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October 19, 2021 Australia Brexit Deal Still Not Completed
UK: More details about alleged assassin emerge
Government Plan to Lengthen Medical Waiting Lists
Increasing NHS capacity
Whisper it softly… but away from the arguments over the Protocol there are signs Northern Ireland is benefiting from its economic relationship with the EU
October 18, 2021 Assassination attempt on Tory politician triggers security debate
Change to ‘Cabotage’ rules will hurt British firms and workers. It’s the latest sign that Brexit economic nationalism isn’t working
How Brexiteers Keep Changing What They Say
Wales to showcase its egg-cellent food and drink to the world
Northern Irish Trade Boosted by Brexit
What Will the EU Do About Brexit Trade War?
UK: Involving young people in COP26
Britain apparently wants to bring 1000 butchers into the country
October 17, 2021 Winter is coming: London and Brussels are fighting for a Northern Ireland solution
43,000 English people received incorrect corona test results
MP Killed in Service of His Constituency
Great Britain relaxes requirements for foreign truck drivers
October 16, 2021 EU offer for Northern Ireland is not enough for London
Government Reverses Brexit Again to Get Lorry Drivers
Experts warn of trade war in the Brexit dispute
Brexit: Container jams - Now the British ports are packed
Sorry Boris - EU Commission proposes tailor-made regulations in favor of Northern Ireland
Brexit Immigration Favours Low Paid Jobs for Britons
Radical agricultural reform in Scotland. How the coalition government can use its powers
What a Brexit Mess This Week
Brexit Shortages Hit Food Packaging
October 15, 2021 Now David Frost is putting a spanner in the works of the prime minister's vacation plans
British accuse Russia of manipulating gas prices
The moral turpitude of Brexit brinksmanship
Dominic Cummings' Brexit Deception Admission
October 14, 2021 UK: Supporting migrant families
UK: tackle climate and nature emergencies
How Does Johnson Get Away With Attacking Farmers?
What Levelling Up Means in Brexit Britain
British economy warns of energy shortages and more UK politics
Next Brexit Crisis: Container Ports Getting Blocked
October 13, 2021 After Brexit: British farmers have to dump milk – Outside Views
Why Does the Government Want to Suspend the Northern Ireland Protocol?
Britons are rushing to electric cars – Outside Views
Parliament report accuses Johnson of huge errors in coronavirus pandemic
Vacation despite the crisis: Boris Johnson criticized for a trip to Spain
Does Britain want to risk another breakdown in relations?
“Higher pay, not uncontrolled immigration”? Huge shortage of nurses exposes government hypocrisy
Support for EU settlement scheme
Investment to help industry decarbonise
Brexit Trade War Timed for a General Election?
October 12, 2021 Wales introduces COVID Pass for events and nightclubs
Will Johnson Seek to Use Covid Crisis as an Election Strategy?
UK: Wide-ranging plans to help ensure good quality food
Is the Leave vote becoming more fragile? Christabel Cooper takes a deep dive into public opinion on Brexit
Northern Ireland Protocol Crunch Week?
Can Boris Johnson Afford a Brexit Trade War?
Brexit minister calls for EU proposals on the exchange of goods
October 11, 2021 Britain could “destroy” Irish beef farmers, said Jacob Rees-Mogg in 2018. Three years on, how is this claim working out?
Doctors in Great Britain in pillory and more UK politics
What Changed Johnson's Mind on Supply Chain Crisis?
Great Britain and the Gulf Cooperation Council seek free trade agreements and more UK politics
Brexit Threat to British Manufacturing
October 10, 2021 Why the Irish island is growing together – Outside Views
EU wants to submit proposals for Northern Ireland dispute – Outside Views
Why is the Rise in Cost of Living a Shock?
October 09, 2021 British entrepreneur disappointed by Johnson – Outside Views
Johnson Claims Brexit Crises All Part of the Plan
Brexit Insanity as We Destroy Food During Shortages
Chip factory in Great Britain is no longer an issue – Outside Views
October 08, 2021 Johnson talks down the crisis – Outside Views
Boris Johnson´s grand plan – Outside Views
UK: save earth but lock activists in? – Outside Views
Pig Farmers Protest Against Brexit Damage
UK: Boris Johnson's lack of planning – Outside Views
The Brexit three-card Monte
UK: a massive loss of confidence - Outside Views
Boris Johnson Told to "Stop Talking" by Journalist
October 07, 2021 Boris Johnson had to admit the reason IS Brexit - Outside Views
Boris Johnson: eco-protesters are irresponsible crusts - Outside Views
Boris Johnson´s truck driver shortage lies - Outside Views
Jon Bloomfield on building a progressive UK-EU relationship after Brexit: ‘It takes two to tango’
Green light for EU-UK Gibraltar negotiations - Outside Views
Brexit consequences: British farmers cull hundreds of pigs - Outside Views
Brexit Visas for Drivers Hasn't Turned Out as Planned
October 06, 2021 Supply crisis puts pressure on Johnson – Outside Views
Bottlenecks after Brexit: Johnson blames retailers – Outside Views
Jonathan Hopkin on Britain after Brexit: a low immigration, high wage economy?
Boris Johnson goes green and more UK News - Outside Views
Brexiteer Wants Our Supply Chain to Collapse
UK: Farage is looking for fuel and more UK News - Outside Views
Fishing rights dispute: France threatens Britain with "retaliation" – Outside Views
Should Keir Starmer be Writing in the Sun Newspaper?
October 05, 2021 Johnson increases the pressure on the EU in the Brexit chaos – Outside Views
Another Damaging Brexit Border Policy Implemented
Police and petrol crisis overshadow Johnson's Tories convention – Outside Views
Government resistance to Lords amendments may see the Environment Bill further delayed
EU to Save Christmas?
Johnson defends Brexit course and more UK News - Outside Views
October 04, 2021 Johnson sharply criticizes police after murder case – Outside Views
Where does the Labour Party stand on immigration policy after its conference?
British government encourages German residents to drive trucks – Outside Views
Retailers Worried by Lack of Brexit Plan From Government
Boris Johnson Boasts About Shrinking Wages
October 03, 2021 UK: Vaccine certification introduction confirmed – Outside Views