I found my delicious bookmarks, and decided to remove the easily identified as gone away and expose the tags, on the way, I removed those without descriptions. The links came from from ~3525 to ~1800. I was fascinated by del.icio.us when I first discovered it, and used it as a micro blog. This is how it now looks in wordpress, but I need to put the anchor text, descriptions & tags through an ascii to html converter. The code is on github, in a repo called delicious tools. The next stage is to allow them to be queried using the tags (or not, if I think it’s worth it). The wordpress plugin on broken links continues to identify those that are broken, and I usually unlink them. If interested in the contents, see below/overleaf …

How to Export Your Delicious Bookmarks and Import Them Into Your Favorite Browser

from Life Hacker, although I have something like forty browsers. I wonder if anyone’ll save it.

Tags: technology, howto, delicious, bookmarks, export, news.

The young will have their revenge, Mr Clegg | Nick Cohen | Comment is free | The Observer

Behind the far-left yobs, who disgrace every good cause in Britain, the protesters who did not riot in Parliament Square on Thursday looked almost pitiable. The children in school uniform and the young mother carrying a baby did not seem like members of an organised protest movement let alone a dangerous mob.

Tags: news, comment, nickcohen, uk, politics, tuitionfees, protest, guardian, education.

Direct Action Against Censorship, by Electronic Frontier Foundation

A look hosted by the EFF on the ease with which US Govt acts against its opponents on the internet in the US and around the world, and the technology responses, including p2pdns, new file systems, TOR, and BItCoins

Tags: technnology, news, eff, internet, free, freedom, censorship, tor, opensource, p2p, rights, privacy, security, bitcoin, dot-p2p, p2pdns, tahoefilesystem.

Everyone Loves Tumblr

A tumblr ad, it looks very pretty

Tags: technology, blogs, socialnetworking, socialmedia, blogging, tools, tumblr, blog, software.

P2P first seeders: pirates or “masked philanthropists”?

Do some P2P file sharers see themselves as the Robin Hoods of the digital age-taking from the greedy content companies and giving to the global have-nots?

Tags: Technology, news, politcs, deact, digitalbritain, p2p, filesharing, robinhood, seeders, arstechnica, hero, heroine.

Shores of Hazeron

An online sci-fi game

Tags: Technology, game, computer, online, rpg, mmorpg, scifi, sci-fi.

Pirate Bay founder launching DNS for lawless Internet – ComputerworldUK.com

Some of the shady crowd behind the Pirate Bay file sharing website have announced plans for a peer-to-peer domain name system (DNS), called P2P DNS. Yeah right, unbiased reporting i.e headline or what?

Tags: news, technology, dns, p2p, p2pdns, computerworld.

launches a new inquiry into the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights Online – UK Parliament

Will this do any good?

Tags: news, parliament, uk, committee, digitalbritain, intellectualproperty.

� a documentary | Online Journalism Blog

Here’s a well-produced (even in rough-cut form) documentary on Wikileaks by Swedish network SVT, published on YouTube in 4 parts.

Tags: news, wikileaks, journalism, documentary, privacy, youtube, 2010, documentaries, onlinejournalism, blog.

does the Post Office rate as a bank? – Telegraph

Is this true, the British Post Office savings schemes are guaranteed by the Irish scheme? I was planning to buy a bond, but I don’t think so now.

Tags: news, postoffice, savings, telegraph, guarantee, eire, uk.

talk about real vandalism

A hundred years ago, a gang of mostly middle-class protesters, tired of being overlooked by successive administrations, decided to smash up some government buildings to make their point. Laurie Penny on the Suffragettes and todays anti-tuition fee campaigners. The first topoint out that the Suffragettes had not vote, and that the students who voted Lib Dem don’t have one worth having. Published by the New Statesman, published Nov 25th after the first student demo

Tags: uk, politics, 2010, studentfinance, tuitionfees, demo, demonstration, democracy, suffragettes, vandalism, lauriepenny, newstatesman.

False Economy | Why cuts are the wrong cure

False Economy is for everyone concerned about the impact of the government’s spending cuts on their community, their family or their job.

Tags: politics, campaign, activism, economy, uk, economics, cuts.

power is limited. But their anger and revolt can prove contagious | Gary Younge | Comment is free | The Guardian

The protest means more than fees. If they resist education cuts, it would boost opposition to the whole austerity drive

Tags: uk, news, politics, cuts, student, studentfinance, education, fees, protest, guardian, garyyounge.

Amazon and the new threat to internet speech – CNN.com

by Rebecca Mckinnon. Free Speech is right of US citizens, held in the public realm. Private companies don’t give a toss, and foreigners don’t even have that right.

Tags: politcs, wikileaks, amazon, 1stamendment, freespeech, rebeccaMacKinnon.

map of Hoxton Square, London

from the Londonist

Tags: culture, london, hoxton.

buying Novell for $2.2B, Microsoft group gets IP

Seattle-based Attachmate Corp. has reached an agreement to buy Novell Inc., the Massachusetts-based Linux vendor, for $2.2 billion, the companies announced this morning. The acquisition promises to reshape Attachmate, adding new assets including Novell’s SUSE Linux operating system business. In a related twist, Novell says it’s selling “certain intellectual property assets” for $450 million in cash to CPTN Holdings LLC, identified as a consortium of technology companies organized by Microsoft.

Tags: technology, news, economics, consoldiation, attatchmate, novell, suse, linux, microsoft, patent.

of Trinity : Getting Started

An NWN2 persistant world, his is the getting strated page. Maybe? But I need a version of NWN2 running and my Alienware is poorly.

Tags: Technology, frpg, games, computer, NWN, nwn2, oersitant, world, realmsoftrinity.

CSS Map – Leave That Thing Alone

CSS & Maps, mmm

Tags: geography, maps, www, web, design.

BBC iPlayer from Outside of UK

this looks cool; yanfvpn

Tags: uk, law, legal, watch, bbc, abroad.

, their FAQ

How to use the Free FRAPS video capture program.

Tags: Technology, software, windows, games, machinima, howto, faq, fraps, video, videos.

Gas – Fast Track Booking Home for Homecare inspections

What it says, book an inspection, but being Centrica, there’s no booking’s ’till Janurary

Tags: uk, britishgas, homecare, insurance, inspection.

Lion, Southwick, .com

A pub in Hampshire, does good food, this the from beerintheevening.com, although we wen’t there for lunch

Tags: culture, food+drink, pub, uk, hampshire, review, redlion.

and WebID: how to get going – Henry Story

Clerezza and WebID: how to get going – Henry Story – org.foaf-project.lists.foaf-protocols – MarkMail [foaf-protocols] at Mark Mail

Tags: technology, software, webservices, clerezza, webid, henrystory, bblfish, howto, foaf, ssl, community.

Statesman – Revealed: what the Lib Dems really said to Labour

Slightly longer than two words, but while they wanted things that have been proven to be unavailable from the Tories, the sticking point seems to have been short term economic policy, and the fact that the leradership of the Libd Dems is no longer Social Democratic, but neo-liberal in economic policy terms. Not actually a surprise to some of us.

Tags: politics, news, government, labour, libdems, condem, coalition, may, 2010, newstatesman, negociations.

woes on Firefox 3

an excellent article explaining why urlclassifier3.sqlite grows to big from “My Wierd Wired World”, how to stop it growing and how to get the space back

Tags: technology, software, mozilla, firefox, space, urlclassifer3, sqlite, bug.

your formulas

Excel Array Formula, using formulae arrays with conditions, MEDIAN(IF(names=”value”,values). MrEXcel’s site

Tags: technology, software, excel, array, formula, mrexcel.

all those Lib Dem MPs lying about fees if they meant it at the time?

Michael White’s political briefing at Comment is free, The Guardian. Both he and his commentators miss the point. Woolas’ material can’t be comparted with the LibDems broken pledge not to increase fees, but Michael hits the nail on the head when he reminds us of Simon Highes’ disgraceful and latterly shown to be hypocritcal “Straignt Choice” election campaign against Peter Tatchell. It seems the upshot is that it’s illegal to lie about your opponent, but not about yourself.

Tags: news, politics, studentfinance, tuition, tuitionfees, libdems, woolas, lying, racism, michaelwhite, guardian, cif, comment, simonhuges, hypocrit, straightchoice.

guide to the northern lights

from the Travel Guardian, from West to East, Canada to Finland, how to visit the Northern Lights, which are approaching their 3 year apogee.

Tags: cutlure, travel, holiday, north, northern, lights, northernlights, auroraborealis, canada, scotland, iceland, norway, finland, accomodation, review, guardian.

will resist Osborne’s Shock Doctrine for housing : No Shock Doctrine for Britain

George Monbiot wrote: “the economic crisis is the disaster the Conservatives have been praying for. The government’s programme of cuts looks like a classic example of disaster capitalism: using a crisis to re-shape the economy in the interests of business.”

Tags: uk, politics, economics, culture, cuts, tory, osbourne, twat, disastercapitalism, georgemonbiot, campaign, community.

copyright laws to be reviewed, announces Cameron

from the BBC, looks based on a press release by the ORG

Tags: technology, news, politics, digitalbri.

UK Government Wants to Make ISPs Responsible for Third Party Content Online – ISPreview UK

The UK governments Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries, Ed Vaizey, has ominously proposed that broadband ISPs could introduce a new Mediation Service that would allow them the freedom to censor third party content on the internet, without court intervention, in response to little more than a public complaint.

Tags: Technology, politics, censorship, internet, isp, copyright.

Labour left Osborne a strong economic legacy

by William Keegan in the Business Observer 1.10.10, the first quarter after the general election the economy grew at 4.8% and the next quarter 3.2%…Osbourne’s problem? Its the wrong direction and he’s going to make it worse.

Tags: politics, economics, theobserver, williamkeegan, labour, 2010, uk, gdp, growth.

Today – Ubuntu’s Success Story: the Upstart Startup Manager (Linux Boot Camp p.2)

An article on Upstart, a new Linux startup regime.

Tags: Technology, linux, startup, upstart, news, linuxtoday.

Statesman – The coalition will produce a farce of fairness

Ted Honderich is one of Britain’s leading philosophers…. Here, in an exclusive essay for newstatesman.com, he considers the nature of liberalism and conservatism, and finds the first “indeterminate and irresolute” and the second lacking in any “principle at all to defend its self-interest”. It is time, he argues, for us to take to the streets and demand, like the Puritan leader Thomas Rainsborough, that the coalition accept that “the poorest he that is in England hath a life to live as the greatest he.” On the New Statesman blog, posted by Sholto Byrnes

Tags: culture, politics, theory, liberalism, conservativism, fairness, newstatesman, tedhonderich.

by Cisco – WAG160N Support

New Software here, dated 6/5/2009 v *.15

Tags: technology, network, cisco, linksys, firmware, new, version, 15, 2009, wag160N.

Rate Savings | ING Direct

Do we have to play money markets to get a good rate from these people?

Tags: money, 2010, ing, savings.

Google Vision for Enterprise Computing

A presentation at IP Expo 2010, part history lesson, part pitch but interewsting all the same. This is a .pdf hosted at Google Docs.

Tags: technology, cloud, google, ipexpo, 2010, cloudcomputing.

ServiceWave 2010 Conference Website

NESSI’s AGM, held in Ghent in 2010, a conference based around the ideas of the leadership of the NESSI projects.

Tags: technology, conference, nessi, servicewave, 2010, ghent, internet, eu, europeanunion, FP7, agm, FIA, futureinternet.

Mowers – Bosch Garden Tools

aka Qualcast, this seems to be the only cylinder mower they do

Tags: culture, gardening, bosch, lawn, mower, lawnmower, qualcast.

Larry Elliott on George Osborne’s spending review

Too harsh, its double dip time. I hope not. from Politics @ guardian.co.uk

Tags: news, politics, economics, tory, cuts, csr, uk, spending, review, larryelliot, guardian, comment.

Miliband vows to rebuild Labour ‘from the bottom up’

Can he rebuild it to the same size as the late ’90s?

Tags: uk, new, politics, labour, membership, edmiliband, guardian.

DBA FAQ – Introduction to Command-Line SQL*Plus Client Tool

It’s been a while but I am returning to Oracle & SQLplus!

Tags: technology, software, oracle, sqlplus, faq, cli, rdbms.

of the Bookmark-and-Read-Later Apps: Instapaper vs. Read It Later

You click through a lot while browsing that you don’t have time to read now but plan to later, which is why services like Instapaper and Read It Later have skyrocketed in popularity. From Life hacker

Tags: technology, review, lifehacker, instapaper, readitlater, feeds, timemanagement.

Alps Ski, Lakes & Mountains specialist. Discover unspoilt alpine …

Voted top ski travel agent by Guardian readers in 2010

Tags: culture, travel, holiday, ski-ing, uk, agent, france, peakretreats.

guide to Austria

The coolest hotels, wineries and out-of-the-way regions in Guardian readers’ favourite European country, also the Guardian reader’s favourite European Country. Wonder how much of that is actailly ski-ing?

Tags: cuture, travel, holiday, austria, news, guardian, cool, wine, sceneary, culture.

Hoxton, London

Airline style booking,so the more notice you give, the less it costs. Hoxton, once a dump, now trendily edgy. Very close to the City if planning a dirty stop out.

Tags: culture, travel, accomodation, uk, hotel, london, review, guardian.

in Japan: why Tokyo is top

A review of things to do in Tokyo by Pico Iyer from the Saturday Guardian, after readers voted it top overseas city. Obviously no recession amongst that demographic!

Tags: culture, travel, holiday, review, tokyo, guardian.

from Windows Vista to Windows 7 – Help & How-to – Microsoft Windows

Microsoft’s page, a support page, so frustratingly, no advice on what to buy or how to pay, nor how to test for 64 bit compatibility

Tags: technology, windows, microsoft, vista, windows7, upgrade.

Eben Moglen – Freedom vs. the Cloud Log

An interview by Glynn Moody published at The H Open Source: News and Features

Tags: technology, news, freedom, opensource, interview, glynmoody, ebenmoglen, 2010.

News – Ed Miliband: Labour leader’s 2010 conference speech in full

But our journey must also understand where it went wrong. I tell you, I believe that Britain is fairer and stronger than it was 13 years ago.

Tags: politics, news, labour, fairness, 1997-2010, edmiliband, leader, labourleader, 2010, bbc.

of Online Communities

It seems to be a theme of tonight, but this is the internet’s social networking software presented as a map. First pubished on xkcd.

Tags: internet, humor, visualization, xkcd, map, funny, humour, comedy, fun, socialmedia.

the film. Then try Facebook’s real challenge: restoring your privacy

New technologies allow firms and governments to crawl all over our private lives. They also empower us to fight back by Timothy Garton Ash at Comment is free, The Guardian. Time to have another look at my privacy settings and friends list.

Tags: Technology, guardian, facebook, internet, privacy.

According to Stereotype

by andrewcusack.com, worth a chuckle maps, sterotypes and humour

Tags: culture, politics, europe, map, funny, humor, fun, geography, stereotype.

Boris Bikes Map

This is a rather cool mash up. Guerrilla programming is the way to go. Its amzing how these are never produced by the original service provider

Tags: London, Boris, Bike, map, mashup, visualisation, maps, cycling, cyclehire, transport, tfl, Technology, travel, commuting.

Statesman – Labour needs a rethink

Labour needs a rethink by Roy Hattersley, ideas and ideology anchor actions, Labour needs to rediscover a moral core. Dated 27th Sept, i.e. before the leadership elections. Maybe it has

Tags: news, politics, labour, ideas, cause, royhattersley, 2010, 2015.

things I’ve learned at the Labour conference by Andrew Sparrow

published in the Guardian’s Politics section. Its not pro’ but all the anti’s need to understand that while the Tory’s didn’t win the election because Labour fought them off, the electorate rejected New Labour and in order to win it has to move on. I don’t think its a return to the past either 97 or before. (I need to write a longer reply, either on the comments section or on my Labour Party blog.)

Tags: politics, labour, confence, 2010, comment, andrewsparrow, guardian.

| Dragon Age: Origins | Game : Ultimate Edition

So am I going to buy this?

Tags: technology, frpg, computer, games, dragonage, advert.

lifecasting | Beta Labs

Its post beta now, but can this work with services/sites other than facebook.

Tags: technology, socialnetworking, maps, whereami, nokia, ovi, lifecasting.

Ed? Don’t believe the type

Shame, why not? Although slagging off the right wing press is always worth while. This one’s from Michael White in the Politics section of the guardian.co.uk

Tags: news, labour, leader, 2010, edmilliband, michaelwhite, guardian.

tax for students

this is Lewisham Council’s page, its a bit tricky if sharing with third years (or drop outs)

Tags: administration, tax, polltax, council, lewisham, students.

Commission announces €780 million boost for strategic ICT research

The European Commission has …announced … the biggest call … for information and communications technology (ICT) research proposals under the EU’s research framework programmes. The announcement was made at Europe’s largest event for ICT research and innovation, ICT 2010-Digitally Driven. This funding will advance research on the future internet, robotics, smart and embedded systems, photonics, ICT for energy efficiency, health and well-being in an ageing society, and more. Commission Vice-President for the Digital Agenda Neelie Kroes said: “Increasing overall investment into ICT research is crucial for our future. The EU’s support to our world-class researchers announced today must be accompanied by substantial additional investments by the beneficiaries themselves. This research will help Europe’s industry to strengthen its competitiveness.”

Tags: technology, politics, news, fp7, eu, europeanunion, ICT, research, funding, commission.

votes for Labour Leader

from “Someday I Will Treat You Good”

Tags: politics, labour, leadership, 2010, lewisham, votes, blog, andrewbrown.

recovery position by Peter Kellner at the New Statesman

“Even before the financial crash, social democracy in Britain was becoming unaffordable. What the left needs urgently is a new business model. ” He argues that Social Democracy is too expensive for modern societies and that Progressives need a policy renewal because other wise the mixed economy part of Social Democracy goes down the Swanee. I do however love the quote “progressive politics …require passion & anger & hope, not just the abilities to read opinion poll results and triangulate opponents”.

Tags: politics, socialdemocracy, peterkellner, newstatesman, uk, essay, ideas, ideology, renewal.

UK Higher Education Tuition Fees

from politics.co.uk, a history of the mainly Labour Government’s student finance reforms. It’s written in an academic, non-partisan style. Useful if you want the facts

Tags: politics, studentfinance, history, uk, tuitionfees, topupfees, labour, government, fees, education.

Uses BitTorrent For Server Deployment | TorrentFreak

Awesome and obvious once someone else has done it.

Tags: technology, software, bittorrent, twitter, p2p, opensource, torrent, internet, server, deployment, softwaredistribution.

Neutrality Debate

from the Blog at The Public Domain. He says, “he conversation started with the 4 freedoms (a wider definition of net neutrality than I would have used) and ranged through the following topics: why should we care about net neutrality? (Jones �explaining it to people is like explaining water to fish: its what we’ve got� I would add, its like explaining water to fish when there is a drought coming.) ISP market structure, the reasons for oligopoly, rights of way regulation, the DMCA’s effects on true innovation in handsets, the times when regulation is needed, and comparisons to financial regulation, the railway cartels, the East India company and more.”

Tags: technology, politics, audio, blog, thepublicdomain, radio, show, debate, netneutrality.


This is the technology that powers facebook’s friend graph.

Tags: technology, software, data, visualisation, graph, information, social, touchgraph.

lost generation takes the reins

from the New Statesman… it’d be good if its true, if this “Labour’s Found Youth”, we’ll see

Tags: news, newstatesman, labour, youth, 2010, conference, laurapenny.


Blending methods and strategies to re-invest in applications, Chapter 3 of Migrating to the Solaris OS, which I co-authored. This chapter is not Solaris specific.

Tags: technology, migration, software, migrating, solaris, levy, pepple, down.

filesharing: a problem the government can’t solve?

An article written shortly after the then Labour Government announced that it was supporting the Music industries proposals to co-opt the ISPs into the pursuit of file-sharers. Dated 2009. A review of the thinking of the players at the time. What follows shows that Lobbyists + Govt > Telco + Customers.

Tags: news, 2009, technology, politics, debill, charlesarthur, guardian, isp, music, intellectualproperty, digital, economy, digitaleconomybill.


These people mailed me with a brochure for their small chain. I have stayed in the Midland in Bradford and the George in Wallingford near Oxford offers ‘Murder Mystry’ stays. These often seem like a good idea in the evening, but somehow I usually fail to book them the following day! But if I do, then this page might be useful.

Tags: culture, holiday, accomodation, uk, murder, mystery, peel, hotel.

Windows XP into a Windows 7 Virtual Machine with Disk2vhd

from the Microsoft Windows library at TechRepublic.com. Now can you do this for Vista and Virtualbox/VMware?

Tags: technology, software, virtualization, microsoft, XP, virtualPC.

Arms, Cambridge

the beer in the evening page, Food is well spoken of in the comments

Tags: culture, food+drink, pub, publichouse, cambridge.

Arms, Cambridge,

from Beer in the Evening, looks like a good beer pub, so what are the Lager & Wine drinkers to do.

Tags: culture, food+drink, pub, publichouse, cambridge.

A free to use compression/archive manager for windows.

Tags: technology, software, windows, free, compression, 7zip, archive.

from BBC Research and Development

Zeitgeist is a prototype to highlight the most shared BBC web pages on Twitter, a digest to link people to the hottest BBC pages. The project is part of a larger area of exploration to see how the BBC can use real-time trending data to enrich user experiences.

Tags: .

Community Expansion Pack 2.x

Hosted at the NW Vault, where they say “Neverwinter News, Trailers, Screenshots, Previews, Reviews, Guides — Neverwinter Nights 2 Vault”. This is an important collection of enhancements required for a number of the expansions published. It now has an updater which is good!

Tags: technology, computer, game, neverwinternights, nwn, games, rpg, frpg, community, cep, cep2, download.


An apartment to rent in Vienna, between the Belvedere, the Town Park and the Danube, advertised in the Newstatesman

Tags: culture, holiday, accomodation, europe, austria, vienna, flats, rental.

WinDirStat: Windows Directory Statistics software for free at SourceForge.net

WinDirStat (WDS) is a disk usage statistics viewer and clean up tool for Windows. It shows disk, file and directory sizes in a tree list as well as graphically in a tree map, much like KDirStat or SequoiaView.

Tags: Technology, software, tools, windows, opensource, freeware, utilities, sourceforge, filesystem, disk.

wall: 20 years on | World news | guardian.co.uk

Tidying up my hard disk and came across the bookmarks for this, theGuatdian’s tribute to the end of the Berlin Wall, and the reunification of Germany and Europe.

Tags: culture, history, berlin, video, coldwar, germany, guardian, politics, europe, wall, mauerfall.

10 Free Windows File Wranglers, Life Hacker

they say “you should have the most efficient power tools to get those jobs done. Windows Explorer and its weak army of file manipulation functions just doesn’t cut the mustard for people with lots of data and only a little time, but several free utilities can help out. So today we present our top 10 free Windows file manipulation utilities for managing your important data.”

Tags: Technology, software, freeware, windows, utilities, file, sysadmin, free, backup.

| Products: Navigator

TouchGraph allows for the creation and navigation of interactive graphs. Ideal for organising links, or mind mapping.

Tags: visualization, tools, web2.0, software, graph, webdesign, visualisation, social, touchgraph, Technology.

Labour project now is the reverse of 1994

Rebuilding Labour now is the reverse task of “the project” of 1994. A very different toxic history has to be expunged. Labour didn’t lose because it veered dangerously leftwards. From Polly Toynbee, Comment is free at the The Guardian

Tags: news, politics, pollytoynbee, labour, leadership, fightback, 2010.

– Debian Wiki

at the Debian Wiki, who’d have thought its become so hard, and there’s some real not UNIX stuff here, I mean mandatory comments and comment formats, but I bet there’s a load of real interesting stuff elsewhere in the Wiki.

Tags: technology, linux, debian, wiki, documentation, ubuntu, howto, script, init, startup, lsb, reference, init.d, initscripts.

– Android

Hootsuite is an Android Twitter client, it requires you to have an account with their server.

Tags: technology, mobile, phone, android, twitter, client, hootsuite, application.

UK – Nokia – Connect to Mac/PC

Back-up your phone’s data with Windows, or synchronise files on your PC or Mac with those on your phone.

Tags: Technology, mac, apple, macosx, nokia, pcsync, sync.

Directory Studio – The Eclipse based LDAP browser and directory client

Recommended to me by Dave Sewell, check him out on http://linkedin.com

Tags: Technology, apache, ldap, opensource, tools, browser, directory, software, sysadmin, user, security, authentication.

Uniform Resource Locator – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The key to understanding this is persistant. Its a contract…not a whimsey

Tags: techology, soc.

Skype Emoticons | All the secret Skype Emoticons and Smileys

Or how to make an arse of yourself while Instant Messaging

Tags: Technology, skype, hidden, fun, icon, emoticon, community, smilies, mooning.

Manager Slams Broadband ISPs for Decimating the Music Industry

Interesting headline, it reinforces the impression of U2’s stupidity, greed and intolerance but the most interesting part of this article is about ISP economics, and why the demand for bandwidth and download capacity is ‘legally’ growing. This article is published by ISP Review.

Tags: Technology, politics, deact, u2, wanker, copyright, filesharing, p2p, music, media, intellectualproperty, internet.


The Fedora Download page

Tags: Technology, operatingsystem, os, linux, fedora, download, install, .iso.

:: Crowdsourcing Crisis Information (FOSS)

Ushahidi builds tools for democratizing information, increasing transparency and lowering the barriers for individuals to share their stories.

Tags: technology, mashup, crowdsourcing, web2.0, visualization, maps, mobile, politics, activism, free, opensource, foss, floss.

Tendencies: OpenSolaris is Dead.

One take on Oracle’s Solaris policy, I shall be taking advice, but I am not sure its dead.

Tags: technology, opensolaris, oracle, sun, 2010, future, history, opensource, solaris, UNIX, stevenstallion.


Very elegant, very italian but not so near the beach

Tags: culture, holiday, accomodation, europe, italy.

N/A Values in a Sum with Microsoft Excel

It seems Criteria are expressions, and different from Booleans i.e. true & false. It must be “<>#NA” and not NOT(NA()).

Tags: technology, microsoft, excel, spreadsheet, logical, boolean, sun, notavailable, “N/A”.

do I delete hiberfil.sys and reclaim the hard disk space?

How do I delete hiberfil.sys and reclaim the hard disk space? From TechRepublic.com

Tags: technology, windows, microsoft, article, howto, hiberbate, hiberfil.sys.

State Capitalism | On the Commons

An article by James Quilligan on the challanges that modern co-operation will cause capitalism.

Tags: culture, politics, economics, commons, co-op, future, polemic, jamesquilligan.

Settings for Android

a claimed freeware app to manipulate the settings on an Android phone

Tags: technology, app, android, googlephone, settings, toggle, free.

Central: Recommended Places

The Brockley Central directory…

Tags: .

World’s Store Finder

Sometime you just have to do business in the real world. Do they do Dell repairs? Do they sell/fulfill Windows Upgrades?

Tags: techology, shopping, pcworld, storefinder, uk, dell, windows, upgrade.

News – In graphics: Supercomputing superpowers

I was shown this ealrier this yea, a BBC hosted graphic showing the top HPC computing installations in the world, I veiwed it using chrome as my firefox was being a bit shit.

Tags: technology, news, hpc, supercomputer, top500, 2010, bbc, visualization.

– Free Software for Digital Photo Editing

They say “Paint.NET is free image and photo editing software for computers that run Windows. It features an intuitive and innovative user interface with support for layers, unlimited undo, special effects, and a wide variety of useful and powerful tools. “, I say, pointed to at the Twibbon Blog.

Tags: technology, software, freeware, tools, free, windows, paint, image, editor.

tax and private colleges at heart of higher education blueprint | Education | The Guardian

Graduate tax and private colleges at heart of higher education blueprint. Private universities will flourish and struggling institutions will be allowed to fail, if the coalition has its way with the future of higher education.

Tags: news, cable, uk, politics, education, accessibility, government, guardian, tax, policy, studentfinance, tuition, fees, condem, tory, libdem, vincecable.

Old Brewery, Greenwich

They say ” restaurant, cafe, bar and brewery at the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich, London”

Tags: culture, food+drink, greenwich, bar, pub, restaurant, london, booze.

Instructions, Hackintosh How To Guides @ Hackintosh.com

pointed at in a debate on the Pyramid Alumni linked in site, which started as a debate about how to pronounce OSx, I mean OS X. How to break the appliance, although why you’d ant to I can’t imagine. (It might help build a Mac OS VM)

Tags: technology, software, macosx, hackintosh, vm, build, apple, tutorial, howto.

do I discover the URL for a subscribed feed’s XML file i.e. RSS/ATOM? – Google Reader Help

The Google Help thread that allowed me to use the Google Reader Cache to resurrect my 2009/2010 blog postings after the Qube crash.

Tags: Technology, software, internet, web, google, reader, help, url, xml, feed, rss, atom.

EU pushes for criminalizing non-commercial usages in ACTA | La Quadrature du Net

“The ACTA agreement, by its opacity and undemocratic nature, allows criminal sanctions to be simply negotiated. The leaked document shows that the EU Member States are willing to impose prison sanctions for non-commercial usages of copyrighted works on the Internet as well as for ‘inciting and aiding’, a notion so broad that it could cover any Internet service or speech questioning copyright policies. EU citizens should interrogate their governments about their support to policies that obviously attack freedom of speech, privacy and innovation. Around the next round of negotiations and beyond, ACTA should be restlessly combatted and opposed worldwide.” concludes J�r�mie Zimmermann, spokesperson for citizen advocacy group La Quadrature du Net.

