Ed does foreign

On Friday, 24th April, Ed Miliband spoke on Foreign Policy at Chatham House. He spoke of the result of Cameron's and his government's paralysis that the UK was losing influence around the world and that through lack of planning for post military support, Libya was close to becoming a failed state.

  1. He argued that Labour would re-engage with the international institutions, including the EU. He empasised Cameron's retreat from global leadership, which started on day 1, when he defined British interests solely as trade interests and a narrrow amoral view he has carried on throughout the administration as he seeks to appease UKIP and his own right wing. Here's the Guardian on the speech,
  2. And Labour List provide us with the complete text
  3. The Telegraph doing the bidding of its owners and the Tory party examine the speech with a microscope to give us the following headline, "Outrageous Miliband accuses Cameron for migrant deaths"
  4. which is repeated by the BBC. "If the cap fits..", I say.
  5. Once again Ed stands firm! Hell Yes!
  6. and Alistair Campbell skewers the Tory spokesman and Lynton Crosby, who is proving for the second time, that he doesn't really get Britain.
  7. One area where this gets serious and partisan, and maybe why the Tories were so quick to react is pointed out by Tim at Zelo Street, with an article attacking Kate Hopkins' pieces on the mediterranean boat people. To keep it short, she doesn't care and used the word "Cockroaches". As we can see from the illustration, she's a mate of Dave,
  8. Her opinions have been opposed, by many including one of the fastest growing petitions ever on change.org, aimed of course at the Sun, for whom she writes. (The Sun's material, thankfully in this case, is behind a paywall.) The Sun has form on truth telling and employing criminals.
  9. The affair though is so serious that the UN Commissioner on Human Rights, wades in criticising both Hopkins for using the language of genocide, the Sun for publishing her, and the Mail for wishing it had. I made that bit up, but Mr Al Hussein did criticise the whole of the British tabloid press in particular for ignoring article 20, the freedom from hate. Here's his press release,
  10. Here's the statement,
  11. Maybe I should have left it at Ed stands by what he says, the crisis in the med, is the result of bad actions taken by bad people but Britain's soulless, rudderless foreign policy has contributed to the word in which it happens. Britain can do better than this.
  12. One note, when looking for a picture to act as my headline background, I found it really difficult to find a usable picture of the event itself, all of them have Ed speaking with his mouth open, which you would expect, but you'd think that some one would use good pictures, but I couldn't find them. So this is a picture I found and used on my wiki to decorate an article on machine translation. I hope it illustrates the multilateralism that Ed tries to speak to, Anyway better than pictures of Ed taken by Murdoch's press and better politically than a gunboat.