research into new, sustainable battery generations is to be strengthened
decisive. We want the cooperation and dialogue formats that exist at the federal level in
Automotive industry in a strategy platform "Transformation of the automotive industry"
Mobility industry, environmental and transport associations, social partners, science, the Bundestag,
Bundle the federal states and municipal umbrella organizations with the responsible federal ministries in order to achieve the
The aim of climate neutrality is to secure added value as well as jobs and training positions.
Space travel and the New Space area are key future technologies. We strengthen the national
Space Program and the European Space Agency (ESA) and preserve their
Self-reliance. We are developing a new space strategy taking into account the
Avoidance and recovery of space debris. We strengthen the aerospace production base
Germany. We support the research and market ramp-up of synthetic
Fuels that enable climate-neutral flying. The application process related to
the aviation research program for the development and use of digital tools,
Process development, materials research and lightweight construction are to be further accelerated as well
Prepayments are made possible. We are strengthening research on the use of sustainable fuels,
for quieter drives as well as a platform for simulating and optimizing the entire system
Aviation with regard to its climate impact.

Page 29
Maritime economy
Through innovation and technology leadership, we ensure a competitive maritime
Economy in Germany, especially with climate-friendly ship propulsion. We acknowledge
the goals of the Maritime Agenda. We strengthen shipbuilding across the entire value chain
including ship recycling as the industrial core in Germany. We are at the European level
Competitive conditions
A fleet modernization program. We will accelerate the procurement process under the
consistent classification of marine under- and surface shipbuilding as well as authority and
Research shipbuilding as key technologies including maintenance. We become one
Initiate redesign of maritime training in cooperation with the federal states. we
advocate coordination of sediment management between the federal and state governments. we
want more ships to sail under the German flag. We will handle customs clearance
Medium-sized businesses, skilled trades and liberal professions
Our economic policy relies on future-oriented framework conditions for one
competitive medium-sized companies, for a strong craft and for professions. For this we will
Strengthen the opportunities for small and medium-sized companies to participate in procurement procedures.
Funding programs and investment grants are intended primarily for small and medium-sized enterprises
and self-employed be much easier to apply for and document. That's why we become them
digitize, evaluate and design according to needs.
We will use the dual system of vocational training to secure skilled workers in the skilled trades
strengthen and improve the transition from school to vocational training and within the framework of a
Training pacts promote training ambassadors. We also want that
Improve the permeability of vocational and academic education. Training in the craft
we will provide targeted support. In addition, we want to promote talented students in vocational training
We want to facilitate access to master training by reducing the cost of master classes
and letters for the participants significantly. We want people to participate in the training market
Strengthening migration history with a funding initiative. We will empower women in the trades. the
We want to strengthen collective bargaining coverage in the skilled trades and medium-sized businesses. We want volunteers
Strengthen participations and transparency in the chamber system in dialogue with the social partners.

Page 30
retail trade
Stationary retail in Germany needs attractive framework conditions in order to cope with structural change
survive purely online trading and benefit from digitization. we
continue to strive for fair competition between business models of large digital companies
and the locally rooted companies. We want digitally supported value creation in industry,
Support trade, craft and services and create a level playing field for them.
We use the “Sustainable Inner Cities and Centers” funding program and run the
The federal government's inner city strategy, in particular the “Living Centers” program within the framework
the federal-state urban development funding. They are supposed to work for an improvement in residence and
Quality of experience in the city centers.
We will check the specific repayment modalities of the Corona aid.
Health economy
An innovative health economy is the basis of further medical progress and harbors
at the same time a lot of potential for employment and prosperity. We want to continue research
invest in order to achieve top medical performance (such as the current application of mRNA
Vaccines). We are committed to high medical technology "made in Germany". Simultaneously
we want to use the potential of digitization to achieve better quality of care
achieve, but also raise efficiency potential. So that the health care workers
To be able to cope with the digital transformation, early training opportunities are essential.
At the same time, through our measures to secure skilled workers, we will counteract the shortage of personnel in the
Counteract healthcare.
Domestic tourism is an important economic factor with great future potential,
especially in rural areas. We are taking the process of the national tourism strategy again
on, improve the coordination of tourism policy to the tourism location Germany after
to make the corona crisis sustainable, climate-friendly, socially fair and innovative. With a
We support new and
Re-foundations. National Natural Landscapes, UNESCO World Heritage Sites and UNESCO Global
Geoparks are important components of German tourism. For a sustainable,
environmentally friendly tourism, we support an increased expansion of the appropriate infrastructure,
especially for hiking, cycling and water tourism. For a long-term dialogue with the

Page 31
Future topics of the industry, climate neutrality, digitization, skilled workers, we are establishing a
“National Platform for the Future of Tourism”. We create the analogous reporting requirement for tourist
Overnight stays, where possible, in the Federal Registration Act. The handling of registration forms will be in the future
be done completely digitally. We will be attracting foreign skilled workers for the German
Facilitate the tourism industry by removing bureaucratic hurdles.
Start-up, start-up and innovation funding
We are strengthening start-up and start-up funding. We will be foundations from all walks of life and
support a culture of the second chance and create a new funding instrument for it, too
is open to corporate succession. We are adopting a comprehensive start-up strategy.
Barriers for women and people with a migration background to access finance and
We are reducing subsidies; We ensure better access to venture capital for women founders. we
enable simplified, legally secure access for startups and young companies to
public contracts. We create the conditions for nationwide “one stop shops”, that is
Contact points for start-up advice, funding and registration. The aim is,
Enable business start-ups within 24 hours. The state development bank KfW
should act more strongly as an innovation and investment agency as well as a co-venture capitalist,
especially for AI, quantum technology, hydrogen, medicine, sustainable mobility, bioeconomy
and circular economy. We want to enable private capital for institutional investors, such as
Insurance companies and pension funds for which startup financing can be mobilized. We want
the participation of women in investment committees of state funds and
Significantly strengthen investment companies. We are making employee equity participation more attractive
make, among other things by a further increase in the tax allowance. To a modern one
Corporate culture also includes new forms such as social enterprises, or societies
tied assets. We are developing a national strategy for social enterprises to
to give greater support to companies geared to the common good and social innovations. we
improve the legal framework for economic activity oriented towards the common good, such as the
Example for cooperatives, social enterprises, integration companies. For companies with
We want to create a new, suitable legal basis for tied assets
Excludes tax saving constructions. Build barriers to access to finance and funding
we off. We'll create the legal framework to keep orphaned balances on
To use accounts to promote the common good.
We create new confidence in entrepreneurship, innovation and entrepreneurship. To strengthen and
We are reducing the bureaucracy to promoting and financing innovation. The funding programs like

Page 32
"Central Innovation Program for SMEs (ZIM)", "Joint industrial research for
Enterprise (IGF) ”,“ INNO-KOM ”,“ go-digital ”and“ Digital Jetzt ”as well as the“ Innovation Program
for business models and pioneering solutions (IGP) ”we will continue to develop. the
The federal government's innovation funding should consistently open up to social and ecological innovations
will. The funding programs should be flexible and dynamic in line with requirements
to be updated. We will create a real laboratory and freedom zone law that
offers uniform and innovation-friendly framework conditions for real laboratories and new ones
Enables freedom to try out innovations. The law should include overarching standards
for real laboratories and experimentation clauses that companies,
Offer research institutes and municipalities attractive and regulatory conditions at the same time
Promote learning. We also want the
Support development steps from innovation to market entry.
Fair competition
We are improving the framework for fair competition. These must also have the
Take into account the requirements of medium-sized companies and consider the aspects of innovation, sustainability,
Integrate consumer protection and social justice. We're going against the law
Evaluate and develop restraints of competition (GWB). We'll check how that
Bundeskartellamt can be strengthened to deal with substantial, permanent and repeated
Violations of norms of commercial consumer law analogous to violations of the GWB
To identify violations and to remedy them. We'll do the ministerial approval process like this
reform that there are again adequate possibilities of legal action against a ministerial approval
and the German Bundestag is involved in the proceedings. We stand up for one
Abuse-independent unbundling option at the European level as a last resort
entrenched markets. We want a commitment to interoperability at European level
and anchor it through the GWB for dominant companies. In doing so - based on
international technical standards - the communication secrecy, a high level of data protection and
high IT security and consistent end-to-end encryption are ensured. the
Data portability is to be strengthened. At the EU level, we are also advocating a
Adoption of an ambitious Digital Markets Act (DMA) and its implementation by the
Competition authorities of the Member States. At European level we will be in favor of a
Adjustment of merger control to prevent strategic acquisitions that hinder innovation
use potential competitors (so-called killer acquisitions).

Page 33
Reducing bureaucracy
We want to simplify processes and rules and benefit the economy, especially the self-employed,
Give entrepreneurs more time for their actual tasks. We will
bring a new bureaucracy relief act on the way, which the economy, citizens and
Citizens as well as administration relieved of the previous bureaucratic effort without on
to waive the necessary protection standards. We will cut unnecessary bureaucracy. the
We are consistently continuing the cross-departmental “one-in-one-out” rule. The federal government
becomes a systematic process for reviewing the bureaucratic burden of laws and
Develop regulations that provide for regular stakeholder involvement (practical check).
When implementing EU law, we will ensure that it is effective, low in bureaucracy and
takes place in the sense of the uniform European internal market. We are going to use the “once-only” principle
introduce as soon as possible. The company basic data register, which has already been adopted, should be quick
implemented and its financing secured. We will check to what extent we can make the effort
for and through the purely electronic storage of receipts and business documents
can. Unnecessary requirements for A1 certificates for cross-border
Service delivery must be abolished quickly by a European electronic
Real-time register is introduced.
We want to amend the Postal Act and further develop socio-ecological standards as well
strengthen fair competition. We use the federal funding body to regularly
check whether the objectives pursued with the participation are actually being achieved and whether they are still for
public services of general interest are needed.
We want to integrate a wealth report into the annual economic report, alongside
economic as well as ecological, social and societal dimensions of prosperity are recorded.
We will model the scientific advisory bodies of the federal government
Strengthen the monopoly commission and guarantee its independence. The reports of the
After their publication in the Bundestag, we will become councils of experts as independent
Discuss the agenda item.
Skilled workers
The shortage of skilled workers in many industries can be one of the major obstacles
Economic growth, for securing prosperity, high quality in health, care,
Care and education as well as for the success of the transformation in Germany. the

Page 34
The federal government will therefore develop its skilled workers strategy and the national further training strategy
develop. The main building blocks are:
First, we aim to increase the participation of women in the labor force. Our aim is to achieve this
Labor market, gender equality and family policy.
Second, we want to make it possible for all older workers who can and want to do this
to work at least until the regular retirement age.
Thirdly, we need a new boost for vocational training, further education and training
Reorientation even in the middle of working life, especially when the technological
Change requires it.
Fourth, Germany needs more labor immigration. We become ours
Further develop immigration law and proven approaches of the Skilled Workers Immigration Act
how to expire the Western Balkans regulation. In addition to the existing immigration law, we will be using
the introduction of an opportunity card based on a point system to establish a second pillar in order to
To enable workers to have controlled access to the German job market when looking for a job. the
We will extend Blue Card in national law to non-academic professions; pre-condition
will be a concrete job offer at market conditions.
At the same time, we will remove the hurdles in the recognition of educational and professional qualifications from the
Reduce abroad, reduce bureaucracy and accelerate procedures.
Fifthly, working conditions must become more attractive in areas where already or
there is foreseeable a shortage of skilled workers.
Procurement law
We want to simplify, professionalize, digitize and
accelerate. The federal government will make public procurement and procurement economical,
Align socially, ecologically and innovatively and strengthen the commitment without compromising the
Endanger the legal security of award decisions or the access barriers for the
Increase middle class. We will meet the existing requirements according to the European
Specify procurement law in national procurement law. The public sector should work on building a
Participate in systems for calculating climate and environmental costs.

Page 35
We want to promote legally compliant digitization in this area and, in addition, a
Create a user-friendly central platform through which all public tenders are accessible
and which enables companies to prequalify. We want quick decisions at
Public procurement procedures promote and support the federal states and municipalities
of simplification, digitization and sustainability.
Raw materials, supply chains and free trade
We want to support our economy in securing a sustainable supply of raw materials,
Facilitate the domestic extraction of raw materials and orientate them ecologically.
We want to modernize federal mining law.
We want to make full use of the economic and ecological potential of recycling, the
Reduce resource consumption and thus create jobs (product design, recycled material, recycling).
We will speed up the approval processes for unbound financial loans without
Lower sustainability standards.
We support an effective EU supply chain law based on the UN Guiding Principles
Business and human rights that are not overwhelming for small and medium-sized companies. That
The law on corporate due diligence in supply chains will be implemented unchanged and
possibly improved. We support the proposal of the EU Commission on the law for
deforestation-free supply chains. We support the EU's proposed import ban on
Forced labor products.
We want rule-based free trade based on fair social, ecological and
Strengthen human rights standards and speak for a German and European
Trade policy against protectionism and unfair trade practices. We guarantee that
Prosperity and sustainable economic growth. We are committed to strengthening the
Multilateralism and for the further development of the World Trade Organization, WTO, is one of them
the renewal of the rules on market-distorting subsidies, the lifting of the blockade
Dispute settlement mechanism and alignment with the Paris climate treaty and the global ones
UN sustainability goals. We support the realignment of the EU trade strategy and
want the future EU trade agreements (including with Chile, New Zealand, Australia, ASEAN, India)
with effective sustainability standards using a dispute settlement mechanism

Page 36
equip. At European level, we are committed to ensuring that the contract development
The decision-making powers of the EU Parliament have been strengthened through regulatory cooperation
We use European competition law and the strength of the European internal market
especially with a view to unfair competitive practices of authoritarian regimes. We support them
Creation and further development of the autonomous trade policy instruments against unfair
Trade Practices at European Level.
We are currently also supporting credit protection for exports in the form of Hermes guarantees
for SMEs with small ticket financing. At the same time, they shouldn't set climate policy goals
Europe should seize the opportunity to enter into an intensive exchange with the new US administration
Promote trade and investment with high environmental and social standards to step in with
to be able to set global standards for the transatlantic economic area. Together with the USA
we want multilateral trade, the reform of the WTO, the establishment of ecological and
promote social standards, prosperity and the dynamism of sustainable world trade.
We are committed to an ambitious agreement with the USA that is legally secure and
Data protection-compliant data transfer at European level of protection enabled. The decision
We will meet again on the ratification of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA)
Completion of the examination by the Federal Constitutional Court. We will then campaign for ratification
of the Mercosur Agreement, if this can be implemented beforehand by the partner countries and
verifiable, legally binding obligations to environmental, social and
Human rights protection are entered into and practically enforceable additional agreements to the
Protection and preservation of existing forest areas have been completed. A ratification of the EU
China investment agreement in the EU Council cannot take place at the moment for various reasons.
We will advocate reciprocity. We advocate investment agreements that
Investment protection for companies abroad against direct expropriations and discrimination
concentrate and want the improper use of the instrument - even with the still
pending agreement - prevent.
The Society for Foreign Trade and Location Marketing (German Trade and Investment, GTAI)
and we will strengthen the network of chambers of foreign trade. We want to check whether at clear

Page 37
defined security threats through the takeover of critical infrastructures, e.g. B. in
German electricity network or in the broadband network, through foreign investors the legal one
Sufficient instruments and, if necessary, create suitable instruments so that the Federal Government
can react appropriately and quickly.
Regional economic development
Within the framework of the all-German funding system, we will provide the funds for the joint task
Regional economic development for innovation promotion, digitization, operational
Increase productivity goals, sustainability and decarbonization. The existing 50
km regulation should be reviewed and, if necessary, abolished. The aim is to allow for additional
to provide regional growth impulses. We will use the experience with this instrument
around the entire funding system of the federal government in the future even more focused on the production of equivalent
To align living conditions and the transformation of the economic structure. All departments will
review their funding guidelines. All departments are regionally distributing their
Disclose funding programs and establish uniform data standards for this purpose. We strive for one
balanced regional distribution of non-university research institutions also within
of the major science and research organizations. The expansion and relocation of
We give priority to non-university institutions in the regions that are currently
are under-equipped, such as B. many parts of Eastern Germany.
Environment and nature protection
The 17 global sustainability goals of the United Nations (SDG) are the guiding principles of our policy.
In this way we protect the freedom and opportunities of current and future generations. We will the
Further develop the German sustainability strategy and the sustainability program of measures
and review the governance structures.
We increase the binding nature of sustainability strategies, goals and programs in concrete terms
Government action and in drafting laws and strengthening parliamentary
Participation rights. The public sector is setting a good example when it comes to procurement.
Conservation and biodiversity
Preserving biodiversity is a human task and an ethical obligation. We want
Protect and improve biological diversity, secure its sustainable use and the potential

Page 38
of natural climate protection. To achieve this, we are ambitious on an international level
, strengthen nature conservation and see cooperation with land users as a central component
at. We will take and finance the necessary measures. On the
At the Biodiversity Conference, we advocate an ambitious new global framework. we
will significantly increase our financial commitment to implementing the global framework.
We set ourselves within the framework of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) in the sense of European
Biodiversity Strategy to achieve 30 percent protected areas and to effectively make them
protection. For national implementation, we will adopt the National Biodiversity Strategy
(NBS) with action plans, concrete goals and measures to further develop and anchor them in a binding manner
and strengthen scientific monitoring.
We support the designation of the European Green Belt and also take it into account
the culture of remembrance and the injustices committed by the SED. We set up an action plan for protected areas,
with the aim of improving their management. Federally owned outdoor areas have for the
Climate protection both as potential locations for wind power and PV systems, as well as for the
Biodiversity - such as B. Biotope network, national natural heritage, wilderness areas, bodies of water and
Species protection - a significant importance and can develop in rural areas
support and be available for sustainable use. Suitable areas for this will be
exempted from privatization in the future and the Federal Agency for Real Estate Tasks
transferred if they are not yet in their property. The Federal Agency leases them
Areas and areas from your own portfolio permanently for the respective purpose. The BVVG
Areas prepared for transfer to the national natural heritage at the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation
and are listed, are quickly transferred and developed in such a way that they function as CO 2 sinks
We implement European nature conservation law one-to-one. For the implementation of
We strengthen nature conservation measures above statutory minimum standards
Contract nature conservation clearly and enable regional leeway as well as flexible solutions like the
dutch way. We strengthen nature conservation in the joint task of agricultural structure and
Coastal Protection (GAK) and increase the funds also for the contractual nature protection programs of the federal states.
We will accelerate the energy turnaround without dismantling ecological protection standards. we
will set up a national species aid program, in particular the protection of those species
improved, for which there are conflicts with the expansion of renewable energies, to the

Page 39
To design the energy transition in a way that is environmentally friendly and the financing with the participation of the operator
to ensure.
We are committed to consistent insect protection, the use of pesticides becomes clear
reduce and promote the development of nature and environmentally friendly alternatives.
We want to intensify the fight against poaching and the illegal trade in protected species
also prevent online trading and strengthen enforcement through a task force. We sit down
for a ban on imports of wild-caught animals for the pet market.
Our goal is to make the coexistence of grazing animals, humans and wolves so good that
In spite of the increasing wolf population, as few conflicts as possible occur. We'll be with everyone in
Organizations and associations engaged in an institutionalized dialogue with these questions
Establish “grazing animals and wolves”. We're going through a revision of the
Monitoring standards realistically map the number of wolves living in Germany and
the countries want a regionally differentiated inventory management in accordance with European law
Natural climate protection
We are developing an action program for natural climate protection, with which we can create synergies between natural
and climate protection create and strengthen our resilience with renaturation measures
Ecosystems, in particular moors, forests, floodplains, grassland and marine and coastal ecosystems,
against the climate crisis. We provide sufficient funding from the energy and climate fund
ready. In addition, we are setting up a federal nature conservation fund and pooling the existing ones
Federal programs for nature conservation. Moor protection is in the public interest. We become one
Adopt the national peatland protection strategy and implement it quickly. We will be implementing
Moor protection measures through a participatory process to develop sustainable
Accompany development concepts, develop perspectives for the regions and alternative ones
Strengthen management forms (including paludiculture). We become alternatives to peat use
develop and adopt an exit plan for peat extraction and use.
We protect the existing natural heritage on the Oder and Middle Elbe. The competencies of
Federal Waterways and Shipping Administration (WSV) for climate protection and climate adaptation
we strengthen.