Tags: news, politics, acta, copyright, internet, 2010, filesharing, legal, spain, digitalbritain, intellectualproperty, eu, europe, europeanunion.


at Wikipedia, basically Option Contracts afaik, mainly Equities but not always. A finance jargon term

Tags: economics, business, banking, warrant, wikipedia, trading.

snipsnap, XML at Google

the Google public URL for my blog on Snipsnap, however, this file seems to stop at 25 April, where as the Google reader feed goes back to Nov 13th, I really want it to go back to 1st Seot 2009, or all the way back to the start. Maybe I should look at the Snipsnap community. I made this using a public/private bundle.

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generation passes on after 12 frustrating years

Richard Williams on the ‘Golden Generation’, and 12 years of falling short, ended by ‘lethal dribbling and clinical finishing’. Sadly, Enfield’s Jurgen the German’s views on the England/Germany football rivalry are not on You Tube, but I am sure they will be soon.

Tags: culture, football, wc2010, worldcup, 2010, news, england, julesrimet, worst, defeat, 4-1.

Wells, Healthflex

Heidi Wells MCSP, after qualifying in 1990 from The West London Institute of Higher Education, Heidi went on to work in the NHS for 3 years prior to going in to private practice. She successfully ran her own private practice locally for several years before going in to partnership with Martin Dyer in June 2000. Heidi specialises in musculo-skeletal care with a particular interest in sports injuries

Tags: Physiotherapist, local, medical, heidiwells, healthflex, healthcare.

Carlo method – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, about Monte Carlo methods, suddenly everyone’s an expert

Tags: Algorithm, algorithms, definition, finance, maths, programming, reference, risk, simulation, wikipedia, montecarlomethod, estimation, monte, carlo, montecarlo.

Hero Quick Start Guide

this is a .pdf. I dropped my phone in my pocket yesterday and had to reseat the battery, which fixed my problem. This document helped. Should I download it to my ‘touch.

Tags: technology, mobile, phone, htc, hero, quickstart, howto, documentation, reference, .pdf, faq.

– Stephanomics: (Some of) the truth about public-sector pensions

from Stephanie Flanders, BBC Economics editor,in response to a speech by Nick “I’m hard me” Clegg on the unaffordability of public sector pensions; she concludes he’s ignorant, (my words), and presents two key home truths. You need to read this for her words.

Tags: news, economics, bbc, stephanieflanders, public, pensions, uk, cuts, budget, nickclegg.

Old Games

Good Old Games, what it says, includes the Tex Murphy series

Tags: technology, software, computer, games, store, shopping, advert, gog, old, vintage.

LaSalle in Zurich

They say “Ehrliche Gerichte aus besten Zutaten �”, recommended in the Rough Guide in the middle of Zurich West

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a Google generated feed – Google Reader Help

I might need this article to help me recover my blog

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Murdoch v the British Library

from the Guardian Media, “they want to copyright news”

Tags: news, politics, copyright, digitalbritain.

Class (Windows)

from MSDN, another MS resource documenting the perfromance counters set and read by the windows performance measurement sub system

Tags: technology, software, operatingsystem, windows, microsoft, performance, counters, msdn.


at Machinima.com – Dragon Age Series, how can you subscribe to this?

Tags: culture, computer, games, machinima, dragonage, frpg, wardensfall.

Olva Hotel, St Ives, Cornwall

A hotel in St Ives, seems well written about

Tags: culture, holiday, hotel, uk, cornwall, stives.

Blue Holidays

They say “Luxury Self-Catering Holiday Apartments & Cottages Padstow, North Cornwall at Treyarnon Bay”

Tags: holiday, culture, uk, cornwall, padstow, accomodation, trevarnon.

things you need to know about Ofcom’s file sharing crackdown | News | TechRadar UK

We have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that Ofcom’s proposed new Code of Practice doesn’t look like it’ll kill public Wi-Fi.

Tags: techradar.com, politics, news, debill, deact, digitaleconomybill, digitalbritain, copyright, intellectualproperty, ofcom, codeofpractice.

Act: does the UK qualify for a 2-tier copyright regime? – IpTegrity.com

What it means is that the only rights-holders who will �benefit’ under the 3-strikes measures are those who have a
sufficiently large business to submit high volumes of allegations against Internet users, and who have a corporate budget to match. They will have to be large enough, in corporate terms, to deal on even terms with the likes of British Telecom, Sky, and Virgin.

Tags: politics, news, comment, debill, deact, intellectualproperty, uk, law, digitaleconomybill, digitalbritain, iptegrity.com, monicahorten, by-nc-sa.


a definition at Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, the crux is services to customers “needing the ability to borrow securities and cash to be able to invest on a netted basis”.

Tags: banking, business, finance, industry, stocks, trading, economics, jargon, prime, broker, primebrokerage, definition, howto, Docs.

OPTIONS – Kefalonia

Of the few holiday properties in Assos, Apollonia is positioned in one of the most desirable locations, right on the edge of a beautiful sand and shingle beach.

Tags: culture, holiday, 2010, greekoptions, eu, europe, greece, ionianislands, kefalonia, villa, accomodation.

Sailing. Sailing Courses and Corporate Events with Ondeck Sailing

You can even win a place in a raffle, way to go Peter…safe travel to Pompey

Tags: travel, holiday, sailing, miles, ocean, ondeck, yachting, transatlantic, charter.

beaches and great deals in Greece

from Guardian Travel, its not too late for Greece this year it seems

Tags: culture, travel, holiday, europe, greece, villas, accomodation.

Maps: Power, Propaganda and Art – Stephen Walter’s The Island

An exhibition at the British Library, this page includes Stephen Walter’s Map of London, as “The Island”, with a marvelous zoom and pan feature

Tags: cutlure, london, maps, map, art, uk, british, britishlibrary, exhibition, stephenwalters.


An art gallery in New York, London, Paris and Rome

Tags: culture, art, gallery, london, nyc, paris, rome, exhibition, museum.

short Tcl tutorial

came across this, of more use to the knowledgable

Tags: tcl, tutorial, programming, software.

Littlejohn we design, supply and install quality bathrooms

Bathroom planning and design, through to supply and installation, everything you need under one roof at Littlejohn’s award-winning bathroom showrooms in Petersfield, Hampshire. Installation, they claim to do installation

Tags: shopping, bathroom, local, hampshire, installation.

of public lectures and events at the LSE

This looks interesting. the LSE Guest Lectures programme, claims to be available via podcast

Tags: news, lectures, video, lecture, design, e-learning, lse, knowledge, wisdom.

letter to Rt Hon Nicholas Clegg MPfrom John Redwood

John Redwood’s list of repeals, mainly workers rights, but at 22 out of 27 includes the DE Act, somewhere after abolishing the need for Horse Passports. Also looks like its a bit late, but maybe he said in private and has been ignored.

Tags: politics, news, tory, johnredwood, freedom, greatrepealact, digitalbritain, digitaleconomybill, deact, debill.

Command-Line Options

The commands that Windows uses to manage and manipulate the power management settings. I want/need to offer a choice on startup/login. I need it High Powered while at work and either balenced or low while at home. I see another TCL script coming up.

Tags: technology, scripting, windows, vista, power, management, commandline, command, control, energy, powercfg, cli.

– Open Source Shopping Cart Solution

for Internet merchants with the ability to create their own online business and participate in e-commerce at a minimal cost.

Tags: technology, software, business, shopping, opensource, php, shop, free, open, cart, eshop, ecommerce.


from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, could be a bit tricky to prohibit them all

Tags: economics, finance, investment, wikipedia, business, investing, banking, reference, derivative, derivatives.

bank reformer says UK should copy US bank rules

from City A.M., it seems the US are considering going to prohibit, or seriously constrain ‘prop’ trading, and possibly derivatives. This is an interview with Paul Volker, who some suggest doesn’t have clean hands in this crisis, canvassing for UK support for these reforms. (Can one ban derivative trading?)

Tags: news, finance, cityam, volker, anglo-us, regulation, UK, london.

computing for business goes mainstream

from BBC News, interesting mainly because its reached the BBC, but the case study is e-mail.

Tags: news, technology, cloud, cloudcomputing, bbc, article.

Content’s depraved indifference – Boing Boing

will we allow a small gang of selfish and short-sighted entertainment companies to fatally compromise the infrastructure of the 21st century to add a few points to its bottom line?

Tags: news, drm, copyright, future, entertainment, law, privacy, digitalbritain, digitaleconomybill.


The online home for all things Brockley, London SE4

Tags: culture, london, local, uk, community, deptford.

Worst CEOs In American History

from 24/7 Wall St., a bit harsh, Jonathan Schwartz the worst ever, worse than Ken Lay of Enron??

Tags: news, business, opinon, us, worstceo, fail.

Evan Harris in parliament, Oxford West and Abingdon

From Ben Goldacre, a plea for a pro-science MP to be returned in the geneneral election

Tags: politics, news, ge2010, bengoldacre, voteforscience.

Guardian Guide to tactical voting

Lewis Baston’s tactical voting guide from Politics at the guardian.co.uk

Tags: politics, news, ge2010, 2010, voting, guardian.

: Optimising Web Delivery

Squid is a caching proxy for the Web supporting HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, and more. It reduces bandwidth and improves response times by caching and reusing frequently-requested web pages.

Tags: technology, software, opensource, server, web, linux, proxy, tools, performance, squid, cache, internet, www.

at HDF Group

HDF5 is a data model, library, and file format for storing and managing data. It supports an unlimited variety of datatypes, and is designed for flexible and efficient I/O and for high volume and complex data. HDF5 is portable and is extensible, allowing applications to evolve in their use of HDF5. The HDF5 Technology suite includes tools and applications for managing, manipulating, viewing, and analyzing data in the HDF5 format.

Tags: technology, software, filesystem, storage, data, format, hdf, library, programming, science, blob, hdf5, hdfgroup.


Thye documentation of the Samba configuration file

Tags: technology, software, linux, samba, reference, manual, smb, documentation, smb.conf, config, configuration, windows.

Guardian Activate Summit 2010

their IT of the future conference

Tags: guardian, activate, conference, 2010, event, future.

Brown calls for those opposed to Tories to unite behind Labour

another article in the Guardian, “Brown has also accused the Tories of being out of touch with working families. Asking why the Tories did not support Labour’s cancer guarantees, child tax credits and free extra tuition for primary school pupils, he told the … audience: “I’ve got to come to the conclusion � if you have the money and are privileged, you don’t need to worry if you have to wait two weeks to see a cancer specialist, you can buy your way in.If you have the money you can pay for private tuition, you don’t have to worry….”

Tags: politics, news, opinion, election, ge2010, gordonbrown, imvotinglabour, guardian.

hate Tories. And yes, it’s tribal

by Gary Younge at Comment is free, the Guardian

Tags: politics, news, opinion, labour, imvotinglabour, ge2010, 2010, election, guardian.

Legal – status of our customers-

AAISP are exploring the loopholes in the DE Bill. They are encouraging those of their customers who can to register themselvesas “Communications Providers”. Interesting to see if this survives Ofcom ‘development of process’. It’d be a good let out for Universities.

Tags: technology, news, politics, debill, loophole, aaisp.

Village Tandoori, Liphook

Free Home Delivery on orders over £12. I wonder if they come out this far.

Tags: culture, food+drink, restaurant, takeaway, free, delivery, tandoori, indian, curry, uk, hampshire, local, advert, liphook, shopping.

History, at ongoing by Tim Bray �

Tim Bray on Flash, Apple, History and open systems

Tags: technology, software, adobe, apple, flash, history, timbray.

is WebSEAL?

IBM WebSphere Developer Technical Journal: Integration of IBM Tivoli Access Manager 3.9 with WebSphere Application Server

Tags: technology, software, IBM, tivoli, webseal, security.

use” generates trillions in the US alone

Fair use and other limitations on copyright themselves generate significant economic activity�$4.7 trillion in 2007 in the US. An article at Arstechnica

Tags: technology, economics, arstechnica, copyright, law, usa, news, 2007, 2010, intellectualproperty, debill, digitalbritain, digitaleconomybill.

Beach Hotel on Santorini

at Kamari, on the SE side, they say “a perfect hideaway from the exact stresses that led you to a vacation in the first place. Candlelight dinners and sparkling moonlit skies add to the romantic atmosphere you’re looking for”.

Tags: culture, travel, holiday, guardian, eu, Greece, santorini, kamari, beach, hotel, swimming, accomodation.

draw of special taverna on Crete’s south coast

from the Guardian travel, been there before but this seems nice, wonder what the swimming’s like

Tags: culture, travel, holiday, guardian, eu, greece, crete, agiafontini, beach, swimming.

Park Budapest

They say “Remains of Communist Dictatorship”, the Hungarian people have decided afte a national debate tocreate a ark for much of the sculpture art created by the public sector between the end of World War II and 1989. I am coy about describing it because its complex. Its a sculpture park to help remember Hungary’s communist history.

Tags: culture, europe, eu, history, hungary, sculpture, budapest, art, museum, travel.

in Budapest with Top Gun Tours

Invited to Budapest to on a stag weekend, we attended Top Gun Tour’s Red Army Experience. I am trying to work out when I last used a real Gun. My liberal credentials would like to say never, but I think I used a shotgun at a clay pigeon shooting experience in my teens, This, however, was another experience. I particularly liked the AK47 and the PPSh41 Shpagin, the latter often seen in the statues celebrating the defeat of fascism.

Tags: big, guns, europe, eu, budapest, hungary, shooting, stagnight, topguntours, redarmy.

Issue by Issue parties’ tech policies compared

the UK 2010 general election and the parties ‘technology’ policies

Tags: technology, politics, ge2010, 2010, news, labour, libdem, conservative, tory, snp, greenparty, zdnet, pirateparty, plaidcymru, policy, education.

Patent Reforms While We Wait For Nirvana

Some thoughts from Simon Phipps on patent reform for software, nake ’em prove wilful breach, shorten the term, protect standards from patents, reduce the cost and risk, fine ’em for hiding or losing prior art, only grant software patents if code is submitted. His page is open for comments.

Tags: simonphipps, patent, reform, world, osi, iso, intellectualproperty, copyright.

‘intellectual property’ oxymoron

“If nature has made any one thing less susceptible than all others of exclusive property, it is the action of the thinking power called an idea, …..Thomas Jefferson, at a site called cat-v

Tags: digitaleconomybill, copyright, philosophy, economics, intellectualproperty, rights, ideas, free, freedom, freespeech, harmful.

South East London blogzine – things that are happening, things that happened, things that should never have happened. Things to do in Deptford when you’re not dead, plus New Cross, Brockley, Old Kent Road and other beauty spots.

Tags: culture, london, blog, music, history, southlondon, deptford, uk.

BitTorrent Transfers Anonymous With BTGuard

With the entertainment industries lobbying for increased powers to spy on BitTorrent users, many downloaders are seeking ways to hide their traffic from the pubic eye. BTGuard is a platform-independent anonymizing service optimized for BitTorrent users. As expected, they are plucking the fruits of the increased threat of online surveillance. Torrentfreak

Tags: technology, software, debill, digitaleconomybill, digital, proxy, btguard, torrentfreak, anonymity.


Flex Adobe, open source software , they say “Flex is a free, open source framework for building highly interactive, expressive web applications that deploy consistently on all major browsers, desktops, and operating systems.”

Tags: technology, framework, flash, software, programming, webdesign, air, xml, java, adobe, flex.

economy bill: government forced to drop key clauses

The Guardian reports on the Govt. amendments made to get the Tories behind the DE Bill. Date 7th April

Tags: technology, software, debill, digitalbritain, copyright, law, uk, democracy, government, parliament, guardian.

Peter Mandelson didn’t download some common sense | Technology | The Observer

Legislative irresponsibility stems from parliamentarians’ failure to remember that intellectual property (IP) differs from other kinds of property rights, in that it’s a government-granted, time-limited monopoly rather than an inalienable “right”.

Tags: politics, copyright, piracy, debill, rights, technology, digital, digitalbritain, digitaleconomybill, guardian.

Virtual Desktop Manager

What is this? Do I want it? It looks like a free third party utility, marked as 4 stars. It’d be good if it worked.

Tags: technology, software, windows, virtual, desktop, vista, free, tools, xp, microsoft, tpp, 3rdParty.

sysinternals : Process Monitor

They say “Process Monitor is an advanced monitoring tool for Windows that shows real-time file system, Registry and process/thread activity. It combines the features of two legacy Sysinternals utilities, Filemon and Regmon, and adds an extensive list of enhancements.”

Tags: technology, software, microsoft, freeware, sysadmin, utility, utilities, tools, windows, sysinternals, process, monitor, procmon, truss.

Ubuntu Documentation


Tags: technology, software, ubuntu, linux, documentation, reference, howto, guide, help, support.

– Community Ubuntu Documentation

everything I could want to know about Samba on Ubuntu, shame I need to know the Centos answer

Tags: technology, linux, ubuntu, samba, howto, networking, network, documentation.

firm defends net hunt, from BBC News

Deborah Prince, head of legal affairs at Which? said she was pleased that TBI had decided to stop the practice. “Hopefully, other law firms thinking of going down a similar route will refrain as we believe the practice is inherently unfair and unethical,” she said.

Tags: technology, politics, news, bbc, digitaleconomybill, debill, which, dunningletter, lawyers, legal, unethical.

emergency motion in full� � Bridget’s Blog

This is the wording of the Liberal Democrat’s conference policy. NB it does not oppose disconnection without a court hearing, it does not take on the extra judicial nature of the harrassment of internet users. It’s just more of their dancing around the lightening rod of the Henry VIII clause, and an attempt to put the right the mistakes their parliamentary Lords team made. This is an article on Bridget Fox’s blog, who wrote and proposed the motion at LD conference.

Tags: technology, politics, libdems, debill, digitaleconomybill, disconnection.

Power Index results for Lewisham Deptford

Out of the frying pan, into the fire. Lewisham Deptford is even safer for Labour than East Hants is for the Torys. This site lets you know how powerfull your vote is compared with the rest of the country.

Tags: politics, voting, psephology, election, electoralreform, fairvoting.

Safarai Books Online – Search

This what I am reduced to, looking for some stuff on Windows

Tags: technology, books, safari, computer, oreilly, online, search.

Economy Act likely to increase households targeted for piracy

Why was this published after the BIll passed? Its been obvious that people like this are going to maximise their rights to the full.

Tags: technology, politics, news, debill, digitaleconomybill, guardian, moralhazard.

HDF Group – Information, Support, and Software

They say “The HDF Group provides a unique suite of technologies and supporting services that make possible the management of large and complex data collections. Its mission is to advance and support HDF (Hierarchical Data Format) technologies and ensure long-term access to HDF data. “

Tags: technology, services, hdf, hdf5, storage, opensource, software, format, filesystem.

to buy cheap European train tickets

They say “Read this advice first!”

Tags: culture, travel, train, europe, transport, rail.

an der Wien – Programme – Der Freischütz

Die Freischütz, on in April

Tags: culture, opera, german, eu, europe, austria, vienna, wien, Freisch�tz.

They say, “We specialise in IT Analytics, a ground-breaking approach to optimising enterprise IT environments.” I say, you’d better believe it, an organisation that “Sells knowledge, and bills for time”. They use people and theory to analyse facts.

Tags: technology, services, vendor, capacity, performance, IT, investment, ROI.

Crypto Wars are Over!

A press release from the foundation for information policy research on the expiry of reserve regulatory powers on encryption established by Electronic Communications Act 2000. It is dated May 2005. The last time government tried to regulate encryption. I like Roger Needham’s quote, `Our enemy is not the government of the day – our enemy is ignorance. If ignorance and government happen to be co-located, then we’d better do something about it.’

Tags: old, news, uk, fipr, 2005, technology, politics, encryption, export, exportcontrols, software, crypto, cryptowars.

To Encrypt BitTorrent Traffic

from Torrent freak, marvelous 1st response to the DE Bill. Thank you Torrent Freak.

Tags: Technology, software, blog, torrentfreak, bittorrent, torrent, encryption, p2p, howto, security, privacy, tips, azureus, bitcomet, utorrent.

Again, what’s tf’ing point of the Lib Dems?

from Eric Joyce MP’s blog, a frustration about the Lib Dem’s parliamentary tactics on the 2nd reading of the DE Bill 2010. The temptation to be abusive on tag list is strong, but I have resisted.

Tags: Technology, politics, debill, digitaleconomybill, liberaldemocrats, UK, law, copyright.

– Charlie’s Diary

Charlie Stross on the Digital Economy Bill, an author/creator who recognizes its not in his interests; many of his interests are the same has his consumers

Tags: technology, politics, copyright, law, uk, 2009, article, author, blog.

clown giveth and the other clown taketh away

by Richard Stallman at the Technology blog at the guardian.co.uk

Tags: technology, politics, debill, digitaleconomybill, stallman, guardian, law, UK, copyright.

lock-in, at Wikipedia

An article on Vendor Lock-in, at Wikipedia, discusses Apple and the Norwegian ruling that Apple were using DRM as an illegal barrier to entry to their itunes service which was afiak considered a marketplace. Sadly for the propagation of precedent, Norway is not in the EU.

Tags: technology, news, wikipedia, opensource, economics, competition, business, norway, law, court, norwegian.

A-Z: economic terms, topics and | The Economist

at the Economist, this is the root page for the query of their dictionary. Sadly no “add me” to the search engines panel for Firefox

Tags: Technology, software, search, economist, theeconomist, reference, economics, dictionary, finance, business, glossary.

News – Ordnance Survey offers free data access

After months of public consultation, OS OpenData was launched on 1 April by Communities Secretary John Denham. He said he hoped it would attract “a new wave of entrepreneurs” to reuse the data in innovative ways

Tags: data, open, government, uk, public, free, ordnance, survey, os, opendata, johndenham.

tools at the Economist

includes a dictionary/glossary

Tags: economics, research, business, writing, economist, finance, tools, reference.

is no UK music business without the fans | Music | The Guardian

What if, as several studies of piracy and music purchasing seem to suggest, the good fans (buyers) and the bad fans (illegal downloaders) are the same people?

Tags: Technology, news, music, copyright, article, business, internet, p2p, piracy, digitaleconomybill.

Your Rights Online Story | New Litigation Targets 20,000 BitTorrent-Using Downloaders

What it says! Rights Traders monetizing their rights.

Tags: Technology, bittorrent, copyright, delicious, filesharing, law, p2p, sue, usa.

finds that film piracy is a hard habit to break

a commentary on Spain’s downloading culture with a gratuitous but excellent picture of Penelope Cruz

Tags: culture, europe, spain, download, boycott, hollywood, acta, economics, copyright, guardian.

the Internet is more important than my party affiliations.

Good for Loudmouthman, do I have the courage to follow him?

Tags: digitaleconomybill, politics, loudmouthman, laststraw.

MP’s motion to subject Digital Economy Bill to full debate

UK Labour MP Austin Mitchell has had a change of heart on the dread Digital Economy Bill and has produced anearly day motion asking to have all 24,000+ words of it subjected to scrutiny and debate,

Tags: technology, politics, internet, intellectualproperty, debill, digitaleconomybill, labour, austinmitchell.

thoughts: The Digital Economy Bill #debill summary to date

They say…”Remedial Thoughts touches on current developments within media and cultural studies, including journalism, digital media and web studies. It is principally a resource for aiding my media students by …. “, I say yet another academic site that says this is wrong. Worth revisiting because it explores the ‘freedom of the press’ arguments

Tags: Technology, politics, digitaleconomybill, free, freedom, freespeech, freedomofthepress.

Watson MP: �Shame On’ Authors Of Digital Economy Bill

from Edge Online, several hours before Paul Burstow, Libdem Chief Whip declared they couldn’t support DEbell as drafted. Foster, their new media spokesman says hunting pirates is OK, it’s web filtering they object to. Follow the economics, the right i.e efficient price for downloads is free.

Tags: Technology, politics, digitaleconomybill, debill, tomwatson, hero, labour, libdem, tory, paulburstow.


A set on Flickr from Valencia Blog

Tags: culture, travel, europe, spain, valencia, fallas, 2010, fireworks, party, festival, fayre, fete, flickr, images, pictures.

Wi-Fi ‘outlawed’ by Digital Economy Bill

published at ZD Net on 26th Feb, the final paragraphs raise the issue about whether Universities are ISPs or not.

Tags: technology, uk, copyright, 2010, digitaleconomybill, wifi, debill, digital, law, intellectualproperty.

Urge Government to Stop War on Piracy

from Torrent Freak, two spanish economists argue against pursuing pirates

Tags: politics, economics, copyright, piracy, 2010, law, media, intellectualproperty, europe, spain.

Maps: Power, Propaganda and Art

They say “Maps can be works of art, propaganda and indoctrination. Magnificent Maps: Power, Propaganda and Art offers a rare chance to see an unrivalled collection of cartographic masterpieces that were intended for display side-by-side with the world’s greatest paintings and sculptures.” A British Library Exhibition from April to September 2010

Tags: culture, history, london, british, maps, library, exhibition, news.

Thames Path National Trail

They say “This website is an un-official guide to the Thames Path, a National Trail footpath running for 180 miles along the banks of the river Thames.”

Tags: travel, uk, thames, london, walking, guide, thamespath, greenwich, deptford, rotherhithe, city, shadwell, limehouse, southbank, millbank, poplar, isleofdogs.

Sark Tavern, Greenwich,

right on the Thames, river side tables, this is another ‘beerintheevening’ page

Tags: travel, food+drink, booze, pub, london, greenwich, thames.


Next door to the better known ‘Trafalgar’ but the menu and the view look great so worth a visit. This is the beerintheevening page.

Tags: travel, food+drink, booze, pub, london, greenwich, thames.

Restaurant & Bar

in Greenwich, this is the London Eating page, the last review says it’s shut, but is dated Dec 2009. It looks very nice and had great reviews at London Eating.

Tags: culture, travel, food+drink, restaurant, londoneating, london, greenwich.

a charity changing peoles lives through sailing

Based in Deptford, SE London, the Centre is open to everyone and is a place where you can have the opportunity to enjoy the experience of sailing and boating activities on the Thames in the heart of London.

Tags: Sailing, charity, London, uk, deptford, greenwich, thames.

needed on digital economy bill

A letter to the Guardian demanding a debate on the Digital Economy Bill signed by Anthony Barnett, Billy Bragg, Caroline Lucas, Peter Tatchell, Jim KIllock etc… you get the idea.

Tags: Technology, digitaleconomybill, politics, campaign, guardian, letter, debill.

Central in Athens Greece, hotel

I found this recommended or at least mentioned in the Rough Guide to Greece

Tags: culture, travel, europe, greece, hotel, accomoda, accomodation, athens.

and the War on the Internet

“…the whole point of copyright: not to reward *past* work, but to encourage *future* creations � something that most people forget.” . An article at ComputerworldUK by Glynn Moody on his attendence at the Counter Project’s Conference

Tags: technology, news, copyright, intellectualproperty, law, politics, debill, digitaleconomybill, acta, eu, europeanunion, fp7.

for Firefox, Search Results for steam

A rather nice collection in which “Steampunk” plays a prominent role. I was looking for “SteamFox” after the Firefox 3,6 download. Firefox now treats the persona as a theme, so I can have a library and choose the persona based my mood.

Tags: technology, software, mozilla, firefox, personas, collection, steam, steampunk.

Straight Choice

a crowd sourced UK election project collecting political leaflets

Tags: politics, uk, election, democracy, tools, government, monitoring, crowdsourcing, activism, leaflets, 2010.

defence of the download

Framing the greatest innovation in human communications since the printing press as an enemy of cultural progress was always going to be a tough sell for the music industry. Public rhetoric around the Digital Economy Bill has focused on “protecting artists” from the evils of free filesharing, which is supposed to plunge us into a new cultural ice age in exactly the same way that home taping killed music. But as the Bill enters its final stages of being rushed through parliament, young artists and innovators are refusing to buy the orthodoxy of copyright protection -and many are fighting back.

Tags: technology, digitaleconomybill, drm, copyright, music, download, free, newstatesman.

Enforcement Appliance Subverts SSL

An article from “Threat Level” at Wired.com. It starts with an appliance that acts as a man in the middle but goes on to discuss the whole man in the middle attack and the how those who wish to keep their private data private might react.

Tags: technology, security, hacking, maninthemiddle, threat, wired, ssl.

epigone: The BPI’s China-like clauses in the Digital Economy Bill

Kevin Marks compares and contrasts the US Congress’s defintion of China’s internet censorship and the UK’s DE Bill. Why the US’d want to criticise China’s regime, when its what US Music want’s apart from the non-recognition of copyright that is, I don’t know?

Tags: news, comment, digitaleconomybill, debate, UK.

Utility-Oriented Federation of Cloud Computing Environments for Scaling of Application Services

This paper presents vision, challenges, and architectural elements of InterCloud for utility-oriented federation of Cloud computing environments. Buyya, Ranjan & Calheiros, at CLOUDS, an aussie academic researc consortium

Tags: technology, cloud, cloudcomputing, australia, research, intercloud, .pdf, federation, buyya, ranjin, calheiros, whitepaper.

Wireless: How It Works > Submit Wi-Fi Access Point

’nuff said. This is where you submit the your mac address/location data to allow the wifi access point to serve location data to ipod touches.

Tags: technology, howto, ipodtouch, location, apple, skyhook, wifi.


They say, Fine Chinese Cuisine in Southsea, PO5 3LS

Tags: culture, food+drink, chinese, restaurant, portsmouth, pompey, hants, UK.

call time on Viacom

They’ve finally had enough of being bullied by Viacom, from the YouTube Blog: Broadcast Yourself. I particularly liked “on countless occasions Viacom demanded the removal of clips that it had uploaded to YouTube, only to return later to sheepishly ask for their reinstatement. In fact, some of the very clips that Viacom is suing us over were actually uploaded by Viacom…”

Tags: politics, youtube, copyright, google, law, culture, video, viacom, dmca, debill, digitaleconomybill.

