Mucking around

The rest of my August posts to the sun/oracle blog related to creating a personal spore, bluetooth on XP, using twitter, using get satisfaction, firefox 3.*, roller, 2nd brain, the demise of slynkr, the now defunct Grazr and FAT file systems with Virtual Box, together with the advice not too.

Laptop diaries XII, Python

I wrote my first Python program over the weekend. The program determines if the file system is in jeopardy of bursting and sends a text. I have copied this in full to this blog as while the implementation technology is defunct, the problem remains real, although IFTTT are doing a good job of solving it. How to perform a mail to text is not documented here. It’s mainly about using associative arrays and dictionaries

Laptop Diaries VIII

I look back at the last couple of days and my assisted build of a triple boot laptop and ask what have I learnt? These entries have been about successfully putting the three operating systems onto my Dell C400. I knew that a problem existed with the cheap video subsystem implementation

Laptop Diaries VII

Back to Linux. I’ve decided (a long time ago) I want a Red Hat version; the C400 is a works tool and I work in Sun’s Data Centre Practice. If I want Sun’s Java Desktop system, I can either use the corporate network or my Solaris partition. The reason I want a Linux partition is to familiarise myself with the platform of choice for many web hosting providers and many developers. Here’s my notes on what, how and why.