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Oh Non Dom we're not! Miliband announces that a Labour Government will abolish so called #non-dom #tax relief and the Tories defend the rights of ultra rich to avoid paying their fair tax share. #ge2015. The story spirals out of the Tory's control, becomes more about tax avoidance by the rich.

  1. Does this, the failure to take the #HSBCSuisse affair seriously, the repeated failure to agree not to reduce the supertax liability all mean that #taxjustice is becoming the issue and one that Labour wins on.
  2. The New Statesman argues its a statement of intent about British society
  3. Osborne and the Tories continue to argue that it's necessary and somehow beneficial to us all.
  4. "@unitetheunion: The choice is clear | Are you with George and the #NonDom elite or with the rest of us? http://t.co/TbWVqsxprG"
    "@unitetheunion: The choice is clear | Are you with George and the #NonDom elite or with the rest of us? pic.twitter.com/TbWVqsxprG"
  5. Left Foot Forward looks at the Tory and the press response, gives it more credit than its worth and explores the immense wealth being protected by these laws.
  6. The New Statesman agrees and points out the it would have been easy for the Tories to side step this fight,
  7. Richard Murphy points out that the proposal is popular,
  8. The FT identifies fairness as the key issue,
  9. There are plenty of beneficiaries of the non-dom loophole, but really?
  10. possibly the key part of the story, the Tories try to spin this as an attack on wealth creators and fail to the extent that their chief electioneer can't repeat his lines.
  11. Stony silence for Grant Shapps suggests that this is a vote- winner for #labour #nondom #bbcqt
  12. The pressure grows during the day
  13. The current application of #NonDom status is abusive and unfair #edmiliband is quite right to curtail the abuse! #taxjustice #Fairness
  14. Devastating writing by Simon Jenkins, starting with the unfairness and the greed, then talking about the power of those who benefit and the global complicity of the political elite
  15. here's the words,
  16. This unfair tax loophole will be scrapped by Labour
  17. and the full text of the speech
  18. #EdMiliband will announce today #Labour would abolish #nondom rule that allows wealthy individuals to limit tax paid on earnings outside #UK