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Welcome to the SNOBS (unofficial) website.

All good things come to an end ...... Some less good things come to an end this site.
It was started under the influence of beer in 2001 but has been difficult to maintain - largely due to laziness on the part of the webmaster.
Technology moves on too. Steve Johnson (who was also more able than me) has started an excellent Facebook page and I recommend you join it.

This site will remain live until the ISP decides to cancel it so feel free to have a look around.
I have, however, removed the register pages and the photos from the site to avoid any data protection issues.
Thank you for your contributions over the years and very best wishes to Snobs everywhere
Richard Gibson


Well, well, well.......

After several dormant years, and our best attempts to limit interest in this site, BBC Radio London decided to waste a whole HALF HOUR of licence fee-payers airtime talking about St Nicks.

They appear to have been put up to it by John Solomon (SNOB:1973-1980) who put in an appearance on the Robert Elms Show on BBC Radio London on 9th July 2012.   Unfortunately Solly must have spent too much time behind the bike sheds as he didn't seem to remember anything about his time at school. The Beeb then rang up Gerald Miller who (fortunately) could remember everything about his first day at the school in 1955 including what colour socks he had on. They also managed to get hold of a couple of SMOGS (who must have been behind the bike sheds with John because they couldn't remember much either). The programme also featured another SNOB whose most memorable school experience was his expulsion.

So, if you have nothing better to do, please feel free to listen to the programme here.    The (arguably) interesting bit starts at about 1h37m.

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Recent News.....added to the News page includes.....

A Reunion Lunch
to mark the 50th Anniversaryof the founding of the school has been organised by Gerald Miller. It will be at the BA club at Heathrow on Saturday September 10th 2005 starting at 1145. It is highly likely that mass detention will be enforced so expect a late finish.

Ticket sales currently exceed 150 so get yours now!

For further information please download the flyer
here or contact Gerald directly by email here

Dr Watson sadly passed away on 17th July 2004.

Please post any memories or messages of condolence on the message board.
SNOBmaster Alyn Williams retires....discovered hiding in New Zeland
A new "wealthiest SNOB" emerges......a film producer, it would appear.....
"SNOBS win Golf tournament"
"French mistress hides behind stage"
"School trip to Dover releases German Exchange student after 40 years"

School History....Well, we've made a pretty poor attempt to detail the history of the school. Despite the best attempts of Gerald 'Scrumcap' Miller and Mogs 'Mogs' Morgan we are a bit stuck.

Please have a look at the (currently unlinked) history page and let us know if you have any further information.

David Olley (SNOB: 1961) has put a scan of the 1956 school photo on his personal website. A link can be found from our pictures page. The key question is: Did Dr Watson have an identical twin also working at the school....or is that Mr Smith (SNOBmaster: Music)??

Mike Pipe (SNOB: 1969) has sent us an unlikely story of a trip to the Soviet Union in 1969 along with two girls from St Mary's. While there he was clearly influenced by news manipulation techniques and claims that this trip was the first undertaken by the school. Read his story on our Stories page.

Sweet at St Nicks? Regular readers of the message board will see that the 70's super-glam-rock-type-group "The Sweet" (whose hits include "Blockbuster" and other one) did indeed perform in the school hall in 1969. Any photographic evidence out there?

Anyone remember 'Gunsmoke' Ridge
(Maths) - nicknamed via his confiscation of the paperback "The Battle of
Gunsmoke Ridge"? What about Mr Demery who found the fish in his desk drawer on his return from Easter holidays. What did Mr Komatsu (Chemistry) do with a
fire-extinguisher and yellow potassium? Any more detail on these and any others is welcomed!

1979 Reunion. Pics of the reunion held at the Breakspear Arms on 25th April are now in the picture gallery.....but what was Rory Tapsell doing there......?

Musical SNOBmasters....? Rumours reach the SNOBS newsdesk that a certain F. Toms (SNOBmaster: chemistry) has a new career as a jazz piano-player. Those SNOBs who remember the school's token northerner (and his discourses on escalator rubber) may be interested to keep an eye out for The Frank Toms Trio in the vicinity of Marlow Bottom. Reports and pics welcomed.....

Richest SNOB Well....we think we are now pretty sure of the identity of the richest SNOB (worth a few hundred million, apparently). We also understand he owes Jeff Duley (1963) two shillings, so we would be grateful if would settle his debts (and slip us some sponsorship with the change....?).

More famous SNOBs!!:
Enter Marc Peirson (1976) who has written scripts for EastEnders, Holby City and several other BBC progs.

John Henderson (1965) was the director of that memorable and quintessentially English film "The Borrowers", assisted by the famous Tickner brothers (also SNOBs) who provided the art direction. Sadly John doesn't merit any rotten tomatoes at but we're sure it's only a matter of time......

Meanwhile...Steve Johnson (1976) was awarded the Freedom of The City of London by the Lord
Mayor, Sir Peter Henry Newall on 4th July, 1994

New in Picture Gallery: The 1969 school photo. How come Mr Cahill always looked the same age???

Registration page: If your details are not already listed please register here. You can also use the registration process to change your current listing.

Another Pop Star emerges from St Nicks!!: So not just the legendary Roxy Music bassist and sometime "Vibrator" Gary Tibbs (1974), but also the writer of the theme tune to "Mr Men" that chart-topping TV programme. Step forward Tony Hymas (1960).

New in the Picture Gallery: Our exciting, fully-interactive SNOBS-related multimedia experience (well, a picture gallery with a bunch of drunk SNOBs seeing who has become the fattest) now has the 1977 school photograph. Click here for the pictures. Send some more stuff to us at .

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