Page 40
We will improve the natural CO 2 storage capacity of the oceans through a targeted development program
improve (seagrass meadows, algae forests).
The consequences of the climate crisis are particularly evident in the forest. At the same time he is for the achievement of ours
Climate protection goals are essential. Specifically rich and
Climate-resilient forests with predominantly native tree species are created. the
Forest management plays an important role in this. We are amending this in line with these goals
Forest Act. We will evaluate the Forest Damage Compensation Act and adjust it if necessary
at. We will check the intervals and form of the national forest inventory and create a digital one
Introduce forest monitoring. The federal government, together with the states, will take a long-term approach
develop the specific requirements that go beyond the previous certification systems
addressed to additional climate protection and biodiversity services, rewarded them and the
This enables forest owners to develop their forests in a climate-resilient manner and, if so, to do so
necessary to remodel or support new and reforestation. We stop the impact in
old, near-natural beech forests in public ownership. The federally owned forests are supposed to
are managed in the medium term at least according to FSC or Naturland standards. We promote the
international forest protection and forest renaturation. We advocate a legally applicable EU level
Binding rule that the import of products and raw materials that deal with deforestation
connected, prevented. With a timber construction initiative we support the regional
Wood value chains. We want to anchor cascade use as a principle. We strengthen
forestry associations. We are nationwide prevention and
Elaborate control strategies and the possibilities to fight forest fires on the ground and from
the air, also within the framework of the rescEU mechanism. We promote soil-friendly
Forest cultivation, e.g. B. with back horses and seed drones.
Marine protection
Intact seas are essential for climate protection and biodiversity. Protection, security and sustainable
We want to harmonize the use of the oceans. We are launching a marine offensive
To protect marine nature, develop a coherent and binding marine strategy, direct
set up a marine coordination under the direction of a marine officer and establish a national one
Marine conference. We want to preserve the ecosystem services of the North and Baltic Seas. Be for it
We manage the protected areas in the German Foreign Economic Zone (EEZ) effectively, and those for it
make the necessary human and infrastructural resources available. 10 percent of the
In accordance with the EU biodiversity strategy, we will strictly protect the EEZ and keep zones free from
identify harmful use. We are committed to the speedy conclusion of a UN agreement on

Page 41
Protection of biodiversity on the high seas, for an internationally binding framework against the
Littering of the seas and for the establishment of international protected areas, especially the
Weddell Sea, a. We advocate a ban on abrasive threads (so-called dolly ropes)
European level. For the recovery and destruction of old ammunition in the North and
Baltic Sea, an immediate program is launched as well as a federal-state fund for the medium and long-term
Rescue set up and solidly financed. We advocate strict environmental standards internationally
and the binding review of the environmental impact of deep-sea mining and will be the
Pursue marine research to expand knowledge of the deep sea. We don't want new ones
Permits for oil and gas wells beyond the general operating permits issued for the
German North and Baltic Seas.
Climate adaptation
We develop a precautionary climate adaptation strategy, especially against the background
the flood disaster in 2021. With a Climate Adaptation Act we are creating a framework to
a national climate adaptation strategy with measurable goals, for example in
the fields of action of heat prevention, health and allergy prevention and water infrastructure
to implement and to be able to readjust in good time. We will also take the first urgent measures
get started very quickly with an immediate program. We strive to anchor the
joint funding by the federal and state governments for climate protection and climate adaptation to and
want to provide them with sufficient financial resources. We create more space for innovation,
Digitization and private sector initiatives for climate adaptation. The coastal and
We see flood protection as a task for society as a whole and will support the federal states and
Strengthen municipalities financially. We create nationwide standards for the assessment of
Flood and heavy rain risks and the creation and publication of hazard and
Risk cards. We check the exception catalog for the approval of construction projects in
designated floodplain and adjust it, if necessary, with the aim of reducing risks
minimize. We support private households with a KfW subsidy in the private flood
and heavy rain prevention. We support municipalities in investing in climate resilience,
especially in a climate-proof water infrastructure, extreme precipitation and low water
Takes into account. With unsealing projects, we are strengthening the infiltration of rainwater and
reduce the risk of flooding.
Water protection
Together with the federal states, we set the EU Water Framework Directive for the protection of water as
public goods consistently and quickly. We are swiftly setting a joint between the federal and state governments

Page 42
national water strategy with the aim of an integrated water management.
Together with the federal states, we are developing a guideline for water abstraction, the public one
Drinking water supply is given priority. We strive for the reuse of wastewater
the rapid implementation of the European requirements and a secure and legally compliant design
at. We will pass the wastewater tax law with the aim of improving water protection
amend. We set incentives to efficiently avoid water pollution. We want them
Use of water-polluting substances in products to protect against unacceptable risks
restrict essential use. We improve the level of knowledge about the water quality
in Germany with validated data, including the water supplier, and run a digital
Mapping a. We are anchoring an environmental quality standard for active pharmaceutical ingredients in water law to
To be able to assess substance inputs in a differentiated manner. We support a European ban on
deliberately added microplastics in cosmetics and detergents and of liquid polymers.
Substances in wastewater can also be raw materials that are used in the sense of the circular economy
We take all measures necessary to meet obligations under European law to reduce
To safely achieve nitrogen inputs in water and air, and thus apply penalties to the
EU from.
Air pollution control
We want to further reduce air pollution, for human health and the environment
to protect sustainably. We support the project of the European Commission, the EU
To amend the air quality directive in order to gradually achieve the latest standards. We will for
Ensure transparency when discharging kerosene and develop ways of avoiding it.
We will support municipalities on their way to better air quality. BAT conclusions
we implement on time and sustainably. In order to meet the reduction targets from the directive on national
In the national air pollution control program, we aim to achieve maximum emission levels on time
take all necessary measures.
Soil protection
We will evaluate the federal soil protection law and adapt it to the challenges of
Adapt to climate protection, climate adaptation and the conservation of biodiversity and thereby the
consider different uses. At EU level we will be in favor of an improved one
Use soil protection and binding regulations. We become a national
Set up soil monitoring center. About land use for settlement and transport purposes

Page 43
To reduce it to the 30 ha target by 2030 at the latest, we will set incentives, false incentives
avoid and reduce sealing through effective initiatives.
Chemicals policy
The chemical industry faces global competition. We strengthen your competitiveness
and innovative strength, sustainability and climate protection as well as the production location Germany,
secure jobs and reduce the risks of using hazardous substances (e.g.
Per- and polyfluorinated chemicals). We are correspondingly constructive in the debate about the
EU chemicals strategy. With this in mind, we want REACH (EU regulation on registration,
Evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemical substances); where substances and
Substance groups are assessed for their risks. After a risk assessment in the context of the
Application can be approved. We are developing a national plan to protect against
hormone-active substances. We protect our businesses as well as consumers and
Consumers better avoid imports that do not meet EU standards by us
Strengthen enforcement of controls together with the federal states and facilitate product recalls.
We will strengthen human biomonitoring and ensure continuous funding. For
Strengthen a comprehensive assessment of substances and the development of sustainable chemicals
we do research and production in Germany.
Circular economy
We promote the circular economy as an effective climate and resource protection, opportunity for sustainable
Economic development and jobs. We have the goal of lowering the primary
Raw material consumption and closed material cycles. For this we adapt the existing legal
Framework, define clear goals and review legal waste regulations. In a “National
Circular economy strategy "we bundle existing raw material policy strategies. On this
We are committed to uniform standards in the EU. Requirements for products must
ambitious and standardized throughout Europe in dialogue with manufacturers. Products
must be durable, reusable, recyclable and, if possible, repairable. We strengthen them
extended manufacturer responsibility at European level. We introduce digital product passports,
support companies in the implementation and uphold the principle of data economy. we
strengthen waste avoidance through legal targets and ecologically beneficial reusable,
Take-back and deposit systems as well as industry agreements. We support innovative,
sustainable ideas like shared use. We are establishing an incentive system for certain electrical devices
and to dispose of dangerous lithium-ion batteries in an environmentally friendly manner and to promote the circular economy
to feed. We will reduce the destruction of returns. With a legally anchored

Page 44
Fund model, we reward resource-saving and recycling-friendly packaging design
as well as the use of recyclate. We are introducing a recycling label. With an acceleration of the
The development of quality standards for recyclates will lead to new high-quality material cycles
created. Quality-assured waste products should be released from waste law and
achieve a product status. We write higher recycling rates and a product-specific one
Minimum quota for the use of recyclates and secondary raw materials fixed at European level.
We include chemical recycling in the Packaging Act as a recycling option. We stand up for
a Europe-wide end to the landfilling of municipal waste. We go with the countries
resolutely against illegal waste exports. According to European law, the export of waste should only be in
certified recycling facilities. We want a level playing field for recycled plastic.
Agriculture and Food
Sustainable agriculture also serves the interests of businesses, animal welfare and the
Nature and is the basis of a healthy diet.
Animal welfare
From 2022 we will be introducing mandatory animal husbandry labeling, which will also include transport and
Includes slaughter. Our aim is to have corresponding, binding EU-wide uniform standards.
We are also introducing comprehensive labeling of origin. We accompany the introduction
an information and awareness campaign. We want to support farmers in doing that
Modify livestock husbandry in Germany in a species-appropriate manner. For this we strive to be a through
To develop a financial system supported by market participants, with its revenues
earmarked to offset the running costs of farms and investments
be promoted without bureaucratic burdens on trade. The investment promotion will be in the future
Aligned according to the husbandry criteria and usually only granted according to the upper levels. That
Construction and permit law must be adapted accordingly. The development of the animal population is said to be increasing
based on the area and is in line with the goals of climate, water and
Emission protection (ammonia / methane) brought. We want emissions from ammonia and
Significantly reduce methane, taking animal welfare into account. Farmers are said to be on the way to
Support for climate neutrality as part of the conversion of livestock farming.
We strive to create planning and investment security. We carry out a test and
Approval procedures for stall systems and for series-produced stunning systems. we

Page 45
improve legislation on protection against fire and technical malfunctions in stables, under
Consideration of appropriate transition periods. We close existing gaps in the
Livestock Keeping Ordinance and improve the Animal Welfare Act (specify torture breeding, non-
Significantly reduce curative interventions, end tethering in ten years at the latest).
We develop an animal health strategy and establish a comprehensive database (incl.
Processing plants of animal by-products). We'll get the active ingredient and
Record and reduce application-related use of antibiotics on farms.
Live animal transports to third countries will in future only be permitted if they are on routes with
proven animal welfare-friendly supply facilities take place. We also rely on EU
Level for better regulations for animal transport and an expansion of the TRACES database system
a. We promote decentralized and mobile slaughter structures. They create the legal basis for
Introduction of a standardized camera-based surveillance system in particular
Areas relevant to animal welfare in slaughterhouses from a relevant size. We close legal and
Gaps in enforcement in the field of animal welfare, to the responsibility from the exclusive state of the state
to meet the right to intervene. We are transferring parts of animal welfare law into this
Criminal law and increase the maximum penalty. We put a reduction strategy on animal experiments
before. We are intensifying research on alternatives, putting them into practice and establishing one
Cross-departmental competence network.
We are introducing a mandatory identity check for online pet trade. the
Identification and registration of dogs will be mandatory. We are updating the guidelines
for animal fairs and are working on a positive list for wild animals that are still in
Circuses can be held.
We will support the educational work of zoological gardens. We become animal shelters through one
Support consumer foundation. We advocate an EU-wide ban on keeping and breeding
Fur animals a. In cross-border crises and epidemics, the federal government takes like the
African swine fever fulfilled and eliminated a coordinating and supportive function
legal defects. We create the office of an animal welfare officer.

Page 46
European agricultural policy
We immediately ensure that the regulations accompanying the national strategic plan of the
Common Agricultural Policy (GAP) with the aim of protecting the environment and the climate as well as the
Income protection can be adjusted.
The current architecture will be reviewed by the middle of the legislative period at the latest and in accordance with the
Target achievement adjusted. The federal government is helping to ensure reliable further development from 2027 onwards
This evaluation presents a concept of how direct payments are made by rewarding climate and
Environmental services can be adequately replaced. This also serves to increase income.
Joint task to improve the agricultural structure and coastal protection (GAK)
Oriented towards the reform of the GRW, we will redesign the joint task towards our goals
align and advocate long-term, flexible financing. New tasks like
Nature conservation and climate adaptation must be secured with additional financial resources.
Cooperation between nature protection and agriculture should for the agricultural promotion
get a legal basis.
We will develop a nutrition strategy with the actors, especially with a view to children, by 2023
decide to create a healthy environment for diet and exercise.
We will update the standards of the German Nutrition Society in the
Establish communal catering as the standard, continue to operate networking points and
Carry out model region competition. Our goal is the proportion regional and ecological
To increase products according to our expansion goals. We will be together with everyone
Reduce food waste in a binding sector-specific way for those involved,
Clarify questions of liability law and facilitate tax relief for donations. we
strengthen herbal alternatives and advocate the approval of innovations such as alternative
Sources of protein and meat substitutes in the EU. Advertising aimed at children for
Food with a high sugar, fat and salt content will be allowed in shipments and formats in the future
no longer give to under 14-year-olds. We will be an EU-wide Nutriscore scientifically and
Further develop in a generally understandable way. We support the development of criteria for one
ecological footprint. We will strengthen and increase consumer health protection
hazardous to health
Multiple loads,
Research contact materials. is being further developed in a more practicable manner. we

Page 47
create scientifically sound and target group-tailored reduction targets for sugar and fat
and salt.
The extinction of species and the loss of biodiversity is another ecological crisis. We want that
Limit the use of pesticides to what is necessary. With the following measures
we want to reduce the use ambitiously:
 We will protect the whole of agriculture in all its diversity in terms of environmental and environmental goals
Align resource protection (organic farming). We want agriculture in harmony
of nature and the environment. We want 30 percent organic farming by 2030
reach. For this we want to increase the federal funds for the federal organic farming program and
according to the expansion target of agricultural research funds for research issues in organic farming
Provide. We are expanding the future strategy of organic farming to include the entire organic
Value chain.
 Integrated pest management is being supplemented, we are strengthening its research and funding and
develop the National Action Plan further.
 Plants should be protected in such a way that side effects for the environment, health and
Avoid biodiversity. The approval of plant protection products must be transparent and
legally secure according to scientific criteria, existing gaps on European
Level are closed. At the same time, a faster decision has to be made.
 We also ensure that the availability of pesticides is improved,
especially for applications of minor scope with diversely grown
Special crops, for the protection of stored products and for suitable resistance strategies.
 We also rely on digital applications and modern application technology for targeted
Application and avoidance of drift.
 We are strengthening alternatives to chemical-synthetic pesticides (biologicals, low risks,
Plant strengtheners, physical, biological, cultivation methods, robotics, drones,
Digitization, forecast models, etc.) and improve the associated processes.
 Analogous to the existing regulations on pesticides in nature reserves for women farmers
and farmers get a handicap, we want rules for that
Find drinking water protection areas.
 We will take glyphosate off the market by the end of 2023.
 A digital origin and identification system for nutrient and plant protection, with the aim of
To advance the reduction strategy is to be introduced.

