Making Sybase Scream

This article is about running Sybase on a sophisticated UNIX. It discusses sizing Sybase’s max engines parameter, the effect of resource management tools & leveraging UNIX & Consolidation. Also note that this is not a Sun Blueprint, its meant to show you that you can, not how to.

Consolidating Sybase

This is/was a short note on design options available when creating multi-tenancy solutions for Sybase hosted applications. It looks at server sprawl, multi-database and multi server patterns. It examines Sybase workspaces and Solaris name space partitioning tools. When designing system platforms for Sybase based applications, three patterns are available.

Consolidation & Sybase

I wrote up some notes on how to run multiple Sybase instances in a single system image. When I originally wrote it, I was pretty much the world expert on the subject. The article explored a couple of basic Sybase consolidation techniques and the UNIX and Solaris technologies that support consolidation.  It was one of the first articles I published on, as a download. As I prepared for the version file look and feel update in 2015, I had decided that it was no longer of much help and so did not bring it forward to the new downloads page, although the download permalink is still supported.

Consolidation – The importance of a cost meta-model

On, I posted an article about some of the theory behind the Data Centre Economics offerings I and colleagues were working on. The exercises were designed to model the costs of an infrastructure platform and show the profitability of implementing, smaller, faster & cheaper systems. I made this into white paper format, available here…, the original article, without the graphic remains available at the sun/oracle site, here….

Is it still worth reading? Not so sure. See the first comment