Bye Bye?

It reads like a script from "The New Statesman"; in 2011, I predicted that Hunt would keep his seat unless opposed by a united front on an anti-corruption or save the NHS platform. It comes to pass, the LibDem has been disqualified. Is this the opportunity the NHAP need.

  1. The LibDem will remain on the ballot paper and it's a lot to pull back, the LibDems are much less popular than 5 years ago, but then so are the Tories. The NHAP announce (some of) the Surrey LibDems support for them and their hope for a Portillo, or maybe a Mellor moment.
  2. The local paper reports on their local hustings; there's no LibDem.
  3. The BBC announces the LibDem's suspension.
  4. I look at the numbers and the strength of the right opposition in Surrey on the County Council and on the Police & Crime Commissioner elections.