The Crisis in Catalonia

How did we get here! While at the edge of the EU, an organisation that won the Nobel peace prize, we have a return to a violent repression of politics.

  1. I am astonished that a crisis of democracy can explode so quickly. Those guilty of the violence have a lot to answer for.
  2. Craig Murray has written several blogs on the subject, fiercely focusing on the EU and its founding principles of the rule of law and the Human Rights act. Craig is an ardent campaigner for Scottish independence and some of his conclusions may be influenced through this lense, but his articulate arguments about the breach of fundamental rights, those of self determination and the right to vote are on the money.
  3. "Rajoy (if he survives) must drop his high-handedness and Puigdemont his destructive hubris." 
  4. Spain needs international mediation - not monarchy intervention which looks like a mistaken last throw of the dice on Catalonia …
  5. This was made over two weeks in October, and published on the 16th. I started it after reading Craig Murray's article on reconsidering his support for the EU.