Excel Frequency function

A step by step guide on how to use the “FREQUENCY” function to build a frequency distribution table from a scattegram table, i.e. a list of (X,Y) datapoints. For instance the disk response times of a system, or the sampled cpu utilisation rate. This page is very good and simple.

Tags: technology, software, microsoft, spreadsheet, excel, function, frequency, howto, guide.

cautions against strong-arm tactics in copyright battles | Pinsent Masons LLP

Copyright-dependent industries risk alienating the public and undermining intellectual property laws with their unregulated and aggressive tactics, according to an historian who has studied nearly 400 years of piracy and intellectual property law. “True That”. This is the site with the podcast, so you can hear Prof Adrian Johns in his own words.

Tags: Technology, politics, podcast, news, digitaleconomybill, copyright, academic, filesharing, history, law, piracy.

SQL Server Objects, monitoring the SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server provides objects and counters that can be used by System Monitor to monitor activity in computers running an instance of SQL Server. This is MS SQL Server 2008 page. This is part of ms technet

Tags: technology, database, rdbms, sqlserver, microsoft, monitoring, mom, counters, technet.

ControlPoint Connection Manager causes WiFi to drop connection

Dell ControlPoint Connection Manager causes WiFi to drop connection, a thread at Dell Community, from 2008, to July 2009

Tags: technology, dell, howto, wifi, connection, manager, vista, controlpoint.

to use the Alternate Configuration feature for multiple network connectivity in Windows XP

This article describes how to use the Alternate Configuration functionality to establish multiple-network connectivity. Is thie answer to my BT Home Hub pain.

Tags: technology, home, bt, homehub, vista, xp, microsoft, tcpip, pain, fail.

new cool neighbourhood

Emulating New York’s Meatpacking District, K�dbyen, or ‘Meat City’, is now the hippest area in town, from the Travel section of the Guardian, published 10 Oct 2009

Tags: travel, europe, denmark, copenhagen, fun, guardian, meatcity.

a file’s icon in Mac OS X in 5 easy steps

Neil Crosby came across the problem that he wanted to be able to set the icon of a file that I was going to open under OS X independently of the application that was going to be used to open it. So do I.

Tags: technology, howto, tutorial, icon, mac, osx, icons, article, software, macosx, desktop, shortcuts.

announces new UN police chief

How Fantastic. The UN’s top cop is a Swedish woman, and a member of Amnesty International.

Tags: news, UN, UNO, unitednations, police, personell, woman, freedom, democracy, humanrights, Ann-MarieOrler, annmarieorler.

im Berlin

In the center of the East-City of Berlin, the world�s largest model railway

Tags: culture, travel, europe, germany, berlin, model, trains.

the Design Museum

The Design Museum is one of the world’s leading museums devoted to contemporary design in every form from furniture to graphics, and architecture to industrial design. Its also a lot closer to Waterloo than the V&A, currently hosting the finalists to the Brit Insurance Design Awards.

Tags: culture, travel, uk, london, design, museum, southbank, shad, thames, awards.

2010: How the internet is changing politics

“One of the dullest statements about the forthcoming election is that it’s going to be the election in which the internet comes into its own as a campaigning tool. ” From the Uni. of Nottingham, professor Philip Cowley points at two research sources from the Liberal Democrats talking about internet campaigning in the UK

Tags: politcs, campaign, campaigning, internet, university, nottingham, philipcowley.


on the Medina, between Cowes and Newport, great food and reasonable wine

Tags: travel, holiday, sailing, accomodation, food+drink, uk, isleofwight.

BBC’s self-made problems

an article on the Guardian’s blog site, suggesting that the BBC are scaling back their role as digital innovators, possibly because the innovation work is done. Nothing can escape the fact that the BBC’s detractors don’t want to compete with free, but this article suggests some reasons of their own why they might want to do these things. It’s written by Steve Hewlett.

Tags: news, bbc, digital, strategy, review, cuts.

digital economy bill at www.parliament.uk

the site’s Bills before Parliament page, although this is dedicated to the #debill.

Tags: politcs, news, debill, digitaleconomybill, censorship, copyright, government, uk, law.

Switzerland 2010 by Luis Morales

from Waters Edge Photography , a tag line is “Fine Art Photography by Luis Morales”. These are his Zermatt pictures from his trip to the Citihub World Conference 2010.

Tags: culture, work, europe, switzerland, 2010, zermatt, luismorales, photography, photos.

eye view

A London film festival celebrating women directors. March 2010

Tags: culture, uk, london, film, festival, video, art, cinema, bfi, bev, news, march, spring.

Edge Photography

Fine Art Photography by Luis Morales

Tags: culture, photography, luismorales, zermatt.

They say “The most popular web development tool for Firefox”

Tags: technology, software, firefox, javascript, css, development, tools, webdesign, extension, firebug, tool, inspect.

Maps API Tutorial, Wizard

Google provides a Wizard which will generate a chunk of code that you can add to your own web page in order to use Google Maps. Another page by MIke Williams. I have tagged this heatmap, because thats where I want to go.

Tags: Technology, software, heatmap, google, maps, api, howto, tutorial.

Maps API Tutorial

This tutorial is intended to help you create your own interactive maps using the Google API. by Mike Williams at econym.org.uk. I was looking for help in building a Heatmap application

Tags: Technology, software, google, maps, map, tutorial, javascript, reference, howto, heatmap, mikewilliams.

– Documentation

The documentation age at heatmapapi.com.

Tags: technology, software, heatmap, api, maps, mashup, analytics, chart, data, google, howto, documentation.

WINE on Mac OSX 10.5 Leopard

This is my thread at fourms.winehq.org, I have now copied my findings into the wiki, which were the disable 16 bit flag and an alternative to using the environment variable.

Tags: technology, software, wine, install, maxosx, apple, mac, community, forums.

Wine on Mac OS X

a tutorial by Dave Baumgold… this was surprisingly hard to find.

Tags: technology, software, wine, macosx, howto, tutorial, mac, apple, davidbaumgold, install.

– a tool for exporting Address Book to Thunderbird (and Gmail)

Awesome, why’d it take so long

Tags: Technology, software, mail, apple, osx, macosx, addressbook, thunderbird, export, contacts.

– BBC Two Programmes – The Culture Show, 2009/2010, Episode 23, Digital Piracy – Feargal Sharkey & Billy Bragg

They say “BBC – BBC Two Programmes – The Culture Show, 2009/2010, Episode 23, Digital Piracy – Feargal Sharkey & Billy Bragg”, Billy says 90% royalty on creative content is shit.

Tags: culture, digitaleconomybill, billybrag, markthomas, fergalsharky, fail.

a wine wrapper for the Mac

They say “Wineskin is simply a wrapper used to make ports of Windows� software to Mac OS X. It can contain a Windows� program inside of it, and launch and run it easily by just double clicking the file like a normal Mac .app.”

Tags: Technology, software, macosx, windows, wine, mac, osx, emulator, freeware, opensource, wineskin.

What Is A Page Fault?

A short answer at least

Tags: technology, windows, computer, memory, software, architecture, swap, pagefault.

– Sample Apps and Code – Javascript (Small Set)

This just has to be done.

Tags: technology, google, api, maps, visualization, javascript, mashup, googlemap, programming, heatmap.

Bertaux Caf�

another recommended place for breakfast if your out that way

Tags: culture, food+drink, uk, london, breakfast, guardian.

Arch London

recommended by the Guradian, they say ” London’s most intriguing luxury hotel, close to Marble Arch”

Tags: culture, holiday, europe, uk, london, hotel, guardian, advert.

Amano, Berlin

recommended by the Guardian for Valentine’s day, a roof garden with a view and an exceptionally cool bar, allegedly

Tags: culture, holiday, europe, germany, berlin, hotel, cool, guardian, advert, romance, valentine.

China Restaurant

They have a few in and around London, I ate in the Canary Wharf one which was rather good.

Tags: culture, food+drink, restaurant, chinese, london, canarywharf.

Jobs and Executive Career Opportunities from exec-appointments.com

This has a bunch of highly paid and interesting jobs, but I don’t need it at the moment. I may wll check’em out should I need it again.

Tags: jobsearch, IT, jobs, uk, europe.


Various things, but will it only encourage the wrong sort of people to stay. The Cube looks neat, not sure about the colours or faux suede

Tags: furniture, bed, shopping, advert, futon.


Are these the 2nd biggest british charterer in the Ionian? Anyway they have a bunch of offerings, including Milebuilding, which includes a W. Indies to Lefkas journey, although more interestingly this can be picked up at Gibralter or the Azores

Tags: holiday, yachting, sailing, greece, charter, yacht, milebuilding, sailionian.


They say, “Yacht Charter, Yacht Training, Yacht Management in the Solent, Caribbean and Mediterranean”, I met them at the London Boat show, where they were exhibiting some J class boats (and a Moody 45, I think). They bareboat charter from among other places, Sardinia and Dartmouth. Based in Cowes. The brochure talks about a bunch of Swans for charter as well.

Tags: holiday, yachting, advert, islandcharter, charter, bareboat, sardinia, mediterranean.

Forums View topic – Wine on Mac: subpar experience

An interesting discussion about WINE on Mac and trying to get Baldur’s Gate 1 working. doh123 talks about his wineskin

Tags: Technology, wine, macosx, games, frpg.

call for exemption from Digital Economy Bill

An article at IT PRO, exploring the impact of the #digicon bill on public sector organisations

Tags: politics, culture, digitaleconomybill, university, news.

Switzerland – Getting There – Arrival information and tips for visitors.

Hourly rail connections run to Zermatt from all major gateways, including directly from Geneva and Zürich airports. From either direction, one straight forward change of trains at Brig or Visp is normally required. At Brig (or Visp) one changes to the romantic little BVZ (Brig-Visp-Zermatt) cog-wheel train for the 80 minute journey up the valley.

Tags: travel, culture, europe, switzerland, zurich, zermatt, train.


Hmm, interesting, is this a stall or a cafe/restaurant? The web page is on Qype and the place is on Lower Marsh, which I need to revisit. It seems the Spanish Patriot has been gutted, although its been an incredibly long time since I have been there.

Tags: culture, food+drink, mexican, tex-mex, takeaway, london, waterloo, qype.

– Stores

claims to have one on King William St, need some gloves, socks and glasses

Tags: culture, holiday, ski-ing, shopping, london, advert.

Accounts – Add Standard User Accounts to Your Mac

Has to be done, I am sharing with Sue

Tags: Technology, apple, mac, unix, bsd, adduser, useradd.

Journeys. Dedicated Japanese Tour specialists and the number one …

A Japanese specialist travel agent based in the UK

Tags: culture, travel, holiday, japan, advert.

Wi-Fi Scanner | MetaGeek

This tells you what channels your neighbours are using. Useful since the first advice given when debugging shitty wifi hubs is to change the channel.

Tags: technology, wifi, wireless, software, tools, network, wlan, windows, ssid, scanner.

Farr 65 from Ondeck Sailing

Firstly this looks an awesome boat, secondly they take people accross the Atlantic. Maybe I could go next year depending on my traininhg plans

Tags: culture, holiday, travel, yachting, training, farr65, ondeck, advert, charter.

Pour – Pinot Noirs Rooted in Germany

An article from the NY Times about German Reds. Excellent, now all I need is some work over there i.e. Germany or NYC

Tags: news, culture, wine, review, redwine, german, nyt.

London Indian restaurant

Veeraswamy is the oldest surviving Indian restaurant in the U.K, and possibly the world. It is one of the oldest surviving restaurants in London. It is a London institution.

Tags: culture, food+drink, restaurant, london, uk, curry.

Home Page

publishers of scripting languages and installation/packaging technology. I use’em to enhance my windows systems. At the moment PERL is on the front page.

Tags: technology, software, development, tools, windows, perl, python, tcl, programming, scripting, free, opensource.

News – German government warns against using MS Explorer

The German government has warned web users to find an alternative browser to Internet Explorer to protect security.

Tags: technology, microsoft, germany, security, internet, browser, business, explorer, ie.

Free Twitter Buttons

I was tidying up my web site earlier, and followed my spore back via the sun blog to this site, which has a bunch of twitter buttons.

Tags: Technology, socialnetworking, socialsoftware, twitter, badges, buttons, tools, icons, blog.

Disconnect Us

a TalkTalk led campaign against the UK Government’s anti-filesharing ‘three strikes’ proposals, with XML feeds

Tags: 3strikes, politics, campaign, talktalk, uk, internet, threestrikes.

pirates find ‘bulletproof’ havens for illegal file sharing

The other side of Chinese freedom. Bobbie Johnson on various jurisdictions responses to internet crime, in which he includes so-called piracy. Published in the Guardian

Tags: technology, politics, news, privacy, rights, internet, copyright, intellectualproperty, china, ukraine, crime, guardian.

net policing idea draws fire, bbc

A billionaire argues that the western democracies should take leadership from the Chinese, who use tanks against their unarmed citizens and still have the death penalty for among other things computer hacking. Always good to see the barbarians defend their wealth and interests. (I am not talking about the Chinese here.). Our rights to fair use, fair trial, freedom of expression and rights to privacy can all be ripped up at the altar of Big Content’s profits.

Tags: bono, stupid, law, technology, politics, government, news, privacy, rights, internet, copyright, intellectualproperty, digitaleconomybill, uk.

: News

The news index from the ISAF site, the International Sailing Federation

Tags: culture, sport, sailing, news, isaf.

Royale Hotel, Bournemouth

Part of Peel Group that includes the Midland in Bradford, they wrote offering discounts. This isn’t on the front, and is to the west of the piers, might be good if staying on business.

Tags: culture, travel, holiday, hotel, accomodation, uk, dorset, bournmouth, 4*, england.

Housing Law Website

the things you have to know to live in modern Britain

Tags: uk, law, housing, accomodation, community.

on Ubuntu

from Community Ubuntu Documentation, aka Apache MySQL PHP

Tags: technology, software, linux, ubuntu, apache, mysql, php, lamp, howto, install, tutorial.

Character Build Search

The original, seems to have moved, find some exciting characters to play nad grow for NWN2

Tags: Technology, computer, games, frpg, nwn, nwn2, character, build, searchengine, search, neverwinternights, community.

Builds | NWN2 Character Builder

An NWN character build wiki for NWN2.

Tags: Technology, computer, games, frpg, nwn2, neverwinternights, nwn, character, community, search, searchengine, wiki.

Sync – Mobile Help

This isn’t good, I was using my own Nokia phone last weekend, partly because the battery drain on the G-phone is so severe, this page talks about how to sync your google account with a Nokia phone, using the Microsoft for Exchange application. This would give me the calendar and tasks, although the reader interface is deeply unpleasant.

Tags: Technology, nomadic, google, sync, nokia, calendar, mobile, howto, phone, smartphone, tasks.

Windows Script Center Downloads

As good a start point to learn and play with Powershell

Tags: technology, computer, systems, scripting, cli, commandline, command, shell, microsoft, windows.

Mountain, Fit For A James Bond Villain!

A data centre pulse videocast, Dean Nelson visits the coolest data centre in the world and by cool, we mean classiest, its not about tempreture. Its owned by a Swedish ISP, and is located in Sweden

Tags: technology, data, datacenter, video, europe, sweden, stockholm.

OxygenOffice Extra – Gallery

more galleries for Open Office; it doesn’t come with the Star Office galleries, part of OpenOffice.org repository for Extensions

Tags: technology, openoffice, extensions, gallery, free, opensource, download.

your MPs and Peers working for you in the UK’s Parliament?

Also known as TheyWorkForYou.com

Tags: politics, campaigning, directory, government, uk, parliament, democracy, reference, community.

Digital Economy Bill – Support now! – Twibbon.com

from Twibbon, look s fun

Tags: twitter, twibbon, campaign, e-ecampaign.

Now; Moglen & the EU

Eblen Moglen, summarises his evidence to the EU Commission on his blog. In point three, he, sort of, says “prohibition of this transaction unless Oracle either divests itself of MySQL or changes its license away from GPL would have very bad public policy consequences. For the Commission to hold that GPL cannot secure competition …… would undermine the free software production and distribution system in which the Commission and the European economies have a strong interest.”

Tags: technology, policy, public, eu, oracle, sunw, monopoly, freedom, FLOSS.

Trade Agreement

from – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, and this is what Big Content have persuaded the GATT nations to do for them.

Tags: politics, world, trade, gatt, copyright, intellectualproperty, law, government, wikipedia, privacy, acta, news.

2007 – Training – Microsoft Office Online

2007 is a different beast to it predecessor, I need to get up to speed with it fast. My first thoughts, too many wizards.

Tags: technology, microsoft, tutorial, training, excel, online, wbt, office2007.

Red Wine

makes you feel so finecu

Tags: culture, booze, redwine, .jpg, image.

Mandelson, at TheyWorkForYou.com

Lord (Peter) Mandelson, former MP, his page at All Lords (TheyWorkForYou.com)

Tags: politics, directory, uk, lords, petermandelson, mandelson.

Media Gallery: Taking Control of Your IT Infrastructure

and this is where Manged Objects is now hidden

Tags: technology, object, relationaobject, map, model, xml, distributed, computing, mo, manged, objects, manangedobjects.

architectural tour of East Berlin

More things to do in what was once East Berlin

Tags: culture, holiday, travel, europe, germany, berlin, guardian.

Nights WINE Tutorial

from ARStechnica, recommend copying an install, although WINE app db says it installs

Tags: Technology, computer, games, frpg, nwn, WINE, neverwinternights, howto, tutorial.

to Create an iMovie Slideshow >> eHow.com

What it says, from a photo collection

Tags: Technology, imovie, slideshow, video, howto, photography, film.

from kernel.org

A Tutorial on git, which I used help me to install WINE on my MAC

Tags: Technology, software, sourcecodecontrol, linux, apple, mac, macosx, git, tutorial, programming, howto, reference, documentation, tools, versioncontrol.

Express, talking

UK – Customer Service – Contact American Express – Phone Numbers and Address Listing

Tags: business, lifehack, amex, americanexpress, customer, services, phone.

Polytechnic on MySpace Music

Influences: Good Shit, Sounds like: Bad Shit

Tags: culture, music, neo, punk, london, 4ben.

Boomy icon set

from freeiconsweb

Tags: free, icons, web, software, images, technology.

– Smart Energy and Monitoring Solutions

Smart electrical devices programmed by a computer, Mnaagement today’s Green Business award 2009

Tags: technology, intelligent, house, electric, smart, alertme, british, internet.

We sank the Armada, we can sink some P2P pirates!

arstechnica’s take on the digital economy bil

Tags: uk, politics, 2009, arstechnica, piratefindergeneral, digitaleconomybill, nothreestrikes, threestrikes, 3strikes.

Cartoon Museum

On 23rd February 2006 London’s first cartoon museum opened to the public. Situated at 35 Little Russell Street, a stone’s throw from The British Museum, The Cartoon Museum exhibits the very finest examples of British cartoons, caricature, and comic art from the 18th century to the present day.

Tags: culture, uk, british, britain, cartoons, museum, London.

Theory of Value and Surplus Value

from the Ernst Mandel Archive, otherwise called An Introduction to Marxist Economic Theory

Tags: politics, economics, marxism, mandel, for:bblfish.

MP3 Search & Free MP3 Downloads

Tags: culture, music, free, .mp3, ringtones.

dongles from 3 and Novatel reviewed

here’s another way of connecting the ‘touch to the internet

Tags: technology, guardian, review, 3g, wifi, gateway, appliance, wireless, mobile.

dark side of the internet

from | Technology | The Guardian, there’s a lot of resources waiting in the wings if the UK’s 3 strikes laws come in, heres an article about an anonymising technology thats been around for ages

Tags: technology, guardian, freenet, privacy, web, anonymity, search, darkweb, deepweb, internet.

Statesman – Cold war modern

On the east bank of the River Spree, something strange is happening – the German government is renovating a section of the Berlin wall. This is by far the biggest remainder of the so-called anti-fascist protection barrier that divided….some of what you’d expect, but I am not sure I agree with all this, I wonder if I can get back to their blog and comment in time.

Tags: culture, travel, comment, newstatesman, berlin, europe, mauerfall.

Statesman – Dawn of the dead

The dark shadow of history has always loomed over Stephen Poliakoff’s dramas. But Glorious 39, set on the eve of war, is bleaker than ever. Also talks about his complete filmography. I should see some of these, wonder if Sue’s seen’em or would like them.

Tags: culture, film, movies, reviews, newstatesman, stephenpoliakoff.

economy bill: A punishing future | Comment is free | The Guardian

The digital economy bill is misnamed. A more honest title for the legislation, recently introduced in the Lords, would be the copyright protection and punishment bill. It is less about creating the digital businesses of the 21st century than protecting the particular 20th century business models used in music and film.

Tags: technology, politics, uk, law, guardian, 3strikes, threestrikes, nothreestrikes, digitaleconomybill, 2009.

Explains: Why Every Country Has a Different F#$%ing Plug

from – Worldwide electric plugs – Gizmodo, with a nice colour map as well

Tags: culture, travel, electricity, power, plugs, map.

They say “Cool t-shirts from the web’s best t shirts emporium”

Tags: shop, shopping, t-shirts, politics, culture, fashion, online, clothes, red, molotov.


High above the Aegean sea, Santorini’s world famous Hotel Atlantis surveys Fira, the capital of Thira, where lost Atlantis may once have existed.

Tags: europe, greece, cyclades, hotel, atlantis, travel, accomodation, santorini, holiday, beach.

says U.S. comment on Oracle, Sun deal unusual

Reuter’s on an EU press conference about the Snoracle debacle

Tags: technology, news, reuters, sun, oracle, aquisition.

opens probe into Thomson Reuters coding tool

from Reuter’s News

Tags: technology, news, reuters, competition, eu.

their downloads page, and this one’s free

Tags: technology, software, tools, ftp, filezilla, free, freeware, mac, opensource.

Case for Why Oracle Will Win in Europe

from – Deal Journal @ WSJ, aren’t they meant to be quitting the internet? The article merely quotes someone from Morgan Stanley, but talks sense, regulatory remediation actions in merger’s have been rare.

Tags: technology, news, sun, oracle, aquistion, wsj.

2006-2009 – a set on Flickr

awesome! I really am going back there one day

Tags: culture, travel, inspiration, europe, greece, santorini, pictures, images, photos, flickr.

Investment FAQ

this might be usefull

Tags: finance, investing, money, faq, reference, howto, business, dictionary.

Using the Command Line

from Community Ubuntu Documentation, therefore relates to Ubuntu

Tags: technology, software, howto, linux, ubuntu, repository, documentation, reference, apt-get, sources.list.

UK – Nokia 6555

Pretty but Retro

Tags: technology, nokia, phone, mobile.

to Compendia traditional games, board games, jigsaw puzzles, playing cards, dominoes

their web site, not the best board game shop I have seen, but they’re getting rare so need to be treasured

Tags: culture, games, shopping, london, board, advert, greenwich.

Universe: Catalina, Nielsen and NYSE Euronext on Netezza and TwinFin

at YouTube, three Netezza customers talk about how good it is at their customer jamboree, I assume

Tags: technology, database, appliance, netezza, video, advert, NYSE, nielsen, catalina.

Wants to Re-define �Closed� as �Nearly Open�

another view on the forces of darkness by Glenn Moody

Tags: Technology, uk, copyright, 3strikes, opensource, FLOSS, eu, europeanunion, internet.

and �Three Strikes�: Not So Much �Dark Lord�… – Community – ComputerworldUK

by Glenn Moody at Computer World UK

Tags: Technology, copyright, glennmoody, uk, 3strikes, digitaleconomybill.

to Connect a Dell Laptop to a Television

from Answerbag.com, it seems there are many cables, I wonder how many work

Tags: Technology, hardware, tv, home, entertainment, laptop, Dell, howto, faq.

: Solutions : Data Warehousing

provides a high-performance alternative to data warehousing (DW) and conventional OLAP technologies, empowering organizations with a fast, reliable, cost-effective and easy-to-use capability to get the most out of data. I suggest not yet a global company, at least not from reading their web site.

Tags: technology, cloud, cloudcomputing, database, sql, dbms.

This should speed up Window’s computers as broadband clients

Tags: Technology, software, internet, tools, free, network, download, lifehacks, broadband, performance, tcpip, tuning, windows, windowsxp.

Their Draft Technical Work for Public Review page, they say about themselves “SNIA unveiled an expanded mission and vision that positions the association to lead the industry in developing and promoting standards, technologies, and educational services to empower organizations in the management of information. ” Its about storgae inter-operability

Tags: Technology, storage, standards, virtualization, virtualisation, snia, interoperability.

theory of value, at Wikipedia,

An interesting review of its history, who invented it, who rejected it, and who developed it. It also has a very comprehensive bibliography, including a bunch of .pdfs.

Tags: politics, economics, wikipedia, research, labour, theory, reference, marx, LTV, political, marxism.

Event Processing, Event Stream Processing, StreamBase Streaming Platform

These people have helpfully put their tags in the title, they say “Complex Event Processing, Event Stream Processing, StreamBase Streaming Platform”. This was pointed out to me in Stonebraker’s ‘One Size Fits All: an idea…. etc”.

Tags: technology, trading, software, database, finance, stream-processing, streambase, tickdatabase.

The say ” : Solutions : Financial Services : Customers”, others say Data Warehousing as a Service, seems US based

Tags: technology, database, data, warehouse, SaaS.

Size fits all”: an idea whose time has come and gone

Stonebraker and Centintemel argue that ‘One size fits all’ as a concept is no longer applicable to the database market, and that the commercial world will fracture into a collection of independent database engines, some of which may be unified by a common front-end parser. We use examples from the stream-processing market and the datawarehouse market to bolster our claims. We also briefly discuss other markets…. presented to IDC 2005

Tags: technology, database, stonebraker, marketing, markets, osfa, architecture, scalability, dbms, rdbms, sql, nosql.

– Data warehousing as a Service (DaaS)

This looks interesting, at its heart an MPP database, no indexes, because its always scanning, with SQL query interfaces. NB No indexes is good for update speed as well. It’ll sit on shed loads of hardware.

Tags: technology, software, hardware, appliance, rdbms, sql, bi, businessintelligence, OLAP.

– Search and book

The rooms are OK, just don’t eat here

Tags: travel, accomodation, uk, travelodge.

– South West Trains

Interesting, best used sideways on the ipodtouch since they have some odd styling on the page, looks like its small screen optimised but could be better.

Tags: travel, train, swt, howto, lifehack.

State: It’s historic role (sic)

From the works of Peter Kropotkin section of markists.org, this is a print of “The State: It’s Historic Role”.

Tags: culture, history, politics, anarchism, leftism, kropotkin, theory.

case for independence – Oracle, Sun and what to do with MySQL [updated]

from Karsten Gerloffs blog, one of the special pleadings that Nellie Kroes should abuse competition law to pursue a free software agenda.

Tags: technology, comment, blog, news, eu, mysql, free, software, debate, oracle, sun.

and Ubuntu – Alestic.com

This has a collection of reasonably vanilla Ubuntu images.

Tags: technology, cloud, cloudcomputing, amazon, aws, ami, ubuntu, linux, ec2.

Web Services

the home of the market leader in the Public Cloud, don’t forget they started with storage

Tags: technology, cloud, cloudcomputing, aws, amazon, home, webservices, web2.0, virtualization, hosting, storage.

war crime whitewash by Michael Lerner at Comment is free, The Guardian

He says, “We in the Jewish community who want Israel to be strong and secure know that the path must be through justice and generosity toward the Palestinian people, and a renewal of the ancient vision of the Torah that commands us to “love the Other” and that it is this, rather than military domination, that will in the long run secure Israel’s safety.”

Tags: politics, peace, middle-east, guardian.

Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ adopts IBM desktop cloud service


Tags: news, ibm, finance, IT, vdi, desktop, cloud, cloudcomputing, business, banking, tokyomitsubishiufj.

– Cloud Computing Software & Services for the Enterprise

They say “Cloudsoft provides Cloud Computing software and services for the Enterprise. Our first product is Cloudsoft� Distributed Mediation (CDM). CDM is a Cloud application delivery platform that simplifies the development and deployment of elastic applications in the Cloud.”

Tags: technology, cloud, provider, cloudsoft.

the experience of being at university has changed

This is from the Education Guardian on the 20th Oct. The author is obviously a contemporary of mine, and its always fun to see what other people make of their return to our Alma Mater. There is some politics surrounding degree devaluation in the article as well.

Tags: culture, uk, education, Exeter, university, nostalgia, 1977, seventies, guardian.

VirtualBubbles for Cloud Computing

I think this is a test cloud, with an interesting on-ramp

Tags: technology, cloud, cloudstorm, 2009, vubble, software, testing.

hippest apartments

Get to the heart of modern Berlin with the keys to an apartment in one of the city’s hippest districts, from Travel with The Observer

Tags: travel, culture, europe, germany, berlin, flats, observer, accommodation.

Systems : Virtual Security Appliance

Another way of securing a distributed computing platform

Tags: technology, cloud, cloudcomputing, security, reflex, appliance, networking.

the Clouds: A Berkeley View of Cloud Computing

The UC Berkley contribution to Cloud Computing, EECS-2009-28.pdf (application/pdf Object)

Tags: technology, cloud, ucb, berkley, definition, what, berkeley, cloudcomputing, research, computing, Architecture, paper, whitepaper, .pdf.

One excellent value hotel chain

Tags: travel, accomodation, London, city, docklands.

Christmas Markets

from the German Christmas Market Tourist Information

Tags: culture, travel, europe, Germany, berlin, xmas, chirstmas, markets.