Page 48
 We want to support the breeding of climate-resistant plant varieties. To do this, we are improving the
Framework conditions also for open-pollinated varieties, promote model projects such as crowd-breeding,
Digitization, create transparency about breeding methods and strengthen risk and
Evidence Research.
Digitization in agriculture
We are making the public data needed by agriculture and food easier and more in-depth
make it freely available to authorized users of suitable quality and up-to-dateness and to do this a
Set up a real platform with central access to all government data and services,
especially for corresponding administrative services. State data of everyone
Administrative levels are to be made available in uniform formats in the future. Of the
Agricultural data room in Gaia-X as the basis of a European data infrastructure with clear usage rights
for farmers to the farm-specific data, which they have helped to create, will be provided with
standardized interfaces further developed. Open source formats are explicitly used
Land policy
We are accompanying the EU Commission's debate on the “Carbon Removal Certification Guidelines”
active. We need an update of the soil protection law, a soil monitoring center and
we have to support the EU with a land directive. We are stepping up research and funding too
climate-resistant crop production. To this end, it is starting a federal program “Sustainable Agriculture”. the
We are further developing the protein crop strategy.
The BVVG areas are used for compensatory and replacement measures as well as climate and species protection
utilized. In doing so, agriculturally used areas are primarily sustainable or ecological
operating businesses leased and not sold.
We are committed to the preservation of fisheries on our coasts. We'll be on European and
a fair, science-based determination and allocation of catch quotas at international level
claim. To this end, we will initiate a “Future Commission on Fisheries” to make recommendations for
to develop sustainable fisheries and aquaculture, inland and deep-sea fisheries. We want them
Restrict bottom trawling and adapt fishing techniques to specific species, as well as one
Regulation of gillnets in line with nature conservation. We recognize the performance of the anglers and
Anglers for nature and species protection.

Page 49
Grocery store
We support fair competition with fair prices in the food market. We will the
Strengthen anti-trust abuse control and merger control in the Federal Cartel Office. We go
Against unfair trading practices and consider whether the sale of food is under
Production costs can be prevented. We will continue to observe the milk market and
evaluate the balance sheet of the supply relationships.
We want to use the 2020s for a new departure in mobility policy and a sustainable,
Enable efficient, barrier-free, intelligent, innovative and affordable mobility for everyone. For the
necessary change processes, we advertise for acceptance and become our goals
Implement it in a dialogue-oriented manner and regularly review the measures. The necessary
Decisions to achieve our climate protection goals for 2030 and 2045 with the aim of
We will meet the decarbonisation of the mobility sector and the practical implementation will become clear
accelerate. For us, mobility is a central component of services of general interest, a prerequisite for
equivalent living conditions and the competitiveness of the economic and
Logistics location Germany with future-proof jobs. For this we become infrastructure
expand and modernize as well as framework conditions for diverse mobility offers in the city
and develop the country further.
Investments in the transport infrastructure must be increased further and secured in the long term
will. We want to invest considerably more in rail than in road, in order to give priority
To implement projects of a Germany clock. We want a stronger one for the federal trunk roads
Focus on preservation and renovation, with a particular focus on engineering structures. In addition
we will gradually increase the proportion of conservation funds until 2025 as the budget grows.
We are striving for a new infrastructure consensus on federal transport routes. We will do that
a dialogue process with traffic, environmental,
Business and consumer protection associations start with the aim of reaching an understanding on the
Priorities in the implementation of the applicable Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan. To
Review of the requirements plan, there is a joint vote on the ongoing projects.

Page 50
On the basis of new criteria, we will draw up a new Federal Transport Infrastructure and Mobility Plan for 2040
bring the way. We want Autobahn GmbH and German unity to coexist
Abolish trunk road planning and construction company (DEGES). Between the federal government and the Autobahn GmbH
we want to conclude a multi-year financing agreement.
In 2023 we will undertake a CO 2 differentiation of the truck toll, the commercial one
Include road haulage from 3.5 tonnes and introduce a CO 2 surcharge, provided that
to exclude a double burden from the CO 2 price. We will increase the revenue for
Use mobility.
We want to reduce noise pollution from traffic, we advocate a reduction of
willful noise and ensure more active and passive noise protection. To be reasonable
We will take the entire noise situation into account. the
We will finance noise abatement programs for federal highways and railways better.
We will use innovative technology for noise reduction, for example for new freight wagons, until the market launch
Rail transport
We will continue to develop the rail transport master plan and implement it more quickly
Increase rail freight transport to 25 percent by 2030 and increase passenger transport performance
double. The target timetable for a Germany cycle and the infrastructure capacity will be on
align these goals. If economically feasible, the use of the rail should be cheaper
to strengthen the competitiveness of the railways.
We will connect more regional centers to long-distance traffic. We'll be implementing one
Germany clock
railway law
Secure in accordance with European law.
We want to strengthen cross-border traffic and work with the EU and its member states
Build up night train offers. We want to electrify 75 percent of the rail network by 2030 and
support innovative drive technologies. The digitization of vehicles and routes
we will drive ahead with priority. We will launch a "Rapid Capacity Expansion" program
hang up, improve accessibility and noise protection, bundle and strengthen station programs, that
Expand the route network, reactivate routes and avoid closures and one

Page 51
Set up the Rail Acceleration Commission. The introduction of the digital automatic clutch
we want to accelerate, strengthen single wagon traffic and provide investment incentives for sidings
set. In the case of new commercial and industrial areas, the rail connection should be checked
will. We want to further promote intermodal terminals, the cranability of standard semi-trailers
drive forward and exempt the inflow and outflow from the truck toll up to a maximum of 50 kilometers.
We will become the Deutsche Bahn AG as an integrated group including the group-internal one
Publicly owned labor market. We will make the internal structures more efficient and
make it more transparent. The infrastructure units (DB Netz, DB Station and Service) of the Germans
Bahn AG are becoming a new, public interest-oriented infrastructure division within the group
merged. This is 100 percent owned by Deutsche Bahn as a whole.
Profits from the operation of the infrastructure will remain in the new infrastructure unit in the future. the
Railway companies will continue to compete in a market and profit-oriented manner.
We want to increase the investment funds for DB Infrastructure.
Public transport and new mobility offers
We want to enable states and municipalities to increase the attractiveness and capacities of local public transport
to enhance. The aim is to significantly increase the number of passengers using public transport. 2022 will be
we will compensate for the pandemic-related loss of income as before. We want an expansion and
Modernization pact in which the federal, state and local governments agree, among other things, on the
Financing up to 2030 including the contributions of the federal states and municipalities and the allocation
of federal funds and discuss tariff structures. Regionalization funds are starting
Increased in 2022. Together we will establish quality criteria and standards for offers and
Define accessibility for urban and rural areas.
For seamless mobility, we oblige transport companies and mobility providers to do their
Provide real-time data under fair conditions. Cross-provider digital booking and
We want to enable payment. We are developing the mobility data room further.
We will strengthen intermodal connections and promote barrier-free mobility stations.
We will support digital mobility services, innovative mobility solutions and car sharing
in a long-term strategy for autonomous and networked driving of public transport.

Page 52
So that all new buses, including the infrastructure, are climate-neutral as soon as possible
the federal government will extend the existing funding and make it more SME-friendly.
We advocate fair working conditions in local public transport. To this end, we are strengthening tariff compliance
and create the legal basis for making collective agreements a condition for tenders
do. Medium-sized interests are to be taken into account when awarding the contract. At priority
We hold on to commercial transport.
We will upgrade mobility research on an interdisciplinary basis, the future of mobility center new
set up and expand, as well as strengthen the center for rail transport research.
Freight transport
We support regional freight transport concepts, promote emission-free city logistics such as
Loading zones and logistics hubs. The approval practice for heavy-duty and large-volume transports
we want to make it easier. We will strengthen the control authorities and have better social standards and
Enforce working conditions. We will have secure truck parking spaces on and around motorways
expand and optimize telematically. We will counteract the shortage of skilled workers,
Modernize qualifications and reduce bureaucracy.
Car traffic
We will examine the transformation process in the German automotive industry against the background of
Support digitization and decarbonization. Framework conditions and funding measures
we will aim to ensure that Germany has a lead market for electromobility with at least 15
Million electric cars in 2030.
According to the proposals of the European Commission, in the transport sector in Europe 2035
Only CO 2 -neutral vehicles are permitted - this will have an earlier effect in Germany.
Outside the existing system of fleet limit values, we are committed to ensuring that
verifiably only vehicles that can be refueled with e-fuels can be re-registered.
We advocate the adoption of an ambitious and implementable EURO pollutant standard
7 and will take into account value creation and jobs.
The expansion of the charging infrastructure must precede the demand. We are therefore the
advance expansion of the charging station infrastructure with the goal of one million public and

Page 53
Non-discriminatory charging points by 2030 with a focus on fast charging infrastructure
Accelerate across departments, check for efficiency and reduce bureaucracy. We focus on
the mobilization of private investment. Where competitive solutions do not work, we will
Supply requirements, where structurally possible, establish the reliable accessibility of charging points.
We will be promoting the expansion of the charging infrastructure more effectively and efficiently
shape. We become obstacles in approval processes, in the network infrastructure and in the
Reduce grid connection conditions and allow the municipalities to plan ahead
Support charging infrastructure. We'll enable bidirectional charging, we'll take care of it
transparent electricity prices and a publicly visible occupancy status. We'll be building
of a nationwide network of fast charging hubs and the number of
increase advertised hubs. We will quickly revise the charging infrastructure master plan
and bundle the necessary measures from the fields of construction, energy and transport as well as one
Put emphasis on communal networking of the solutions. We stand up for the ambitious
Expansion targets at European level.
We advocate further development of the CO 2 fleet limit values ​​for commercial vehicles and
support the proposals of the European Commission for the construction of tank and
Charging infrastructure for trucks.
We are creating a mobility data law and ensuring free access to traffic data. To the
We strive for a fiduciary model that enables the use of vehicle data in a non-competitive manner
Access needs of users, private providers and government bodies as well as interests
affected companies and developers are adequately taken into account. In the law to the autonomous
We will improve the regulations, clarify liability issues and the data sovereignty of the users
to ensure.
Traffic regulations
We will adapt the Road Traffic Act and Road Traffic Regulations so that in addition to the
Fluid and traffic safety the goals of climate and environmental protection, health and
the urban development should be taken into account by federal states and municipalities
To open up scope for decision-making. We want an opening for digital applications such as digital
Parking control. In implementing Vision Zero, we will be the road safety program
develop. There will be no general speed limit.

Page 54
In order to train young people at an early stage for the dangers of road traffic, we will
Enable accompanied driving from the age of 16. We want more digital elements of the
Enable driving license lessons, advance the digitization of vehicle documents and
Abolish the monopoly on driving license tests while maintaining the applicable quality standards.
We want emergency braking and distance assistants not to be switched off in commercial vehicles
to be allowed to. We will be retrofitting truck turning assistance systems until it is mandatory
Continue to promote installation.
Bicycle traffic
We will implement and update the National Cycling Plan, the expansion and the
Modernization of the cycle path network and the promotion of municipal cycle traffic infrastructure
drive forward. To strengthen cycling, we will secure the funds until 2030 and the
Promote the combination of cycling and public transport. We will structure foot traffic
support and underpin it with a national strategy.
We will develop a national port strategy and the close cooperation between our ports
support financially. The federal government has shared responsibility for the necessary port infrastructures.
We want to increase the shipping share in freight traffic and also hinterland connections
strengthen. We will promote shore power and alternative drives and fuels. We will
Adapt the fleet renewal program for climate-friendly inland shipping. We want to
Design of Fit for 55 keep an eye on the overall burden on shipping.
We will strengthen the Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency in order to create a uniform
To introduce flag state administration and to accelerate the expansion of offshore wind energy.
We will accelerate the renovation and expansion of locks. We will be one
Initiate a society-wide dialogue on climate resilience and nature conservation in waterways. we
will strengthen the waterways and shipping administration and make it more efficient.
air traffic
We want the German aviation economy and industry to be sustainable and key sectors
Develop an efficient aviation concept in a comprehensive participation process
2030+ on the future of airports in Germany, the rail connection of hubs
and reduce the number of short-haul flights through better rail connections.

Page 55
Germany is to become a pioneer in CO 2 -neutral flying while maintaining fair flying
Framework conditions in international competition. Our goal is to create fair
Framework conditions in international competition for effective climate protection in
Air traffic that effectively reduces emissions and avoids carbon leakage. Until the European
We will decide on the introduction of a kerosene tax based on the energy content
We are committed to introducing an air traffic tax throughout Europe, like the one in Germany
will be charged. We will work with the European Union to ensure that flight tickets are not too
a price below which taxes, surcharges, fees and charges may be sold. With
Looking at the current pandemic crisis in the aviation industry, we will see an increase in the
Check air traffic tax only after 2023. We will use the revenue from the aviation tax for the
Promotion of the production and use of CO 2 -neutral electricity-based aviation fuels as well as for
Use research, development and fleet modernization in aviation. We support
ambitious quotas for power-to-liquid (PtL quotas) in aviation and shipping to one
To stimulate market ramp-up. We want to reduce aircraft noise and the proportion that is noise-dependent
Increase airport charges. We promote climate-neutral airport operations.
The task of the German air traffic control is around the topic of an effective noise protection
expanded. We will change the Aircraft Noise Protection Act on the basis of the evaluation report
consider the federal government. We will support the implementation of the “Single
European Sky ”and a lower sulfur content of kerosene.
Detecting and defending against drones is a sovereign task.
Climate, energy, transformation
Man-made climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time. we
must tackle the climate crisis together. This also offers great opportunities for them
Modernizing our country and Germany as an industrial location: New business models and
Technologies can create climate-neutral prosperity and good work. The new federal government
the expansion of renewable energies becomes a central project of their government work
do. We will nationally, in Europe and internationally our climate, energy and
Align economic policy with the 1.5 degree path and the potential at all government levels

Page 56
activate. In order to achieve this, we become ambitious our goals from the common contribution
to which the European Union has committed itself under the Paris Agreement.
In doing so, we secure the freedom of future generations in line with the decision of the
Federal Constitutional Court by providing a reliable and cost-effective way to
Make climate neutrality technology-neutral by 2045 at the latest. Hold on to the German nuclear phase-out
we stuck. We rely on a socio-ecological market economy and on concrete measures that are implemented in
to be implemented over the next few years and to take people away.
In the negotiations on the EU program "Fit for 55" we support the proposals of the EU
Commission and want the instruments in the individual sectors to be as technology-neutral as possible
Climate Protection Act
We will continue to develop and implement the Climate Protection Act consistently in 2022
Immediate climate protection program with all the necessary laws, ordinances and measures
bring the way. We will make climate protection a cross-cutting task by doing that in each case
The lead department examines its draft bills on their climate impact and compatibility with the
checks national climate protection targets and provides a corresponding justification
(Climate check).
All sectors will have to contribute: transport, construction and housing, power generation,
Industry and agriculture. We will comply with the climate targets on the basis of a
cross-sectoral and, analogous to the Paris Climate Agreement, multi-annual accounts
check. The basis for this is the annual monitoring.
On the way to climate neutrality, all sectors must do their part to achieve the climate goals
Afford. We want to do everything we can to avoid Germany's failure to achieve its
Climate targets EU emissions trading certificates as part of the EU burden sharing that the
Burden the federal budget.
We will have an immediate climate protection program with all the necessary laws and projects by the end
Launch and complete in 2022.
Renewable energy

Page 57
We make it our common mission to drastically expand the use of renewable energies
accelerate and remove all hurdles and barriers.
We are aligning our renewables target with a higher gross electricity demand of 680-750 TWh per year
2030. 80 percent of this should come from renewable energies. Accelerate accordingly
we expand the network. We dynamically adjust the annual tender volumes.
We need a mix of instruments to achieve massive expansion: In addition to the EEG
we will use instruments for subsidy-free expansion, such as B. Long-term electricity supply agreements (PPAs)
and strengthen the Europe-wide trade in guarantees of origin in terms of climate protection.
We want to strengthen the decentralized expansion of renewable energies. Renewable electricity,
in particular from systems that have been promoted and systems outside the EEG funding should be more in
of the producing region can be used. For this we will make all the necessary arrangements
check. Green electricity must also be used as green electricity in the generating region
to be allowed to.
We will significantly accelerate the planning and approval process. The renewables
Energy is in the public interest and serves to ensure security of supply. In the
We are committed to ensuring that there is a time until the
Gives climate neutrality temporary priority to renewable energies. We create legal certainty in
Species protection law, including through the application of a nationwide evaluation method for the
Species protection assessment of wind energy projects. Furthermore, we will work for a stronger one
Use focus on population protection at European level and the
Formulate exceptions in a legally secure manner.
We are committed to ensuring that the approval authorities through the use of external project teams
be effectively relieved. The start of the legal approval periods should be clear
Requirements for the application documents are secured. A clarification of the
Implementation deadlines for permits are made.
All suitable roof areas are to be used for solar energy in the future. For commercial
This should be mandatory for new buildings, and the rule for private new buildings. Bureaucratic
We will remove hurdles and open up ways for private builders financially and administratively
not too overwhelming. We also see this as an economic stimulus program for medium-sized businesses and the skilled trades.

Page 58
Our goal for the expansion of photovoltaics (PV) is approx. 200 GW by 2030. To do this, we will eliminate all of them
Obstacles, among other things, we will accelerate network connections and certification, tariff rates
adapt, check the obligation to tender for large roof systems and the covers. Innovative too
We will strengthen solar energy such as Agri and Floating PV and enable co-use.
Two percent of the land area is to be designated for onshore wind energy. The closer one
The design of the area target takes place in the building code. We strengthen the federal and state
Cooperation Committee.
We will all be together with the federal, state and local governments in the first half of 2022
initiate the necessary measures to achieve the common goal of accelerated renewables
Organize expansion and the provision of the necessary space.
We will ensure that the wind energy expansion also in less windy regions
is making significant progress so that onshore wind energy can also be used close to consumption throughout Germany
Is available (and network bottlenecks are avoided).
Where there are already wind farms, it must be possible to do so without major approval costs, old ones
To replace wind turbines with new ones. The conflict between wind power expansion and species protection
we want to defuse it through innovative technical preventive measures, including
Anti-collision systems. We want the distances to radio beacons and weather radars at short notice
to reduce. When designating low-level flight corridors, the expansion of wind energy is to be intensified
must be taken into account.
We will increase the capacities for offshore wind energy to at least 30 GW 2030, 40 GW 2035 and 70
Increase GW 2045 significantly. To do this, we will use appropriate areas in the foreign trade zone
to back up. Offshore plants should enjoy priority over other forms of use. Also in the
We see co-use as a possibility for a better balance of interests. We drift
European offshore cooperation and strengthening cross-border projects in
North and east Sea.
The additionally generated offshore wind power will be accelerated, minimized and
connect bundled. The necessary technology decisions, for example on the role
hybrid interconnectors, meshed offshore networks or multi-terminal connections
we meet immediately and also keep an eye on the onshore grid integration.

