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December 01, 2022 Britain's nervous breakdown
Brexit Freedoms About to Meet Brexit Reality
Covid Inquiry: MPs Hear About Continued Vaccine Failures
Spain and EU want to open land border to Gibraltar
PMQs: Sunak Forced to Defend Wasting Public Money on the Rich
Permanent Damage From Brexit
PM Rishi Sunak: Britain's golden era with China is over
November 30, 2022 Live Political Discussion for MP Members
Paying the Price for Reliance on Fossil Fuels
Loophole: Putin's oil keeps flowing to Britain | Outside Views
Brexit exacerbates the shortage of doctors in Great Britain | Outside Views
How Tories Are Fuelling Worker Shortages
EU wants to lure clearing away from London | Outside Views
Sunak Struggling to Get an Ethics Adviser
November 29, 2022 British trade with Japan collapses after Brexit despite trade pact | Outside Views
Japanese Brexit Deal Turns Out Worse Than Nothing
Brexit Britain: Island full of problems | Outside Views
November 28, 2022 More Unhelpful, Misleading Rhetoric on Immigration
The promise of the Brexiteers | Outside Views
Switzerland and Britain extend mobility agreement | Outside Views
Red Wall Tories Not Giving Up?
How the Government are Playing the Worst NHS Winter to Come
Brexit: British government supports research with around 570 million euros | Outside Views
November 27, 2022 Covid PPE Fraud Scandal Raised in Parliament
UK borrowing situation even worse than before | Outside Views
UK: No cuts on major railway projects | Outside Views
Politics Live: Discussing Dishonest Politics
Why Has Sunak Done Nothing as Prime Minister?
Brexit Backed Into a Corner
The British road to CPTPP membership is still a long one | Outside Views
November 26, 2022 Latest Brexit Losses to Fishing Industry
Supreme Court Ruling on Scottish Independence Referendum
Back Again to the 'Swiss Style' Brexit
Labour to Abolish House of Lords
Eurovision Song Contest in Great Britain | Outside Views
Brexit: British economy fears abolition of EU rules | Outside Views
Farage warns of British Conservatives being wiped out | Outside Views
Northern Irish Protestants see themselves strengthened by the Brexit dispute | Outside Views
Brexit Plan is Now to Remove Sovereignty
Another Brexit extension: CE marking stays valid longer in Great Britain | Outside Views
November 25, 2022 Britain: Government wants to force sale of wafer company because of China | Outside Views
London denies report on intended rapprochement with EU | Outside Views
Disaster: Emergency calls in the UK go unanswered 1 in 4 times | Outside Views
Scotland must not call a second referendum | Outside Views
Defensive front on the English Channel | Outside Views
The Brexit silence is breaking
Braverman Caught Out in Asylum Lies
November 24, 2022 Labour Still Leading in the Blue Wall
Eggs are in short supply in the UK | Outside Views
You have one wish
PMQs: Sunak Fires Back Over State of Economy
Boris Johnson: Germany hoped for Ukraine's defeat | Outside Views
Brexit is back | Outside Views
November 23, 2022 Betrayal of Brexit | Outside Views
Britain extends deadline for Northern Ireland election | Outside Views
Live Political Discussion for MP Members
All Brexit Policies Completely Stalled
November 22, 2022 Trade Friction and free movement.
Measuring the Brexit impact on the economy: the evidence that points to a self-inflicted calamity
UK: Sunak wants tougher prison sentences | Outside Views
Space junk: Great Britain wants to clean up space | Outside Views
Objections to Freedom of Movement Can't Last
Will Sunak Block Johnson's Peerages?
NHS Care to Fall Below Expected Standards This Winter
November 21, 2022 Politics Live: Budgets and Brexit
Great Britain is ending tax exemption for e-cars from 2025 | Outside Views
Consequences of Brexit and the government chaos under Truss | Outside Views
Froth about the Swiss style deal with the EU
British economy brings up the rear of the G-7 countries | Outside Views
Millions of people in Britain are in need | Outside Views
London plans massive tax increases | Outside Views
November 20, 2022 Change in Brexit Position From the Government
Sunak wants to increase the minimum wage in Great Britain by almost 10% | Outside Views
The effects of Brexit are hitting British artists hard | Outside Views
Trebles all round!
Sunak May Face Johnson Supporter Ambush Next May
Are the Scandal Leaks Against Sunak's Cabinet Strategic?
November 19, 2022 Permanent Brexit damage | Outside Views
France and Great Britain sign new migration agreement | Outside Views
Without Brexit we would not have to discuss an austerity budget | Outside Views
November 18, 2022 Brexit visa trouble: Spain wants to abolish the 90-day rule for Brits | Outside Views
Supreme Court to decide Scotland referendum soon | Outside Views
UK inflation at highest level in 41 years | Outside Views
Hunt Wields the Axe in Budget Statement
Brexit: UK Only OECD Country With 'Labour Shock Pattern'
UK allowed to participate in EU military mobility project | Outside Views
The charge sheet against Brexit’s guilty men just keeps growing
Sunak's Budget Dilemma
Why Labour Will Need to Re-join Single Market
November 17, 2022 UKCA Marks Postponed For a Third Time
Only Way to Survive Brexit is Back to the Single Market
Raab and Rayner Take on PMQs
November 16, 2022 Budget crisis: E-car drivers should pay taxes in Great Britain for the first time | Outside Views
Former Minister Attacks Brexit Trade Deals
Britain is battling the recession | Outside Views
November 15, 2022 UK Treasury Secretary announces higher taxes for everyone | Outside Views
More than 120000 people are waiting to apply for asylum in the UK | Outside Views
Great Britain - Groundhog day | Outside Views
London and Rome take action against migrants | Outside Views
The Nonsense of Tory Austerity Explained Simply