UK’s largest data centre?

from DataCenter Solutions

Tags: news, uk, datacentre, datacenter, London.

for OSx

git-osx-installer – Project Hosting on Google Code, download and install. Run the shell script, kill the terminal session and then restart, you’ll have the path and man pages in the shell and in the environment list

Tags: Technology, software, git, sourcecodecontrol, installer, tools, leopard, macosx, mac, osx, apple.

Enterprise Public Cloud

The very first true Enterprise Public Cloud in Europe that offers a Virtual Private Data Centre, so they say.

Tags: Technology, cloud, datacenter, advert, uk.


They say “- The UK’s cheapest printer inkjet & laser toner specialist for the following major brands: HP, Lexmark, Epson, Canon, Brother”

Tags: technology, mailorder, ink, shopping.

Scale Complex IT Systems

This is the website for the UK’s national research and training initiative in the science and engineering of Large-Scale Complex IT Systems (LSCITS).

Tags: technology, hardware, cloud, grid, distributed, computing, computer, complex, systems, systemsmanagement.

Bargaining Agents for Decentralized Market- Based Control

An HP Labs White Paper. They say “Market-Based Control (MBC) is a resource allocation and control technique where multi-agent systems are built to resemble free-market economies. The aim is that MBC systems exhibit the same decentralization, robustness, and capacity for self-organization as do real economies.”

Tags: technology, economics, marketbasedcontrol, HP, hplabs, whitepaper.

online – Transport for London

Buy or top up your Oyster card

Tags: tavel, London, oyster, life, lifehack.

Canary Wharf

Looking for a bar to drink at, although this only does the official malls, and excludes the shops on the colonades and squares

Tags: culture, London, canarywharf, shopping, community, booze, restaurant.

FIX Protocol Organization > Home page

The Financial Information eXchange (FIX) Protocol is a messaging standard developed specifically for the real-time electronic exchange of securities transactions. FIX is a public-domain specification owned and maintained by FIX Protocol, Ltd.

Tags: technology, fix, finance, trading, protocol.

Communications Inc.

They say “provides fiber optic connectivity solutions for business and carriers”, others say they dig holes in the ground

Tags: technology, network, service, provider.

wordle of Dave Levy’s ‘datacenter’ bookmarks

A wordle map of my ‘datacenter’ tagged book marks. Its a .jpg file

Tags: datacenter, meta, davelevy, wordle, wordmap, cloud.

best free Windows registry cleaners

I am fed up with how long my 3 year old Dell takes to boot.

Tags: Technology, operatingsystem, windows, registry, cleaner, freeware, utilities, software, cleaning, free.

for Modding Excellence

A resource and community for NWN game/content authors, they run a series of awards each year

Tags: Technology, computer, games, neverwinternights, NWN, community, academy, awards, goldendragon.

– Free Open-Source Disk Encryption – Documentation

They say “TrueCrypt is a software system for establishing and maintaining an on-the-fly-encrypted volume.” They also say Windows, Linux & Mac.

Tags: technology, security, software, opensource, tools, linux, windows, tutorial, truecrypt, encryption, macosx.

Canary Wharf > Stores A � Z > Map

It seems I need this now.

Tags: Places, reference, canarywharf, map, shopping.

: Greetings Card Campaign

Amnesty’s annual card writing campaign

Tags: politics, campaign, amnesty, international, letter, card, writing, uk.

Ryokan Japanese-style

“Ryokan” means”traditional Japanese inn.” Foreign tourists can experience Japanese culture and traditions here such as sleeping on futons on tatami mats. One of the Kimi Ryokan’s wbe pages, detailing the traditional charms of this hotel

Tags: travel, japan, hotel, culture, accomodation.

flexible mortgage slash and grab

Overpay into your flexible account and spend the ‘available funds’ on anything you want � the problem is, all that saved money can be wiped out. Guardain Money, first posted in June. Its taken me this long to get round to it.

Tags: money, news, guardian, mortgage, abbey, flexible.

suspension of illegal downloaders could become law

The proposed legislation from Peter Mandelson has provoked a fierce debate, with support from record labels but opposition from musicians and ISP providers

Tags: technology, digital, politics, law, legistation, threestrikes, 3strikes, uk, mandelson.

Murdoch hits out at BBC and regulators at Edinburgh TV festival

The Guardian’s take on Murdoch’s Ednburgh speech, published by the Guardian on 29th August. Murdoch argues that the BBC is ‘chilling’

Tags: digital, politics, news, murdoch, speech, bbc, guardian, media, journalism, jamesmurdoch.

BBC’s Mark Thompson – Management Today

With the BBC under threat of break-up, is the broadcaster’s current director-general the man to save it?

Tags: cmi, economics, media, business, bbc, markthompson, interview, mt, managementtoday, politics, management.

the guidebook: the best online city guides and blogs | Travel | The Guardian

The best way to discover a city is through its people � these online guides and services put you in touch with the locals

Tags: culture, travel, holiday, planning, wiki, blogs, guardian.


They say “Holiday Lettings and Rentals, Apartments and Villas, Private Accommodation to Rent Worldwide”. I was pointed here by a Guardian review of a property called ‘Blue Balcony’ , but they have a lot of offerings and it could well be a good place to start even when one has no idea of where to go.

Tags: travel, holiday, rental, hotel, accommodation, advert.

breaks: somewhere old, something new

New ways to do old cities

Tags: travel, culture, guardian, europe, cairo, nyc, paris, prague, berlin.

Czech: an artist’s tour of Prague

from the Guardian travel section. When will Prague get to the top of my list of places to visit

Tags: cutlure, travel, europe, czechrepublic, prague, guardian.

side of New York: Brooklyn’s Red Hook

It looks like they had fun.

Tags: culture, travel, us, nyc, brooklyn, guardian, food+drink.

strong in university table

The Times table, publicised here by the BBC

Tags: news, education, university, europe, UK, bbc, tes, times.

They say “Home – Secure backup, sync and sharing made easy.” and now on the iphone

Tags: Technology, storage, backup, sync, tools, software, web2.0, online, dropbox, ipodtouch.

Stock Exchange

I believe that once upon a time , this was the Cincinnati stock exchange. I wonder what’s traded here?

Tags: business, exchange, nsx, usa.

Power of Yes | Theatre review | Stage | The Guardian

On at the NT, this is the Guradian’s review, on their front apge, not the back.

Tags: culture, theatre, english, uk, London, money, davidhare, guardian.


The home page for the BMW ORACLE Americas Cup racing team. This is truely an awesome boat. I can’t wait to watch it race, although I’ll probably not be able to do so live whereever it takes place. Lets face it, inspired to look for this page by the Ellison interview and the cryptic comments on the 33rd Americas Cup web site and the contnet reference to New York courts.

Tags: sport, yachting, americascup, Sailing, racing, bmw, oracle, usa, culture.

Ellison’s Game Plan – Forbes.com

On Monday evening, the long-time chief executive and chairman of Oracle put in a rare public performance at the Silicon Valley lecture series called the Churchill Club. Ed Zander, the former chief executive of Motorola and long-time senior executive at Sun Microsystems, quizzed Ellison in an interview that touched on topics as diverse as Ellison’s famous pursuit of the America’s Cup, to why he’s buying Sun Microsystems and the meaning of cloud computing.

Tags: news, larryellison, churchillclub, lecture, interview, edzander, cloudcomputing, consolidation, oracle.

Life Insurance from Direct Life

Quotes and Policies – Critical Illness Life Cover & Mortgage Protection from Direct Life

Tags: money, advert, finance, insurance, lifeinsurance.

The evolving Guardian.co.uk architecture

A presentation about the Architecture supporting the Guardian’s web site

Tags: Technology, Architecture, presentation, guardian.

de Valencia. Museo de Historia de Valencia

The Valencia History Museum

Tags: culture, history, spain, valencia.

Ionian: Landlubbers learn to take to the water like ducks

Another article from the FT Report on Yachts, 23rd Sept, this one is a case study on a small family run company doing the sunsail thing.

Tags: news, yachting, financialtimes, casestudy, howto, flotilla, company.

J Class revival recreates a playground for private racers

from FT.com / Reports, they did a report on Yachts on 23rd Swept and this article looks at the revival of the Americas Cup J-Class Yachts. The original in the paper, had a picture of two of them racing on the run.

Tags: news, yachting, financialtimes.

Ways to Use Twitter With Nokia Phones

An app & a www site

Tags: Technology, nokia, twitter, blog, socialnetworking, microblogging.


an awesome collection of free icons, in windows, vista & Mac format, with english & french format, a search engine that can be used from firefox search tool

Tags: Technology, icon, icons, images, download, png, free.

Onion Soup Recipe

by Jamie Oliver, form Jamie @ home, on Channel4.com, Food

Tags: culture, food+drink, jamieoliver, channel4, cooking.

to Use a Printer Attached to a Windows XP Computer in Mac OS X

Interesting… how much of this is needed.

Tags: Technology, printing, mac, windowsxp.

Pirate Party reaches threshold for government financing

No seats, but they’re in for the long haul. Deutsche Welle’s report on the sucess of the Germany Pirate Party in the 2009 general election.

Tags: politics, Germany, election, pirateparty, 2009, news.

Spirit Level by Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett

We are rich enough. Economic growth has done as much as it can to improve material conditions in the developed countries, and in some cases appears to be damaging health. If Britain were instead to concentrate on making its citizens’ incomes as equal as those of people in Japan and Scandinavia, we could each have seven extra weeks’ holiday a year, we would be thinner, we would each live a year or so longer, and we’d trust each other more. A review in the Guardian by Lynsley Hanley

Tags: culture, politics, economics, book, review, guardian, wealth.


They say “Home – Estate Agents in Bankside, Clerkenwell, Hackney and Shoreditch”

Tags: Homesearch, city, London, flats.

Docklands � Residential Estate Agents London

Their home page, with a good district filter

Tags: housesearch, London, property.

Hate Easy Jet !

They’re not that narrowminded. All low cost carriers come in for their attention, but probably a UK based site, as suggested by the domain name and the airline list

Tags: travel, cluetrain, lowcost, airline, community.

The Love of Money

Documentary on the world financial crises

Tags: economics, politics, video, bbc, crisis, finance.

Custom Search Engine – Site search and more

The easiest way to implement a custom search, if free they spam your users with Ads. Not funny when looking up stuff about File Allocation Tables.

Tags: Technology, google, search, custom, searchengine.

Shine Every Time

Is this a franchise, or has someone turned window cleaning into a big business?

Tags: local, business, window, cleaner, windowcleaning, hampshire, surrey.


Well, you never know

Tags: uk, house, accomodation, rightmove.

Founding Father are you?

It seems I am Thomas Jefferson, from http://roflquiz.com

Tags: culture, history, US, games, english, quiz, Humor.

– Infrastructure & Knowledge Economy

The OFT, jobs from exec-appointments.com

Tags: jobsearch, publicsector.

Chinese inventor’s home-made submarine

from | World news | guardian.co.uk. A video, interesting and can be used to test the ipodtouch when I fix Safari for Video.

Tags: technology, video, world, news, china, submarine, amateur.


Another piece of advice for enabling video on mobile safari on the ipodtouch. This time from FSMdotCOM and a different route.

Tags: Technology, software, apple, ipodtouch, flash, howto.

Flash Media on Your iPhone or iPod Touch with iTransmogrify

from – Digital Audio – Lifehacker, this si dated Jan 2008. Is it the most recent advice?

Tags: Technology, software, ipod, ipodtouch, flash, freeware, video, safari.

– Tutorial Fraps & Virtualdub

How to capture games in video format, splice them together and upload them to YouTube using FRAPS and Virtualdub

Tags: Technology, software, fraps, windows, virtualdub, games, machinima, youtube, howto, video.

PlayStation 3 Slim has tough game ahead of it

by Jack Schofield, in the Technology Guardian, an examination of the current competitive landscape in the console market and the need to create a relationship and re-sell after the first transaction, which all re-inforces the importance of the server infrastructure.

Tags: Technology, news, guardian, Sony, economics, PS3.

Pirate Party UK and a new frontier for filesharing

The Guardian interviews the self appointed? leader of the UK Pirate Party, campaigning for a ‘public access to our culture’. Published : 27/8/2009.

Tags: technology, politics, uk, pirateparty, guardian, fileshareing, copyright.

Shaw on San Francisco’s best dive bars

by Dale Shaw, I hope I get the chance to take this advice, from the Guardian Travel Guide

Tags: travel, culture, booze, US, sanfrancisco, guardian.

Seal gets a personal tour of Barcelona by a new kind of guide

published in the Observer, volunteer local tour guides, get to know places that you otherwise wouldn’t see.

Tags: travel, culture, guardian, buddy, tour, europe, spain, barcelona.

industries and consumers’ rights

A letter to the Times, asserting ISP and consumer rights in the file sharing debate, from Charles Dunstone, talktalk, Ian Livingston, BT, Jim Killock, Open Rights Group, Ed Mayo, Consumer Focus, Deborah Prince, Which? & Tom Alexander, Orange UK

Tags: Technology, politcs, copyright, filesharing, law, p2p, uk, 2009, news, digitaleconomybill.

Nights, a video review

by DWTerminator at YouTube, this review was undertaken years after the launch and is interesting, to me, primarily as an example of machinima. The video backdrop is a run through the first couple of rooms of ‘the academy’.

Tags: Technology, computer, games, frpg, NWN, revbiew, video, youtube.

an x86 emulator with DOS

I have mainly used this on Windows to run games that no longer run on Windows, but it does Mac OS as well. Interesting! I’ll have to try this.

Tags: Technology, dos, emulator, games, software, windows, linux, mac, opensource, apple, macosx, osx.

– Run Windows applications on Linux, BSD, Solaris and Mac OS X

Open Source Software for running Windows applications on other operating systems, specifically Linux, BSD, Solaris & now Mac OSx.

Tags: Technology, software, linux, windows, wine, opensource, emulator, tools, ubuntu, macosx, osx, apple, mac, computer, games.

10 Things You Forgot Your Mac Can Do

Another bookmark from terry, this one from Lifehacker

Tags: Technology, software, application, apple, mac, osx, review.

Mac Apps That Make Windows Users Drool

published at TechWatch, Fast Company, pointed out by Terry Gardner

Tags: Technology, software, application, review, apple, mac, osx, news.

memo denounces ‘desperately out of touch’ James Murdoch

More on the growing strains in the media business as the monopolists struggle to make the money they think they deserve. The Guardian reports on the BBC response to the Murdoch attack.

Tags: culture, news, guardian, bbc, economics, monopoply, murdoch, speech.

5800 XpressMusic

the long user guides at the Nokia support page

Tags: Technology, nokia, 5800, support, howto, documentation, manual.

let Murdoch smash this jewel. The BBC must act to save itself

by Jonathan Freedland in “Comment is free” at The Guardian. “Fainter-hearted souls would have spotted the imminent first anniversary of the collapse of Lehman brothers that started the global financial crisis and decided that now was not the moment to trumpet the case for unfettered private enterprise, free of meddling regulation”. First pubished on Wenesday 2nd Sept

Tags: Technology, politics, digital, britain, uk, murdoch, jonathanfreedland, news, sept2009, 2009.

Trilogy : Purgatorio

“Murder ain’t fresh to the Hive, but the way the Factions are acting you’d think the berk doing the deed invented the cut throat. Sigil smolders with unrest, and when she burns… so does the multiverse.” An NWN module set in the City of Sigil. It seems, not yet released for players, it is labelled Demo at the ‘vault. The forums are still being updated.

Tags: computer, games, frpg, NWN, neverwinternights, mod, planescape, sigil, community, nwn2.

Seeker’s Allowance at Jobcentre Plus

Looks like the DWP home page for JSA to me.

Tags: government, benefits, public, uk, JSA, DWP, jobsearch.

Statesman – The Red Flag: Communism and the Making of the Modern World

a book, by David Priestland, this review says, “….imperfectly, communism continued an authentic tradition of European radical humanism. One of the many virtues of David Priestland’s The Red Flag is that it places communism squarely in this tradition.”

Tags: politics, history, bookreview, communism, priestland, newstatesman.


an article in the New Statesman, trying to profile the UK Games industry and Governments attempts and failures to husband it, in the light of their likely attempt to clamp down on ‘file sharers’.

Tags: economics, computer, games, politics, UK, newstatesman.

economy to shrink (big time) over next 10 years � Barton’s Blog

Barton republishes a video by John Keagy, CEO of GoGrid

Tags: Technology, cloud, cloudcomputing, people, interview, gogrid, blog.

Sachs sets record for $100 million trading days

This is actually a bookmark to a comment by @stockshockmovie where he/she documents the collusion of the regulators and banks into creating the recession in 2007/8. The introduction of decimal prices (from 25c) and the abolition of the ‘uptick’ rule are seen has huge triggers for the financially irresponsible.

Tags: economics, US, recession, 2008, 2009, comment.

rejects Murdoch view of BBC, says ICM poll

Good! Why shouldn’t people want their news from a publicly funded independent respected news source. Fox is the beacon that Sky offers.

Tags: politics, digital, UK, guardian, media, murdoch, speech.

support shows we still love Auntie

The Guardian/ICM poll shows the BBC is admired and trusted, although there is work to be done on the licence fee question, | Jonathan Freedland | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk

Tags: politics, bbc, freespeech, funding, publicsupport, digital, UK.

not too late for you to cut the City down to size, Mr Brown

by Will Hutton, his views on Lord Turner and the Tobin Tax

Tags: politics, econmics, willhutton, tobin, Tax.uk, uk, guardian, news, finance.

our lost books life by Tom Watson

published in Comment is Free in the Guardian

Tags: Technology, law, guardian, tomwatson, books, c, google, eu, copyright, uk, legal.

the tiny islands off of Lanzarote | Travel | The Guardian

Oh buoy! Lanzarote is increasingly known for its surf and boutique hotels, but few people are aware of the tiny islands waiting to be discovered off its shores

Tags: culture, holiday, Sailing, spain, Canaries, canaryislands, guardian.

lost 22kg in eight months, and got control of my life back

from the Guardian G2, thats 3.5 stone

Tags: culture, health, guardian.

Lanzarote with Atlantic Island Sailing

reviewed in the Guardian, hadn’t thought of the Canaries

Tags: culture, holiday, Sailing, Canaries, canaryislands.

declares war on European media over sex scandal reports

A man who owns half the Italian media, controls the public italian media sues a bit he doesn’t own. A story reminiscent of Dallas, and a harbinger of what might happen in the UK if the Murdochs get there way.

Tags: culture, media, politics, capitalism, italy, UK, cronyism, shagging, guardian.

– Coda

One-Window Web Development for Mac OS X

Tags: Technology, software, apple, mac, css, osx, web, design, development, html.

Beta – 1.4b9

Does more services…should probably ‘upgrade’…

Tags: Technology, software, chat, IM, apple, mac, twitter, adium, beta, irc, client.

to measure suits

in Farnham. Some of us aren’t that model shape. I was there today and the staff were really nice. Remember the Not the Nine O’Clock News sketch about buying Hi Fi. Nothing like that.

Tags: shopping, local, surrey, clothes, suits, made-to-measure, made2measure, madetomeasure.

A E71 & A Mac?

They say “Nokia Multimedia Transfer Tool, iSync, & Tethering”.

Tags: Technology, phone, nokia, computer, laptop, apple, mac, sync, syncronise, e71, n5800, macosx.

site chic in Berlin

The Hotel Michelberger, a converted factory with super design, this is the Guardian review, the michelberger web site has both sound and is written in German.

Tags: culture, travel, holiday, europe, Germany, berlin, hotel, review, guardian.

time is ripe for a Tobin tax

Why? This is by Larry Elliott in the Guardian. Still doesn’t explain how it promotes economic policy autonomy.

Tags: politics, economics, finance, tobin, tax.uk, uk, guardian, news, larryelliot.

Restaurant, London

At the National Portrait Gallery, a review of the Restaurant, sounds good… I wonder if we might try it next week.

Tags: culture, travel, UK, london, restaurant, nationalportraitgallery, art, museum, guardian.

Sumo: X-Chat Aqua vs. Linkinus vs. Colloquy

A review of Mac IRC clients. I can’t believe Adium doesn’t do it yet. (I think the beta code line does.)

Tags: Technology, software, apple, mac, irc, chat, client, X-Chat, aqua, Linkinius, Colloquy.

die Vorratsdatenspeicherung!

They say, “International Action Day “Freedom not Fear 2009 � Stop Surveillance Mania!” on 12 September 2009″

Tags: politics, campaign, europe, privacy.

– Online Business Dictionary

US-centric, but sometimes useful

Tags: culture, english, business, words, dictionary, reference, finance, economics.

Into Python

Alec Muffet reckons this is great. I’ve not read it yet.

Tags: Technology, software, python, programming, tutorial, book, reference, free, howto.


Aon Consulting Briarcliff House, contact details

Tags: money, insurance, benefits, consultancy, aon.

– Search on Fire

includes an add to search bar for those that are difficult to find

Tags: Technology, software, firefox, extensions, search.

– Sync iCal and Google Calendar – from BusyMac

Is this calendar sync tool any good now I am a Mac user

Tags: technology, software, calendar, sync.

to Use a Printer Attached to a Windows XP Computer in Mac OS X

This might be useful.

Tags: Technology, printing, mac, apple, osx, samba, windows, howto.

– PythonInfo Wiki

Mac OS X 10.5.x (Leopard) comes with the 2.5.1 Python distribution pre-installed, with an integrated Python Launcher.app. Like everywhere, python spreads like a virus and if you want/need a more modern version, or the correctly authored IDLE then you’ll need two frameworks.

Tags: Technology, software, python, mac, osx, programming, tutorial, howto, macosx, reference, apple.

– The free FTP solution

another file transfer program

Tags: Technology, software, ftp, filezilla, apple, mac.

& Configuring a Cobalt Qube

Is this my Qube’s death knell?

Tags: Technology, appliance, cobalt, Qube, manual, documentation, howto.

Rouge from the css Zen Garden

This is rather good, I might have to make it my test card.

Tags: Technology, software, css, html, example, design, inspiration, web, webdesign, zengarden.

Home Hub Unofficial F.A.Q

Some great hints here, maybe better read in advance as it may help pre-plan the installation. This is hosted in a domain called frequencycast.co.uk

Tags: hardware, homehub, BT, FAQ, computer, community, hoto, frequencycast.

site – Free DNS Hosting Service

Darren Moffat recommends this.

Tags: Technology, software, dns, free.

Home Hub index

A BT community correspondent with an awesome home hub resource.

Tags: Technology, BT, homehub, howto, community, magnificent, awesome, expert.

Web-Serving with Mac OS X

How to turn on the Mac’sWeb Server, this is Part 1 from O’Reilly Media

Tags: Technology, software, apple, mac, apache, howto.

Forum – BT Home Hub

A community forum bulletin board about Nokia’s, BT and O2. They have a bt home hub forum.

Tags: Technology, internet, bt, homehub, forum, community.

Management Jobs, provide Jobs for Interim Managers

a job search site for interim managers

Tags: jobsearch.

Against Humanity: The Struggle for Global Justice

the Amazon page, a book by Geoffrey Robertson, they say “… the history of human rights thinking until the pivotal Nuremberg Charter of 1945, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948, and the recent development of international law to govern them.”

Tags: politics, law, history, 4ben, humanrights, advert, amazon, geofferyrobertson.

To Mac

Is this what I need?

Tags: Technology, user, mac, apple, osx, tips, switch, windows, software, macosx.

Reads: 1-10

50 books that will change your life with recommendations from Tony Benn, Susie Orbach, Christopher Hitchens and Marina Lewycka , published in the Newstateman, August 2009. This page has pointers to the remaining four pages, 11 – 50.

Tags: politics, books, reviews, left, newstatesman.

to Use a Printer Attached to a Windows XP Computer in Mac OS X

This looks good, it details how to configure the server queue, which seems missing from everywhere else

Tags: technology, software, printing, windows, apple, mac, xp, howto.

TO: Install and Configure Print Services for UNIX

from Microsoft, now this ought to work

Tags: technology, software, windows, printing, UNIX, print.

from a Mac

Thy say “Potential solution if you are having issues printing to a printer on a XP PC from a Mac”, I wonder if this’ll help, my windows print server, doesn’t have “UNIX” services running

Tags: technology, network, services, windows, apple, mac, printing, howto, samba, xp, osx.

Hotel du Vin and Bistro

They say “- Luxury Boutique hotel and restaurant in Winchester UK”, DK says, Cabernet Sauvignon on tap

Tags: travel, culture, hotel, wine, booze, food+drink, winchester, hants.

Cases for Apple Macs

Expensive and some completly Naff

Tags: technology, apple, notebook, case, store, online.

Literature of Liberation

The most radical books/polemic ever, by John Ridpath published in the New Statesman. From the Levellers to the Zapatistas, no Lenin and Marx’s contribution is ‘The Civil War in France’.

Tags: politcs, history, literature, political, theory, liberation, newstatesman, 4ben, left, books, reviews.

4 Yorkshire Ex Believers

from Science, Reason and Critical Thinking, I thought this was funny

Tags: culture, religion, comedy, atheism, 4yorkshiremen, montypython, satire.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

hosted by the UN

Tags: un, declaration, rights, unitednations, social, international, humanrights, poverty, 4ben.

drink and be sandy at Barcelona’s beach bars

from the Guardian Travel, 8th August 2009, a review of the beaches near Barcelona

Tags: travel, culture, europe, spain, catalonia, barcelona, beach, holiday, guardian.

essential Mac time-saving shortcuts | TechRadar UK

I think I need this

Tags: technology, howto, mac, apple.

Editor : Download

And we’re back here, I wonder if its improved. I first used this on my first Linux box.

Tags: technology, software, tools, web, opensource, free, html, programming, css, webdesign, editor, bluefish, download, osx, linux.

They say ” FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, Cloud Files & Amazon S3 Browser for Mac OS X”.

Tags: technology, software, tools, internet, opensource, free, network, apple, mac, application, utility, ftp, osx.

– Espresso

a web editor with Style

Tags: technology, software, tools, web, html, css, webdesign, editor, mac, application.

Fan Wiki / Hashtags

This is a rather useful introduction to twitter #tags

Tags: Technology, sofwtare, socialnetworking, twitter, hashtags, socialmedia, twittertools, blog, community.

new free fonts

from Smashing Magazine, a webzine

Tags: font, free, webdesign, technology, software.

Plazer at Download.com

from Plazes, Mac & Windows

Tags: technology, software, geography, location, plazes, plazer.

limit raised to £10,200

I found this while poking around the internet. About the Budget 2009, from “This is Money”

Tags: money, uk, tax, isa, 2009.

Beach Hotel

Get a beach view room.

Tags: travel, hotel, essex, southend, culture, holiday.

Open Source Consortium – The Real Community – Home

The Open Source Consortium (OSC) is the trade body representing the Open Source business community in the UK. Our aim is to help our members win more business and promote Free and Open Source Software in the UK.

Tags: technology, politics, opensource, osc, association, business, company, FLOSS, foss, free, nonprofit, consortium.

: feed your blog to twitter

Great Scott. Why?

Tags: Technology, twitter, rss, tools, blog, web2.0, blogging, openid, tool, feed.

the Swedish Pirate Party Platform Backfires on Free Software

Stallman on Free Software needs copyright, and how the act of obfuscation on copyright expired material may allow open code to become proprietary

Tags: Technology, law, politics, sweden, pirateparty, stallman, fsf.

wacky ways to make money this summer

Interesting and off the wall, but maybe you should try working

Tags: 4ben, jobsearch, money.

Free and Useful GUI Icon Sets for Web Designers

Lots of goodies. Yum.

Tags: technology, software, icons, webdesign.

Cancer Support

Their support improves the lives of Millions

Tags: culture, uk, charity, macmillan, cancer, life, health.

and Virtualbox, for Windows Hosts

They say ‘Problems Accessing VMs remotely Using Cygwin on XP’ at forums.virtualbox.org. I say, VBoxManage is too hard without scripts.

Tags: Technology, virtualization, virtualisation, virtualbox, cygwin, scripting.

Financial Ltd.

A Guildford based accountancy services company, that’ll do IR compliant services company accounts.

Tags: Advert, professional, accounts, uk, Guildford, legal, accountants.


Torrent Freak on the post pirate bay evolution of the bit torrent network

Tags: news, bittorrent, blog, piratebay, open, tor, onion.


from – NWNWiki, your guide to the game of NWN. This page details the impact of sub-classing a Mage.

Tags: culture, computer, games, frpg, NWN, neverwinternights, ad+d, rules, magic, mage, spells.

to Clinton: US ain’t top dog

The say “The US doesn’t necessarily lead the pack in world affairs � something Hillary Clinton should remember on her Asian tour”, from the Guardian

Tags: 4ben, politics, international, US, Clinton, APAC, guardian.

Best of British – The American’s guide to speaking British…

an anglo/american translator, although with a British index and sense of humour, and spelling

Tags: culture, language, english, british, reference, dictionary, uk, Humor, slang.

Job Search from exec-appointments.com

Their search page

Tags: exec-appoinments, exec, career, reference, europe, jobsearch, jobs.

another hosting site

Tags: Technology, design, blog, web, tools, website, hosting.

Hosting by DreamHost

on Debian, they also offer Virtual Servers

Tags: Technology, hosting, web, internet, server, services, advert.


Web Interface to a system, uswed by a lot of the hosting providers.

Tags: Technology, software, web, hosting, sysadmin, tools, server, webdesign, tool, cpanel.

List Apart: Articles: Put Your Content in My Pocket

Small Screen optimiisation by A List Apart

Tags: technology, software, web, html, css, webdesign, mobile, tutorial, tips, iphone, howto, ipodtouch.

optimizing your website for mobile devices

from Element Fusion Internet Development. A good place to start.

Tags: Technology, software, mobile, webdesign, css, tutorial, html, design, iphone, howto.

undiscovered island gems

from The Observer Travel section. I read this on the way to Greece earlier in the month. This article suggests islands from Madeira to Turkey and Sweden to Greece. Something for everyone.