Page 59
Bioenergy in Germany should have a new future. To do this, we will become a sustainable
Develop a biomass strategy.
We want the potential of geothermal energy for the energy supply, among other things by improving the
Make greater use of data and the examination of an exploration risk insurance.
We want to ensure that municipalities of wind turbines and larger open spaces
Solar systems can profit appropriately financially in their field.
We are strengthening citizen energy as an important element for greater acceptance. As part of the
As far as possible under European law, we will improve the framework conditions for citizens' energy
(Energy sharing, review of a fund that hedges the risks) and overall the de-minimis-
Exploit regulations as a contribution to reducing bureaucracy.
As part of the amendment to the tax, levy and levy system, we will be promoting
simplify and strengthen tenant electricity and neighborhood concepts.
We will support a comprehensive municipal heating planning and the expansion of
Use heating networks. We strive for a very high proportion of renewable energies for heating
and want to generate 50 percent of the heat in a climate-neutral way by 2030.
We will invite the federal states to talks about how the federal government supports them in implementing the in
can best support climate education anchored in the Framework Convention on Climate Change.
Coal exit
In order to meet the climate protection goals, an accelerated phase-out of coal-fired power generation is also necessary
necessary. Ideally, this will be achieved by 2030. The decision of the Federal Constitutional Court, that
tightened 2030 climate target as well as the upcoming tightening of the EU
Emissions trading is increasingly restricting the leeway. That demands what we strive for
massive expansion of renewable energies and the construction of modern gas-fired power plants to meet the im
Over the next few years, the demand for electricity and energy will increase at competitive prices
cover. To do this, we will take the review step envisaged in the Coal Phase-Out Act for 2026
to be carried out analogously to the law by the end of 2022 at the latest.

Page 60
The gas power plants necessary until the supply security through renewable energies is to be used
Use of the existing (network) infrastructures and to secure future prospects
existing power plant locations are to be built. They have to be built so that they are on
climate-neutral gases (H2-ready) can be converted. Security of supply and the
We will regularly review the rapid expansion of renewables. For that we will
Monitoring the security of supply with electricity and heat to a real stress test
The regions affected and those affected by coal mining can continue to rely on solidarity
Support count. Measures of the Structural Strengthening Act such as the project
University Medicine Cottbus will be brought forward or accelerated. The flanking
Labor policy measures such as the adjustment allowance are adjusted accordingly and a
Qualification component for younger employees added. Nobody will fall into the mountain free. Our
The aim is to supplement the benefits previously promised in the law as part of the coal phase-out
not to pay any additional compensation to companies in municipalities. The one in the third
We want to preserve the resettlement section of the affected villages in the Rheinische Revier. About Lützerath
the courts will decide.
The establishment of a foundation or company is examined, the dismantling of the coal-fired power generation
and organized the renaturation.
Gas and hydrogen
An energy infrastructure for renewable electricity and hydrogen is a prerequisite for that
European capacity to act and competitiveness in the 21st century. We want them
Diversify energy supply for Germany and Europe. For energy policy projects also in
Germany is subject to European energy law.
We are accelerating the massive expansion of renewable energies and the establishment of modern ones
Gas-fired power plants to meet the increasing demand for electricity and energy over the next few years
cover competitive prices. The up to security of supply through renewable energies
necessary gas power plants must be built in such a way that they use climate-neutral gases (H2-ready)
can be switched. Natural gas is indispensable for a transition period.
The hydrogen strategy will be updated in 2022. The goal is a quick market ramp-up. First priority
has the local generation based on renewable energies. For a quick run-up and up

Page 61
For a cheap supply of green hydrogen, we rely on a technology-open one
Design of the hydrogen regulation.
We want to build an efficient hydrogen economy and the necessary import
and advance the transport infrastructure as quickly as possible. We want an electrolysis capacity of
reach around 10 gigawatts in 2030. We will do this, among other things, by building additional offshore
Ensure wind energy as well as European and international energy partnerships. To do this is a
committed development of the necessary infrastructure is required. For this we will become the necessary
Create framework conditions including efficiently designed funding programs and in particular
also strengthen European cooperation in this area.
We will implement the revised Renewable Energy Directive as soon as possible after it has been passed
implement technology-open and ambitious; we continue to exclude nuclear power.
When importing hydrogen, we will pay attention to the climate policy effects and make them fair
Ensure competitive conditions for our economy.
We advocate uniform certification of hydrogen and its
Derived products and strengthen European import partnerships. We become the IPCEI
Implement hydrogen quickly together with the federal states and invest in the development
promote a hydrogen infrastructure. We want programs like B. H2Global European
develop them further and provide them financially accordingly.
Electricity and hydrogen networks are the backbone of the energy system of the future. For the massive
Expansion of renewable energies, we need more speed and commitment when expanding the grid
at all levels. We want network infrastructures to be stronger at all political levels in the future
plan together and with foresight. To this end, we will become the Federal Network Agency and network operator
Immediately commission a plan that goes beyond the current network development plans
for a climate neutrality network and update the federal requirement plan accordingly.
In all measures, special attention must be paid to the electricity highways.
As part of the immediate climate protection program, we will initiate further measures.
We'll review the planning and approval process for faster planning and implementation
accelerate electricity and hydrogen networks. We guarantee a clear assignment of the

Page 62
political responsibility for good early public participation in network expansion. We lay up
A “System Stability Roadmap” will be presented in mid-2023. We will modernize the distribution networks and
digitize, including through forward-looking planning and greater controllability. The rollout
We will use intelligent measurement systems as a prerequisite for smart grids while guaranteeing the
Significantly accelerate data protection and IT security. We will store as a standalone
Legally define the pillar of the energy system. The provision of capital for the network infrastructure
also needs attractive investment conditions in the future compared to other European countries. We will be in
Ensure state influence on critical infrastructure in accordance with European law,
when security interests are affected.
Electricity market design
In the course of expanding renewable energies, we will develop a new electricity market design.
To this end, we are jointly setting up a platform as the federal government and coalition groups
A “climate-neutral electricity system”, which will make concrete proposals in 2022 and identify stakeholders
Involves science, business and civil society. We are committed to one more
Integration of the European internal energy market.
In order to stimulate the rapid expansion of secured capacity and secure the nuclear and coal phase-out,
In this context, we will evaluate existing instruments as well as competitive and
Examine technology-open capacity mechanisms and flexibilities. These include secured
Renewable services, highly efficient gas-fired power plants with combined heat and power as part of the
Further development of the relevant law, an innovation program to make H2-ready
To be able to incentivize gas-fired power plants at coal-fired power plant locations, storage,
Energy efficiency measures and load management.
We will take appropriate account of market prices in future CHP subsidies.
There is also a need for rapid and comprehensive reform of the financing architecture of the
Energy system. The way forward must be to provide incentives for the cross-sectoral use of
Renewable energies, decentralized generation models and the avoidance of
Strengthening greenhouse gas emissions consistently. We ensure that electricity is renewable
is used economically for sector coupling instead of the systems due to network congestion
switch off.

Page 63
We will fundamentally reform the state-induced price components in the energy sector and
systematic, consistent, transparent and as distortion-free as possible
Aiming at competitive conditions, enabling sector coupling and thus creating a level playing field for
create all energy sources and sectors. The CO 2 price plays a central role here.
We are driving forward a reform of network charges that strengthens transparency, transforms into
Promotes climate neutrality and distributes the costs of integrating renewable energies fairly.
Socially fair energy prices
To - also in view of the higher CO 2 price components - for socially just and for the economy
To ensure competitive energy prices, we will use the funding for the EEG surcharge
End electricity price. We will therefore take them over to the budget on January 1, 2023. the
Financing is provided by the EKF, which comes from the income from the emissions trading systems (BEHG and
ETS) and a grant from the federal budget. The EKF will be able to provide that
To finance the necessary climate protection measures and the EEG surcharge. With the
Completion of the coal phase-out, we will phase out the promotion of renewable energies
permit. As part of these changes, all exemptions from the EEG surcharge and energy taxes
as well as the compensation regulations checked and adjusted. The aim is tax breaks
reduce, which relate to the economic use of electricity and thereby the relief
due to the elimination of the EEG surcharge. As a result, the companies as a whole should
are no longer burdened.
We want European emissions trading and the Fuel Emissions Trading Act (BEHG) in
Revise for the purposes of the EU program “Fit for 55”. We are counting on a rising CO 2 price as
important instrument, combined with a strong social balance and will be there
especially support people with lower incomes. What is good for the climate will be
cheaper - what is bad, more expensive.
We therefore support the European Commission's plans to strengthen the existing one
Emissions trading and are committed to an ambitious reform. We especially sit up
European level for an ETS minimum price as well as for the creation of a second
Emissions trading for the areas of heat and mobility (ETS 2). It is to be provided that in the
social equilibrium takes place in the respective EU member states. In the 2030s it is supposed to be a
Giving a uniform EU emissions trading system across all sectors, the burdens not one-sided
at the expense of consumers.

Page 64
The price in the ETS is currently around 60 euros / ton. According to all forecasts, it will not be structurally
fall below this level, but rather rise. Should the development in the next few years be different
and the European Union have not agreed on an ETS minimum price
we decide on the corresponding national measures (such as certificate deletion or
Minimum price etc.) so that the CO 2 price does not fall below 60 euros / ton in the long term.
The Fuel Emissions Trading Act (BEHG), including the fuel emissions recorded in
the industry (industrial process heat), we want to ensure its compatibility with a possible
Check ETS 2 and, if necessary, adjust it so that the transition is as smooth as possible
is guaranteed. We consider energy prices and CO 2 prices together. Given the current
For social reasons, we are maintaining price levels due to factors that are not driven by CO 2 prices
SESTA price path fixed. We will make a proposal for the design of the market phase after 2026
do. To compensate for a future price increase and to increase the acceptance of the market system
we will ensure a social compensation mechanism through the abolition of the EEG
Develop additional contributions (climate money).
Climate and energy foreign policy
We are strengthening multilateral cooperation within the framework of the 2030 Agenda and the Parisian
Agreement and will expand German environmental, climate and energy cooperation. we
use the German G7 presidency in 2022 for an initiative to found
Climate partnerships and an international climate club open to all countries. Goals include
Climate neutrality, the massive expansion of renewable energies and their infrastructure, production
of hydrogen. We are striving for a global emissions trading system that, in the medium term, will become a
uniform CO 2 price.
We will make our commitments for the German portion of the 100 billion US dollar
international climate finance within the framework of a coherent climate foreign policy and
increase perspective.
We want to make our climate foreign policy more coherent and stronger, among other things with the climate cabinet.
We are committed to reforming the Energy Charter Treaty.

Page 65
Transformation of the economy
We want the competitiveness of Germany as a business location as a basis for
sustainable growth, prosperity and high employment in a socio-ecological
Increase market economy. We will support companies and employees as best we can,
Promote innovation and create new confidence in entrepreneurship, innovation and entrepreneurship.
We have to tackle the climate crisis together. This also offers great opportunities for our country
and the industrial location Germany: New business models and technologies can
Create climate-neutral prosperity and good work.
We see the path to a CO 2 -neutral world as a great opportunity for Germany as an industrial location.
New business models and technologies can create climate-neutral prosperity and good work
if we create the right framework conditions for industry and medium-sized companies like one
massive expansion of renewable energies, competitive energy prices, security of supply
with electricity and heat as well as fast and unbureaucratic approval procedures.
We want to activate more private capital for transformation projects. We also check which ones
Public development banks can make contributions to hedging risks.
In dialogue with business, trade unions and associations, we want an "Alliance for Transformation"
forge and stable and reliable in the first six months of 2022
Discuss the framework conditions for the transformation.
In order to support companies in their investments on the way to climate neutrality, bet
we rely on targeted instruments. To this end, we are setting up a transformation fund at KfW,
use climate protection differential agreements, promote lighthouse projects and create incentives for lead markets
and for climate-neutral products. We will also take care of the small and medium-sized businesses at theirs
Accompany and promote the path to climate technology transformation.
We are committed to effective carbon leakage protection (Boarder Adjustment Mechanism,
free allocation).
When amending the European climate, environmental and energy aid guidelines and others
Regulations, we will ensure that the competitiveness of the company is preserved

Page 66
Energy and resource efficiency plays an important role in the transformation, ie how about
Link industry benefits to the implementation of economic energy efficiency measures
or to further develop product standards. This also applies to the energy transition.
We acknowledge the necessity of technical negative emissions and become one
Develop a long-term strategy for dealing with the approximately 5 percent unavoidable residual emissions.
In dialogue with the companies, we will look for solutions on how we can obtain operating permits for
Grant energy infrastructure (power plants or gas lines) with fossil fuels in a legally secure manner
operations can continue beyond 2045 using only non-fossil fuels
without an investment freeze, bad investments and compensation claims
Germany is committed to international efforts to achieve climate neutrality
clearly on the expansion and use of renewable energies. We focus on international
and at the European level that atomic energy for the costs it causes itself
comes up. We take responsibility for radioactive waste. The location search for a
Repository for high-level radioactive waste should correspond to the principles laid down by law
science-based, participatory, transparent, self-questioning and learning continued
Authorized repositories must be completed and put into operation quickly. These include
also the selection of the location and the construction of the necessary logistics center.
We will work to shut down risk reactors near the border. We speak to each other
to bundle competencies in this area.
IV. Respect, opportunities and social security in the modern world of work
A high level of employment and fair wages are the basis for our prosperity and
the financing of our social security. We want everyone to be as safe as possible
Employment biography enable and employability through qualification and
get healthy work. Every work deserves respect and recognition. We increase that

Page 67
Minimum wage and create a modern labor law that is safe and fairly negotiated
Flexibility enables.
We advocate a welfare state that protects the citizens, but also does so
supports to seize new opportunities in life. The pension must be reliable and adequate,
That is why we secure the pension level and supplement it with funded elements. We innovate with
the system of basic security for citizens' benefits.
All people in Germany should be well looked after and cared for - in the city and on the
Country. Our goal is a modern, cross-sectoral health and care policy. the
The pandemic has shown us the vulnerability of our health care system. We draw
Teach and ensure needs-based health care as well as human and
high quality medicine and care.
Housing is a basic need. We will help ensure that sufficient living space is created
and building and living in the future will be affordable, climate-neutral and barrier-free. Important
for the living environment are lively public spaces.
We want to shape the modern world of work while enabling professional opportunities and security
and reconciling flexibility.
To strengthen and modernize vocational schools, we work with states, municipalities and
relevant actors on a pact. With the countries we build the professional orientation and
Youth employment agencies nationwide. We want a training guarantee, everyone
Provides young people with access to fully qualified vocational training, always with priority
operational. We are continuing the alliance for training. The entry qualification that assisted
We are expanding training, support during training and joint training. We open them
Help for refugees. We welcome collectively agreed compensation funds. In regions with significant
We initiate insufficient supply of apprenticeships outside the company as required
Training offers in close consultation with the social partners. We increase that
Training mobility. We support people in unemployment and basic social security

Page 68
fully qualifying training in continuing vocational training regardless of its duration.
Full-time school education must be remunerated and free of school fees. We bring one
Excellence initiative Vocational training on the way, among other things we are expanding InnoVet and opening the
Federal agencies for the promotion of talented students for vocational training. Equivalent professional
We recognize qualifications for higher career paths in the public service. The results of the
We will quickly discuss the evaluation assignment for the dual study with all relevant stakeholders.
further education
In times of digital and demographic change is a targeted national
Further training strategy is an essential prerequisite for our economic and
to achieve social goals. We improve opportunities for professional reorientation,
Education and training - also part-time. The instruments of educational policy and active
We coordinate labor market policies.
To support personally motivated lifelong learning, we are building the advancement
BAföG, open the maintenance contribution for part-time training, also promote further training
the same level of the German qualification framework and also for a second fully qualified
Training, increase the funding rates and allowances significantly and close funding gaps to BAföG.
The aim is that advancement courses and exams with reasonable prices are free of charge.
With the life chances BAföG we are creating a new instrument for the self-determined
Continuing education beyond professional and degree-related qualifications for everyone. We can do this
a simple way to save on education in a free space account. People with low
Income receive annual subsidies for this.
With an educational (part) time based on the Austrian model, we offer employees financial opportunities
Support for further training related to the labor market. This enables z. B. catching up on one
Professional qualification or a professional reorientation. An agreement is required
between employer and employee. The BA checks the funding requirements.
The Federal Employment Agency (BA) has a stronger role in qualification and associated
Advice to. In order to support all those interested in further training and companies, we are creating one
Networking of the BA with the regional actors and uniform contact points. That's why we build them
Training associations and support the establishment of training agencies. the
National online training platform and the training platform will be further developed,

Page 69
interlocked and stabilized. In this way we create a clear access to educational and
Advisory services and funding instruments.
With a qualification allowance based on short-time work allowance, the BA can offer companies in
Structural change enables them to keep their employees in the company through qualification and
Secure skilled workers. Works agreements are a prerequisite for this. At the same time we bet
Incentives for transformation collective agreements. We are also expanding the transfer short-time work allowance
further develop the instruments of SGB III in transfer companies.
We are expanding independent funding for people who are unemployed and have basic social security benefits
of basic skills and make it clear that placement in work does not take precedence over a
Vocational education and training that strengthens employment opportunities. With professional
SGB ​​II and III beneficiaries receive an additional monthly qualification
Further training allowance of 150 euros, so that there is an effective incentive for further training. After a
Further training should be entitled to at least three months of unemployment benefit.
Working time and place of work
In order to react to the changes in the world of work and the wishes of employees,
Employees and companies want to organize their working hours more flexibly
we support unions and employers in enabling flexible working time models.
We adhere to the principle of the 8-hour day in the Working Hours Act. As part of one a year
Temporary regulation with an evaluation clause to be adopted in 2022, we will enable that in
Within the framework of collective agreements, employees under certain
Being able to organize their working hours more flexibly in terms of the requirements and deadlines to be observed. aside from that
we want a limited possibility of deviating from the currently existing regulations of the
Working Hours Act with regard to the maximum daily working hours, if collective agreements or
Works agreements, based on collective agreements, provide for this (experimental rooms). in the
Dialogue with the social partners, we examine what needs to be adjusted in view of the
See the case law of the European Court of Justice on working time law. You have to be flexible
Working time models (e.g. trust-based working time) will still be possible.
We legally limit home office as a possibility of mobile work from teleworking and the
Scope of the workplace ordinance. Occupational safety, good working conditions and that
A company job is an important requirement for mobile work.
This requires information and advice for employees as well as their appropriate support

