Brexit goes to Parliament

This is about Labour's response and the existential dangers

  1. I wrote a blog on what I see as Labour's Dilemma with respect to the Brexit vote in Parliament, and here are my references as a single story; the blog ....
  2. I summarise the blog as follows,
  3. The EU membership and citizenship is of critical importance.
    Labour’s Policy is to seek a second mandate, including the remain option if the terms negotiated are unacceptable.
    The PLP and the front-bench don’t seem feel bound by conference policy (no surprise).
    We should pull together on the agreed policy.
    People will cut up rough if they fell that Labour colludes with the Tories for an unsatisfactory Brexit.
    There is a high probability danger that Labour will be PASOK’d if it gets this wrong.
    The PLP should get its act together.
  4. Here's the Bill's home page
  5. Here's what Corbyn said to the Labour Party membership
  6. Here's the New Statesman, arguing that man who sits on fence gets splinters in the arse
  7. Two articles on the damage being caused to academia now, the teachers and researchers are going home, and Erasmus is in grave danger
  8. And we're leaving EUratom, the European nuclear research collaboration
  9. The New Statesman in an old article quote Labour's Conference policy and the NEC's rejection of the policy, as it claims there was a compositing mistake. (Yeah right! We know what mistake that was, the CAC meeting chair (& presumambly Thornbury) got the line wrong!)