Tags: culture, holiday, travel, islands, guardian, europe.

in Rotterdam where you can sleep, eat and drink

my best from the Guardian Travel this weekend. Something to remmber if I ever get there

Tags: culture, holiday, travel, europe, holland, netherlands, rotterdam, boats, food+drink, booze, restaurant, hotel.

To: Integrate Google Calendar Into Thunderbird

You need Lightening, (is it possible to have Thunderbird without?), and the google provider addon. The you need to use the google web interface to discover the private address of the calendar and provide the provider with your login credentials.

Tags: technology, software, mozilla, thunderbird, google, calendar, howto.

Live CD Download

Andy says that you can download this and run it in a Virtual Box. @google code

Tags: technology, google, linux, opensource, live, livecd, operatingsystem, android, .iso.

realistic is Digital Britain’s broadband plan?

from Breaking Business and Technology News at silicon.com, their Public Sector column

Tags: .

a foreign language and have fun on holiday

Want to speak like a native but don’t fancy spending your entire trip in a classroom? These holidays combine lessons with activities and the chance to hang out with locals. Includes Wine in France, Tango in BA and a stay at the Bodensee

Tags: culture, travel, holiday, language, guardian, wine, France, spanish, tango.

Machine Forums, their Downloads

A free bulletin board software package

Tags: technology, opensource, bulletinboard, free, software, smf, forum, community.


Another MMORPG, set in medieval times, you are the ruler of a state. Looks like MMORPG for Medieval Total War

Tags: technology, games, online, mmorpg, rpg, strategy.

(Can not uninstall VirtualBox 2.2.0) – VirtualBox

This is a trouble ticket at Virtual Box about uninstalling Vbox 2.2.0 on Windows Hosts. I have run this on my XP SP/3 machine and it has permitted the 2.2.4 install. Hooray

Tags: technology, software, virtualization, virtualbox, bug, 2.2.0, windows, uninstall, upgrade.

Shotokan Karate Federation

The ISKF is a traditional Shotokan Karate organization, founded by Master Teruyuki Okazaki, who studied directly under Master Gichin Funakoshi, the founder of Shotokan Karate.

Tags: culture, sport, karate, Shotokan, world, kanazawa.

Rogue Rebalancing v4.1 and aTweaks v2.5 Released

Good to see this still has an active life

Tags: culture, games, bg2, mod, community, roguerebalencing, rogue.

Computing Management Platform by RightScale

They say “
Cloud Computing. Delivered.

With the RightScale Cloud Management Platform, you can more easily deploy and manage business-critical applications on the cloud with new levels of automation, control, and portability. Whether you need a fast on-ramp to the cloud or support for complex deployments across multiple clouds, RightScale delivers.”

Tags: technology, cloud, cloudcomputing, service, hosting, tools, scalability, Advert.

Anonymous BitTorrent Becomes Reality With BitBlinder

From torrentfreak

Tags: technology, torrent, torrentfreak, tor, anonymity, privacy.

Wall of Facebook

The Social Network’s Plan to Dominate the Internet & and Keep Google Out from Wired. Wisdom of friends vs wisdom of crowds. The problems for both is those who arn’t on the internet.

Tags: technology, news, economics, facebook, google, socialsoftware, socialnetworking, recommendation.

BitTorrent Users Go Anonymous

from TorrentFreak

Tags: Technology, software, privacy, bittorrent, torrentfreak, uk, law.

Twitterverse v0.9 by @BrianSolis & @Jess3

at Flickr

Tags: technology, tools, twitter, add-on, socialmedia, web2.0, microblogging, socialnetworking, image, picture, flickr, twitterverse, twittertools.


another job ad

Tags: jobsearch, news, mis, senior.

plan class-action to reclaim “$100M+” RIAA “stole” – Ars Technica

Interesting. Rather good if they get away with it

Tags: news, law, intellectualproperty, usa.

suis Berliner – Germany’s French connection

from the Guardian, they published a picture on 19th July. Worth a visit

Tags: culture, travel, europe, berlin, architecture, guardian.

About Kalamos, this is in Greek, but I can alsway use Google to read it.

Tags: culture, holiday, europe, greece, kalamos, ionianislands, ionian, advert, greek.

10 CSS Table Designs

from | CSS, Events | Smashing Magazine, pointed out by T Gardner on twitter

Tags: technology, webdesign, design, tutorial, html, css, tips, reference, tables, howto.

thing for taking it easy

about Germany’s Baltic coast, slow pace, great beaches, amazing history

Tags: culture, travel, holiday, europe, germany, baltic, guardian, 2009.

net neutrality just “arm wrestling” between companies

from Ars Technica, Reding and the Commission, “Competition is better public policy than Net Neutrality”

Tags: Technology, news, netneutrality, broadband, policy, politics, eu, reding, europeanunion.

a non-neutral ‘Net looks like, UK-style

from Ars Technica, talks about BT’s ToS, the political response and the regulator. It also talks about the BBC’s role as an OTT content provider

Tags: news, politics, uk, netneutrality, bbc, iplayer, internet, video, BT, business.

against Brown � vote Green

by Peter Tatchell in Comment is free at the guardian.co.uk. After 22 years, Peter Tatchell announces his resignation from the Labour Party to vote Green as an anti-captialist act.

Tags: news, politics, uk, britain, petertatchell, tatchell, red, green, labour, euro, euro-elections, election.

– Community Software Experts

Another social software tool kit, worth exploring some time

Tags: technology, software, socialsoftware, free, opensource, social, community, socialnetworking.


They say “Powerful, usable strategic management tools for business planning”, the private sector vehicle for Prof Kim Warren’s ideas on business strategy. These ideas are backed by software models

Tags: economics, kimwarren, business, strategy, software, management, consulting.

a Tropisue�o

from Simmon Phipps and #javaone, so its a Mexican restaurant in San Francisco

Tags: culture, travel, usa, California, sanfrancisco, food+drink, restaurant, mexican, advert.

One West 2009

couoldn’t make it myself, but there’s some jolly good stuff here from friends and colleagues

Tags: technology, sunw, communityone, 2009, developer, opensolaris, conference.

wildest party at ‘Serbia’s Woodstock’

the music’s brass, and there’s probably less drugs, from the Travel Guardian, an annual brass festival in Serbia in August.

Tags: europe, serbia, music, culture, travel, brass, easterneurope, guca.

boss, bad times

some ramblings with nuggets of wisdom from Robert Sutton & the the McKinsey Quarterly about good behaviour during downsizing

Tags: economics, HR, personell, management, downsizing, McKinsey.


this is the ASE 15 page

Tags: sybase, technology, rdbms, manual, howto, documentation, reference, database.

Software On Resumes

category :Writing at MozillaWiki

Tags: technology, jobsearch, resume.

to Get Japanese Characters (Kanji, Hiragana, Katakana) on Firefox

on XP, from wikiHow

Tags: Technology, software, microsoft, xp, kanji, fonts, firefox.

tastebuds are a little harder to please

Wine by Victoria Moore in The Guardian Weekend, recommneds a M&S Malbec 23rd May

Tags: wine, reviews, malbec, victoriamoore, guardian.

Dungeons & Dragons – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Surprisingly comprehensive

Tags: Fiction, frpg, D+D, ad+d, rules, wiki, wikipedia.

Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan

What google knows about you

Tags: jobsearch, google, resign.

GNU Dynamic IP DNS, at Source Forge, how good and useful is this then?

Tags: technology, software, nameservices, ddns, dns, GNU, opensource, for:cgerhard, for:alecmuffett.

Ariely asks, Are we in control of our own decisions?

from Video on TED.com

Tags: ted, economics, management, personal, danariely, control, decisions, video.


a new way to search

Tags: searchengine, search, wolfram.

chefs are reinventing the humble tapa to give it a modern twist

from the Guardian, I must read this before I return to Madrid as should you

Tags: culture, travel, europe, spain, madrid, tapas, food+drink, review, guardian.

is HR really for? – Management Today

A clarion call for integrity and a search for value in the UK’s HR departments from Management Today. Some wisdom, some wishfull thinking. HR people and their bosses should read this.

Tags: business, news, managementtoday, HR, article.

the inside track, from The Observer

I can’t remember why, but I got the Observer the other week, and they had this review of Greek holiday spots, both quiet and active, including some hidden beaches in the Ionian.

Tags: culture, holiday, europe, greece, guardian, review.

on Clean XP install on Inspiron 9300

I am rebuilding someone’s laptop. This seems quite useful from – Notebook Forums and Laptop Discussion

Tags: Technology, hardware, dell, inspiron, 9300, laptop, install, reinstall, windowsxp, microsoft, windows, xp, advice.

book from the Google infrastructure team

By Geoff Arnold at Speaking of Clouds

Tags: Technology, datacenter, warehouse, google, design.

Super Store

at Port Solent, I need a decent chart plotter

Tags: shopping, Yachting, boats, uk, hampshire, portsolent, advert, chandlers, chandlery.

Spice Tandoori Indian Restaurant

been here, if you can follow me, good food, great sevice… sadly no CTM

Tags: cutlure, travel, uk, scotland, curry, food+drink, restaurant.

for Firefox | Gallery

worth remembering, makes the screen pretty

Tags: technology, software, firefox, personas, customisation.


Discover your position in the political landscape for the Euro elections in 2009

Tags: politics, europe, elections, eu, voting, government, guide, democracy, quiz, plotter, election, tools.

Rainbow Tutorials

from Design Showcase &, Tutorials at Smashing Magazine

Tags: technology, howto, html, design, tutorial, web, webdesign.

Qube 3 Manual

How to reboot the Cobalt Qube, see page 236.

Tags: Technology, sunw, sunmicrosystems, cobalt, linux, Qube, manual, reboot.

Moore on how to make the perfect cocktail

from the Guardian G2, Monday 4th May, G&T, Margarita, Bloody Mary, Martini, Mojito. Bellini & lemondade

Tags: culture, food+drink, guardian, booze, cocktails, G&T, margarita, bloodymary, martini, mojito, bellini, lemonade.

of EU imposing Net Discrimination in Europe

from La Quadrature du Net

Tags: .

App Podcast

They say ” Video App Reviews for iPhone and iPod Touch Users”, but Ken said something about a personal branding talk. Was he distracted?

Tags: Technology, iphone, ipodtouch, review, application, app.

RESTful Authentication for the Social Web

Henri Story + other’s paper on FOAF+SSL. This is the .pdf version

Tags: Technology, foaf, ssl, paper, .pdf, spot, spot2009.

to the CEO: Why we need an annual report for technology

From the McKinsey Quarterly , returning to business IT alignment. The article has some example conversations.

Tags: Technology, business, McKinsey.

Logging for VirtualBox

Having difficulty installing, uninstalling virtual box on MS operating systems, try the advice here

Tags: technology, software, microsoft, virtualization, virtualisation, virtualbox, cleanup.

news feed, a visual aggregator

Tags: web2.0, news, media, data, mashup, visualisation.

Restaurant and Wine Bar

from Dave Tong

Tags: culture, food+drink, restaurant, Advert, travel, us, wine, booze, california, paloalto.

Speaking of Clouds CloudSlam Day 4

Very Interesting… Geoff Arnold’s notes on Hal Stern speaking at Cloud Slam

Tags: technology, cloudcomputing, cloud, cloudslam, geoffarnold.

London at Gatwick Airport

Nuff said, my flight is very early!

Tags: travel, uk, london, hotel, Hilton, gatwick.

to Nisos Ionian Yacht Charters – The Greek Island Bareboat Specialists

They say “Nisos Yacht Charter is a British family owned and run business specialising in both bare boat and skippered charters aboard a modern fleet of very well equipped yachts. “.

Tags: culture, travel, greece, Sailing, yacht, ionian, Yachting, europe, charter.

: The ultimate BitTorrent source!

Is this what I use instead of Pirate Bay? How can I tell if the material is copyright prohibited to copy?

Tags: Technology, download, search, torrent.

International IP Watch List Report 2009

at A2Knetwork.org, ranks coutries IP laws on a property/liberty spectrum

Tags: ranking, legal, law, international, rights, intellectualproperty, copyright.

Design: The Wrong Cloud?

Interesting, an exploration of the good, the bad and the ugly in moving to cloud and asks if tis overhyped and the source of another bubble

Tags: technology, cloudcomputing, cloud, whitepaper.


The page is called “Print Different”, describe how to use the @import CSS rule to specify a .css rule file with a non default media attribute

Tags: Technology, css, print, printing, design, howto, web, html.

EuRail Website

Travel by Train Across Europe

Tags: travel, rail, holiday, tickets, europe, advert, eurail.

Travel Guardian’s Germany page

I found this while looking for the NYC High Line URL’s, but definately worth checking before I go next time.

Tags: culture, travel, europe, germany, advice, review, guradian.

sneak preview of Manhattan’s new High Line Park

from the Guardian, NYC’s newest park, but they’re not the first to do it.

Tags: culture, travel, US, nyc, todo, newyork, guardian.

Apps of Steel Challenge

I need to read this…. I want apps of steel

Tags: technology, developer, opensolaris, competition.

End ofan Architectural Era, (Its time for a complete re-write).

In previous papers [SC05, SBC+07], some of us predicted the end of one size fits all as a commercial relational DBMS paradigm. These papers presented reasons and experimental evidence that showed that the major RDBMS vendors can be outperformed by 1-2 orders of magnitude by specialized engines in the data warehouse, stream processing, text, and scientific database markets. by Stonebraker and others. (Sorry the order of names on the sheet makes it hard to know who the first three are.)

Tags: technology, future, cloudcomputing, cloud, database, theory, rdbms, stonebraker.

a presentattion capture thingy, Mac only

Tags: technology, video, software, mac, presentation, apple, download, tool, screenflow.

Yanf Open Source Collaboration tool, I am clearing out my phone’s sms inboxes and this URL was there. Might be worth checking out, although I have enough calanedars and IM tools

Tags: technology, software, opensource, collaboration, calendar, mozilla, email, thunderbird, spicebird.

code to run your community. This means it can serve an intranet, need to see if it is informed by the theory of difference

Tags: technology, web2.0, socialnetworking, socialsoftware, software, opensource, community, education, internet, social, gpl.

PC Suite 7.1.26

at Computeractive, dated 21 Apr 2009

Tags: technology, software, download, nokia, pcsuite.

They say, “Open Source Services and Systems Integration, Consultancy, Training and Support”

Tags: technology, opensource, consulting, consultancy.

SMS Service for Vodafone UK Customers!

from Twitter Blog, the announcement

Tags: Technology, uk, twitter, vodafone, sms.

Blogs Losing Their Authority To The Statusphere?

Obvious question, but this article points at new tools to track what’s going on in the statusphere

Tags: technology, web2.0, twitter, news, feeds, socialmedia, media, facebook, blogs, discovery, friendfeed.

on Oracle/Sun re: social networking

From Collaborative Thinking, Mike Gotta of the Burton Group’s blog, some notes about how Oracle might leverage some of Sun’s knowldege management expertise

Tags: technology, web2.0, socialnetworking, sunw, software, social, sun, oracle, sweet, laconica, confluence, sunspace, burtongroup.

Karl Marx The Origin of Business Crises

from economictheories.org, this is a fascinating site, but unsigned and does not publish its peer review citations, which is a shame. While those who know me might be suspicious as to why I was looking for this, I was actually in an argument with one of my sons and came accross this site which deals with the theories of many economists and to some extent, their inter-relationship.

Tags: economics, history, theory, 4ben.

A list of distributed key-value stores

by Richard Jones, who seems to be a developer at Last.fm reviewing a bunch of key, value store technologies.

Tags: technology, software, Architecture, storage, programming, scalability, anti-rdbms.

– It’s Open. It’s Social. It’s up to you.

Another community widget set, again, one to look at after I have integrated my two sites.

Tags: technology, web2.0, socialnetworking, software, opensource, social, development, opensocial.

– Web analytics – Open source

opensource web analytics, I’ll come back to this when I have integrated davelevy.info and davelevy.dyndns.info

Tags: technology, software, opensource, analytics, web, visualization.


uses a tag to create a Notes and Queries feature, should increase the number of people available to help answer your questions. A neat use of the twitter api.

Tags: technology, web2.0, twitter, software, online, socialmedia, lazytweet, lazyweb.

Inflexible (1876)

from Wikipedia, most people suggest its the HMS Warrior that marked the end of the Ship of the Line but this and it continental peers were the first turret armed big gun ships in the Royal Navy. I was thinking about expensive changes in technology in the 19th Century and thought that this was a good contrast from HMS Victory. It was made obsolete by HMS Dreadnought in 1906.

Tags: technology, picture, wikipedia, war, warship, naval, navy, battleship, inflexible, victorian, royalnavy.

– “Some Rights Reserved”

by Professor Lawrence Lessig, copied from his presentation to the Monaco Media Forum 2008, distinguishes between Professional & Amateur, and copying and re-mixing. Also huge polemic in arguing that file sharing is criminalising today’s children and they are being taught to break & direspect the law. He suggests this is a bad thing.

Tags: culture, technology, video, youtube, politics, legal, law, conference, rights, lectures, copyright, 4ben, lessig.

Enterprise Impact of Cloud Computing – NYTimes.com

Argues that we have pricing transparancy today and that its enabling peripheral parts of the enterprise to act more quickly and soundly, ignores the barriers to adoption and the regulatory differentiators that will allow differentiation and price opaqueness

Tags: technology, cloudcomputing, economics, news, cloud, NYT, price.

Nights 1Portraits

from a site called Chronisverse

Tags: Technology, computer, games, frpg, community, Portraits, NWN, neverwinternights.

Barcelona Hotel

Another Barcelona hotel on the Ramblas

Tags: travel, spain, hotel, barcelona.

Six Biggest Mistakes, by Forbes.com

I for one don’t agree with all these, but it makes interesting reading. I think my co-workers should read this. It certainly is better argued than much of the anti-Sun drivel being circulated at the momement and should give food for thought for those that want the best from a company and people that tries to make better. If you want to comment, on this, you can do so @ http://is.gd/2ZP3, my friend feed, or obviously on their comments page.

Tags: technology, sunw, business, news, mistakes, java.

and Answers via Twitter – LazyTweet

this needs to be explored

Tags: technology, twitter, search, lazytweet.

Chase Swimming timetable

as at Mar 2009

Tags: culture, sport, swim, local, timetables, millchase.

Containers-Resource Management and Solaris Zones

another resource from System Administration Guide at sun.com

Tags: technology, sunw, software, reference, solaris, sun, virtualization, documentation, containers, zones, sysadmin, solaris10.

Fire X4600 Server – Sun Microsystems

at docs.sun.com

Tags: technology, sunw, sunmicrosystems, hardware, x4600.

– ~DaveLevy

Big Files I have posted to support my Sun Blog at Sun’s mediacaster portal.

Tags: Technology, sunw, multimedia, dave+levy, big, davelevy.

Approach Free and Open Source Licensing

legally approved, allegedly

Tags: opensource, law, legal, sunw, whitepaper, license.

Phipps Keynote Master Deck

he’s the only person I know that does so many keynotes that he has a master deck

Tags: news, opensource, simonphipps, slides.

for a watch on the watchers

About time too. It’s a Euro MP call though, so it may come to nothing

Tags: technology, politics, internet, privacy, europe, eu.

Reportedly Will Buy Rival Sun for $7 Billion

from NYTimes.com. Is this true? They say today or next week, so we havn’t got long to wait

Tags: sunw, news, java, stocks.

Working in Spain – Recruit Spain

what it says on the tin

Tags: europe, jobsearch, spain, employment, career.

to The Solar Installers

The say “A Dedicated Solar Energy Provider & Installation Company.” I might them one day.

Tags: uk, Advert, installation, power, electricity, solar, energy, panel, Bournmouth.

Co-operative Bank Cash ISA

Conservative banking, the new cool

Tags: Advert, finance, money, banking, co-op, isa.

Sailing Holidays

They say “Independent and Skippered Bareboat Charter”, from Greece, Croatia, Turkey, Italy and Spain (Canaries & Balearics). I found them at lefkas.net

Tags: europe, Advert, travel, holiday, italy, greece, spain, Sailing, Yachting, turkey, croation, charter.

an e-guide

Greece’s martimae gateway to Western Europe, this page is fromGreecexplorer ! Travel Guide for Greece

Tags: culture, europe, travel, greece, ionianislands, guide, port.

at Kiersey.com

The Mastermind

Tags: culture, research, reference, psychology, sociology, profile, myersbriggs, intj, personality.

Rejects �3 Strikes’ for File-Sharers

from TorrentFreak

Tags: eu, news, legal, internet, media, copyright, piracy, freespeech, 3strikes, fileshareing, politics.

– Home

We’re a digital satellite TV service from the BBC and ITV. We’ll entertain you with over 140 TV and radio channels, and treat you to HD for free – there’s no subscription and no monthly bills to pay.

Tags: culture, tv, satellite, UK, bbc, freeview, free, Technology, media, freesat.


from Typelogic

Tags: culture, psychology, profile, myersbriggs, research, sociology, intj, personality.

Your Blog Says About You

BusinessWeek’s pointer to the Typealyzer

Tags: technology, news, blog, myersbriggs.

Gran Via Hotel in Barcelona

N��ez i Navarro Hotels, 19th Century Palace Hotel with 53 Rooms in Passeig de Gr�cia close to Plaza Catalunya, or Gran Via Hotel in the Centre of Barcelona

Tags: culture, europe, travel, spain, hotel, barcelona.

Free Culture by Lawrence Lessig

The free culture book

Tags: culture, politics, book, free, copyright, pdf, lessig.

Lessig says the law is strangling creativity

and thus agrees with me, but I don’t think he’s quoting me yet. This is a Video on TED.com

Tags: technology, video, politics, economics, law, intellectualproperty, creativity, copyright, creativecommons, lessig, sousa.

� About Typealyzer and Psychographics

Myers Briggs from your blog, scary, but doesn’t work with Roller, or not mine anyway. They claim it works on Jonathan’s but he publishes in multiple languages. It says that mine is not in English. Oops!

Tags: technology, software, profile, search, myersbriggs, presonality, psychographic.

Sun and cloud computing

The Economist on March 18th, Sun’s Cloud annoucnement and the prospects for a Sun/IBM Merger. This is as interesting for its forecasts on change in the industry, and its ifdentification of virtualisation about presenting many systems as one.

Tags: technology, cloudcomputing, computer, sunw, business, cloud, server, m+a, IBM, economist.

is giving Malbec a good name

by Victoria Moore in the Guardian, “Shhh everyone’ll want some”. This is a couple of week old now.

Tags: culture, food+drink, booze, wine, guardian, malbec.

Subscription Lists for Venus

hosted by Sam Ruby

Tags: technology, software, rss, venus, feeds, configuration, spreadsheet, atom, feedaggregator, config.


from WackyB.co.nz , is this cool or what. How to post smileys on Skype conversations?

Tags: technology, icons, im, communication, chat, fun, skype, Smileys, 4ben.

– RingGo Login

The web payment site for Farnham Railway station’s car park, I wonder what other carparks it uses

Tags: Technology, shopping, swt, carpark, e-payment, ringo.

Paul Murphy, the history of Open Source

From Chapter Four: The Unix and Open source Culture by Paul Murphy at ZDNet.com. From scientific method to open source, using UNIX as the exemplar

Tags: Technology, history, UNIX, paulmurphy, opemsource, unixwars.

‘biggest in EU by 2050’

that’s bigger than Germany, but its immigration that makes it happen. I say bring it on, I’ll be drawing a pension.

Tags: news, economics, europe, eu, british, uk, politics.

Amber Road simulator

Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems, the Simulator – Amber Road Resources

Tags: technology, sunw, appliance, storage, fishworks, ZFS, hardware, solaris, vmware, vm, amberroad, simulator, virtualmachine.

Brigstow Hotel

in Bristol

Tags: uk, travel, hotel, bristol.

Luxury Hotel in London

The Malmaison London. They talk about some interestingly low rack rates.

Tags: culture, uk, london, travel, hotel, accomodation.

we all lost when Thatcher won

by Billy Bragg, in the Guardian. Where else? It started with privatising the council houses.

Tags: politics, uk, 2009, slump, thatcherism, economics, guardian.

Marks, the Co-Op CEO

a Guardian friday interview, he says “we were old-fashioned because we took deposits before loaning money. But old-fashioned is the new cool in banking.” The problem is he’s a retail man, I still not sure that’s the right profile for a bank CEO

Tags: guardian, co-op, interview, ceo, petermarks.

and the the future for insurers

from the Business section of the guardian 5th March

Tags: economics, 2009, news, investing, investment+management, norwichunion, aviva, money, savings.

Losses at Avivia

Oh Hooray! NU’s 2008 results show a £1.3bn loss. This is a 5th March article. This goes in my Norwich Union are crap file.

Tags: news, investing, investment+management, norwichunion, aviva, economics, money, savings.

Easing, the possible scenarios

More from the Guardian on how it might work

Tags: economics, guardian, money, politics, uk, macroeconomics, 2009, news.


The Guardian on “What is Quantitative Easing?”

Tags: economics, money, politics, UK, macroeconomics, 2009, guardian, news.

wireless internet access with BT Open Zone

AS it says UK and partners, I may be restricted to drinking Coffee in Caffe Nero for the next couple of years, shame about the coffee. Worth checking from time to time to see if the partner list changes and expands. Do they have RSS? There are some annoying restrictions, but we have T-Mobile as a guest, although not abroad.

Tags: Technology, uk, wifi, BT, btopenzone, partners.

Openzone Subscriber Services

My Profile to change password and buy more minutes

Tags: Technology, internet, wifi, BT, login, btopenzone, profile.


They say, “Joining the community is simple and within moments you’ll have access to hundreds of thousands of Wi-Fi Hotspots worldwide”

Tags: Technology, wifi, BT.

Soasta Inc. – The Cloud Testing Authority

Testing at Inetrnet Scale, very interesting offering

Tags: technology, cloudcomputing, software, tools, programming, cloud, performance, cloudcoe.

– 1 Lombard Street

Well located and the Restaurant upstairs has a Michelin *.

Tags: culture, uk, food+drink, restaurant, London, Advert, booze, city, bank.

Academy of Arts

They say, “an independent institution, led by distinguished artists and architects whose purpose is to promote the creation, enjoyment and appreciation of the visual arts through exhibitions, education and debate.”

Tags: culture, museum, UK, art, London, gallery, exhibition.

Greening of HPC – Will Power Consumption Become the Limiting Factor …

by Horst D. Simon, Associate Laboratory Director, at Livermore Labs, looks at power consumption and efficiency and talks about the research needed to reduce one and improve the others. This was delivered to HPC Users conference.

Tags: technology, datacenter, datacentre, power, cooling, electricity, cloud, cloudcomputing, HPC, supercomputer, presentation, cloudcoe.

of Power in Large-Scale Data Centers

from James Hamilton’s Perspectives, pointed at me by the Cloud Computing group, a break down data centre costs, showing the cost of power to run and cool

Tags: technology, datacenter, cloudcomputing, blog, economics, cloud, power, cloudcoe.


A Hotel, in the West End, a spitting distance from South Ken tube and the Museums.

Tags: culture, uk, London, travel, holiday, hotel, accomodation.

Elastic Server: Cloudy weather ahead…

Some musings on the Cloud, simple and cheap will prevail

Tags: technology, blog, news, comment, cloud.

Republic � Globalisation needs Democracy!

pointed out by Constatin, politics 2.0

Tags: culture, web2.0, politics, community.


Cut-price city breaks from the Guradian, this time Porto on 7th Feb 2009

Tags: culture, holiday, europe, portugal, porto, guardian.

by the Travel Guardian

Out of the way, even for the Greek Islands

Tags: culture, holiday, europe, greece, aegan, islands, guardian.

to build a Facebook app in Django

fromThe Uswaretech Blog aka Django Web Development

Tags: technology, howto, python, tutorial, programming, web, development, facebook, django.

a reading by David Hare

from the Observer, on at the National

Tags: culture, berlin, theatre, davidhare, monlogue.

unlikely consumer hero whose campaign led to npower repaying £1.2m to households

The unlikely consumer hero. After a two-year battle, Robert Bramwell has forced npower to repay £1.2m to households overcharged for gas. But, as he tells Miles Brignall, the fight is not over yet, from Money on Saturday in The Guardian. A true hero and an inspiration to NU customers.

Tags: guardian, news, robertbramwell, hero, npower, inspiration, consumer, champion.

to be honoured with State funeral

This can’t be true, can it?

Tags: news, thatcher, statefuneral.

Information Society and Media DG: Shaping Europe’s Digital Future | Europa

The EU’s DG INFO responsible for Information Society and Media, on europa.eu

Tags: research, europe, eu, politics, economics, community, IT, commission, dginfo.

in Black London theatre tickets and information

How much longer is this on for? Is it any good?

Tags: culture, uk, London, drama, theatre, show.

their Bloodbrothers page, they are a london directory that may be useful for those coming to London as well as those who don’t treat their home town as a tourist destination. We miss so much.

Tags: uk, London, cuture, guide, show, bloodbrothers.

– People Search

this looks a bit better for looking for Brits

Tags: search, people, searchengine, tools, social, research.

to Use the Netsh.exe Tool and Command-Line Switches

What Microsoft say

Tags: technology, howto, software, windows, utilities, microsoft, network, networking, documentation, netsh, tcpip.

Obama Break Up Google? (GOOG)

from Business Insider, a piece on Obama’s nominee for DoJ’s views on monoploy and Google

Tags: us, politics, economics, business, news, google, monopoly, obama, anti-trust, from, insider, , reporting, Obama;s.

Vista’s tcp/ip stack

They describe this as ” Windows Vista / 2008 Tweaks”. It is another discussion about Windows Vista networking and tuning for functionality and perfromance.