Page 70
through their employers. We work in dialogue with everyone to ensure a healthy home office design
Appropriate and flexible solutions for those involved. Coworking spaces are a great option for
mobile work and strengthening rural regions. Keep employees in suitable jobs
a right to a discussion about mobile working and home office. Employers can request
of the employees only object if operational issues conflict. This means,
that a rejection must not be irrelevant or arbitrary. For different collective agreements and
there must be room for operational regulations. Mobile work should be possible across the EU without any problems.
The self-employed are an essential part of our society and economy. After the current reform
During the status determination procedure, we conduct a dialogue with the self-employed in the light of our experience
and their associations to accelerate and improve this. The aim is in the digital and
to create legal certainty unbureaucratically in an agile working environment.
We also provide support through easier access to voluntary unemployment insurance
Self-employed people and founders. We check whether and how an access without
Previous insurance period is possible. Anyone working as a managing director in a GmbH (etc.)
worked and paid contributions for it should be entitled to unemployment benefit. the
Special regulation for non-employed persons in the unemployment insurance, in particular for
Cultural creators, we deferral and examine simplification and further development.
To support self-employed people in the ongoing corona pandemic, we run the
Restart assistance as part of bridging assistance III Plus continues for as long as required. To also at
future severe crises that lead to loss of earnings for which you are not responsible,
The self-employed also help them finance their living expenses faster and better too
we make provision for tax-financed economic aid. We evaluate the experience
with the restart help. We are not creating a new system of rules. During the corona pandemic
the special importance of the artists' social security fund for the social security of creative people and
Proven culture professionals. We want to ensure this in the future as well.
minimum wage
We will adjust the legal minimum wage to twelve euros per hour in a one-off adjustment
raise. Following this, the independent minimum wage commission will discuss any
further increase steps are located. We support the EU Commission's proposal for a
Directive on adequate poverty-proof minimum wages to strengthen the collective bargaining system. Put it

Page 71
we ourselves - while respecting the European order of competencies as well as different systems and
Traditions of industrial relations in the Member States - when negotiating for binding
Minimum standards as they apply in Germany with the new minimum wage law according to the resolution
Mini and midi jobs
We will make improvements to the mini and midi jobs: hurdles that a recording
We want to reduce the number of jobs that are subject to compulsory insurance. We increase the midi job
Limit to 1,600 euros. In future, the mini-job limit will be based on a weekly working time of 10
Hours at minimum wage conditions. It will be increased accordingly with the increase in the minimum wage
520 euros increased. At the same time, we will prevent mini-jobs as a substitute for regular ones
Employment relationships are abused or become part-time cases, especially for women. Compliance
We will control the applicable labor law for mini jobs more closely.
Household services
By promoting household-related services, we support family arrangements
and occupation, the participation of spouses and life partners in the labor market and create more at the same time
socially insured jobs. The use of family and everyday support
We facilitate services through a bonus and voucher system and the possibility for
accompanying tax-free employer subsidies. The allowances and the existing tax incentives
will be charged. It serves to promote employment in the household subject to social insurance contributions.
First of all, single parents, families with children and relatives who need to be cared for should benefit.
gradually all households.
Time limits
So that the public service can set a good example as an employer, we can only do it there
existing possibility of budget limitation. At the federal government as an employer, we are reducing these
time limit for no reason, step by step. In order to avoid chain restrictions, we also limit
Fixed-term employment contracts with the same employer for six years. Only in a very limited way
In exceptions, this maximum duration may be exceeded.
Temporary employment and labor mobility
In the case of European legislation, we check whether or not
and which legal changes to make, taking into account the legal evaluation
are. We improve the protection of employees in cross-border postings and

Page 72
remove bureaucratic hurdles. For seasonal employees, we provide full
Health insurance coverage from day one. We are strengthening “fair mobility” and clarifying employees
so better about their rights. We ratify Convention No. 184 of the International
Labor Organization (ILO) on occupational health and safety in agriculture.
Work contracts and temporary employment are necessary instruments. Structural and
We prevent systematic violations of labor law and occupational safety by making them more effective
Law enforcement. In this way, we also ensure more safety when working on demand. The crisis regulations
We will evaluate short-time work benefits after the corona pandemic, especially with a view to
Low income people.
Collective bargaining
We want to strengthen collective bargaining autonomy, the collective bargaining partners and collective bargaining coverage, so that fair wages in
Germany are paid - this also promotes the necessary wage adjustment between East and West.
In order to strengthen the collective bargaining agreement, public procurement by the federal government is conditional on compliance with a
representative collective agreement of the respective industry, whereby the award is based on a
simple, unbureaucratic declaration. Outsourcing if the previous one is identical
We will prevent the owner for the purpose of tariff evasion by preventing the continued validity of the
ensure applicable collective agreement. Section 613a BGB (rights and obligations with
Operations Transfer). In dialogue with the social partners, we will take further steps to strengthen the
Work out collective bargaining agreements and, in particular, opportunities for further experimentation rooms
We will continue to develop codetermination. Works councils should decide independently whether
they work analog or digital. Within the framework of the constitutionally required standards, we will
Test online works council elections in a pilot project. We create a contemporary law for
Unions on digital access to the factories that corresponds to their analogue rights. The social
ecological transformation and digitization can only be achieved with employees
Effective for employees. With regard to these questions, we will
Evaluate works council modernization law. The obstruction of democratic participation
we will classify as an official offense in the future. Together with the churches we examine to what extent the church
Labor law can be aligned with state labor law. Activities close to the preaching
remain excluded.

Page 73
Germany occupies an important position worldwide when it comes to corporate co-determination. the
We will keep existing national regulations. Abusive Avoidance Applicable
We want to prevent co-determination. The Federal Government will work to ensure that the
Corporate participation is being developed so that it is no longer complete
Co-determination avoidance can come with the growth of SE companies (freezing effect). we
the group attribution from the Codetermination Act to the One-Third Participation Act
transferred, provided that there is de facto real control.
Digital platforms
Digital platforms are an asset to the world of work, which is why they are good and fair
Working conditions important. With this in mind, we are reviewing existing law and improving it
Basis of data. To this end, we conduct a dialogue with platform providers, platform workers and the self-employed
as well as social partners. The initiative of the EU commission to improve working conditions
We support platforms constructively. When designing AI in the world of work, we rely on one
human-centered approach, social and economic innovation as well
Common good orientation. We support the risk-based EU approach.
Work-and Healthprotection
We and will maintain the high level of occupational health and safety in the changing world of work
adapt it to new challenges. We are particularly dedicated to mental health
intensively and prepare a bullying report. Especially small and medium-sized businesses
we support the prevention and implementation of occupational safety. The operational
We strengthen integration management.
Welfare state, old-age provision, basic security
We will make the welfare state more citizen-friendly, more transparent and less bureaucratic, and it will
align with the realities of life of our time. This is a step closer to the citizen
comprehensive digitization of services. Information, advice, application as well
Communication and queries among the responsible bodies must be in compliance with the
Data protection become digital and easily possible. The quality of analog advice should also be provided by
digital support will be improved. Wherever possible, services should benefit the citizens
Citizens are entitled to be paid automatically. Citizens should give them
due services as if received from a single source, within the framework of the lowest possible threshold,

Page 74
uniform contact points on site. To this end, we will set up a federal-state working group and
involve the social security agencies.
retirement provision
A good and reliable pension after many years of work is important for the employees. It's going ok
It is about creating a good, independent protection in old age with your own work. We will
therefore strengthen the statutory pension and the minimum pension level of 48 percent (definition before the
recently carried out statistical revision) permanently. During this legislative period the will increase
Contribution rate does not exceed 20 percent.
There will be no cuts in pensions and no increase in the statutory retirement age. Around
Securing this commitment in a generation-appropriate manner will help us to stabilize in the long term
Pension level and pension contribution rate in a partial funding of the statutory
Get pension insurance. This partial funding is intended as a permanent fund of a
professionally managed by an independent public body and invested globally. In addition
As a first step, we will retire the German pension insurance in 2022
Provide budget funds with a capital stock of 10 billion euros. The funded part of the
Statutory pension must be permanently property-protected for the collective of contributors. we
will also enable the German pension insurance to use its reserves on the capital market
to be applied in a regulated manner. We want the pay-as-you-go pension through the participation of women
and older employees as well as employment-related and qualified employees
Strengthen immigration.
We will include the so-called catch-up factor in the pension calculation in good time before the
Activate pension adjustments again from 2022 and take effect within the framework of the applicable hold lines
permit. In this way, we ensure that pensions and wages in the course of the corona crisis are in total
Develop and strengthen harmony between the generations as well as the stability of the
Contributions in this legislative period. We want improvements for disability pensioners
and retirees in the portfolio.
In addition to the statutory pension, company and private pension schemes remain important for a good one
Life in old age. We want to strengthen the company pension scheme, among other things through the
Permit investment opportunities with higher returns. In addition, the
Company Pension Strengthening Act, which was launched in the penultimate legislative period
Social partner model will now be implemented.

Page 75
We will fundamentally reform the previous system of private pension provision. We will
in addition the offer of a publicly responsible fund with an effective and inexpensive one
Check the offer with the option to opt out. Alongside this, we are gaining legal recognition more privately
Check investment products with higher returns than Riester. A promotion is intended to provide incentives for lower levels
Income groups offer to avail these products. There is a grandfathering for
ongoing Riester contracts. We want to increase the saver lump sum to 1,000 euros.
We want to make the pension splitting better known, among other things by the German
Pension insurance points out this possibility as part of the annual pension information.
In addition, unmarried couples should also be able to use this.
In the course of the electoral term we will evaluate the impact of the basic pension,
Develop suggestions for improvement, in particular also with regard to the examination effort for investment income.
We set the planned fund from the 19th electoral period to alleviate hardship cases from the
East-West pension transfer also for Jewish quota refugees and late repatriates. we
want regular membership of prisoners working in correctional facilities and
Allow persons in safe custody in the statutory pension insurance and will for this purpose the
Seek dialogue with the responsible countries.
Prevention and rehabilitation
We are making longer, healthier work a focus of our pension policy.
To this end, we will launch a “healthy work” action plan and the principle
Strengthen “Prevention before rehab before retirement”. We will rehabilitation more on the job
align and the different social security agencies to cooperation agreements
commit. We will simplify access to prevention and rehabilitation measures
and make the rehab budget more needs-based. To early on a reduced earning capacity
to counteract, we want to take into account the evaluation results the Ü45-
Establish health check in law and roll it out across the board.
We want to broaden the awareness of the Flexi-Rente through better advice and the regulation
Time limit for additional earnings in the event of early retirement. Together with the social partners
we will enter into a social dialogue process about how wishes for one

Page 76
Staying longer in working life can be achieved more easily, and in particular
a flexible retirement based on the Scandinavian model and the situation is particularly difficult
Include professional groups in the discussion.
Insurance for the self-employed
We relieve the self-employed by making contributions to statutory health insurance above
the mini job limit can only be collected strictly income-related. We'll be new to everyone
Self-employed people who are not subject to a compulsory old-age pension system are required to
Introduce retirement provision with freedom of choice. The self-employed are in the statutory pension insurance
insured, unless they are a private one as part of a simple and unbureaucratic opt-out
Choose a pension product. This must be insolvency and seizure-proof and secure
lead above the basic security level. A waiting period of two applies to each establishment
Years. The subsidized additional private old-age provision is open to all employed persons.
Instead of the previous basic security (Hartz IV), we will introduce a citizen's benefit. That
Citizens' money should respect the dignity of the individual and enable them to participate in society
as well as being digitally and easily accessible.
In the first two years of receiving citizen benefits, we grant the benefit without taking into account the
Assets and recognize the adequacy of the apartment. We become the gentleman
increase and reduce bureaucracy, digitize and pragmatically simplify its review.
In order to make the reimbursement of accommodation costs more transparent and legally secure,
we create an improved legal framework for the application of the communal
Adequacy limits and ensure that these are reviewed annually and adjusted if necessary.
This makes it easier for local authorities to reduce the cost of accommodation and heating as regionally specific
To pay lump sums.
The citizens' money represents the potential of the people and aids for sustainable integration in the
The focus is on the labor market and enables participation in society. The legal
We are changing the framework conditions in such a way that, in the future, advice on an equal footing will be possible and a
A relationship of trust can arise. There are strengths and development needs through a
Competency assessment procedure determined with which "soft skills" can also be certified. the
Offers and measures are made within the framework of a participation agreement with the
Commonly agreed with citizens receiving citizens' benefits, formulated in simple language and adjusted if necessary.

Page 77
This replaces the previous integration agreement. There is a six-month trust period. For
In the event of a conflict, we create an independent arbitration mechanism.
We adhere to the obligations to cooperate, which are set out in the participation agreement. she
will be legally reorganized by the end of 2022 at the latest. The new regulation is subject to an evaluation
in advance. In doing so, we also implement the ruling of the Federal Constitutional Court, such as the costs of
Exempt accommodation from sanctions and treat under-25s equally. Make you
In the event of a sanction, we offer a coaching offer in coordination with the local youth welfare service (according to § 16h
SGB ​​II). We will create a one-year moratorium for the previous ones until the new legal regulation has been implemented
Sanctions below the subsistence level, which must also apply to municipal job centers. We will
the sustainability of integration in the labor market at the center of the target management system of the SGB
II as well as the necessary steps of social stabilization and participation
consider. The Bürgergeld is intended to provide individual, holistic support. This should also
Instruments of other social security codes are used. So we increase the permeability and
reduce interfaces. We want to encourage cooperation between job centers and municipalities
Intensify cooperation agreements. We will give the job centers more room to maneuver
and transfer regional responsibility and upgrade free funding (§ 16f SGB II).
The placement priority in SGB II will be abolished. The promotion of continuing education and
We will strengthen qualifications. The premium regulation for qualification-related training
we will deflate. We promote fully qualifying training as part of the professional
Continuing education regardless of duration and basic skills, also in dealing with digital
Information-and communicationtechnologies. Citizens entitled to benefits can under the
Participation agreement for the participation in the integration serving funding or
Support measures a limited bonus will be paid.
We want to expire and further develop the Participation Opportunities Act (§ 16i and § 16e SGB II).
Accompanying coaching and outreach social work are standard instruments in SGB II and SGB XII.
Children and young people need special support for a successful educational and
Course of training. We will expand § 16h SGB II in order to cooperate with youth welfare
strengthen and create common contact points. We can apply to older citizens entitled to citizen benefits
not forego the job market. We will specifically support women with suitable offers
and pay particular attention to the fact that mothers of young children are given earlier, also through offers
can be better achieved in part-time (e.g. part-time training). Based on the experience of

Page 78
As part of “RehaPro”, we will be promoting preventive health promotion in the
Strengthen job centers. We particularly want to support women with a migration or refugee background.
In general, we are increasing offers with language training in everyday practical context
We will improve the opportunities for additional income with the aim of creating incentives for
to increase employment subject to social insurance contributions. The crediting of student and
Student jobs by adolescents and young adults in benefit communities according to SGB II
as well as foster or home children should be omitted. We are increasing the allowance for apprentices.
We will bring a reform on the way, the Bürgergeld (formerly unemployment benefit II), housing benefit
and, if necessary, coordinate other tax-financed social benefits in such a way that
or where possible summarized so that the transfer withdrawal rates are the cheapest
Employment effects
Labor market participation
achieve employment subject to social insurance contributions, improve opportunities for additional income and
Limiting loads of 100 and more percent are excluded. To develop the
The reform model will be an independent commission made up of several qualified independent ones
Institutes commissioned.
Also the possibility for disabled people as well as for pensioners in the
We want to expand the basic security that allows you to improve your income with a job. the
Crediting of expense allowances for voluntary work should be based on the
Tax law with an annual tax exemption.
A tailor-made and holistic support requires a sufficiently dimensioned one
Support key and well-qualified staff at the job centers. We will therefore
Equip integration and administrative titles accordingly. The transferability of residual funds
we will continue.
We want to check whether employees who are subject to social security contributions receive citizen benefits in the
Supervision by the employment agencies can change, also in order to increase capacities for a better one
To create support keys in the job centers and give them access to the qualification and
To grant further training offers in SGB III.

