No more secrets for you

After the tragic events in Paris, Cameron's second response, his first was to get himself in the papers, was to propose the prohibition of effective encryption for IT. This is not really possible, but is an indication of the totalitarian instincts of this government and our security state.

  1. It can't be done, backdoors have no morals, they can be used by both goodies and baddies, why would foreigners i.e. people living where it's not illegal, stop developing secure software, and why would Brits who want to develop secure software stay. All before we consider secrets we want kept. While everyone wants to prosecute peados, they also want their health records and banking details kept secret and ecommerce can't work without non-repudiation; we use encryption to that in e-commerce.
  2. Doctrow says more on why it can't work!
  3. Bruce Schneier points to Doctrow and picks the key quote.
  4. I reflect on Jim KIllock's comments, and make some my own including reinforcing the issue of privilege.
  5. which are published on the ORG site,
  6. The Guardian reports Cameron's speech.
  7. And looks at the legal changes required
  8. The picture is from English Pen.