Tags: technology, howto, windows, tutorial, vista, networking, guide, faq, tuning, tcpip.

honesty bar, this time Berlin

In the Guardian on Wednesday 11th, pay what you like for the meal and service, this time in Berlin, from the Berlin Weineri and the Guardian also suggest the flight and hotel.

Tags: culture, holiday, travel, europe, germany, berlin, booze, food+drink, restaurant.

in Sweden

The Guardian previews and advertises ski-ing in Sweden, on a budget, if you’re willing to share.

Tags: culture, holiday, travel, europe, sweden, ski-ing, guardian.


The Venice Summer Academy, an Art Summer school. A preview and inspiration from the Guardian

Tags: culture, holiday, guardian, art, italy, venice, school, learning, travel.

Free Lunch in London

One of two articles over the weekend highlighting the reduction in prices in restaurants, the ultimate being to ‘pay what you think its worth’. It should be noted the Michelin *’d No 1.Lombard St is offering 5 courses for dinner for under £20. Booze is extra of course.

Tags: uk, food+drink, restaurant, London, guardian, news, reviews, No1LombardSt, for:webmink, for:alecmuffett, for:ablvienna, for:cgerhard.

/ Update all of your social networks at once!

Update all of your social networks at once!, Thanks Danilo

Tags: technology, web2.0, socialnetworking, software, saas, tools, social, microblogging, status, update, multiprotocol.

do you configure NTP? –

This is good and helpfull, they say ” Sun: Solaris FAQ – Tek-Tips”

Tags: technology, howto, faq, NTP, time, solaris.

How do I setup NTP to use the pool?, a pool to act as NTP Masters, this page is a howto

Tags: technology, howto, time, faq, NTP, master, ntp.org.

– Dave Levy’s Delicious Tag Cloud

this gets a bit self referential, I took another wordle view, this time of my del.icio.us tag cloud. It might be fun to make an image map. I wonder if Safari supports image maps, I bet it does.

Tags: Technology, dave+levy, wordle, interests, tagcloud, davelevy.

The EU/Israel FP7 Co-operation site

Tags: technology, research, europe, eu, fp7, europa, science, r+d, funding, israel.

Terrace, Guildford,

this is the beerintheevening.com, page its in Guildford Surrey, GU1 3RT

Tags: culture, uk, food+drink, restaurant, surrey, local, Guildford.

Beautiful And User-Friendly Navigation Menus

from Smashing Magazine, this is the second one I’ve found today, time to subscribe to its RSS feed

Tags: Technology, html, programming, javascript, web, css, design, webdesign, usability, navigation.

Glassfish 2 on ubuntu 7.10,

from Jasper Kalkers, published Jan 2008, great advice but some of the technology has moved on

Tags: Technology, howto, software, linux, tutorial, java, glassfish, installation.

STANZA :: Restaurant & Bar ::

watching Master Chef again, the pressure test today, looks a great menu, claiming to be British

Tags: culture, food+drink, restaurant, London.

an example of how Europeans ought to behave

in the light of the strikes in the UK about jobs in the construction industry, the Guardian report about Anglo/Italian co-operation elsewhere in the EU

Tags: uk, eu, guardian, news, employment, strikes.

SeaMonkey� Project

an all in 1 internet suite, includes and HTML editor

Tags: technology, opensource, software, all-in-1office, html, editor.

micro blogging for everyone or not

Tags: Technology, blogging, linux, microblogging.

> Why you’ll love Splunk

They say “Managing data centers in silos used to make sense. Things change. Distributed, scale-out computing, complex web-based applications and virtualization defy the old ways. Splunk breaks through the silos”

Tags: Technology, management, datacenter, virtualization, datacentre, visualisation, splunk, smf.

stitching from Autopano

They say “AutoPano Pro – Panorama stitching software – Panoramic photo software – image stitching”. 99 Euros, they have a demo version, which I might try some time, but its a bit pricy for my needs.

Tags: technology, Advert, software, image, tools, photo, pictures, photography, panorama, stitch, stitching.

Compilations menu option in Music menu

A neat feature which helps keep the menu clean

Tags: Technology, music, ipodtouch, ipod.

Lingua Network

They say “: Language Learning which fits your lifestyle”. Do these people have a broadcast network or time on any one else’s? I found them on itunes. They do a show called “Coffee break Spanish” which seems to come in 25 minute chunks, so a good coffee break then. Absolutley Marvelous. I wonder if they do German or Greek

Tags: culture, language, learn, learning, podcast, spanish.

International Festival

the home page for 2009

Tags: culture, 2009, edinburgh, festival.

PDF Printer

and its free and it works on Vista 64, well at least it installs

Tags: technology, software, windows, free, utility, pdf.

Tate Online

The say “British and international modern and contemporary art”, I say the home page of London’s premier recent and modern art gallery although the also have sites at St. Ives and Liverpool.

Tags: culture, museum, art, London, gallery, tate.

Money on Technology in a Recession – Commentary

The usual culprits, but a good codification of the opportunities for IT innovation in a recession. Some of the list are innovations, some are typical investing to save, and it doesn’t talk about the fact that the survivors are going to invest in their future first.

Tags: economics, news, IT.

� How to Install The Plazer on Windows Vista x64

It doesn’t work on V64 ‘out of the box’, and this guy has written up how to poke their run time environment to behave as 32 bit within the .NET framework. Why did they use such a proprietary runtime? His work round involves downloading the .net sdk. He has a beautiful Word Press blog.

Tags: technology, vista, plazes, vista64.

UltraVNC: Remote Support Software, Remote Support tool,Remote Desktop Control, Remote Access Software, PC Remote Control

Real doesn’t do Vista, is this what I need? They also do a screen recorder, and all for free. Its winning you know.

Tags: technology, software, vista, microsoft, free, client, vnc.

their shop and yes, I still use it.

Tags: personal, shopping, home, filofax.


ixquick, a dutch search engine, that doesn’t want to know who you are.

Tags: technology, searchengine, ixquick.

– Premier Group Recruitment

Who knows when this might be useful, but I wish they’d stop spamming me at work.

Tags: technology, Advert, jobsearch, agency.

to JSW Restaraunt

their web site, is this still Michelin starred? Anyway looks nice from the outside and only a short drive away.

Tags: culture, uk, food+drink, restaurant, Advert, local, hampshire, petersfield.

GUI Layout and Widgets – Graffletopia

A UI Site

Tags: technology, software, java, javascript, gui.

Dei Cesari

Restaurant & Hotel, near Yately

Tags: culture, uk, food+drink, restaurant, Advert, local, hampshire.

your perfect job

at Guardian Jobs, well maybe not; the Guardian has a profile after all, but the technology is cute allowing one to create and tailor RSS job feeds

Tags: uk, guardian, jobsearch.

skill than luck: how to find a job quicker

Tarts! From the Money section of the Guradian 24th Jab 2009. Lots of common sense, but well organised and short

Tags: howto, guardian, jobsearch.

your weapon

from “University challenge” at guardian.co.uk, the technology article, based on interviews with two of the UK’s leading 3ry e-educators

Tags: culture, education, e-learning, web2.0, guardian, future, interview, university.

University of Europe: accessible to all

another article from the Guardian’s “University challenge”, this time about opensource education in Europe, the UK and USA, touching on the technology.

Tags: culture, opensource, web2.0, guardian, education.

of the cyberstudent

from the Guardian Education supplement, an issue called “University challenge”. Also has some interesting links with more educational material and reviews.

Tags: culture, UK, web2.0, internet, guardian, open, education, university.


They say ” Jenny Diski takes a slow boat through the fjords in Troms&oslash from theTravel and the Guardian

Tags: europe, travel, guardian, review, Norway, northernlights, north.


a blackwyrn archive of BG2 portraits

Tags: Technology, computer, community, games, bg2, Portraits.


a bioware sci-fi game, this is the Community page

Tags: Technology, computer, software, video, games, rpg, scifi, sci-fi.

Media Experts are a cancer on twitter and must be stopped

hmmm, this is pretty amusing, and not 100% wrong

Tags: culture, technology, web2.0, comment.


near the Belfast, Tower and London Bridge, and presumably the Horniman Arms.

Tags: culture, uk, london, history, museum, gallery, exhibition.

Cruddas MP

is this his best web site, Labour MP and candidate for Deputy Leader in 2008

Tags: uk, politics, British, socialist, labour, MP, johncruddas, 4ben.

TV Listings

Again didn’t know this existed. I wonder if it’s ‘touch optimised.

Tags: culture, tv, skytv, sky, listings.

Archive: Wayback Machine

I can’t believe I havn’t used this before or stored it in my bookmarks folder

Tags: Technology, internet, search, old, archive, waybackmachine, wayback, unavailable.

Graphics Repository


Tags: technology, icons, software, database, rdbms, postgres.

pointed at by StarDock, a windows program launcher. They say “: Your home for Vista and XP themes, skins, wallpapers, dreamscenes, icons and everything you need to customize your pc.”

Tags: technology, software, windows, stardock, wincustomize.

Bankers & Speculators

David Mitchell on Mock the Week, discussing the virtual nature of money and bankers integrity and intelligence, from YouTube

Tags: culture, uk, youtube, TV, banking, mocktheweek, davidmitchell, for:alecmuffett, for:cgerhard.

and XP computers can’t see each other even though they’re on the same network

at : Windows Vista Networking : Windows Vista IT Pro : Microsoft TechNet Forums. This seems quite to the point, I’ll be reveiwing this and let people know what my answer is.

Tags: technology, vista, microsoft, xp, networking, technet.

3 Ways Digg has Jumped the Shark

a view by Brian Carr

Tags: technology, digg, blog.

Restaurant – Indian Cuisine

in Woking near the Sports Centre and Crematorium, not optimised (or ready for Safari). Guys get you act together, iphone/touch users can’t use this site.

Tags: culture, uk, food+drink, restaurant, surrey, curry, woking.

– Attention Profiling Mark-up Language:

The open standard for Attention Metadata. Is it?

Tags: .

Center of the Future : Supernap by Switch

A promotional video made by Swithc Communications about their super datacentre of the future. Its awesome.

Tags: technology, datacenter, datacentre, supernap, future, video, youtube.

EU-BREIN Whitepaper

Is this “semweb4SLAs”. They say “BREIN takes the e-business concept developed in recent Grid research projects, namely the concept of so-called “dynamic virtual organisations” towards a more business-centric model, by enhancing the system with methods from artificial intelligence, intelligent systems, semantic web etc. BREIN is an EU FP7 project.”

Tags: technology, research, cloudcomputing, grid, management, itil, europe, eu, fp7, systemsmanagement.

Tweet -> Your Personal Networking Assistant!

for twitter users, presumably applies some form of graph maths to a network to tell you stuff about it. What do you thing?

Tags: technology, socialsoftware, socialnetworking, web2.0, twitter, add-on, mrtweet, for:webmink, for:peterreiser, for:alecmuffett, for:ablvienna, for:cgerhard, for:dpoccia.

3 – Liberty Prime best Speeches

Do people still really think like this? A youtube video, presumably cut from the game. I am told you don’t get a left wing battle mech fighting against oppression or it, mind you maybe I could put my own sound track over this.

Tags: technology, computer, games, libertyprime, youtube, video, sci-fi.

Free Elegant XHTML/CSS Website Templates

at hongkiat.com, I shall subscribe to this blog, he has great ideas

Tags: technology, blogging, blog, html, css, example, howto.

| NAP – The SUPERNAP Video-high

This is Switch’s supernap video. They have built a no-compromises high density data and rent space in it. This is the high density version.

Tags: technology, datacenter, datecentre, video, supernap, highdensity, for:cgerhard.

Remarkably Beautiful Twitter Icons And Buttons | Icons

what it says on the box

Tags: technology, icons, twitter, blog.

Hong Kong, from the Guardian travel

Google reader showed a bunch of travel articles about Hong Kong that I missed in the paper. This is their index article at guardian.co.uk/travel

Tags: travel, culture, hongkong, guardian, news.

life and work

This is an article in the guardian, entitled ‘The stonecutter who shook the world’, about Jack Palladio and advertising an exhibition at the Royal Academy

Tags: London, exhibition, Architecture, palladio, royalacademy, guardian, news.

Guardian’s new green HQ

from the Guardian’s Science Weekly

Tags: audio, culture, economics, environment, green, guardian, Architecture.

Kong’s rural retreats

A review outside the cities.

Tags: culture, travel, hongkong, guardian.

this looks good, need to come back later in the year

Tags: culture, travel, holiday, advert, vendor, italy, greece.

the flamenco in Granada

an idea for a holiday, this Guardian article has links and references for the tuition and travel, but not the accomodation, includes language lessons as well

Tags: culture, travel, dance, spain, spanish, granada, holiday, guardian, learning, flamenco.

visit to Zurich

from the Guardian Travel this weekend, includes advice on where to stay, eat and things to do

Tags: culture, travel, europe, switzerland, exhibition, news, guardian, zurich.


a community site to support the development of Sesame. Sesame is an open source framework for storage, inferencing and querying of RDF data.

Tags: technology, software, opensource, RDF, aduna, xml, semanticweb, for:peterreiser, for:ablvienna, for:cgerhard.

with Friends

from the Google Reader Help Center

Tags: technology, software, google, help, howto, reader, rss, feedreader, feeds.

Wrong With… Digg

by Rich Page, not as good as Open Peel’s, nor as focused on good citizenship, but another weight on the scales

Tags: technology, socialsoftware, blog, digg.

machine hacked to tweet when the load’s done:

an Endgadget blog with embeded video

Tags: technology, blog, domotics, washingmachine, appliance, im, twitter, video.

in the Datacenter

A youtube video demonstrating FISHworks analytics measuring the performance of disk systems

Tags: Technology, appliance, storage, fishworks, video, youtube, analytics, dtrace, sunw, ZFS.

review: Modern Pantry

This review is written by Matthew Norman and he raves about it. He scores it 9/10. Their meal lasted six hours and they broke three wine glasses. This seems worth trying out. Despite the EC1 postcode, north of Farringdon & Barbican, more Camden than East End.

Tags: culture, Food+Drink, Restaurant, review, guardian, London.

NWN Portfolio ” NWN Vault

Neverwinter News, Trailers, Screenshots, Previews, Reviews, Guides — Neverwinter Nights 2 Vault

Tags: Technology, games, community, computer, NWN, nwn2, neverwinternights, video, nwnvault.

Little Penguin

an Australian Vintner, I tried their Shiraz, very nice

Tags: culture, food+drink, wine, booze, australia, shiraz.

Mitterrand – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Interesting that for such an important political figure, there’s so little about him. It maybe why Tiersky’s book is so expensive.

Tags: culture, politics, europe, france, mitterand, wikipedia, 4ben.

Drivers & Downloads

This is a dell page which details the latest Dell Drivers for my machine.It’s service tag aware as well once I have logged in.

Tags: Technology, computer, windows, software, hardware, dell, drivers.

Technical Support Home Page

includes Dell Troubleshooting Search and FAQ. This is after the login I hope, so customised for the Dimension 5150c

Tags: Technology, hardware, windows, computer, personal, computing, pc, home, dell, dimension, 5150c, mydell.

Twittery Things For Your Holiday Enjoyment

from MakeUseOf.com

Tags: technology, software, twitter, howto, saas, socialmedia, socialsoftware.

an “ambitious” configuration file that contains info about all known Wireless devices on earth.

Tags: Technology, software, mobile, opensource, internet.


St Nicks Old Boy’s linkedin group

Tags: .


in Alton, from beerintheevening.com, owned by Triple fff

Tags: culture, food+drink, booze, publichouse, pub, local, review, directory.

Triple fff Brewery

in Four Marks, Wonder if they do off sales?

Tags: culture, food+drink, booze, beer, local, advert.

Fall II: Lights Out Hints from UHS

Not your ordinary walkthrough

Tags: Technology, video, games, computer, walkthrough, uhs, hints, darkfall2.

European Human Rights Act, in the UK

from the Department for Constitutional Affairs, they say “People’s Rights – Human rights” The European Convention on Human Rights is part of UK Law and thus part of the UK’s Constitution.

Tags: politics, uk, government, europe, eu, humanrights, legal, law.

DVD Ripper –

They say “rip DVD to hard drive or blank DVD”, from Xilisoft.

Tags: Technology, windows, tools, software, video, utilities, ipodtouch, dvd, rip.

– London & New York

now this might be useful for me and my NY based friends, I wonder how easy it is to create communities

Tags: culture, socialnetworking, community, london, travel, newyork, nyc.

Icon Editor – make icons for Windows Vista

\the real world icon editor, a freeware distribution model, aka free trial

Tags: Technology, vista, software, windows, freeware, icons, editor, icon.

User Groups from Google Maps

this open on Europe

Tags: Technology, google, opensolaris, user, maps, googlemap, usergroup.

upgrades from Crucial.com

the results from their memory scanner

Tags: Technology, hardware, memory, alienware, upgrade, crucial.com.

media player

recommended by friends, forget what format yout media is. Also available on Solaris

Tags: technology, video, player, opensource, free, windows, solaris, linux, mac.


what ignorant spelling! They’ve entered my market of the single user wiki, runs on windows and windows mobile, recommended to me by Richard Croucher

Tags: Technology, windows, freeware, wiki.

Limits for Windows Releases (Windows)

Documents how much real memory the windows versions actually use and how they use it. Remember, most Windows deployments are 32bit, and so have a 2Gb addressing limit.

Tags: Technology, microsoft, windows, memory, limit, 32bit.

International’s UK online shop

interesting that an online shop has a nationality. Buy stuff and help AI.

Tags: culture, politics, advert, humanrights, international, online, amnesty, shop.

lecturing Germany, Gordon. Steinbr&uuml;ck is right

Birds coming home to roost. Maybe the UK should have joined the Euro.

Tags: news, economics, euro, Europe, uk, Germany, eu, guardian.

– 1975 and 2008

The title says it all.

Tags: culture, TV, drama, sci-fi, bbc.

Factory – Home

at customxp.net, great resource for Stardock, I’ve found several icons here

Tags: Technology, games, computer, icon, stardock, .png.

in the Abbey

from The Adventure Company, don’t I have this as a board game

Tags: Technology, games, computer, murder, abbey, monks.


a book by Stephen Arnold, about search, and specifically comrporate search. NOt available on Amazon (uk).

Tags: news, book, search, technology, stephenearnold, beyondsearch, advert.


reading my news, and Exalead’s blog pointed me here. YANF news aggregator site with above average custo,misation tools

Tags: technology, saas, software, socialsoftware, socialnetworking, aggregator.

Commission civil service

their portal for full time and short term appointments, they have occassional management entrant roles

Tags: europe, jobsearch, eu, commission.

To Create Rockband’ism

from 24 ways. Is this just another take on “Cluetrain”.

Tags: new, blog, management, strategy, business, marketing, cluetrain, social, media, comment, article.

They say “Rich Internet Applications Development”.

Tags: technology, software, java, javafx, sun, sdk, programming, web.

another locational social network

Tags: technology, socialnetworking, socialsoftware, software, saas, location, geography.


from Apple Store (U.K.), put this in the wish list, is it still the right page? They’re not very long lasting…more a consumer item

Tags: news, xmas, present, ben, dave+levy, audio, earphones, apple.

Swiss Watches/Mondaine Gents Collection

at The UK Watch Store – Watch-Heaven.com – A468.30308.11SBB –

Tags: news, present, danny, xmas, 2008, watch, time, swiss, railway, mondaine, vendor, advert.


from Uniblue. I wonder how good/worth it this is. It claims to have discovered 100’s more registry errors.

Tags: Technology, software, operatingsystem, windows, registry, cleaner, uniblue.


Ubisoft i.e. author sponsored community site

Tags: Technology, forum, games, community, computer, rpg, mystery, uru, myst.

Ages Beyond Myst Hints from UHS

They say ” Not your ordinary walkthrough”, I say, it is a hanit system, from hint to blatent, one at a time

Tags: Technology, games, computer, walkthrough, mystery, uhs, uru, myst.

best … boozy breaks

from the Guardian Travel, Jerez looks interesting, and France’s entry is Cointreau, not Wine

Tags: culture, travel, guardian, booze.

Statesman – How safe is your job?

I think there answer is not very, even for the Middle Classes

Tags: news, economics, 2008, newstatesman.

house prices ‘to plunge like US’, says Robert Shiller

from the Observer, he’s over here promoting his book, “the Subprime Solution”. He says not only is there more to come, but it’ll last a long time. Unfortunately, there’s no telling, short of reading his book as to his economic value system

Tags: news, economics, politics, bookreview, guardian.

Clarke heads on into Champagne to seek out bargains straight from the cellars

from the Travel Observer, worth repeating?

Tags: culture, travel, europe, france, champagne, booze, shopping, holiday.


a mini (web) expo, celebrating Cuba’s 50th anniversary of its Revolution, from of course the Guardian

Tags: culture, travel, politics, socialist, photo, images, exhibition, web, cuba, revolution, guardian, 4ben.

DVD to ipod,

They say ” Best Converter for iPod,iPhone,Zune,PSP,DVD”, its not free, but it came recommended by a friend

Tags: technology, software, video, ipodtouch, dvd, rip, movies, mp3, mp4.

FP7 Projects

at | Europa – Information Society

Tags: europe, eu, europa, commission, fp7, egovernance, myict2008.

Retrieval Facility

an austrian based IR science institute. IT, search or librianship?

Tags: technology, supercomputer, europe, austria, grid, research, science, data, irf, vienna, myict2008.

– Start

otherwise known as Enabling Desktop Grids for e-Science, another EU funded FP/7 project

Tags: technology, europe, eu, fp7, desktop, grid, computing, myict2008.


the UK’s biggest walking charity

Tags: culture, travel, sport, walking, ramblers, rambling, uk.

python datetime guide

what it says. great examples of the 2.3 datetime package

Tags: technology, software, python, howto, time, datetime.

a programming model for communities and eco-systems

Tags: technology, software, Tools, community, programming, socialsoftware, iphone, social, development, mashup, zembly, socialnetworking, web2.0.

York storeys

from the Guradian travel, a review of some New York hotels

Tags: travel, US, nyc, newyork, Hotel, guardian, reviews.

to Tie a Tie

by To Tie A Tie .com. Its amazing where reading the New Statesman can take you.

Tags: culture, clothes, tips, howto, fashion.


The European Virtual Laboratory for Enterprise Interoperability, a new approach to expertise management

Tags: eu, fp7, knowledge, management, Technology, europe, myict2008, interoperability, research, for:ablvienna, for:peterreiser.

Dial Codes

– The Phone Book from BT both to and from

Tags: reference, bt, howto, idd, international, dialing, code, phone, travel, telephone, directory.

Institute of Innovation and Technology

an EU Quango

Tags: news, economics, politics, innovation, eu, europe, technology, myict2008.

The 451 Group take on business clouds

Tags: technology, infrastructure, hardware, software, cloudcomputing, cloud, blog, business, it.


Ail this help?

Tags: free, wifi.

Sun’s Corporate Social Responsibility Report – Sun Learning

interesting what’s in public

Tags: sunw, training, people, HR, talent, www.sun.com.

Graphs and Charts to your web pages

this is their Java version, but its not free

Tags: technology, software, web, html, java, webdesign, graph.

Mercure, Grenoble

in Grenoble, I shall be travelling through Lyon airport

Tags: culture, travel, hotel, accomodation, europe, france, grenoble, lyon.

Reserve Bank of New York, FX

Foreign Exchange Rates – 12:00 noon , their FX page

Tags: .

Euro foreign exchange reference rates

they offer an rss feed, wonder how frequently it updates, and planet can consume it

Tags: news, economics, finance, eu, rss, forex, fx, xml, travel, data.

touch Fans forum

another community forum

Tags: ipodtouch, technology, appliance, community, forum.

La Pyramide

a 20 minute train ride south of Lyon, France. This looks nice.

Tags: travel, europe, france, lyon, hotel, accomodation, advert.

Commoditization of Massive Data Analysis – O’Reilly Radar

SQL vs Map Reduce by Joe Hellerstein

Tags: technology, future, database, oreilly, hellerstein.

Microsystems Inc – Directors and others 8K

Form 8-K for SUN MICROSYSTEMS, INC. , posted on 7-Nov-2008, on Yahoo Finance, about Vice Presidential Severance and Departure

Tags: news, business, finance, sunw.

App Engine – Google Code

google’s scalable compute offering

Tags: technology, google.

Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2)

The entry page to Amazon’s EC2.

Tags: technology, cloudcomputing, amazon, webservices, virtualization.

coolest quartier in Paris

from the Guardion/Observer travel, basically a review of the Mama Shelter hotel in Paris, but enough to make me want to visit it as a tourist again. I must get the Rough Guide

Tags: travel, review, guardian, france, paris, europe.

They say ” Free Web Meeting, …” and loads more like that, see the tags, I let them inspire me. A web service that allows you to share your desk top.

Tags: technology, web2.0, free, opensource, meeting, online, presentation, software, web, elearning, collaboration.

fly light

Doing it right from the ground up works

Tags: technology, software, web, server, opensource, free.


London’s highest restaurant.

Tags: culture, food+drink, restaurant, advert, UK, london.

in the enterprise – c0t0d0s0.org

a article provoked at Sun’s CEC 2008

Tags: technology, hadoop, suncec2008.

Yacht Charters

I’ve been meaning to bookmark this for a while, I saw it advertised on their vans last time I visted Lymington over the summer.

Tags: sport, sailing, yachting, charter, advert, UK, solent, lymington.

New Mill Restaurant

They say “- A Very Special Place Indeed”, I say probably. Ate there one evening, but lunch looks good as well.

Tags: culture, restaurant, food+drink, uk, local, hampshire, advert.

Earth brings ancient Rome to life

at Second Life. This is a Guardian article

Tags: news, technology, SecondLife, History, rome, guardian.

Media Blogging Support – Apache Roller

The proposal page for the rich medai enhancements for Roller at the Apache Software Foundation

Tags: technology, blogging, roller, media.

DVD Ripper, Rob says get the developer 0.93 version; cause it does the ipod format

Tags: technology, dvd, ipod, ipodtouch, video.


accessories for your iphone/touch

Tags: apple, iphone, ipodtouch, accessories, shopping, online.

Prorated Super Computing Fun! from the New York Times Blog

About an IT project at the NYT where Amazon’s EC2 was used to augment the MYT’s data centre for a conversion project changing the project economics from doubtful to go.

Tags: technology, cloudcomputing, webservices, storage, scalability, performance, opensource, news, NYT.

Life running on an iPhone

from Youtube

Tags: technology, iphone, ipodtouch, secondlife, video.

survey of corporate IT: The economics of the cloud

An article called “Highs and Lows” from The Economist

Tags: technology, economics, future, computing, cloudcomputing, cloud, business, article, research, saas, economist.


mentioned by Lew Tucker in his cloud computing pitch today. The application looks really useful, but the point of the story is that they needed 1000 new servers/day when they took off at Facebook

Tags: technology, webservices, saas, video, pictures, photos, mashup, presentation.

How to network Bridge on Windows

a thread at virtualbox.org, looks like it doesn’t like wireless

Tags: technology, virtualisation, virtualbox, windows, networking.

President, Election Center 2008

Elections & Politics from CNN.com, a marvelous results page from 2008

Tags: news, politics, us, potus, 2008, president.

Election 2008, Vote Tracker

from Uoday

Tags: news, politics, visualization, maps, voting, vote, us2008, 2008, us.

ibeer @ YouTube

This video was uploaded by a user called ipodtouch lab and it seems is a different application to Carling’s ipint

Tags: technology, ipod, ipodtouch, iphone, video, beer, ipint, ibeer.

shares fall to lowest ever point after profits warning shocks City

from the Guardian Business, BT Global Services lets the company down.

Tags: news, economics, business, guardian.

Open Rights Group

They say “exists to preserve and promote your rights in the digital age.”, pointed to me by the new statesman correspondent

Tags: technology, politics, opensource, privacy, security, web, rights, digital, digitaleconomybill.

Gilbert’s Web Site

A teacher speaks

Tags: culture, politics, education, blog, teaching.

La Casa del Abuelo

In Madrid, not a lot of seats, but great food and atmosphere.

Tags: culture, travel, food+drink, restaurant, tapas, spain, madrid.

Birth Certificate

He is a US born citizen.

Tags: us, politics, image, .jpg, 2008, election, obama, birth, pciture.

iPod touch 16GB at Amazon.co.uk

They say New, but I can’t see if it has 2.0 version of the software.

Tags: advert, technology, ipodtouch, amazon, 16Gb.

Flames Ice Hockey Club – Tickets

watch the Flames at Guildford Spectrum

Tags: culture, sport, icehockey, tickets.

Academic Conferences

aka ACL, Dan remenyi is a principal here

Tags: conference, organisation, technology, research, information, education, communication, academic, remenyi, e-learning.

Nights: Shadows of Undrentide Hints from UHS

Not your ordinary walkthrough, the Universal Hint System. This is very knowledgable but only hints one at a time. Goof if you don;t want a full walkthorugh, just help at the right time.

Tags: neverwinternights, technology, computer, games, frpg, nwn, sou, uhs.

to turn your iPhone into a laptop

a laptop cradle for an iphone, wonder if it works with the touch?

Tags: technology, hardware, Gadgets, laptop, Advert.

– Electoral Map

Its hard to ignore the US election, and I have found this one of two useful sites. The other is http://www.electoral-vote.com/. The latter is currently calling Ohio & Florida as weakly Democrat and headlines the electoral college as the firm states plus the weak states, showing Obama as a clear winner. Real Clear, is leaving the too close to call out of the headline, but they have to go somewhere, and they also see Obama as the winner with 313 votes.

Tags: politics, news, maps, election, college, 2008, us, usa, vote, polls.