Page 79
By introducing a minimum limit of up to 50 euros, we will become the job center of
Relieve bureaucracy. In order to strengthen the individual character of the Bürgergeld, we will also use the
Convert SGB II from horizontal to vertical income deduction. Finding the
The ability to work will be standardized and, in the future, exclusively from the statutory one
Pension insurance carried out.
We are setting up a federal-state working group to deal with the problem of homelessness among EU citizens.
We see the non-profit welfare associations and their wide range of offers as important partners
in promoting social engagement and solidarity. When creating the 7th
We also direct a focus on hidden poverty and relate to poverty and wealth reports
More people with experience of poverty.
We want Germany in all areas of public and private life, but above all
in mobility (including at Deutsche Bahn), in living, in health and in digital
Area that becomes barrier-free. We use the federal accessibility program for this purpose. In addition
Equal Opportunities for People with Disabilities Act
Accessibility Strengthening Act and the General Equal Treatment Act. We set that up
The aim is to make all public buildings of the federal government fully accessible.
In this electoral term we are obliging private providers of goods and services within
a reasonable transition period to dismantle barriers or, if this is not possible or
is reasonable to take reasonable precautions. We put appropriate
Establish funding programs and expand the advisory work of the Federal Office for Accessibility.
We will fully apply the exemptions from the Passenger Transport Act (ÖPNV) by 2026
abolish. In addition, we will ensure that press conferences and public
Events by federal ministries and subordinate authorities as well as information on
Laws and administrative acts are translated into sign language and subtitled as well as the
Offers in easy or simple language are expanded. We set up one for this
Language service in its own federal competence center for easy / sign language.
We focus on the labor market integration of people with disabilities. we
will further develop the newly created uniform contact points for employers and

Page 80
introduce a fourth level of the equalization charge for those who, despite being obliged to work, do not
Employ people with disabilities. Applications submitted in full to the Integration Office
are considered approved after six weeks without a notice (approval fiction). We will
Further strengthen and expand the budget for work and the budget for training. The funds from the
We want the equalization levy fully to support and promote employment on the
employ general labor market. We want to align all of our funding structures so that
Participate in working life as long and as inclusive as possible. The operational
We want integration management to be a stronger tool for employers and employees
establish it with the aim of making it binding across the board according to uniform quality standards
make (example "Hamburg model"). We also rely on the expertise of
Handicapped persons of trust.
The offers of workshops for handicapped people (WfbM) we will focus more on
Integration as well as the accompaniment of employment relationships in the general labor market
relay a message. We are the participation project to develop a transparent, sustainable
and sustainable remuneration system in the WfbM and their perspectives on the general
Continue the labor market and implement the findings. In addition, we develop the
Participation offers also continue for those whose goal is not or not only to participate in
Working life is. We will strengthen inclusion companies, also through formal privileges in the
Sales Tax Act.
As part of the regular exchange of the classic severely handicapped ID, this
switched to the digital participation card. We take the evaluation of the Federal Participation Act
seriously and want it to be consistent at all government levels and by all service providers
and is implemented quickly. Temporary solutions should end and bureaucratic obstacles
be dismantled. We become hurdles to establishing and using the personal budget
oppose or z. B. inadmissibly restrict the right to desire and vote, dismantle. Building
On the basis of the evaluation, we want to take further steps in the exemption of income and assets
walk. We will push for more binding measures to prevent violence.
We will clarify the relationship between integration assistance and care with the aim that for the
affected people, there are no gaps in optimal care. We will be a
Put together a package of measures in order to achieve faster,
A more unbureaucratic and barrier-free application process to come. We will be a
Create assistance dog law. We are expanding the study adopted in the Participation Strengthening Act

Page 81
the aspect of cost savings. We insert them to carry out and expand them
Funding program. We check the standard requirement level 1 in special types of living.
We are going for more empowerment and political participation for people with disabilities
take care of important projects at the federal level. We want to increase the resources of the participation fund
and stabilize. We are strengthening inclusion in sport, including the "InduS" project and inclusive
Leagues. We support the preparation and implementation of the Special Olympics World Games 2023
in Berlin. We are examining a reform of the structures of the Contergan Foundation, which would benefit more
Participation enabled.
Care and health
All people in Germany should be well looked after and cared for - in the city and on the
Country. We want a departure into a modern, cross-sector health and
Care policies and lessons learned from the pandemic that make our vulnerability ours
Has demonstrated health care. We ensure a needs-based
Health care and human and high quality medicine and care. we
improve working conditions for health professionals and nurses. We enable
Innovations and drive digitization. The basis for all of this is stable over the long term
Financing of health care and nursing care.
The nursing staff in Germany performed extremely well during the pandemic. In the
We want the current very challenging situation in hospitals and care facilities
recognize this commitment. The federal government will provide one billion euros for this. In addition
we will increase the tax exemption of the care bonus to 3,000 euros.
In inpatient care, we will limit the co-payments and make them plannable. The 1st
January 2022, we will be the regulation on percentage subsidies for the own shares, which will come into force
observe and check how the co-payment can be further reduced. the
We will remove the apportionment of training costs from the own contributions and those that are not covered by the insurance
Benefits such as pension contributions for family carers and pandemic-related benefits
Financing additional costs from tax revenues, as well as the treatment care in the inpatient

Page 82
Transferring care to the statutory health insurance and compensating for it at a flat rate. The contribution
for social long-term care insurance (SPV) we raise moderately.
We are supplementing the Social Security Code XI (SGB XI) with innovative neighborhood-related forms of living and
enable them to be promoted together with the federal, state and local governments. In the nursing
On-site supply is binding for the municipalities within the framework of supply contracts
Opportunities to participate. We support the needs-based expansion of the daily and
Night care and especially solitary short-term care.
We summarize services such as short-term care and preventive care in an unbureaucratic,
transparent and flexible relief budget with the obligation to provide evidence to the domestic
Strengthening care and including families of children with disabilities.
We will regularly dynamize the care allowance from 2022. We develop the nursing leave and
Family care leave laws continue and enable caregiving relatives and loved ones more
Time sovereignty, also through a wage replacement benefit in the case of care-related leave.
We are examining the social long-term care insurance with a voluntary, equally financed full insurance
to be supplemented, which comprehensively secures the assumption of the full care costs. One
The commission of experts is to present specific proposals by 2023 that are appropriate for the generations. Of the
We would give private long-term care insurance comparable opportunities.
In the case of intensive care care, the free choice of place of residence must be retained. That
Intensive Care and Rehabilitation Strengthening Act (IPReG) should be evaluated and if necessary
can be readjusted. We create a legally secure basis for 24-hour support in
family area.
We counter the drama of the nursing situation with measures that are quick and noticeable
Improve working conditions. In the short term, we will carry out binding personnel assessment in
Hospital nursing staff regulation 2.0. (PPR 2.0) as a transitional instrument with the aim of a
a needs-based mix of qualifications. In inpatient long-term care, we are accelerating this
Expansion of personnel assessment procedures. Especially there we improve wages and
Working conditions of the nursing staff with the aim of closing the pay gap between sick and
Close elderly care. We want to make the nursing profession more attractive, for example with tax exemptions
of surcharges, through the abolition of shared services, the introduction of sponsored jumpers' pools

Page 83
and a right to family-friendly working hours for people with dependent persons
We harmonize the training, among other things, through nationwide professional laws for care assistance,
Midwifery assistants and paramedics and ensure joint funding from the federal government
and countries. We are strengthening academic nursing training together with the federal states. There where
Nurses in training or studies have not yet received any training allowance, close
we loopholes. We supplement professional care with medicinal activities and create
including the new job description of the “Community Health Nurse”.
We are launching a general health professions law and developing the electronic one
Health Professions Register. We make pain killers in the Narcotics Act for
Health professions capable of delegation. We are bringing a model project to direct access for
therapeutic professions on the way.
We simplify and accelerate the necessary recruitment of foreign skilled workers and
the recognition of professional qualifications acquired abroad.
We want to find out more about this with a nationwide survey of all professional caregivers
learn how the self-administration of care can be organized in the future. We strengthen the
German Care Council as the voice of care in the Federal Joint Committee and other bodies
and support him financially in the performance of his duties.
Education and training in health and care
As part of the hospital reimbursement reform, funds for further training in the
In future, flat-rate case fees will only be paid proportionally to the clinics that provide further training. We're updating that
Concept for the further development of the qualification of doctors to also include medicinal products
Making abortions more readily available. We implement the mediation
digital skills in the training of health and care professions as well as in advanced and
Further development. Nursing training should take place in institutions providing integration assistance and
Rehabilitation are made possible as long as they meet the requirements. the
Licensing regulations will focus more on digitization, outpatientization, specialization,
Tailored to individualization and cross-professional cooperation.

Page 84
Public health service
A lesson from the pandemic is a strengthened public health service (ÖGD) that
is ensured in the interaction between the federal government, the federal states and the municipalities. We extend the
Pact for the ÖGD the recruitment deadlines and appeal to the social partners, an independent
To create collective agreement. We provide the necessary funds on the basis of the interim report
ready for a permanently functional ÖGD. Provide with a health guarantee law
we especially the efficient and decentralized stocking of pharmaceutical and medical products
as well as regular emergency exercises for staff in case of health crises. To further
Researching and ensuring a needs-based supply around the long-term consequences of
For Covid19 and for chronic fatigue syndrome (ME / CFS) we are creating a nationwide one
Network of competence centers and interdisciplinary outpatient clinics.
The federal center for health education goes into a federal institute for public
Health at the Federal Ministry of Health, in which the activities in public health
Area, the networking of the ÖGD and the health communication of the federal government are located.
The RKI should not be bound by instructions in its scientific work.
Digitization in healthcare
In a regularly updated digitization strategy in health care and in the
We place a special focus on solving supply problems and providing care
User perspective. In nursing, we will use digitization, among other things
Relief in documentation, to promote social participation and for therapeutic
Use applications. We regularly enable telemedical services including medicinal, therapeutic
and aids ordinances as well as video consultation hours, teleconsults, telemonitoring and the
Tele-emergency medical care.
We are accelerating the introduction of the electronic patient record (ePA) and the e-prescription as well
their beneficial application and bind all actors to the faster
Telematics infrastructure. All insured persons receive an ePA in accordance with the GDPR
posed; their use is voluntary (opt-out). We are building the gematik into a digital one
Health agency
the end.
In addition
Register Act
Health Data Usage Act for better scientific use in accordance with the GDPR
on the way and build a decentralized research data infrastructure.

Page 85
We are reviewing SGB V and other standards with regard to those that have been overtaken by technical progress
Documentation obligations. With a bureaucracy reduction package, we are building hurdles for a good one
Care of the patients. The burdens of bureaucracy and
Obligations to report beyond statutory regulations are made clear. We make them permanent
Procedural simplifications that have proven themselves in the pandemic. Language mediation also with help
digital applications becomes part of the
SGB ​​V.
Health promotion
We are further developing the Prevention Act and strengthening primary and secondary prevention. To the
Following the guiding principles of precaution and prevention, we face society as a whole
Task target group-specific and comprehensive. We support health insurance companies and others
Actors in the process of working together actively to keep everyone healthy. We create one
National prevention plan as well as specific packages of measures, e.g. on the topics of old age dental
health, diabetes, loneliness, suicide, resuscitation and climate and prevention
environmental damage to health. In favor of increased prevention and health promotion
we reduce the possibilities of the health insurances, contribution funds for advertising measures and
Use freebies.
Outpatient and inpatient health care
In order to promote the outpatient treatment of previously unnecessarily inpatient services, we are swiftly implementing
For suitable services, a sector-specific remuneration through so-called hybrid DRG. By
We provide the expansion of multi-professional, integrated health and emergency centers
Local, needs-based, outpatient and short-term inpatient care secure and promote this
through specific remuneration structures. We also increase the attractiveness of
population-related supply contracts (health regions) and expand the statutory
Scope for contracts between health insurers and service providers to be innovative
To strengthen forms of care. In particularly disadvantaged municipalities and districts (5 percent)
we set up low-threshold counseling services (e.g. health kiosks) for treatment and
Prevention. In rural areas we build offers through community nurses and
Health guides. We develop outpatient requirement and inpatient hospital planning
continue to work with the federal states on cross-sector care planning.
Emergency care is to be provided in integrated emergency centers in close cooperation between the
Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KV) and the hospitals (KH). We clear the KVen

Page 86
the option of providing outpatient emergency care there yourself or this responsibility
to be transferred in whole or in part to the operator in consultation with the state. By a
Interlinking of the rescue control centers with the KV control centers and standardized
Assessment systems (by telephone, telemedicine or on site) we can reach a
more needs-based control. We include rescue services as an integrated service area
SGB ​​V and regulate the scope of services of mountain rescue and responsibility for
Water rescue beyond the coastal waters.
Together with the KVs, we ensure supply in underserved regions. We lift
the budgeting of medical fees in the general practitioner area. The establishment of communal
We facilitate and build supported medical care centers and their branch practices
bureaucratic hurdles. In the future, decisions of the admissions committee must be made by the
competent state authority to be confirmed.
The drug supply through pharmacies at integrated emergency centers in underserved
We are improving areas through more flexible requirements in the pharmacy operating regulations. We develope
the night and emergency service fund to a guarantee fund and create one
Ability to prescribe emergency messenger services in outpatient emergency care. We amend
the "Law to Strengthen On-Site Pharmacies" to improve pharmaceutical services
reward and use efficiency gains within the financing system.
We set the national health goal “Health around the birth” with an action plan
around. We evaluate possible disincentives around spontaneous births and caesarean sections and lead
a staff key for 1: 1 care by midwives during essential phases of the
Birth a. We are strengthening the expansion of midwife-led delivery rooms and creating the possibility and
Compensation for outpatient, outpatient pre-natal care and post-natal care for employed midwives
For a diverse, inclusive and barrier-free healthcare system, we work with those involved to develop up to
An action plan at the end of 2022, strengthening the care of severely disabled children and relieving their burden
Families from bureaucracy. Medical treatment centers for adults with intellectual
We build disabilities or severe multiple disabilities as well as the social pediatric centers
in all federal states.

Page 87
We take into account gender-related differences in care and health promotion
and prevention and in research and reduce discrimination and access barriers. the
Gender medicine becomes part of the medical studies, the training, further education and further training of the
Become health professionals.
We are strengthening the equal participation of women in the management bodies of the
Statutory (dental) medical associations and their umbrella organizations at the federal level as well as the
statutory health insurance companies.
We are starting a nationwide awareness campaign aimed at destigmatizing mental health problems
Diseases. We are reforming psychotherapeutic needs planning to eliminate waiting times for one
Treatment place, especially for children and adolescents, but also in rural and
to significantly reduce structurally weak areas. We are improving the outpatient
psychotherapeutic care especially for patients with severe and complex
Illnesses and ensure access to complex outpatient services. The capacities
we expand needs-based, precisely tailored and more coordinated. We take care of in-patient care
for guideline-based psychotherapeutic care and needs-based
Staffing. We are expanding psychiatric emergency and crisis care across the board.
Hospital planning and financing
With a federal-state pact, we are bringing the necessary reforms for a modern and needs-based
Hospital care on the way. A government commission set up at short notice will do this
Present recommendations and, in particular, guard rails for one on performance groups and
Care levels based and based on criteria such as accessibility and demographic
Develop development-oriented hospital planning. She makes recommendations for one
Further development of hospital financing before the previous system by one after
Care levels (primary, basic, standard, maximum care, university hospitals) differentiated system
Revenue-independent retention lump sums added. In the short term, we provide a needs-based
adequate funding for pediatrics, emergency care and obstetrics.
Patients' rights
We are transforming the Independent Patient Counseling (UPD) into a permanent, non-state and
independent structure with the participation of the relevant patient organizations.

Page 88
With a reform of the G-BA, we are accelerating and strengthening self-government decisions
Patient representation and vacate nursing and other health professions further
Have a say as soon as they are affected. The innovation fund is being consolidated. For
For successful funded projects, such as the one of the patient guides, we will provide a path for how
these can be transferred to standard care.
In the event of treatment errors, we strengthen the patient's position in the existing one
Liability system. A hardship fund with capped claims is introduced.
Supply of medicines and vaccines
We ensure the supply of innovative drugs and vaccines. The bottlenecks in the
We fight against supply resolutely. We are taking steps to the production of
Medicines including the production of active ingredients and excipients back to Germany or the EU
relocate. This includes cutting red tape, examining investment grants for
Production facilities, as well as the examination of grants to ensure security of supply. Around
To avoid conflicts of interest, we are creating more transparency about financial donations
Service and aid providers.
Drug policy
We carry out the controlled supply of cannabis to adults for consumption purposes in licensed
Shops a. This controls the quality, the transfer of contaminated substances
prevented and the protection of minors guaranteed. We will evaluate the law after four years
social impact. Models for drug checking and harm reduction measures
we enable and expand.
When it comes to alcohol and nicotine prevention, we rely on increased education with a special focus
on children, adolescents and pregnant women. We tighten the regulations for marketing and
Alcohol, nicotine and cannabis sponsorship. We always measure regulations against new ones
scientific knowledge and align health protection measures accordingly.
Health finance
We are committed to stable and reliable financing of the statutory
Health insurance (GKV). We regularly dynamize the federal subsidy for statutory health insurance. We finance
higher contributions for recipients of unemployment benefit II from tax revenues. we
keep the existing price moratorium. The law to reorganize the pharmaceutical market

Page 89
(AMNOG) we are further developing. We are strengthening the possibilities of the health insurance companies to limit the
Drug prices. The negotiated reimbursement price applies from the seventh month after market entry.
The statutory health insurances should improve their service and care quality in the future based on
Disclose uniform minimum criteria. They are given increased opportunities to meet their policyholders
also to grant monetary bonuses for participation in prevention programs. For children and
Young people in private health insurance should apply the principle of direct billing in the future.
We are used for people with unclear insurance status, such as the homeless in particular,
Check access to health insurance and care and clarify it in the interests of those affected.
building and living
Housing is a basic need and as diverse as the people. We'll be building and
Living in the future affordable, climate-neutral, sustainable, low-barrier, innovative and with lively
design public spaces. We have the variety of framework conditions and
Housing forms and individual needs of people in rural and urban areas at a glance.
To this end, we are starting a new era in building, housing and urban development policy. Our goal is
the construction of 400,000 new apartments per year, including 100,000 publicly subsidized apartments.
To this end, we will include federal financial support for social housing
continue to promote social home ownership and increase funds.
We will form an “alliance for affordable housing” with all the key players. We will
a new non-profit housing scheme with tax incentives and investment subsidies on the
Bringing away and thus a new dynamic in the building and the permanent social bond affordable
Create living space. You should according to the principles of economy the structure of the
complement the established housing industry without putting it at a disadvantage.
We set up a federal-state program for student housing, for young living and housing for
Apprentices. We will start a construction and investment offensive that meets the requirements
creates and maintains additional living space quickly and cheaply, and thereby both
the construction and real estate industry long-term planning perspective as well as tenants
Gives tenants security.

