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March 30, 2023 Sunak Facing Tory Rebellion Over His Asylum Plans
Weakness of Tory Privatisation
Raab Deputising His Last PMQs?
Brexit and the terror warning for Northern Ireland | Outside Views
Boris Johnson Avoids His Own Cult Gathering
March 29, 2023 Live Political Discussion for MP Members
Public Not Impressed With Sunak's 5 Pledges Progress
And again a Brexit promise is not kept | Outside Views
Yousaf's Immediate Problems Leading the SNP
PMQs: Policing and Brexit Failures
March 28, 2023 Racism and Xenophobia in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland | Outside Views
Steve Baker Goes Nuts and Kicks ERG Members from Whatsapp Group
EU Funded Schemes Start to Disappear in the UK
March 27, 2023 Johnson's Partygate Defence Published
DUP rejects Brexit deal with EU on Northern Ireland Protocol | Outside Views
Will Johnson's Partygate Punishment be Lenient and Why?
Russian MP calls for annihilation of Britain | Outside Views
Why Has Sunak Banned the Media from His Party Conference?
March 26, 2023 Brexit dispute over Gibraltar still unresolved | Outside Views
March 25, 2023 Politics Live: Hancock and Kwarteng in Activist Sting
Expensive Brexit Import Failures
Why Brexiteers Want to Make Partygate About Brexit
Reform UK Planning on Sinking the Tories
London and Brussels seal Brexit compromise | Outside Views
Importance of Critical Thinking, Even to Appealing Views
March 24, 2023 Morrissey's Brexit
Ex-PMs Johnson and Truss oppose Sunak and his Northern Ireland deal with EU | Outside Views
Sunak's Brexit Vote Exposes Johnson's Lack of Support
Verdict on Boris Johnson's Partygate Hearing
March 23, 2023 UK energy import costs doubled | Outside Views #shorts
UK: Inflation picks up again | Outside Views #shorts
STUNNING: The Scottish National Party is in total chaos | Outside Views
Boris Johnson's Day of Reckoning Is Here
Russia enraged by British plans for Ukraine | Outside Views
March 22, 2023 UK Businesses Will Follow EU Rules Anyway
Tory Rebels Raging Over Windsor Framework Vote
March 21, 2023 Book reviews
Brexit Weakening Food Security for Britain
Raab Bullying Inquiry Close to the End
March 20, 2023 Home Secretary in Rwanda for talks on controversial deportation deal | Outside Views
Tories Contradict Their Own Immigration Rhetoric Again
Johnson Trying to Discredit Inquiry ... Again
March 19, 2023 BBC Backs Down And Reinstates Gary Lineker
Brexit ex-PM Johnson won´t give up that easily | Outside Views
UK Politics Discussion - Turnips and Electoral Reform for the UK
Brexit rules for Northern Ireland: British Parliament to vote | Outside Views
Hypocrisy and Madness of Brexit Move to Join Pacific Trading Bloc
BREXIT: The DUP is making trouble again - fundamental problems on Windsor Framework | Outside Views
How To Stop the Government Corrupting Independent Institutions
Brexit pub guarantee: British finance minister wants to boost economic growth | Outside Views
March 18, 2023 UK Falling Behind in Race for Green Manufacturing
Will the Tory Phantom Budget Fool Voters?
Sunak Finally Putting Windsor Framework to a Vote
Consequences of Brexit: What Great Britain could soon be missing | Outside Views
BBC Lineker Row Out of Control
Has Sunak Lost Control of the BBC Row?
March 17, 2023 Chancellor Inadvertently Highlights the Problems With Brexit
Limited realism and the limits to realism
London threatens Beijing and Moscow with harshness | Outside Views
March 16, 2023 Time Set for Johnson Partygate Hearing
PMQs: Starmer Takes on Tory Free Speech Hypocrisy
BROMANCE: Britain pays France millions for internment camps | Outside Views
March 15, 2023 Live Political Discussion for MP Members
30p Lee May Not be a Brilliant Strategist After All
Junior Doctors Strike for Better Pay Than Cafe Worker
Live UK Politics - Probably Going to be Discussing BBC Mess
BREXIT: Intensified debate about joining Ireland and a new conflict with Brussels | Outside Views
March 14, 2023 Tories Against Braverman's Asylum Bill
March 13, 2023 APPALING: Northern Ireland Loyalists stoke racism | Outside Views
Tory Rot at the BBC Spreads
A very specific and limited way: working against Brexiteers now | Outside Views
SELF HARM: Brexit threatens UK auto industry | Outside Views
March 11, 2023 Boris Johnson Really is an Ignoramus
SNP Leadership Contenders Doing Themselves No Favours
March 10, 2023 Britain's Brexit purgatory
Tories Want More Immigration Now?
Why Labour Need to Annoy Us
Johnson highly dissatisfied with Brexit deal | Outside Views
FINALLY: Tories are losing patience with Boris Johnson | Outside Views
March 09, 2023 RIDICULOUS: Boris Johnson wants his father knighted | Outside Views
Sunak Roasted On His Own Platform
Sunak's Asylum Policy is Dangerous and Self-Defeating
March 08, 2023 DUP Decision on Brexit Deal Taking Its Time
Desperate Tories Debate Sue Gray Appointment
March 07, 2023 British Parliament summons Johnson to hearing about lying | Outside Views
London wants to restrict the right to asylum applications more | Outside Views #shorts
Luftwaffe and Royal Air Force on joint NATO mission in Estonia | Outside Views #shorts
Does the ERG Have a Role After Brexit?
Sunak's Asylum Blind Alley
March 06, 2023 Great Britain: Business sentiment brightens significantly | Outside Views #shorts
Partygate investigator joins British opposition | Outside Views #shorts
Why is Sunak Risking UK Scientific Research Now?
March 05, 2023 Is Brexit worse than expected?
Defeat from the Jaws of Victory for the Tories
Matt Hancock Could Face Legal Action Over Leaks
Brexit Exports to the EU - What About Inflation?
Argentina terminates Falkland Islands deal with Britain | Outside Views #shorts
March 04, 2023 Keir Starmer Appoints Sue Gray to Chief of Staff
Brexit Deal: Sunak warns critics of Westminster drama | Outside Views
Johnson's Partygate Lies Evidence Published