A HTML Screen Scrape Utility for Web Pages, looks written for windows.

Tags: technology, software, html, free, download, web, screenscrape, scrape, scraper, utility.

Life: the battle lines are drawn

the Guardian’s editorial position on the FS Ombusdman’s second report on the Equitable Life

Tags: guardian, money, equitablelife, news.

up for the taxpayer

A comment on the Ombudsman’s second enquiry into FSA culpability.

Tags: guardian, Money, news, equitablelife.

– Opinion, News, Analysis, Videos and Polls

not sure of tis politics, it seems to be a clearing house. Us based

Tags: news, politics, usa, us.

at FriendFeed

Friend Feed now has its feeds and fans available as OPML and FOAF. This is a Google Groups page.

Tags: technology, software, foaf, xml, friendfeed, opml.

Ambassadors – Sun Microsystems

from the Sun Developer Network

Tags: sunw, university, advert.

– Bird and Fortune – Subprime Crisis

what more needs to be said, actually not seen this yet, bookmarked it to see it on a wired connection

Tags: youtube, video, news, bird+fortune, subprime, satire, comedy.

– Portable software for USB drives

For software that holds its configuration data locally, may offer ipod run times as well. No, the ipod reference is that the ipod may be able to act as a disk.

Tags: software, technology, usb, tools, ipod, linux, windows.

RDF Language Bindings – Building and Installing from Source

one of the components needed to support Planet Venus, for FOAF

Tags: technology, software, planet, venus, redland, rdf, python.

Academic Initiative

from www.sun.com, Sun’s offering to the education sector as a technology content provider

Tags: sun, social, learning, education, sunw.

future is virtually here

by Michael van Lent of Soar Technology.

Tags: culture, technology, review, virtualworlds, article.

Corporate Travel

They say “Welcome to your corporate online reservation system.” I know its time for pain

Tags: travel, work, sunw, amex.

Island Holidays

They say “Exclusive Villa Holidays to the Greek Islands of Kefalonia, Ithaka, Lefkada, Meganisi, Paxos, Corfu, Skopelos, Alonissos, Skiathos, Pelion, Mykonos, Santorini, Athens”, so more than the Ionian. I found this in the Guardian’s end of season bin

Tags: culture, holiday, travel, europe, greece, islands, ionianislands, ionian, advert.

Boat from the guardian.co.uk

a dahabiyya on the Nile

Tags: culture, travel, holiday, egypt, guardian, image, picture, boat, nile, dahabiyya.

Travel on the cheap, The Guardian

The Guardian, on Adventure Holidays, recommends Bales Worldwide to cruise the Nile in historic style

Tags: culture, travel, review, guardian, holiday, adventure.

Worldwide, Exotic Holidays

among their offerings is the opportuity to charter a dahabiyya, sailing between Luxor and Aswan. Pointed out as ever by the Guardian

Tags: travel, culture, holiday, advert, egypt, dahabiyya, cruise.

Profits, Socializing Risk: Hypocrisy and Housing

By charles hugh smith, provoked by “The Shock Doctrine”

Tags: politics, economics, us, capitalism, privatise, profits, socialise, risk, blog.

Icons Web

They say “- Free Icons,Free Icons Download,Free Desktop Icons,Royalty Free icons”

Tags: technology, windows, images, icons, gallery, free.


at the Mandalay Bay, Best Las Vegas Russian Restaurant, seems to emphasis food rather than Vodka cocktails, could be worth a visit next time I’m there before they stop serving food

Tags: culture, food+drink, US, lasvegas, vodka, soviet.

Secondlife Employee Calendar

what it says, the best advert for the Sun Employee activity in SeconfLife

Tags: technology, secondlife, calendar, diary, sunw.

the english language version, I have set do not share to see if it hides it from the feed

Tags: portal, google, igoogle.

do a tax form again

from the Money Guradian, sadly UK only, and this documents the growing trend of excluding simple tax cases i.e. 100% PAYE from the need to do a tax return.

Tags: news, tax.uk, uk, guardian, money, 2008.

music albums from guardian.co.uk

from the Guardian, published last year, but I have been tidying up and want to throw the paper out

Tags: culture, music, reviews, guardian, 2007, news.

Microsystems Public Area in Second Life

This uses a SLurl,

Tags: technology, software, virtualworlds, secondlife, slurl, sunw, sunmicrosystems.

Click Inside Firefox 3 Window Without Losing Focus 1st � mozillaZine Forums

I’d describe it as Firefox gets stuck in its control panel and the mouse won’t/can’t interface with the web page. Seems to be a windows problem.

Tags: technology, software, firefox, bug, community, forum.

Chaser Sailing

Another Swan 51, a single boat company, offering places on regattas and transits. Also time in the schedule for corporate events. They also highlight the Fastnet Race, and try to spend a fair amount of time in the Carinbean . Another ad from Yachting Monthly

Tags: culture, holiday, travel, yacht, yachting, advert, charter.

a firefox proxy add-on, not that I need ot at the moment, but may be useful one day.

Tags: technology, software, mozilla, proxy, firefox, add-on.

up your personal Wikipedia

from Lifehacker, you really must undersand the strengths and limitations of Media Wiki before you do this, but what the heck. This documents a WAMP install.

Tags: technology, software, howto, tutorial, windows, wamp, wikipedia, wiki.

to configure Pidgin to work with Google Talk

from T & T >> The Tech Bytes, talks about the force old port and ssh parameters

Tags: technology, IM, pidgin, google, chat, talk.


The UK face to the official German tourist site

Tags: culture, travel, holiday, europe, germany, information.


They say, “Adventure Sailing Holidays – Tall Ships – RYA Courses”

Tags: culture, holiday, sailing, tallships, europe, advert.

r o m 1 0 t o 3 0 0 m m

a photo blog, not sure if this is based on roller, if so it looks great and so are the pictures, which render well through Cool Iris. Interesting choice between culture and technology tags which I usually make a choice.

Tags: culture, images, pictures, blog, roller.

Realms Wiki

I have not come across this before, helpful reading for players and authors for NWN & BG1|2.

Tags: culture, games, board, computer, forgottenrealms, ad+d, bg2, community, NWN, neverwinternights, wiki, D+D.

myth of the super-rich

from New Statesman, not that their existence is a myth, just their weakth creation role

Tags: politics, economics, newstatesman, news, 4ben.

quick install guide

a Python App server, from Django Documentation

Tags: technology, software, appserver, python, django, instructions, howto.

10 Free Short URL Redirection Services :

A Technical Lists from eConsultant, not sure when it was published but is.gd is not on the list

Tags: technology, saas, software, short, url, review, blog.

Blogging Support – Apache Roller – Apache Software Foundation

A Proposal for enhancing Roller to support rich content more effectively

Tags: technology, software, blogging, roller, wiki, proposal, rfe, multimedia.

from Wikipedia. Just checking its history, founded in 1999, paper/coins issued in 2002 and Slovakia has just entered.

Tags: reference, money, europe, euro, wikipedia.

to network Bridge on Windows

using Virtual Box, a good place to start

Tags: technology, software, virtualbox, virtualization, virtualisation, networking, howto.

Their Home Page – Web-based Open Source ERP

Tags: technology, software, opensource, openbravo, erp, web2.0.

usb switch: ConnecTec 10/100MBit Netzwerk Switch 5 Port USB mit blauen LEDs – lan hub / USB HUB

A usb powere micro hub, sold on a german web page, they say, “switsch, usb switch: ConnecTec 10/100MBit Netzwerk Switch 5 Port USB mit blauen LEDs – lan hub / USB HUB”

Tags: technology, hardware, advert, usb, switch, network, germany.

visual meta search engine

a search with the reply as a network and a flash display to interpret it

Tags: technology, software, saas, web2.0, visualization, searchengine, search, internet, flash.

They say “Voice to Text Notes & To Dos. Email & Text Message Reminders. Hands-free Email & Text Messaging….”, and more

Tags: technology, voice, voicemail, web2.0, software, sms, messaging, lifehacks, socialsoftware, saas.

– the massive online adventure game

by Jagex Ltd, Java, runs on Sun, classic FRPG, MMORPG. This is an enormous success, but I’f never heard of it.

Tags: culture, games, frpg, mmorpg, online, java, virtual.

recommended by Jeremy Barnish, another aggregation site, that looks like a blog. Multiple CSS styles to support multiple postings

Tags: technology, web2.0, web, software, socialsoftware, socialnetworking, tumblr.

of the commons

“Why do people uncommns the commons?” Is this the same reason they de-mutualise? from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Tags: economics, politics, wiki, theory, tragedyofthecommons, tragedy, commons.

Penguin by Yochai Benkler

An abstract for a fuller paper where he argues that ‘commons based peer production’ is a new form of economic organisation more suitable to the information age.

Tags: economics, theory, software, politics, benkler.

Chrome – Download a new browser

’nuff said

Tags: technology, software, browser, web2.0, web, opensource, windows, google, chrome, tools.

Micro’s Peter Reiser at Global Neighbourhoods

an interview with Peter about CE2.0 aka Sunspace, I have short coded it as http://is.gd/29Vc

Tags: technology, software, sunw, peter+resiser, ce2.0, web2.0, facebook, peterreiser.

House Hotel

Despite their title line boasting their Edinburgh location, this hotel is west of Edinburgh, just of the M8 and SE of Linlithgow.

Tags: culture, travel, hotel, europe, scotland, edinburgh, linlithgow, accomodation.

– Google Code

This is a Facebook chat plugin for Pidgin and libpurple messengers. It connects to the new Facebook Chat IM service without the need for an API key.

Tags: technology, software, im, messaging, chat, google, pidgin.

MP3 player at SanDisk

Thet say ” Products | Music & Video Players | Older MP3 Players | SanDisk Sansa� e200 Series MP3 Players”

Tags: technology, lifehacks, mp3, player, sansa, sandisk.

Programming Guide – OpenOffice.org Wiki

at OpenOffice.org wiki site. This seems to be very powerfull, I wonder how hard it is to master and use to extend Star/Open Office.

Tags: technology, software, programming, howto, guide, documentation, tutorial, openoffice, basic, starbasic.

and Printer Sharing in Windows Vista

from microsoft, its different and ‘secure by default’

Tags: technology, operatingsystem, windows, vista, network, networking, troubleshooting.

the banks are offering students

from the Fresher, a Guardian supplement offering advice. This is the August 2008 article

Tags: howto, finance, student, money, guardiannews, 2008.

Museum in Berlin

the DDR Museum, in central Berlin. “Goodbye Lenin” writ large and real?

Tags: culture, history, politics, europe, germany, berlin, museum.

Vehicle Excise Duty Calculator

I found this at open.gov.uk, but it has a different domain. Calculate the cost of the car tax.

Tags: howto, reference, car, tax.uk, UK.

.com, a user site

Tags: technology, software, operatingsystem, solaris, opensolaris, opensource, sunw.

from Flickr

flickr’s pictures tagged santorini

Tags: culture, travel, photo, images, santorini, flickr.

is Released and Moves to Virtual Earth

from – O’Reilly Radar

Tags: Technology, software, visualisation, visualization, photosynth, images, Photo.

to Convert FAT Disks to NTFS

from technet, go it wrong when I installed my new HDD

Tags: technology, storage, microsoft, filesystem.

Linking to Yourself the Future of the Web?

by Tim O’Reilly, examines the use to readers of self reference, and its potential impact on the web.

Tags: technology, web, ecosystem, internet, www, oreilly.

Dr. Ernst Fehr

Institut für Empirische Wirtschaftsforschung, U. of Zurich

Tags: people, economics, ernstfehr.

why Stockholm rocks | Travel | The Guardian

by the Hives Howlin’ Pelle Almqvist, published in the Guardian Travel section 16th August 2008.

Tags: culture, travel, europe, sweden, stockholm, reviews, guardian.

:: How to network Bridge on Windows

looking for something else, but this might be very useful

Tags: technology, software, virtualization, virtualisation, virtualbox, networking.

Permission Problem

by James Surowiecki on the financial page of The New Yorker, reviews “The Gridlock Economy” by James Heller, which examines the effect of patent stalemates and potential resolutions.

Tags: news, opinion, comment, surowiecki.

Bass Software Ltd – About us

A top but small software house offering amongst other things sybase consultancy.

Tags: technology, company, software, consultancy, advert, sybase, seabass.

fantastic late summer escapes by the sea

from Travel at The Guardian, I have no idea how date sensitive these places are, but some sound really good, but we are trying this go somewhere in England this year. These are mainly cottages.

Tags: culture, travel, holiday, accomodation, guardian.

Money, the student issue

You can tell the A level results are out this week, the Guardian Money’s weekend supplement is all about students.

Tags: news, guardian, student, finance, money, 2008.

Statesman – Britain: our divided nation

The income gap between rich and poor goes on getting bigger, yet we seem remarkably unconcerned

Tags: news, newstatesman, politics, economics, poverty, class.

Used Car Prices

also Vehicle Valuations &Motorbike Prices. Its the UK bible

Tags: car, price, guide, reference, glass’s.

to read the small memory dump files that Windows creates for debugging

A small memory dump file records the smallest set of useful information that may help identify why your computer has stopped unexpectedly. This option requires a paging file of at least 2 megabytes (MB) on the boot volume. On computers that are running Microsoft Windows 2000 or later, Windows create a new file every time your computer stops unexpectedly. A history of these files is stored in a folder.

Tags: technology, software, microsoft, xp, windows, support, memory, howto, Reference, minidump, troubleshooting.

“Snowl” hunts Twitter, RSS, and (soon) e-mail

another extension to help deal with all the chat

Tags: technology, tools, software, browser, firefox, mozilla, rss, chat, twitter, web2.0.

Syndicates Your Social Updates

from lifehacker, if you really want your stuff syndicated to all your social networks. Blog to twitter might be good.

Tags: technology, tools, web2.0, socialnetworking, socialsoftware, syndication.

Mind Mapping – MindMeister

found this while researching secondbrain

Tags: technology, software, saas, free, freeware, visualization, web2.0, web, tools.

on the Hill Haunt Books

new rules for heros and traitor

Tags: culture, games, horror, frpg, vendor, community, forum, board, bahoth, bhoth, betrayal, avalon, avalonhill.

– Gather Feeds, Create Streams, Publish Widgets

this looks pretty cool, it creates javascript widgets to display and or aggregate feeds.

Tags: technology, software, feeds, publisher, web2.0, xml, rss, reader, online, saas, javascript.

Bowie’s Berlin: a musical tour of the city

from the Travel section ofthe guardian.co.uk about Berlin

Tags: culture, travel, europe, germany, berlin, review, guardian.

10 traditional Paris bars � vins

from | Travel | guardian.co.uk

Tags: culture, travel, europe, france, paris, wine, booze, food+drink, guardian.

Fastest Growing Niche Social Media Sites and Networks

found via del,icio,us and google reader

Tags: technology, directory, howto, internet, socialnetworking, web2.0.

feed Reader

from TechLads, uses Ajax, comment suggests not ready for Mozillate

Tags: technology, software, ajax, javascript, development, feedreader, blog.


They say ” – Travel Guide. Destination guides for the world traveller”, I say, seems jolly knowledgable. I may use this as part of my planning processes in future

Tags: culture, travel, holiday, guide, tourist, howto, directory, world.

found this while reading a Ted Dziuba article on the register, they say “Think of pressflip as an internet search that keeps searching and learns what you like.”

Tags: technology, software, saas, search, pressflip, news.

Members Action Group

They/We’re down to regulatory failure, somehow, all the actual failure doesn’t have to pay up, but the regulator and the government do. Don’t get it myself.

Tags: News, money, equitablelife, emag, investment+management.

An online role-playing community based on the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting, the land of Faerun, based on the NWN and NWN2 games engine

Tags: culture, computer, games, frpg, faerun, nwn, nwn2, neverwinternights, community, world.

can you do to revitalise your plot and keep the colour going?

from Life and style, The Guardian, this is better with pictures.

Tags: culture, gardening, horticulture, guardian.

Firefox: The Basics

might come back to this, bit tool bar heavy for a laptop user though, pointed out to me by Jeremy Barnish

Tags: technology, software, firefox, extensions, plugins, tools, tips, browser, internet, google.

Common Sense

pointed out to me by Calum Benson, this is the online home of Web usability consultant Steve Krug, author of “Don’t make me think”

Tags: technology, software, development, krug, hci, usability, design.

country for old men

from the Money Gurdian, 19 July 2008. A review of a seminal employment tribunal on age discrimination.

Tags: news, law, employment, age, discrimination, guardian, ageism.

Sail 2008

Sun Sail 2008, an interesting brand re-inforcement exercise

Tags: news, event, yachting, regatta, sunw.


a pizzeria, just of the Grand Place in Brussels, this is the google maps site

Tags: culture, travel, restaurant, food+drink, europe, belgium, bruxelles, pizza.

on the Shelf – Book Shop

continuing my reading about the Russian Revolution, these people are suppliers of the scarce stuff to Amazon. Dead quick.

Tags: culture, politics, books, socialist, advert, shopping, left.

:: Firefox Add-ons

Allows you to customize the way a webpage displays using small bits of JavaScript. …

Tags: technology, software, firefox, greasemonkey, extension, browser, javascript, tools.


The Mycroft project provides a collection of Sherlock & OpenSearch Search Engine Plugins (15272 at the last count) for your web browser. It is part of the Mozilla project.

Tags: technology, software, tools, utilities, browser, plugin, extension, firefox, foss, free, opensource, search, searchengine.

Facebook Chat with Adium 1.3b7

from – CNET Asia Blogs: Little Red Blog by Rick Martin, China, points to http://beta.adiumx.com

Tags: technology, chat, adium, facebook, client.

the Time-To-Own of an Unpatched Windows PC

from Slashdot, “…all agree that placing an unpatched Windows computer directly onto the Internet in the hope that it downloads the patches faster than it gets exploited are odds that you wouldn’t bet on in Vegas”

Tags: technology, news, security, virus, windows, slashdot.


reviewed in the New Statesman travel pages, allegedly awesome stained glass windows. This page is from Great Buildings Online.

Tags: culture, travel, Europe, France, architecture, History, church, cathedral.

NPC Mod V1.02

A new version of the One Day MOD NPC, an elven F/Mu, I tried an earlier version, she’s real fun. I hope the bugs have been fixed.

Tags: technology, computer, games, frpg, bgs, community, mod.

EU’s Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme

The European Commission’s Enterprise and Industry directorate’s Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP) aims to encourage the competitiveness of European enterprises.

Tags: technology, europe, eu, innovation, funding, cip.

Card counting

from Wikipedia, massivly controversial. It seems that casinos put this on par with cheating

Tags: culture, games, cards, howto, strategy, blackjack.


They say “Brixham & Devon Yacht and Boat Charter, RYA Approved”. Reviewed in the Guardian as offering a 12 week, round Britian sailing event as a holiday, at £650/week, so thats £7800 for the whole thing. Bit Steep

Tags: culture, travel, holiday, sailing, yachting, UK, britian, guardian.

– Download VNC Free Edition Viewer for Windows

about time some might say. Using this gave me a real thrill, on par with my first rlogin. The industry really has come on.

Tags: technology, tools, software, remote, computing, vnc, windows, xp, client, desktop, download, free, networking.

Microsystems’ Events 2008 – Sun Sail 2008

Sun Sail 2008

Tags: culture, sport, yachting, 2008, sunw.

– ep2008

an annual conference, about Python, in Europe

Tags: technology, conference, python, programming, event.

rights: European Parliament rushes towards Soviet Internet

Digitial Rights view on the EU Telecommunication directive

Tags: technology, politics, europe, eu, news, drm.

not the Gates, it’s the bars

a comment piece from BBC NEWS, Technology written by Richard Stallman, arguing that the system of proprietary software will out live Bill Gates

Tags: technology, news, free, bbc, open, stallman, opensource, microsoft, billgates, drm.

Bank exchange trackers

I saw this site advertised at City airport, what a shame I couldn’t find it using a search engine

Tags: finance, investment+management, db, deutschebank, etf, savings, euro, germany, dax, money, economics.

Orange Groves UK – The First Choice For A Citrus Tree In The UK

I found this using google, of course, with the string eureka, lemon, uk. The Guardian were advertising Eureka Lemon Trees as hardy enough to survive and thrive inb the UK, although I have to wonder if it’d survive our garden.

Tags: culture, horticulture, gardening, fruit+veg, advert, forsale.

to make the most of Twitter

from Technology in the Guardian, 8th May, but if I am using it, and the Guardian’s reviewing, its no longer as trendy as people think. This aritcle has some useful and interesting links.tech

Tags: technology, internet, saas, community, blogging, socialsoftware, socialnetworking, article, news, guardian.


They say “Paxos-Greece Home Page”, I wonder who built it? Its west of Greece, south of Corfu and so is another of the northern ionian islands.

Tags: culture, travel, holiday, europe, greece, ionianislands, paxos.

best … gap year projects

from the Travel Section of the Guardian, 21st June 2008

Tags: work, education, guardian, university, gapyear.


Benji Lanyado finds Slovenia’s tiny coastline boasts an undiscovered Adriatic gem from the Travel section of the Guardian 21st June 2008

Tags: culture, holiday, ideas, guardian, europe, slovenia.

Oracle Installation (part 1)

at YouTube, installing Oracle in a straght jacket using yourt nose

Tags: .

Webmaster Tools

worth a look, includes google analytis, possibly for the blog, possibly for the sites

Tags: technology, searchengine, seo, tools, web, google, analytics.

Open-Source Mac Apps You Need Right Now

from – CIO.com – Business Technology Leadership, and pointed out to me me by Alec Muffet. This includes a project management package and one or two non-obvious things.

Tags: technology, tools, software, apple, mac, opensource, reviews.

to SMS Gateway

from text local

Tags: technology, software, internet, text, sms, email, gateway.

Chart for FTSE 100 – Yahoo! Finance

FTSE: Basic Chart for FTSE 100 – Yahoo! Finance

Tags: money, economics, UK, yahoo, ftse100, chart, finance, Reference.

They say “Find your user guide, user guide, instruction manual or owner manual instantly !”

Tags: howto, manual, documentation, guide, books, instructions, reference, manuals.

– the unofficial google shell.

for those for whom the CLI is the *only* interface

Tags: technology, search, searchengine, google, cli, shell, commandline.

Is this blog commenting solution ‘sa a service’. Can I use it to comment my snipnsap bliki?

Tags: technology, software, saas, blogging, blogs, community, service, comments.


from Sun, is this part of the future?

Tags: technology, future, web2.0, cloud, computing, cloudcomputing.

– Linux Command – Unix Command

from linux.about.com

Tags: technology, linux, howto, reference, man, egrep.

Data: Ben Fry: Books

from Amazon.co.uk: by Ben Fry, this looks interestign as do the ‘Customers who brought…’ panel

Tags: technology, visualisation, book, amazon, advert.

Travel � Welcome to Germania Travel

Germania Travel, a specialist tour operator focusing on Germany’s wine growing regions.

Tags: culture, travel, europe, germany, wine, advert.

Latin America

Fly to Latin America and experience the culture of Argentina or the magnificence of the Andes. Another travel agent specialising in the far away. Rumour has it that the Argneitina holiday can include tango lessons.

Tags: culture, travel, holiday, advert, latinamerica, argentina, inca.

Wolf Dietrich, Salzburg

recommended in the Guardian’s 100 Romatic Holidays, the suggest eating at Stiftskeller St Peter as an 18th centurary experience, but suggest staying here.

Tags: culture, travel, holiday, europe, austria, salzburg, hotel, accomodation.

Ways to treat your lover

The 100 most romantic holidays, includes dancing in Vienna, a ninja attack on the culture hot spots of New York and honourable mention for Salzburg and Svalbard, from the Guardian Travel

Tags: culture, travel, holiday, news, reviews, world, guardian, vienna, nyc, US, europe.

Brilliant Beach Holidays

from the Guardian Travel section 24th May 2008, ten of these claim to be the best european beach side hotel.

Tags: culture, travel, holiday, news, reviews, world, guardian.

soldiers from The Guardian, technology

A review and discussion of the US Military’s games design efforts. This sort of thing may be revisited as onlibe virtual worlds becomse more pervasive. This was originalty printed in the Guardian in 2005.

Tags: technology, computer, games, virtualreality, military, wargames.

Moore: Claret

Every now and then, Victoria Moore writes an articleon Wine in the weekend Guardian that I want to keep and re-read. This one was published in Nov 2006 and called simpy ‘Claret’.

Tags: culture, food+drink, wine, booze, guardian.

: Hankering For A World Without �Identity� or �Federation�

Alec Muffet’s Essay on Identity and Federation, I’ll write a better comment when I’ve read it.

Tags: technology, politics, identity, federation, alecmuffett, future.

to www.ionian.com!

This is quite odd, claims to be a search engine, certainly very commercail, lots of adverts for property and boats etc. Maybe worth looking at another day.

Tags: culture, travel, europe, greece, ionian, ionianislands, advert, community.


the home page of the Greek Tourist office, this is the Engklish Language Home page, and has a number of pictures i.e. its a bit slow.

Tags: culture, travel, europe, greece, government, tourist, visitgreece.

Security Solutions: Juniper Networks

virtual firewalls anyone

Tags: technology, security, network, hardware, device, computer, firewall.

Google Blog: Google Health, a first look

well well well, this makes me ROFLMAO, allegedly very US centric, but interesting if they solve the information management problems, and then there is the security/privacy issues.

Tags: technology, google, health, healthcare, medical, records.

Open source, SSO package

Tags: technology, software, security, sso, opensource, identity, authentication.

on the Line, a book by Diffie and Landau

the Amazon page, sub titled the “Poltics of Wiretapping and Encryption” by Diffie & Landau

Tags: book, advert, shopping, amazon, diffie, landau, politics, privacy.

Java System Access Manager

A Sun page, the start point for considering Sun’s Java System Access Manager

Tags: technology, identity, java, security, sso, sunw, web, webservices.

The Inventors of Behavioural Intelligence

So they claim.

Tags: technology, security, software, network.

Network Traffic Management

They say “Application Delivery Networking, Application Acceleration, Internet Traffic Management System”

Tags: technology, network, architecture, software.


They say “DHTML Site – Free 16×16 Icons”, I say more free icons and another reference to Fam Fam

Tags: Technology, images, free, icons.

Torque Game Engine

The Torque Game Engine 1.4.2, availble under the INDIE License, from GarageGames

Tags: technology, software, 3d, games, game, engine, virtualreality, virtual, virtualworlds.


They say ” Royalty Free, Open Standards for Real-Time 3D Communication”. I found them looking for x3d on Google which I was pointed at by Stephen Prentice of Gartner

Tags: technology, standards, 3d, www, x3d, web, vrml, programming, xml.

Expo 2008, Agenda Builder

what they said in Barcelona, Gartners IT Expo & Symposium

Tags: technology, future, gartner, 2008, barcelona.

Tracking for Desktop VR Displays using the WiiRemote

at Youtube. Check this out, true 3D programming and representation, using a Wii.

Tags: technology, software, 3d, wii, vr, virtualreality, johnnylee, lee.

scmwine home

So Dave Tong’s wine wiki, of interest for two reasons, he knows what he’s talking about and he uses a site called wikispaces. I need to see if it helps me retire my Qube.

Tags: technology, software, wiki, wine, davetong, food+drink, booze.

a video sharing site

of possibly the most interest are the tools, which Chris says can be used to merghe a video stream and slide show.

Tags: technology, software, socialsoftware, web2.0, video, editor, converter.

close to $13bn deal for EDS

from FT.com / Companies / IT – this would be an industry transforming move

Tags: technology, news, economics, hewlett-packard, EDS, m+a.

Client Services Support Area

I’ve got a problem with my Alienware Aurora

Tags: technology, hardware, computer, PC, alienware, support.

of the World

Worth an explore if Fam Fam lets me down.cu

Tags: culture, politics, flags, icons, free.

to create and use NTFS mounted drives in Windows XP

I have just got a new disk drive for the home systems.

Tags: Technology, computer, operatingsystem, windows, xp, storage, management.


Metric conversion calculator and charts

Tags: reference, howto, area, conversion, imperial, metric.


for another day, found this while browsing, but I should finsih my Python book first

Tags: technology, programming, language, software.

Reader -Dave’s shared items

My shared items at Google Reader, I’m not sure how I’ll use this.

Tags: news, blog, personal, lifehacks, dave+levy, google, feeds, davelevy, share, shares.

and ITV launch belated digital satellite service

from the Media Guardian, Freeview by Satellite, do you think this’ll work with BT Vision?

Tags: technology, digital, tv, satellite, free, freeview, news, guardian, homehub, entertainment, UK.

Semantic Markup for Web Services

Is this part of the service search solution?

Tags: technology, software, webservices, services, semanticweb, semantic, research, web, www, w3c, owl, owl-s.

Ideas worth spreading

First pointed out to me by Alec Muffet of cryticide, but even the New Statesman has caught up with this site

Tags: technology, innovation, ideas, news.


in the UK, Yup, its finally gone wrong, here is the support home page. Lets see how good it is. Their web site doesn’t handle the UK/US thing well; you must make sure that you have the support pages within the .co.uk domain.

Tags: Technology, hardware, PC, personal, alienware, support, community, computer, UK.


A simple planet feed aggregator

Tags: technology, software, aggregator, documentation, planet, python, reader, rss, web2.0.

: Software : Twitterrific

This might be useful if I get a MAC

Tags: technology, software, twitter, mac, apple, community, free, freeware.

to CellarTracker!

recommended by Dave Tong, a wisdom of crowds about Booze, specifically wine

Tags: culture, booze, food+drink, wine, community.

Philosopher’s Song

A metro lyrics page, witht he words and ringtone if you want. This is the Monty Python “Philosposhers’ Song”.