Page 90
We will introduce a building, housing and climate check. We want to help municipalities
To introduce potential area registers.
We are continuing the work of the building cost reduction commission within the framework of the alliance. We structure
the real estate of the federal railroad assets that is not required for the railway in the Federal Agency for
Real estate tasks (BImA) and align the BImA with our construction, apartment,
urban development policy and ecological goals. We will give the BImA more freedom
and enable her to take out loans. The BImA is to invest itself in the future
and build as well as continue to support municipal building. For this we want that
Responsibility for the planning, construction and operation of federal buildings and federal properties at
Focus BImA.
We will increase our commitment to age-appropriate living and dismantling barriers and the means
adequately increase for the KfW program.
Digitization and simplification
Through serial construction, digitization, de-bureaucratisation and standardization, we will die
Reduce housing costs. We want modular and serial construction and renovation
Speed ​​up type approvals. We want the processes of norming and standardization that way
adapt so that building becomes cheaper.
We will support the construction and real estate industries as well as all levels of administration
Mastering digitization, implementing Open BIM and uniform interfaces / standards. Of the
Bundesbau is a role model for digitization and our building, housing and climate policy
We will amend the Building Code (BauGB) with the aim of making its instruments even more effective
and to be able to use it in a more uncomplicated way, climate protection and adaptation, orientation towards the common good and
to strengthen the internal development as well as to mobilize additional construction areas and others
Accelerate planning and approval procedures. We will the
appropriate regulations in the building land mobilization act and the legal
Create the basis for a complete digitization of the zoning plan process. We will
check whether the judgment of the Federal Administrative Court of November 9, 2021 as of

Page 91
Municipal right of first refusal in areas of a conservation statute (milieu protection statute)
there is a need for legislative action. We want to strengthen building research.
Climate protection in the building sector
As part of the immediate climate protection program, in 2022 after the expiry of the
New construction funding for the KfW Efficiency House Standard 55 (EH 55) a funding program for the
New residential construction, which in particular reduces greenhouse gas emissions (GHG emissions) per m²
Living space focuses and change the Building Energy Act (GEG) as follows: By January 1, 2025
every newly installed heating system is operated on the basis of 65 percent renewable energies;
As of January 1, 2024, major expansions, conversions and expansions of
In existing buildings in the GEG, the standards have been adjusted so that the parts to be replaced correspond to the EH 70
correspond; In the GEG, the new building standards will be passed to KfW-EH 40 on January 1, 2025
adjusted. In addition, within the scope of the innovation clause, equivalent to the goal of the GHG
The following measures can be used to reduce emissions.
We will take up the innovation partnership that has already started with the housing industry
and update the neighborhood approach and the innovation clause. We're using straight-line depreciation
for the construction of new apartments from two to three percent and keep the
different effects on the different builders in view. This is how we start the climate-friendly
New building offensive.
To an economically efficient, socially acceptable implementation of the climate protection goals, in particular
based on the ton of CO 2 saved , we rely on tailor-made and
Technology-open measures from optimization of the building envelope, the technical systems for
Generation and supply of renewable energy in buildings and neighborhood solutions. the
We will continue to develop funding programs in accordance with the goals and needs
We will lay the foundations, the use of gray energy and the life cycle costs
to be able to look more intensely. To this end, we are introducing, among other things, a digital building resource pass. So
we want to achieve a circular economy in the building sector as well. We'll also be one
launch a national timber, lightweight and raw material security strategy. Innovative materials,
We want to make it easier for technologies and start-ups to enter the market and obtain approvals.

Page 92
In the negotiations on the EU program "Fit for 55" we support the proposals of the EU
Commission in the building sector. In order to overcome the tenant-landlord dilemma, we are looking into one
quick switch to partial warm rent. In the course of this, the modernization levy for
energetic measures merge in this system. We want a fair sharing of the in addition to
heating costs to be paid CO 2 level price between the owners and tenants on the one hand and
Reach tenants on the other hand. We want to follow a step model by June 1, 2022
Introduce building energy classes that regulate the allocation of the CO 2 price according to the SESTA. Should this be
If it does not succeed in time, the increased costs due to the CO 2 price will be halved from June 1, 2022
shared between landlord and tenant.
We strive for a broad, systematic use of refurbishment roadmaps and will use these e.g. B.
for condominium associations and when buying a building.
We will promote serial renovation by continuing the funding program and within
of the BEG. As part of the “Future Construction” research program, we will be serial and
modular construction and renovation z. B. according to the Dutch Energiesprong principle
further develop as well as identify and
remove. We improve, standardize and digitize the building energy certificate. we
will examine the creation of a digital building energy register.
We will strengthen the housing benefit, introduce a climate component and, in the short term, a one-off
Pay increased heating allowance.
Protection of tenants
As long as not enough affordable apartments are built, the shortage of living space prevents it from happening
Especially in metropolitan areas, that reasonable rents can form on the housing market. Therefore
we will evaluate and extend the current tenant protection regulations. In tense
Markets, we will lower the cap to eleven percent in three years. We are extending the
Rent brake until 2029. We will strengthen, broaden and
design legally secure. The leases for the past seven years should be used for the calculation
can be used. We will ensure more transparency in the utility bills.
Qualified rent indexes are used for municipalities with more than 100,000 inhabitants
causing obligation. We will start a pilot project to use
Information in the tax return to create a rent index.

Page 93
In order to eliminate the causes of impending homelessness, we will apply tenancy law,
especially where grace period payments prevent the continuation of the tenancy,
evaluate and take countermeasures. We aim to be homeless by 2030
to overcome and set up a National Action Plan for it.
Home ownership
We want to enable more people in Germany to live in owner-occupied property. the
We want to lower hurdles when buying property through equity-replacing loans and
Threshold households in the long term e.g. B. with repayment subsidies and interest subsidies at
Support property acquisition.
We want the federal states to have more flexible real estate transfer tax z. B. through an allowance
to facilitate the purchase of owner-occupied residential property. For counter-financing
we use the closing of tax loopholes when buying real estate from corporations
(Share Deals).
We want to take appropriate measures to combat the illegal financing of real estate. In addition
includes proof of taxation for commercial and private property buyers from abroad,
with any real estate acquisition in Germany, and a ban on the acquisition of real estate with
Cash. In the land register, a summons address becomes mandatory in the event of changes. We give
commissioned a feasibility study to investigate whether a land register on the blockchain is possible
and is beneficial.
We are introducing the real certificate of competence for brokers, rental and residential property administrators. We want that
Strengthen KfW's program to purchase shares in a cooperative.
Urban planning
We want liveable cities, municipalities and rural regions all over Germany and
are based on the New Leipzig Charter. We secure the urban development funding permanently and
raise them. The reduction of GHG emissions and climate adaptation are central components. the
We are lowering the hurdles for financially weak municipalities and are examining the possibilities of multi-year federal
Country agreements. We want the existing funding measures in the area of ​​urban development
make it more flexible and unbureaucratised and strengthen building culture institutions. We develope

Page 94
the smart city step-by-step plan, strengthen BIM Germany and set up a smart city
Competence center. We want the mixed-use city.
In order to protect health, we want to take into account the entire noise situation in the future and
will examine the introduction of an overall noise assessment. This could for example be the
Loads from road, rail and air traffic as well as from industrial and commercial facilities
merge. We will modernize the TA Lärm and adapt it to the changed living conditions
Adjust in the city centers to avoid trade-offs between noise protection and approaching
Dissolve residential developments.
We recognize the cultural relevance of clubs and live music venues. For both we will
adapt the building use ordinance and TA Lärm. We want the fee schedule for architects
(HOAI) reform and adapt the service profiles.
We run the program “Sustainable inner cities and centers” with urban development funding
We support municipalities in the prevention and management of heavy rain events and the
Adaptation to Climate Change. The flood disaster in summer 2021, especially in the Ahr valley
and parts of North Rhine-Westphalia, has impressively shown us the devastating
Consequences extreme weather can have. We will be rebuilding there together with the countries
push forward with all your might.
We will be the sustainability goal of the Federal Republic of land use with concrete
Store measures. The regulation of § 13b BauGB will not be extended.
We are examining the introduction of an interior development measure area.
V. Chances for children, strong families and the best education for a lifetime
We want to offer everyone, regardless of their origin, the best educational opportunities, participation
and enable advancement and secure it through inclusive education. To do this, we strengthen early childhood
Education, set up the Digitalpakt 2.0 and make BAföG more independent of parents and build it for them
Promotion of professional development. Children deserve the best education. Every child should

Page 95
have equal opportunities. These. Equal opportunities are far from a reality. We want more
Taking children out of poverty means better opportunities for children and children with basic child protection
Teens create and focus on those in need of support the most.
Children have their own rights, which we want to enshrine in the Basic Law. Besides, we want that
Strengthen child protection. Families are diverse. They are wherever people have responsibility
Take over for each other and need time and recognition. We support parents in
To divide up paid work and care work more equitably among each other.
We want to make funding services more accessible. As the legal framework for the diverse
Families still lag behind in terms of social reality, we want to modernize it. we
want to support self-determined life for older people and the cohesion between
promote the generations.
Education and opportunities for everyone
Together with the federal states, we will significantly increase public spending on education and
ensure that the support arrives where it is most urgently needed
will. With a strengthening of early childhood education, better starting opportunities in socially disadvantaged people
Schools, a digital pact 2.0 and a fundamentally reformed BAföG we are laying the foundation stone
for a decade of educational opportunities.
We strive for closer, more targeted and binding cooperation at all levels
(Cooperation requirement). The local implementation power of the school authorities, the cultural sovereignty of the federal states and
We want to combine the supportive potential of the federal government into a new strength and a new one
Establish culture in educational cooperation. We want to work together to ensure that every
Child has an equal chance of development and realization. For this we will have an education summit
convened, on which the federal, state, local, scientific and civil society discuss new
Agree on forms of cooperation and common, ambitious educational goals. We will
set up a working group from the federal, state and local governments to structure the cooperation
and improves and ensures that the goals are achieved. Together with the countries we all want
Exploiting opportunities to create equal living conditions together and quality,
To strengthen the performance and further development of the education system. Bid if necessary
we are talking about an amendment to the Basic Law.

Page 96
Early childhood education
We will adopt the Good Day Care Act on the basis of the results of the monitoring and the
Continue the evaluation and work with the federal states in a
Transfer the Quality Development Act with nationwide standards. We focus on
Improvement of the childcare ratio, language training and a needs-based all-day offer.
An investment program is to be launched to further expand the number of day-care centers. the
We want to further develop and promote child day care as a child day care offer
and to further develop and consolidate the “Language Daycare Centers” program. The technically sound commitment
of digital media with appropriate technical equipment in early childhood education
we promote and strengthen media literacy.
whole day
We will be expanding the all-day offers with a special focus on quality
continue to support. We will discuss the implementation of the
Legal entitlement to all-day education and care and qualitative further development
and, taking into account the country-specific characteristics, a joint
Develop quality framework. We simplify the retrieval of funds by using basic and
Merge bonus pot and extend the deadline for the acceleration pot.
We want the meaningful joint use of specialists in and outside of school
Enable area. We support, promote or strengthen offers such as "Culture makes you strong", the
MINT action plan - especially for girls -, language training and native language offers, “House
the little researcher ”, mentoring and sponsorships, gifted talent as well as sports and
Exercise offers. We support civil society commitment to education and involvement
extracurricular actors.
Opportunities program
With the new “Start Chances” program, we want better children and young people
Enable educational opportunities regardless of the social situation of their parents. We will be more than
4,000 general and vocational schools with a high proportion of socially disadvantaged people
Strengthening students in particular. For this we want these schools with one
Investment program for modern, climate-friendly, barrier-free schools with a contemporary
Support the learning environment and creative laboratories. We provide these schools with an opportunity budget
free disposal to develop school, lessons and learning opportunities and extracurricular

Page 97
To promote cooperation. We support these schools on a permanent basis with positions for school-based
Social work and promote school development and career orientation there in the context of further
In addition to this program, we will add up to 4,000 more schools in disadvantaged regions
and support districts in a targeted and permanent manner with additional positions for school social work.
At schools with a high proportion of pupils who are entitled to benefits
from the education and participation package, we want permanent and unbureaucratic offers for
Establish learning support and socio-cultural participation to ensure that the take-up
this performance increases.
Digital Pact School
We want to support states and municipalities with the digitization of the education system on a permanent basis.
We will accelerate the call for funds from the digital pact for schools and reduce bureaucracy. Federation,
In the first half of 2022, the federal states and municipalities will jointly identify proposals for
short-term solutions and agree on implementation steps. We will provide on-site support
Create service, advice and networking opportunities. Together with the countries we will
launch a Digital Pact 2.0 for schools with a term until 2030, the one
the improved outflow of funds and the jointly analyzed needs. This digital pact will
also the sustainable acquisition of new hardware, the replacement of outdated technology as well as the
Include device maintenance and administration. We will make the digital freedom of learning aids for those in need
Further support students. Together with the countries we will be the institution
the operation and networking of competence centers for digital and digitally supported
Promote teaching in schools and further education and provide a single point of contact for learning and
Creating lessons in the digital world. We are going digital together with the countries
Program structures and platforms for Open Educational Resources (OER), development
intelligent, license-free teaching and learning software as well as the creation of positive lists
Support data protection-compliant, digital teaching and learning materials.
Further training for teachers
The federal government and the federal states set up a joint coordination center for further training for teachers, which
nationwide training and further education offers networked, the qualification of school administrators
supports, facilitates exchange and the creation of training materials based on the division of labor
organizes and promotes. We are further developing the quality offensive teacher training with new ones
Focus on digital education, the third phase of teacher training and nationwide

Page 98
Quality development of side and lateral entry, including for the vocational school teaching position. We want them
Accelerate and simplify the recognition of foreign qualifications in the teaching profession,
Foreign experience of teacher trainee students and teachers support and in the professional
Take more account of your career.
Education funding
We want to reform BAföG and make it less dependent on parents. The parent-independent
The guarantee amount as part of the basic child benefit should in future be given directly to adults
Beneficiaries in training and studies are paid out.
We are realigning the BAföG and placing a special focus on a significant increase
the allowances. In addition, we will, among other things, raise age limits significantly, change subjects
facilitate, extend the maximum funding period, requirement rates also against the background of increasing
Raise housing costs, add an emergency mechanism and examine part-time subsidies.
We will adjust tax exemptions and requirement rates more regularly in the future. We are aiming for a lowering
of the loan portion and an opening of the interest-free BAföG full loan for all students.
We will support students from communities of need with a new study start aid.
We will make the application for and administration of BAföG leaner, faster and more digital
and advertise more specifically for BAföG.
Adult education
With a funding program for adult education centers and other non-profit educational institutions
we are investing in digital infrastructure. The sales tax exemption for the common good
We want to maintain educational services in compliance with European law. We will post offers for
Develop literacy.
We will recognize skills acquired informally, non-formally or abroad
simplify and speed up. We want to close possible funding gaps. The national
We want a continuing education strategy with a stronger focus on general continuing education
We want to strengthen political education and democracy education along the educational chain
Increase project funds of the Federal Agency for Civic Education and increase the independence of their work
respect, think highly of.

Page 99
We want the National Action Plan for Education for Sustainable Development in all educational phases
and areas nationwide and strengthen them significantly. We also want student companies as
Promote part of education for sustainable development.
Children, youth, families and seniors
Children and adolescents should grow up with equal opportunities in life, regardless of theirs
Origin. You have your own rights. Your concerns and interests are important to us, we are getting young
Involve people in decisions that affect them. Family is diverse and everywhere
People take responsibility for one another. You need time and recognition.
We want to reduce bureaucracy, simplify and digitize funding services. We want that
Modernize the legal framework for families. The best interests of the child are central to us. We want
Support self-determined life for older people and the cohesion between the
Promote generations.
Children and youth
We want to anchor children's rights expressly in the Basic Law and are guided by this
largely based on the requirements of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. That's why we become one
Submit a draft law and at the same time monitor the implementation of the UN
Expand the children's rights convention.
With a National Action Plan for Child and Youth Participation, we will become the youth strategy
further develop the federal government, quality standards for effective participation better known
make, strengthen self-determined children's and youth parliaments and participation networks. With
In a campaign we inform children about their rights and how to complain. We will
equip the children's and youth plan as needed. Following the Corona catch-up package
we will improve the situation for children and young people with a future package for movement and culture
and improve health quickly and effectively. We want the investment program for family
and continue youth education centers.
We will promote European and international youth work, especially for trainees,
strengthen. We are continuing the work, including the youth work that is currently being set up. The places in the
We will expand voluntary services in line with demand, increase pocket money and

Page 100
Improve part-time opportunities. We will strengthen the international voluntary service and that
Continue to build up “FSJ digital”.
In a participation process with federal states, municipalities and associations, necessary
Adaptations for the implementation of inclusive youth welfare in Book VIII of the Social Code are worked out and in this legislature
regulated by law and continuously evaluated. We will use model programs for this on the
Get away and use the procedural guides more quickly and indefinitely.
Home and foster children should be able to keep their own income completely. The range of professional
and student counseling in youth care facilities, we want to expand. Foster parents of children with
We want to particularly support disabilities. We will offer youth welfare services at the
Support digitization. We can help homeless young people with Housing First
Promote concepts. We support the children of mentally, addictively or chronically ill parents.
child protection
We want to strengthen prevention and child protection and ensure a child-sensitive justice system. With
We will support the development of protection concepts in model projects. The work of the
By law, we will become “independent commissioner for issues relating to child sexual abuse”
regulate and introduce regular reporting to the German Bundestag. The national
We will consolidate the advice against sexual violence and the independent processing commission in
continue their current form. We will promote cross-border cooperation in
Improve child protection cases and strive for uniform standards for the professional procedure, e. B.
Message chains. We will dynamize the funds of the “Foundation Early Aid”. The phone and
We will financially secure online advice from the federal government.
Skilled workers
Together with the federal states and all relevant actors, we are developing an overall strategy for
to secure the need for skilled workers for education professions and strive for a nationwide framework
for training. It should be remunerated and generally free of school fees.
With high quality standards in day care, we ensure attractive
Working conditions. We want to expand practice-integrated training, both horizontally and vertically
Promote career paths as well as high-quality further training measures and facilitate lateral entry.
We will also fully support retraining in the third year of training.

