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January 21, 2022 Johnson Accused of Threatening His MPs
David Davis tells the PM: "In the name of God, go!"
January 20, 2022 London's mayor wants to push back traffic significantly
The Revenge of the Cummings
Can the Tories Still Hide Brexit Behind Covid?
Johnson Ridiculed for Defence of Stupidity
"D-day" for Johnson? Tory rebels want to overthrow British PM
Boris Johnson Picks Fight with His Red Wall MPs
January 19, 2022 Opposition outraged: Johnson government wants to abolish BBC fees
Tory Mudslinging of Johnson's Replacements Has Started
Shaking the right to demonstrate: Critics are up in arms against Johnson's reforms
Former adviser Cummings accuses Boris Johnson of lying
January 18, 2022 Will gambling with Omikron work for the British?
Employees on the hit list: Boris Johnson wants to save his own skin
Anti-Protest Legislation Set for Showdown in the House of Lords
Truss Has First Protocol Meeting with Sefcovic
Will Brexit Change Farmers' Voting Habits?
January 17, 2022 Not if - when will Boris Johnson leave?
Johnson to Scapegoat His Staff to Save Himself
"Wine-time Fridays" in Corona times: calls for Johnson's resignation are getting louder
Johnson's big bet: How Britain should become a green Saudi Arabia
January 16, 2022 Liz Truss Makes Her Brexit Task Impossible
Scottish Tory boss calls for Johnson's resignation
Brexit is affecting two thirds of British industry
Johnson Savaged Over Downing Street Party
British Foreign Minister threatens the EU: suspend parts of the Brexit deal
Omicron remains a threat
ONLINE EVENT: Is the Human Rights Act at risk?
Brexit Cross-border Retail Crashed 71% Last Year
Johnson is Just One Part of a Rotten Barrel
Tory VIP Lane Ruled Unlawful by High Court
What Will Boris Johnson Investigation Turn Up?
Main Brexit Problems for British Manufacturing
UK: Everyone breaks Brexit roaming promise except Virgin Media O2
January 15, 2022 New import controls in Great Britain: rude awakening feared
Labour's Move on Energy Cost Crisis
Queen mourns - Downing Street celebrates: report of another lockdown party causes outrage
January 14, 2022 Downing Street Parties are Revenge for Brexit?
Brexit Customs Delays Getting Worse
Will Truss press the re-set button?
The party's over, Boris!
Brexit consequenses for Europe
January 13, 2022 Johnson Trapped by Latest Lockdown Scandal
Johnson in trouble: Police investigate reports of garden party in lockdown
Manufacturing’s Brexit travails will undermine the ‘levelling up’ agenda
January 12, 2022 Garden party with 30 people: Media report accuses Johnson of new lockdown breach
Corona deaths: rule ignoramus Johnson laments "terrible toll"
What is Keir Starmer’s Brexit? And what should it be? A debrief from Luke Cooper
Labour Discuss US Trade Deal Promise
January 11, 2022 False Facts Regarding Colston 4 Verdict on Both Sides
Corruption allegations against Boris Johnson in the Wallpapergate affair
Still No Brexit Plan for Farming
Who is Liz Truss negotiating with – Conservative Party members, or the EU?
January 10, 2022 Illegal lockdown parties: Johnson works up a sweat
Lawsuit for Northern Irish "gay cake" dismissed
Boris Johnson Flat Redecoration Gets More Corrupt
January 09, 2022 House prices in the UK have risen sharply
UK is preparing Omikron contingency plans
Johnson plays with fire
Bankers avoid London
Brexit Visa Row Over India Trade Deal
January 08, 2022 British Prime Minister Johnson railed against vaccination opponents
The rule breaker: Boris Johnson's long list of corona violations
Why Conservatives Are Losing Their Own Core Support
Brexit Tailbacks Seen at Calais
Starmer Speech on Key Election Policies
January 07, 2022 Johnson Lies as he Abandons People to Poverty in PMQs
Brexiters now worry about the judgment of history
Pro Brexit Paper Savages the Reality of Brexit
January 06, 2022 Omicron chaos in the UK
Northern Ireland is the UK's Brexit winner
Brexit Customs Controls Failing
Brexit Set to Hit Living Standards Even More in 2022
January 05, 2022 Will Businesses Fight Back Against Brexit in 2022?
Johnson celebrates Brexit as a success for the UK
Book review: The Irish Border by Katy Hayward
Conservative MPs Panicking Over Cost of Living
Fact check of Johnson's Brexit claims
Liz Truss Appears to Have the Same Weakness as Boris Johnson
January 04, 2022 British government fears massive loss of workers
Boris Johnson's Slide in His Own Party Polls
Hiding the Damage of Brexit Isn't Going Well
Dodgy Brexit Poll Released
January 03, 2022 Brits have to live with Covid-19
So a Pint Glass Stamp is a Brexit Benefit, is it?
Why Don't the Government Protect Schools from Covid?
January 02, 2022 More than 24,000 hospital employees are absent in England due to the corona
Johnson tries with confidence
January 01, 2022 Brexit will keep us busy for a long time
British industry association warns of Brexit shortages in food
Damn Brexit nightmare
Can Boris Johnson stay in office?
Current State of UK Politics at the End of 2021
Brexit and Elections in Stormont in 2022
December 31, 2021 More Brexit Regret Ahead of ... More Brexit
EU expects more Brexit troubles in 2022
Brexit returns to its roots
Brexit Media Seem to be Out of Ideas for Protocol
December 30, 2021 EU Commission warns British government against termination of the Northern Ireland Protocol
Tens of thousands of EU citizens are still waiting for a right of residence after Brexit