Page 101
Basic child benefits
We want to create better opportunities for children and adolescents with basic child protection and
focus on those who need support the most. We want more children from the
Fetching poverty and relying in particular on digitization and de-bureaucratisation. we
will further strengthen daycare centers, schools and other offers of education and participation as well as mobility.
In a restart of family support, we want previous financial support - such as
Child benefit, benefits from SGB II / XII for children, parts of the education and participation package, as well as the
Child allowance - in a simple, automatically calculated and paid support service
bundle up. This achievement should reach the children directly without bureaucratic hurdles and be new to them
Secure socio-cultural subsistence level to be defined.
The basic child benefit should consist of two components: One that is independent of income
Guaranteed amount that is the same for all children and young people, plus one from the parents' income
dependent, staggered additional amount. Persons of legal age who are of legal age receive the benefit directly.
With the guarantee amount, we are laying the foundation for our perspective in this legislative period
Aim, in the future solely through the guarantee amount, the constitutional requirements after exemption
to correspond to the child's subsistence level in the taxation of parents' income.
When bundling services, we check interactions with other services and ensure
that paid work is worthwhile for parents. Under the aegis of the Federal Ministry for Women,
A cross-departmental working group is to be set up for senior citizens, families and young people.
With a new digital children's opportunity portal, in which services for education and participation can be found
we want to give children easy access. Together with the countries we want
harmonize the concept of income in all laws by mid-2023. Until the actual
Introducing basic child protection, we are poverty-stricken children who are entitled to
If you have benefits in accordance with SGB II, SGB XII or children's allowance, you can secure it with an immediate allowance.
We provide relief to single parents, who are most affected by poverty today
Tax credit.
Family time
We will support families when they need time for upbringing and care and thereby
Want to split up paid work and care work in partnership. We will simplify parental allowance
digitize and strengthen shared parental responsibility. We become one

Page 102
Two weeks of paid leave for the partner after the birth of a child
introduce. This option should also be available for single parents. Maternity leave and the
In the case of miscarriage or stillbirth, the partner should be released after the age of 20.
Give pregnancy week.
We will extend the partner months for the basic parental allowance by one month, accordingly
for single parents. We will introduce a parental allowance for foster parents and the
Modernize standards for the self-employed. For parents whose children are before 37
Week of pregnancy, we extend the entitlement to parental allowance. We will
Dynamize the base and maximum amount for parental allowance.
We are extending the parental leave protection by three months after returning to the
Profession to secure the return to work.
We are reducing the childhood illness days per child and parent to 15 days and for single parents to 30
Days increase.
Family law
We will modernize family law. For this we are the "small custody" for social
Parents expand and develop into their own legal institute, which in agreement with the
legal parents can be transferred to up to two additional adults. We will
Introduce the institute of the community of responsibility and thus beyond love relationships or
Marriage enable two or more persons of legal age to be legally responsible for one another
take over. We want agreements on legal parenting, parental custody, rights of access
and enable maintenance before conception.
If a child is born into the marriage of two women, both are automatically legal mothers of the
Child, unless otherwise agreed. Marriage should not be a decisive criterion in the
Adopting underage children.
Even outside of marriage, recognition of parenthood should be independent of gender
recognizing person or from divorce proceedings. We will be a
Introduce a non-status determination procedure in which a child can judge his parentage
can be clarified without having to contest legal parenting at the same time. That

Page 103
We also want sperm donor registries for previous cases, private sperm donations and
Open embryo donations.
We will promote partnership care for the children after the separation by providing the
Handling and care-related additional burdens in social and tax law are better
consider. We want all families to have a partnership based on the best interests of the child
Enable care of underage children even after separation and divorce of the parents and the
create the necessary conditions for this. We want the care shares in the maintenance law
and take better account of them after the divorce without endangering the child's subsistence level.
Together with the federal states, we want education, separation and conflict counseling
and in particular focus on the change model. We will
Give children their own right to interact with their grandparents and siblings. The naming right
we liberalize z. B. by introducing real double names.
We will protect child protection and the principle of the orality of the in family court proceedings
Strengthen negotiations. We will lower the hurdles for the non-admission complaint as well
Establish a legal entitlement to further training for family judges. if
Domestic violence is found, this must be taken into account in a contact procedure.
We make it possible for unmarried fathers in cases where the parents share a common
Have residence to obtain joint custody by unilateral declaration. Contradicts the
Mother, the family court must decide on joint custody. The best interests of the child is
to be taken into account in particular. We are modernizing in childhood and
Accompany maintenance law with studies.
The experience and skills of older people are essential for our society. we
want people in old age to be able to live independently in their freely chosen environment. we
will promote senior-friendly approaches at all government levels and in the digital space. Included
it is about participation, engagement, social security, everyday help, living, mobility,
Health care, educational and meeting offers and overcoming loneliness.

Page 104
We protect older people from discrimination and financial exploitation - especially through
Power of attorney - protect. The non-profit charities are an important pillar
services of general interest, we want to continue to be reliable partners for them.
VI. Freedom and Security, Equality and Diversity in Modern Democracy
Freedom, security and the rule of law are the foundations for peaceful coexistence in
Germany. We face all anti-constitutional, violent aspirations and
Resolutely opposed to conspiracy ideologies. Life in freedom needs security. Our
Responsibility is the security of the citizens. For the security authorities, the
Civil protection and the judiciary. Security laws and their impact on civil rights
we will conduct an independent scientific evaluation in the light of technical developments
Require peaceful coexistence and cohesion in a diverse society,
Respect for differences and constructively negotiate diverging interests. We kick
Oppose discrimination at all levels, organize participation and representation. the
Gender equality is the basis of an equal society.
To promote art and culture and their diversity and to increase the social situation of artists
In these times, improving is a contribution to safeguarding our democracy. We therefore advocate
a strong cultural scene and creative industries that can persist and flourish again.
We want to ensure good living conditions in town and country and will work intensively on
to complete the inner unity socially and economically. We guarantee high
Consumer protection standards and promote sport.
Internal security, civil rights, justice, consumer protection, sport
Germany is one of the safest countries in the world. We want to make it even safer. Therefore
let us organize the security of the people in order to ensure a life of freedom, prosperity and diversity for everyone
to ensure. We ensure a well-equipped and trained police force close to the people and
support the work of the courts.

Page 105
The rule of law means that we defend the rules of our community against attacks. In addition
includes protection against crime and the preservation of civil liberties. We stand for
Freedom, security and the rule of law for all people in Germany. The relatives of the
Security authorities in our country, which us every day anew in the defense of the liberal
support the basic democratic order deserve our respect and recognition.
Federal Police
Our security authorities in Germany do professional work in the fight against crime
and for the protection of our democracy. The appreciation for our police officers
is also expressed by good staffing and equipment, the condition of the property, the
Reduction of overtime and the reintroduction of the pensionability of the police allowance. the
We will secure funding. In addition, we increase the attractiveness through the funding
of specialist careers and a diversity-oriented staffing campaign.
We will strengthen proximity to the citizen and a transparent error culture by providing training and
Further develop training in the police force and apply the principles of freedom even more intensively
convey the basic democratic order, in particular basic and human rights. In order to
we also prevent the emergence and solidification of prejudice, discrimination and
radical attitudes. The security review of
We are expanding applicants and thus strengthening the resilience of the security authorities
against anti-democratic influences. In this context, we also ensure the expansion
of supervision offers.
We have an independent police officer or an independent police officer for the
Federal police as a contact point at the German Bundestag with file inspection and
Access rights. We are introducing the pseudonymous identification of police officers.
Secure and powerful data processing, combined with mobile IT and clearly regulated
Competencies are a basic requirement of modern police work. We develop the police strategy
20/20 further. We subject the vast number of databases to a fundamental one
Revision and specify their processing regulations. Legal protection and data supervision
through the Federal Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (BfDI) we are strengthening
clear. We are opening up the police more to independent research.

Page 106
Civil protection
The federal government must take on more responsibility for civil protection. So we set it up
Federal Office for Civil Protection (BBK) from new, develop it taking into account the federal
Distribution of competencies to the central office and set it up accordingly in terms of personnel and material.
The forces and resources available at the federal and state levels are continuously monitored
shown. We are improving the warning structures and expanding the “warning mix”.
We strengthen the volunteers through a voluntary work concept and in federal coordination
Nationwide uniform exemption and insurance protection rules for helpers. That
Technische Hilfswerk (THW) continues to play a central role and should increase its competencies in the
Expand cyber help. We bundle the physical protection of critical infrastructures in a KRITIS
Umbrella law.
We are strategically realigning the “Civil Defense” concept. In addition to the national and
European resilience strategy are the basis for future stockpiling, emergency reserves or
the use of voluntary helpers is necessary. We also build independently of the concept
"Civil Defense" turns the existing pilot project "Laboratory Care 5,000" into a national one
Reserve off. In Europe we are systematically bringing more skills to "rescEU".
Police and judiciary cooperation
We are intensifying cross-border police and judicial cooperation
under the rule of law, ensuring high data protection standards and improving the cross-border one
Legal protection. We aim to further develop Europol into a European criminal investigation office
own operational possibilities. We want the European Public Prosecutor's Office financially and
expand personnel.
Together with the federal states, we want to unite the security architecture in Germany
Subject to overall consideration and cooperation of institutions for the security of the
Make people more effective and effective.
Together with the federal states, we want the informative value of the criminal and criminal justice statistics to be sustainable
to enhance. We anchor the periodic safety report in law.
We are consolidating the pact for the rule of law with the federal states and expanding it to include a digital pact
for the judiciary.

Page 107
According to the requirements of the European Court of Justice (ECJ), we adapt the external
ministerial right to refer individual cases to the public prosecutor's offices. For the execution of a
European arrest warrant requires a judicial decision.
We are reforming the election and promotion decisions for judges at the
supreme federal courts under the criteria of quality assurance, transparency and diversity.
Court proceedings should become faster and more efficient: negotiations should be feasible online
, recordings of evidence are documented audio-visually and more specialized judges are used
will. Small claims are supposed to be brought to court more easily in citizen-friendly digital procedures
can be enforced.
We are expanding collective legal protection. Existing instruments such as B. after the
We are modernizing the capital investor model procedure law and examining the need for further ones. The EU-
We use association action guidelines in a user-friendly manner and in the further development of
Model declaratory action and also open up these legal action options to small companies. At
We adhere to the tried and tested requirements for associations entitled to sue. We enable
English-speaking special chambers for international trade and economic disputes.
Criminal law is always only a last resort. Our criminal policy is based on evidence and the
Evaluation of previous legislation in exchange with science and practice. We'll check it out
Systematically place criminal law on manageability, authorization and contradictions
a focus on historically outdated criminal offenses, the modernization of criminal law and the
quick relief of the judiciary. The sanction system including substitute custodial sentences,
We revise the penal system and probation conditions with the aim of prevention and
We make criminal proceedings even more effective, faster, more modern and more practical, without the rights
circumcise the accused and their defense. Interrogations and main hearing
must be recorded in picture and sound. Among other things, we regulate communication in the
Criminal proceedings including possible discussions about the design of the procedure and the
fundamental prohibition of provocation. In principle, court decisions should be made in
be available in an anonymized form in a database in a public and machine-readable manner. We provide
the defense of the accused is certain from the start of the first interrogation.

Page 108
Fight against organized crime
We do the fight against organized crime (OK, including the so-called
Clan crime) has become a focus of our security authorities: through more and better
Structure determinations,
among others
Asset recovery, the optimization of structures in the fight against money laundering and their
Resources, anchoring the topic more firmly in training in the security authorities,
more prevention and improved analytical skills. The existing coordination office OK
At the BKA we are developing some of the common centers on a legal basis.
In the OK situation report, relevant groupings, e.g. B. that of the mafia or the so-called
Clan crime, can be analyzed more meaningfully. So-called clan crime becomes a
clarification of definition brought about. We are intensifying the fight against human trafficking.
Fight against extremism
Right-wing extremism is currently the greatest threat to our democracy. We kick everyone
resolutely opposed to anti-constitutional, violent tendencies - whether right-wing extremism,
Islamism, conspiracy ideologies, left-wing extremism, or any other form of extremism.
This requires an overall strategy at national and European level of prevention,
Deradicalization and more effective security. The measures of the National Action Plan
Against Racism and the Cabinet Committee to Combat Right-Wing Extremism and
We will adapt and develop racism. We want databases in the EU to be compatible
design, standardize the definitions of threats, enforce their early detection and for
ensure coordinated monitoring. We are improving the coverage of the politically motivated
Crime, e.g. B. with regard to misogynist and queer-hostile hate crime. Proven preventive
and deradicalization programs, especially in prisons, are reliable
financial basis. We are improving the option of blocking information in the population register for
Threatened. We are also driving the further processing of the NSU-
Advance complex matters vigorously and bring an archive on right-wing terrorism in cooperation
affected federal states on the way. March 11th will be the national day of remembrance for the victims
terrorist violence. Dealing with victims and survivors of terrorist attacks and
We want to make disasters of national scope more empathetic and dignified. the
Coordination Office Aftercare, Victims and Relatives Aid (NOAH) is also used in
Germany as an ombudsman. We close gaps in victim compensation law and
in victim support. The files of the Central Agency for Investigating Nazi Crimes should be the
Public and research are available on a long-term basis.

Page 109
Fight against child abuse
In the fight against child abuse, we are strengthening the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) with staff and relieving them
the employees in the evaluation of the confiscated data carriers through technical solutions -
while ensuring the protection of the victims' personal data - and realizing the
Daily comparison with the databases. The transfer of information between the offices and
the actors involved in the child's help network must be improved and
be regulated in a more binding manner - while safeguarding data protection and respecting the
Trust of the youth welfare offices. Support prevention programs such as “Don't become a perpetrator”
weather. We want a child-friendly judiciary and administration that gives children a hearing.
The processing of structural sexual violence against children and adolescents in social
We will accompany, actively promote and support groups such as sports clubs, churches and youth work
create legal basis if necessary.
Gun law, security services
The vast majority of gun owners are lawful. Terrorists and
Terrorists and extremists need to be consistently disarmed. We evaluate
the changes in gun law in recent years and shape existing control options
together with the shooting and hunting associations as well as with the federal states. In addition
we improve the criminal statistics recording of crimes with firearms as well as the
Flow of information between authorities. For items for which a small gun license
is required, this should in future also have to be presented when purchasing.
We will provide private security services with binding standards in our own law
Freedom and security
We ensure a forward-looking, evidence-based and fundamental rights-oriented security and
Criminal policy. We will support this with an independent, interdisciplinary federal academy.
Interventions by the state in civil liberties must always be well founded and in their own right
Overall effect can be considered. We want the security laws to be actual and effective
Evaluate legal effects and their effectiveness. That's why we're creating one
Monitoring accounts and an independent scientific account by the end of 2023 at the latest
Evaluation of the security laws and their effects on freedom and democracy in light

Page 110
technical developments. Any future legislation must adhere to these principles. Therefore
we create an independent expert body (Freedom Commission), which is responsible for future
Advises on security legislative projects and evaluates restrictions on freedom.
Video surveillance cannot replace the presence of a local police force, but it can
Supplement focus areas. Comprehensive video surveillance and the use of
We reject biometric recording for monitoring purposes. The right to anonymity both
in public spaces as well as on the Internet must be guaranteed.
Given the current legal uncertainty, the upcoming judgment of the European
Court of Justice and the resulting security challenges, we will
Develop regulations for data retention in such a way that data is legally secure and event-related
can be saved by court order.
With the login trap, we want to create instruments that protect fundamental rights and are freedom-oriented,
to identify the perpetrators.
The exploitation of weak points in IT systems is a highly problematic one
Tension between IT security and civil rights. The state will therefore not
Buying security gaps or keeping them open, but rather in a vulnerability management
under the leadership of a more independent Federal Office for Information Security
always endeavor to close as soon as possible.
We set the intervention thresholds for the use of monitoring software, including commercial software
high and adapt the applicable law so that the use only according to the specifications of the
Federal Constitutional Court for the online search is permitted. The authority of the
Protection of the Constitution on the use of surveillance software is under the
Audit accounting verified. We are amending the Federal Police Act without authorization
for source TKÜ and online searches. As long as the protection of the core area more private
Life is not guaranteed, their use must be avoided. Transparency and effective
We will ensure control by supervisory authorities and parliament.
We create for the Central Office for Information Technology in the Security Area (ZiTis) and in close
Coordination with the federal states for the joint centers (GTAZ etc.) lay the legal basis

Page 111
the responsibilities more clearly and guarantee the complete control by parliaments and
Data protection supervisory authorities.
To protect the freedom of information and expression, we reject mandatory upload filters.
Intelligence services are an important part of a well-fortified democracy. We respect that
constitutional separation of the police and intelligence services. We strengthen and build
the control, in particular the parliamentary, of all intelligence activities of the
Federal further out. Federal security law, including transmission regulations
we reform comprehensively. We are strengthening the auxiliary organs of parliamentary control. the
We improve the perception of the rights of those affected. We close control gaps. The work of
Services is strengthened and differentiated through a well-founded scientific analysis. We create
an independent supervisory body for disputes regarding VS classifications and shorten the
archival protection periods to a maximum of 30 years.
We regulate the requirements for the use of V-persons, informants and others
Informants of all security authorities legally and make them with respect
the necessary anonymity can be checked by parliament. We check whether the intelligence services at
the tracking of terrorist financing transactions through sufficient means
Responsibility for Holocaust Survivors
Germany faces up to its historical responsibility for the survivors of the Holocaust. we
the ongoing compensation payments as well as the financial support for the care
of today's very elderly Holocaust survivors consistently ensure that they can live in
Dignity to enable.
At the same time, the future tasks of reparation for National Socialist injustice are intended
gain special visibility. This includes, in particular, the establishment of a central digital
Thematic platform for the reparation of Nazi injustice and the reinforcement and lasting
Promotion of Holocaust Education.
SED victims
In agreement with the federal states, we facilitate the application for and approval of aid and
Benefits for victims of the SED dictatorship, especially for conseque