Tags: culture, music, lyrics, montypython, philosophy.

Network new ideas for progressive politics

a new labour think thank, or at leats that’s what the New Statesman says. They say “dedicated to promoting progressive policies and the renewal of social democracy.”

Tags: politics, global, europe, economics, policy, thinktank, eu.

in the cool, wet and shade, from the Guardian Weekend

Martyn Cox finds out how one north-facing garden was brought to life from the Guradian Weekend 19th April. Shame the web article doesn’t have pictures of the flowers.

Tags: culture, gardening, guardian, howto.

– Job Search

I was looking for a friend, honest.

Tags: jobsearch, career.

Hesperia Tower

One of the hotels booked by Gartner for their IT Expo delegates.

Tags: culture, travel, accomodation, hotel, europe, spain, Barcelona.

general election chances questioned

from World news at the guardian.co.uk. Typical jousting, Clinton argues only she can beat McCain

Tags: news, politics, us, president, election.

open-minded on Blair as EU chief

from FT.com / Europe, important because Germany is seen as an opponent of Blair, the sad thing is that the other candidates all represent right wing parties.

Tags: news, politics, europe, eu, presidency, 2008, lisbon, lisbontreaty, ft.

MEPs : By country and political group

from Europa, how many MPs, which country and which european block they belong to. It would seem that the right are the majority in today’s europe. Deeping before broadening has worked.

Tags: culture, politics, europe, parliament.

set for £12bn rights issue

from FT.com / In depth 22 April 2008

Tags: news, finance, ft, rbs, UK, banking.

a new age scheduler/dispatcher. Mentioned to me by Rich Zippel

Tags: technology, software, opensource, programming, python, scalability, grid.

Brooker on why he hates Apple Macintosh computers

from Comment is free, on The Guardian. Why Mitchell & Webb are great adverts for the Mac, by Charlie Brooker

Tags: technology, guardian, mac, apple, advert, comedy.

2008, Europa – Information Society

convened by the european commission, Invention, Innovation & Impact

Tags: technology, innovation, europe, eu, europa, conference, 2008, ICT.

3-D Data Centers Show Virtual Worlds Fit for Business

IT business that is. This is the IBM Press Release, from IBM Press room – 2008-02-21. Made in IBM Labs.

Tags: technology, virtualworlds, datacenter, datacentre, IBM, 3dworlds, news.


at garden 4 less

Tags: horticulture, gardening, fruit+veg, shopping, tomato.

They say “Shows: Free LIVE VIDEO, Webcam & Video Chat Rooms, Streaming Broadcast, Stream Video Clips, Internet Radio Cams, Web News Events, Watch .TV”

Tags: technology, internet, videos, broadcasting, web2.0.

Brain� – All Your Content

a personal RSS aggregator with community dimensions

Tags: technology, blog, blogging, socialnetworking, lifestream, tools, aggregator, social, web2.0.

to Gaia Online

not sure what this is, looks like a community site with 3d avatars and communication space

Tags: community, blog, 3d, games, roleplaying, social, gaia, game.

from twitter

This is too busy for me, but one good way of see the feed. Of course, it is an RSS feed and can be consumed as such.

Tags: blogs, sunw, blogs.sun.com, rss, bsc.

Family Holidays, from Guradian travel

This is the 22nd March’s travel guardian. A bunch of ‘family’ holidays.

Tags: culture, travel, holiday, family, guardian.

Limits for Windows Releases (Windows)

I had forgotten about 32 bit word memory limitations. Here’s Microsoft’s statement about windows.

Tags: technology, software, operatingsystem, windows, memory, microsoft, mdn.

Global Environment for Network Innovations

a US organisation, presented at Future of the Internet 2007

Tags: technology, internet, network, global, future, design, architecture.

Review on the economics of climate change

published by HM Treasury, this is its home/index page

Tags: politics, economics, climate, change, ecology, environment, future, climatechange, uk.


Volkswagen UK > New cars > Golf GTI > Build > 300 > Optional Extras > Search

Tags: car, vw, golf, new, travel.

– www.primelife.eu

They say “Privacy and Identity Management in Europe for Life”, an EU FP7 project, its bif.

Tags: technology, europe, eu, fp7, privacy, management, identity, research.

on a Boat

They say “Find Yacht Jobs, Crew Agencies, Crew Houses, and Cruise Ship Jobs”

Tags: travel, jobsearch, Sailing, Yachting, yacht.

a web analytics SaaS solution

Tags: technology, software, tools, blogging, free, analytics.

a pass degree enough to teach Maths, Education Guardian

Dr Work on academic references and feedback on job applications, references other sites and talks about late entry into teaching.

Tags: jobsearch, news, education, teaching, qualification.

Cruz Mountains and Santa Clara Valley wines

aka Dave Tong’s Wine Blog

Tags: culture, booze, wine, blog.

They say “- Easier, Faster and Free Video Conference & Video Chat”, I say another video conferencing service.

Tags: technology, tools, service, video, conference, free, web.

Information Society Portal

published by the EU, it has an RSS page elsewhere doucmenting the feeds

Tags: News, technology, europe, eu, europa, internet, feeds, economics, politics, innovation.


the central forum for European activities and discussions on the future of the Internet.tec

Tags: technology, future, innovation, internet, research, europe, eu, architecture.

Opera Web Browser

this is the windows page, need another browser to check out feed formats

Tags: Technology, software, browser, opera, windows, Tools, web, www.

makes the shadows for a google map icon

Tags: technology, google, maps, icons.

Map Room

A Weblog About Maps, I was looking to see if there were any more Google Maps icons, I was looking for a school/university icon, together with an Office. I may have more luck in converting the bed back to white to use as a hotel.

Tags: technology, google, maps, icons, blog.

Jack’s T-shirts

agit prop t-shirts from the US

Tags: culture, politics, shopping, clothes, t-shirts.

Park, Bled, Slovenia

recommended by the FoI Conference organisers

Tags: culture, travel, accomodation, europe, slovenia, bled, lakebled, Hotel.

:: Download

I got hold of this in order to copy some Virtual Box images from the network

Tags: technology, tools, software, windows, scp, free, freeware, computer.

Formalities – Slovenia

This claims to be the Official Travel Guide, and has the URL slovenia.info. Slovenia is in Schengen, so Klagenfurt to Bled by taxi may be a possibility. Worth considering some time. The site may be useful for further research.

Tags: culture, travel, europe, eu, slovenia, schengen.


Thats what the site’s called. Deadwood made me look this up. Not bad.

Tags: howto, reference, dice, die, craps.

another Linux shell

Tags: technology, tools, linux, shell.

Graph API – Google Code

With the Social Graph API, developers can now utilize public connections their users have already created in other web services. It makes information about public connections between people easily available and useful

Tags: technology, tools, google, visualisation, graph.

Widescreen Mod

what it says, widescreen support for BG and other ‘infinity engine’ games

Tags: games, technology, computer, bg2, bg1, community, mod.

based Access Controls & SSH

A Sun Blueprint, in .pdf and hence free. Written by Tom Chalfant.

Tags: Technology, book, .pdf, solaris, opensolaris, security.

Press Releases on the Microsoft Fine

Dateline 21st Feb.

Tags: news, eu, microsoft, monopoly.

Designed for humans first and machines second, microformats are a set of simple, open data formats built upon existing and widely adopted standards.

Tags: Technology, blog, microformat.

Meat Co.

Steaks you’ll leave home for…, a world chain, selling world class steak

Tags: culture, travel, restaurant, food+drink, steak, world, southafrica.

Machine is Us/ing Us (Final Version)

a view of the Web from an anthropologist posted on You Tube. Deals with hypertext, non-linearality, graphs, semantics. All in under 5 minutes

Tags: technology, video, web2.0, web, internet, graph, for:ablvienna, for:cgerhard, for:peterreiser.

wonder the Swedes keep this place quiet…

Sailing holidays from Stockholm, from the Guardian Travel. This is acouple of yeras old.

Tags: culture, travel, europe, sweden, sailing, holiday.


The Wikipedia on him, 2nd and last president of the Spanish Republic. A place to look for more reading maybe.

Tags: history, culture, politics, spain, people, biography.

– Virtual Desktops for Windows

a source forge project, wonder when this will be stable enough to use

Tags: Technology, Tools, windows, desktop, opensource, free, virtual.

a free virtualisation container, to host various operating systems, recently bought by Sun

Tags: technology, virtualization, virtualbox, opensource, software, vm, free, windows, linux.

Pakistan knocked YouTube offline

(and how to make sure it never happens again) from Tech news blog on CNET News.com

Tags: news, technology, internet, dns, security.

partnerships for ICT: FAQ

Public-private partnerships for Information and Communication Technologies: Frequently Asked Questions

Tags: technology, eu, europe, JTI, research.

Free Advisor

Free antivirus and anti-spyware downloads. Not only free but effective as well.

Tags: technology, software, tools, free, freeware, antivirus, windows, virus, security.

Super-fast, easy-to-use, RSS and Atom feed parsing in PHP.

Interesting? Is this a competitor with Planet?

Tags: .

on Free Software in Europe

This is hosted on the Sun site.

Tags: Technology, software, free, opensource, FLOSS, markets.

Ways Your Resume Irks Hiring Managers

Some of these are obvious, some less so, but worth looking at as one polishes the ol’ CV

Tags: reference, business, career, guide, jobsearch.

Security Response

One of the entry points to Symantec

Tags: Technology, Tools, security, antivirus, virus, computer, windows, symantec.


What the Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates has to say about Dubai!

Tags: culture, travel, UAE, Dubai.

Hotel Mall of the Emirates | Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates | Home

Kempinski Hotel, Mall of the Emirates Dubai. I wonder?

Tags: culture, travel, dubai, hotel, accomodation.

Video: 8 Ways to Shoot Video Like a Pro

from lifehacker, it seems we’re all at it

Tags: technology, lifehacks, photo, howto, fun, camera, videos.

dictionary :: English-German translation

An anglo-german dictionary on line, looks useful, and it can be queried by Firefox’s SE box.

Tags: reference, english, germany, dictionary.

List Apart

The home page for “A list apart”, one of the best tutorial blog sites on web site creation.

Tags: technology, software, html, blog, list.

Online Web Tutorials

Is this one of the best web site building tutorial sites ever?

Tags: technology, internet, web, webdesign, html, css, reference, howto, w3c.

guide to making video

A guide from the Guradian called ‘Making Video’ and published in the Life and Health section of the web site.

Tags: howto, reference, guardian, video, multimedia, guide.

German Times Online

A European Newspaper, printed and edited in Germany, published in English. No RSS yet.

Tags: news, politics, europe, germany, economics.

browses and reports licence, not sure but its beyond author assertation

Tags: technology, foss, license, opensource, tools.

Blog Shares New Feature: Custom Links List

an attempt to male blogshares a link aggregator

Tags: Technology, Internet, blogshares, blogging.

Management Institute

They say “dedicated to management and leadership”

Tags: business, leadership, management, projectmanagement, association, work.

in the hotel “König von Ungarn”

I’ve been here before on my own money. Its very good, and they offered us a two room suite at a great rate.

Tags: travel, hotel, europe, austria, vienna, accomodation.

Nalia of D’Arnise Keep (V2)

from Pocket Plane Group – Bending Baldur’s Gate 2 and the Infinity Engine. How long have I been waiting for this.

Tags: technology, computer, games, bg2, community, mod, romancequest, nalia.

& Solaris Containers

Best Practices for Running ASE 15.0 in Solaris Containers White Paper-Technical: Database Management – Sybase Inc

Tags: technology, rdbms, sybase, solaris, opensolaris, containers.


They say ” Icon Extractor for Windows by Gregory Braun”. I have a new laptop and want to take some embeded icons with me. Shareware distribution.

Tags: Technology, software, Tools, windows, shareware, icons.

Duck Rabbit

by Ashlee Vance :

Tags: blogs, Technology, vance, ashlee.

by train

Deutsche Bahn, London to Berlin via Eurostar

Tags: travel, Europe, London, berlin, train.

Ditto offers inside knowledge on Portland, Oregon

from the Travel section of the Guardian. 15 Dec 2007

Tags: culture, travel, US, oregon, portland, guardian.

DOSBox Guide

from the the Magicball Network. I have got LBA 2 working on y system. Need to see what can be done about the video rendering, which is a bit poor and see how it looks full screen, but it works

Tags: Technology, computer, Games, FRPG, twinsen, LBA, LBA2, dos, dosbox, guide, XP, windows.

MySQL at YouTube

IT Conversations: Paul Tuckfield

Tags: Technology, database, design, sql, mysql, python, scalability, youtube, rdbms.

for deletion – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Wikipedia has very strict policies about what may and may not be an article page. These are often most controversially applied to pages about individuals. This page discusses the way in which the wikipedia author community deals with flase vanity pages.

Tags: wikipedia, howto, Reference, vanity, pages, vfd, article, fordeletion.

Red Flag, the full Lyrics

Sorry, my brother in law went to a carol sevice and wants a row about the lyrics

Tags: culture, politics, socialist, redflag, song, lyrics.

– a Wikia wiki

the NWN2 Wiki, looks to be more interesting than the V1 wiki, its done by different people and probably can help as a source for all those pesky new rules, skills and feats.

Tags: game, NWN, nwn2, wiki, computer, Games, Technology, video, FRPG, ad+d.

(dim) Tools HOMEPAGE

He says ” Powerful solution for system monitoring and performance analyzing for Solaris and Linux servers…”

Tags: Technology, Tools, solaris, linux, performance, monitoring.

Union policyholders in line for a windfall … or is it a shortfall?

from Money, The Guardian 16th December 2007. A review of the Consumer Association’s views on the NU’s treatment of ‘with profits’ endowmemts

Tags: News, finance, Investment+Management, endowments, withprofits, norwichunion.

– Home Page

shown to me by ablvienna, I should check this out and look at the FP7 equivalent.

Tags: Technology, Europe, EU, funding, future, research, science, ist.

| IT Infrastructure and IT Service Management

They say “N(i)� designs next-generation technology that streamlines IT Infrastructure Management in order to rapidly enable services, and ultimately deliver the flexibility to support business priorities.” Pointed out by Ray Voight

Tags: Technology, software, cmdb, datacenter, datacentre, Tools, servicemanagement, itil, automation.

– motorhead-girlschool

look what we found!

Tags: culture, music, rock, rock+roll, girlschool, motorhead, video.

courses abroad

A bit of a Holiday, a bit of language learning, advertised in the Guardian, offering German in Kitzbuhel.

Tags: culture, education, language, Holiday, Advert, german, austria, germany, learn, learning.


Another yacht rental/training company. It offers 9 day, day skipper courses and they’re based in Dartmouth.

Tags: travel, Holiday, Sailing, Yachting, Advert, UK, Devon, Dartmouth.

They say “RYA Training Center, Corporate Days, Hen & Stag Days, Sailing Courses, Theory Courses”. They’re based in Brigton

Tags: Holiday, travel, Sailing, Yachting, Advert, UK, sussex, brighton.

Romantic Encounters

a BG2 modification from the G3 site

Tags: BG2, mod, computer, Games.

Art Hotel Siru

on Place Rogier, North of the Grand, recommended in the Rough Guide. Looks interesting. NB This is the french language page; my client firewall has shagged the english language one.

Tags: travel, Europe, Belgium, bruxelles, Hotel, accomodation, Advert.

Sofitel Brussels Toison d’Or, Brussels

another from the Guardian, good for shopping, probably not very cheap, but nowhere is.

Tags: travel, Europe, Belgium, bruxelles, Hotel, accomodation, Holiday.

Leopold Brussels

another from the Guardian

Tags: travel, Europe, Belgium, bruxelles, Hotel, accomodation, Restaurant, Advert.

Bristol Stephanie Brussels

another of the Guardian’s chosen hotels

Tags: travel, Europe, Belgium, bruxelles, Hotel, accomodation, Advert, Holiday.

Bedford, Brussels

another of the Guardian’s suggestions

Tags: travel, Europe, Belgium, bruxelles, Hotel, accomodation, Advert, Holiday.

Gadget World

They say “Gadgets & toys from Gadget World the World’s Largest Gadget Store”, mmm, wonder what thye’ve got for me.

Tags: Technology, Gadgets, Advert, shopping, online, lifehacks.


at Apple (UK and Ireland), have they finally built something I want. Is wi-fi sufficiently pervasive in the UK to make this useful? WE now have a verson 2.0 and some phones can act as wifi gateways.

Tags: Technology, apple, hardware, wireless, ipodtouch, pda, ipod.

� your personal email assistant

Inka pointed this out to me, it seems to want to be told first, about appointments and to do taks, although by e-mail. I wonder if it helps

Tags: Technology, software, DIY, Calendar, email, network, PDA.


the web site for Bug Labs, the developer of the Lego based computer

Tags: Technology, hardware, computer, company, Gadgets, opensource, DIY.

Your Old PC into a Webapp Monster with gOS

from Lifehacker, this runs on Ubuntu, worth revisiting when and if I get a suitable platform

Tags: Technology, software, desktop, free, google, hardware, howto, lifehacks, linux, operatingsystem, os, PC.

Sorting Algorithm Demo

a great demo of four sort algorithms showing performance and code.

Tags: Technology, software, programming, algorithms, sort.

Edge Cases by Designing Up Front

about Web Sites from ‘A List Apart’

Tags: Technology, software, webdesign, html, css.

Digg Tools Collection

a third party view on Digg Tools

Tags: Technology, software, digg, Tools, socialsoftware, research.

Top RSS Button For Your Blog

from Make Money Online

Tags: blogging, feeds, free, gallery, icons, images, rss, webdesign.

a social collaboration tool, they say “Think Out of the Inbox”

Tags: Technology, software, collaboration, web2.0, free, freeware, community, Tools.

Sofitel in Brussels Europe

They say, “Luxury hotel in BRUXELLES”, its on the Place Jourdain, near to the Berleymont and Schuman. Not cheap.

Tags: travel, Hotel, Europe, belgium, brussels, bruxelles.


Conversion Central: 101 Tools to Convert Video, Music, Images, PDF and More : Codswallop

Tags: Technology, Tools, converter, collection, directory, file, software, audio, images, text.

a remote server by Lifehacker

Lifehacker Top 10: Top 10 Ways to Put Your Remote Server to Good Use

Tags: Technology, Reference, server, lifehacks, howto, tips, tutorial, homeserver.

awards: Best overseas hotel: the Mandarin Oriental, Prague | Travel | The Guardian

The Guardian Travel section, Readers’ awards: Best overseas hotel: the Mandarin Oriental, Prague

Tags: travel, Europe, prague, hotel, guardian.

Lanyado on Zurich

The Guardian Travel section, readers’ awards. Favourite European country, Benji Lanyado on Switzerland, concentrating on Zurich West, pointing out a bunch of bars and restaurants

Tags: travel, Europe, Switzerland, zurich, guardian.

on Alzheimer’s disease

Discovery supports theory of Alzheimer’s disease as form of diabetes

Tags: Reference, science, alzheimers, diabetes, health, memory, News.

Route to Broomfield

DEN – Denver Intl Airport to 500 Eldorado Blvd, Broomfield, CO 80021 – Google Maps

Tags: travel, maps, US, Colarado, Denver, CO, SUNW.

to stay for winter sports

from the Travel section of The Guardian 20/10/2007

Tags: travel, Holiday, ski-ing, Europe, US, Canada, guardian.

Car Prices – Parker’s

the defacto std guide in the UK

Tags: Reference, shopping, car, guide, parkers.

helps Facebook friends

an article at BBC NEWS, Technology. A face book application that utilises the bluetooth id to act in a social network. How different is it from other facebook applications?

Tags: Technology, community, socialsoftware, bluetooth, mobile, network, facebook.

want Moor?

The Guardian finally caught up with us about Seville. This is an article form the Travel Section on the 27 October

Tags: culture, travel, Europe, Spain, seville, Food+Drink, accomodation, Hotel, reviews.

Building Society

They say “One of the UK’s top ten largest Building Societies and committed to mutuality”

Tags: finance, mutual, savings, investing, Investment+Management, UK, buildingsociety.


He won more General Elections than either Blair or Thatcher, and this is his Wikipedia entry

Tags: culture, History, politics, wikipedia, haroldwilson, labour.

virtualization software

They say “Virtualization, Automation, Virtual, Desktop, Server, Hosting, SaaS, Software”, amongst their weaponary is parallels which virtualises the ABI and is used by many MAC users to run Linux and Solaris images. I picked up a leaflet at Gartner DC Sum

Tags: Technology, software, Tools, virtualization, UNIX, mac, linux, hosting, paralells, virtuozzo.

Ba-Ba-Reeba! Chicago’s Premier Tapas Restaurant

it has a branch in Las Vegas, with a really good menu and wine list

Tags: travel, US, nevada, nv, lasvegas, Food+Drink, booze, wine, Advert, Restaurant, tapas.

William Gibson from Silicon.com

an interview with William Gibson, in which he talks about missing mobile phones and assuming that the Soviet Union would last in Neuromancer, and talks about his reading in Second Life.

Tags: News, author, Fiction, interview, gibson, cyberpunk, future, scifi.

Elements of Typographic Style Applied to the Web

This is the intro

Tags: Technology, www, css, html, design, howto, article, Reference, tutorial, web, webdesign, font.

: IT Futurology and the Terabyte iPod

Alec Muffet’s CEC 2007 presentation

Tags: Technology, future, blog.

American class divisions through Facebook and MySpace

an essay by danah boyd. Interesting, but who knows how true this is.

Tags: culture, Technology, facebook, socialsoftware, politics, society, MySpace, History, sociology, class.


from Deutsche Welle, a german TV channel. Its a TV travel show and this is its web site

Tags: travel, Europe, Germany, reviews, TV.


from Twitter Blog, looking outside your community, tracking key words

Tags: Technology, software, howto, IM, Mobile, Phone, socialsoftware, search.


They say “- 500 Airport Lounges Worldwide”, this is a scheme that gets you access by payment to a number of otherwise private lounges in the world’s airports. A number of credit card companies offer this as a benefit of their subscription, including Amex

Tags: travel, flying, airport, lounge, club.

best � Latin quarters

from Travel, The Guardian

Tags: travel, guardian, ideas.

Amendment Brewery

In San Francisco, could be useful

Tags: travel, US, California, sanfrancisco, Restaurant, Food+Drink, booze.

an image converter

They say “Convert, Edit, and Compose Images”, its opensource and run on sparc solaris, and has a simple batch interface. Shame it only offers linux/windows for x86

Tags: Technology, software, Tools, UNIX, utilities, opensource, free, SPARC, linux, solaris, images.

Pistols reunite for one-off concert

Why TF is this in the Times for FS?

Tags: culture, punk, rock, sexpistols, live, news.

new wave

learning to crew Yachts, there’s a living in it. An article from the Education Guardian about how to make a career as Yacht Crew.

Tags: Reference, education, learning, Sailing, Training, medina, isleofwight, UK, Yachting, career, guardian.

Articles, Not Blog Postings

from Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox, the title says it all but there’s even more here

Tags: blogging, article, essay, knowledge, economics, nielsen.


great site, a plugin for pidgin

Tags: Technology, software, messaging, crypto, free, privacy, security, IM.

for Middle Earth, firewall ports

Actually router ports, this one’s from GameSpy Arena Forums. Thanks ‘Forgotton’. I think it works

Tags: Technology, Games, bfme, network, culture, computer, community, FRPG.

They say “real-time blog traffic feeds”, direct to your web widget, now this could be very cool.

Tags: Technology, feeds, rss, travel, roads, web, Mobile, html.

Soviet Poster A Day

what a fine service, art & politics in one handy place and available on RSS

Tags: culture, geography, politics, History, soviet, posters, propaganda, blog.

your gap year

I was looking for something else, but might find this useful next year

Tags: culture, education, gapyear, university, guardian.

Swedish Chemists

from Not the Nine O’Clock news and You Tube. Warning: this was published a long time ago

Tags: culture, video, Comedy, British, nothenineoclocknews, old.

Velocity Site

They say, The Apache Velocity Project. This is the templating solution used by roller and it might be part of the answer for a sekrit project I’m considering working on.

Tags: Technology, apache, freeware, server, programming, template, framework, opensource, web.

best … lighthouse stays

from the Travel section of The Guardian but published on the 11 August. Its taken me a while to get this far down my pile of ‘toi be filed’ but I have two references for holidaying in a lighthouse on the same day.

Tags: travel, Holiday, UK, US, Ireland, newyork, accomodation, lighthouse.

Linux is Unix

by Paul Murphy, of ZDNet.com. He says some interesting things about OS adoption. Aug 13th 2007.

Tags: News, paulmurphy, linux, UNIX.

a First Life

They say “A One Page Satire of Second Life”, Work Reproduce Perish

Tags: culture, Comedy, funny, Humor, Internet, SecondLife.


-Exchange ideas & share knowledge

Tags: Technology, training, tutorial, video, education, science, knowledge, lessons, online, lectures, Reference.

Is this a networked video conference service, can I use my Sony Digi-Cam with it?

Tags: Technology, network, video, conference, Internet.

yourself at home in Switzerland

from the Travel, Guardian Unlimited, another reason to visit Switzerland

Tags: travel, Holiday, Europe, Switzerland, guardian.

Moore: One for the rack

“a good glass of red wine”, from the Weekend, Guardian Unlimited, originally dated June 4th 2005

Tags: culture, wine, Food+Drink, booze, reviews.

Moore on reds to enjoy with fish

from the Weekend supplement posted on Guardian Unlimited, published Aug 11th. These are from France and Italy.

Tags: culture, Food+Drink, booze, wine, reviews.

happened (to Skype) on August 16!

from Heartbeat, skype’s blog, the 21st Century version of putting the kettle on at half time

Tags: News, Technology, skype, patch, outage.

you recomend any gap year companies?

from Eco answers in the Travel section of the Guardian. Aug 2007. This is in the light of VSO’s tirade against the bad politics and danger of many of the schemes in place today.

Tags: travel, gapyear, university, guardian.

to reflect, time to act

an article about Gap Years from the Travel section of the weekend’s Guardian. August 2007

Tags: travel, guardian, gapyear, university.

of the best bars to emerge from Budapest’s trendification

from the Travel section of The Guardian, perhaps Dan moved here to soon.

Tags: culture, travel, Europe, hungary, Food+Drink, booze.


They say “Yacht crew agency, yacht crew vacancy, sailing crew from Crewseekers”, the Guardian says, perfect for a gap year on a yacht, no experience required!

Tags: travel, Holiday, yacht, sailing, jobsearch, Yachting.

Queens Hotel, Bournemouth.

They say “The most welcoming hotel in Bournemouth.” It is well located and it seems has a large gym area.

Tags: culture, travel, Holiday, Hotel, Advert, UK, dorset, bournemouth.

Century British Sculpture

at the Cass Sculpture Foundation, Goodwood

Tags: culture, sculpture, gardens, sussex, UK, local.


one of the exhibitors at the Westdean Chilli Fiesta. A farm and restaurant, and selling a beer called Desperados, claiming to be flavoured with Tequila, which I thought should have been nice, but in fact wasn’t

Tags: culture, Food+Drink, booze, UK, Restaurant, gardens, horticulture, suffolk, chilli.

Yet another IT News site, perhaps I’ll check if it does RSS and add it to bloglines

Tags: Technology, News, magazine, web2.0.

Palace Cinema, Alton

a small local cinema in Alton, it only has one screen.

Tags: culture, Movies, cinema, local, UK.

Rocket. woof!

They say “Affordable Web Hosting – Dedicated Web Hosting & Shared Web Hosting Services”, I say, Alec Muffet suggested this.

Tags: Technology, Advert, vendor, hosting, Internet, web.

Jakob Nielsen on Usability and Web Design

Tags: Technology, Internet, web, webdesign, Reference, article, design.

web design guru that web designers love to hate

at Technology from the Guardian, about Jacob Nielsen

Tags: News, Technology, People, web, webdesign, web2.0.

applications at Facebook

I was documenting yesterday’s work and decided that this page is a better bookmark as it returns a number of applications supporting book reviews etc.

Tags: Technology, socialsoftware, facebook, bookreview.

the blingski

The Guardian’s travel section on Moscow. Published 7th July, its taken me awhile to post this here.

Tags: travel, Europe, Russia, Moscow.

pray this country doesn’t go sub-prime

at “Comment is free” from Guardian Unlimited

Tags: News, UK, mortgage, economics, finance, Money.

BBC Hoist By Its Own Petard

This is actually Glenn Moody’s site, but he has a snappreview switch. Cool

Tags: News, snappreview, blogging, webdesign.


An NWN fan mod, subject is obvious requires SOU & HotU &(1.68, CEP & NWN-1.29 only versions available) . Ari’s Revival is geared to those characters that wished to save her, and revisit the relationship.

Tags: Technology, computer, Games, NWN, D+D, ad+d, community, neverwinternights.


Greg’s theory about application’s scale and the systems designer’s response

Tags: Technology, economics, redshift.

running Sybase

Sun’s page on tuning Sybase ASE on its Ultra SPARC T2000

Tags: Technology, software, rdbms, sybase, hardware, T2000, SPARC.

Conference – Faceted browsable collections

This is a faceted browsable collection of the contents of WWW 2006, sent to me by Andreas. I assume it is semweb implementation.

Tags: www2007, collection, conference, guide, paper, Reference, semanticweb, web, www.

on FUSE/Linux

How to run ZFS on LInux, found for me by Chris Gerard

Tags: Technology, software, operatingsystem, linux, opensolaris, fuse, zfs.

& Strand GmbH

two Berlin beach bars, Oststrand & Strandbar Mitte

Tags: travel, Europe, Germany, berlin, beach, booze.

@ mawganporth

They say “Health Spa Beauty Salon and Treatment Rooms in Cornwall at Bedruthan Steps Spa hotel cornwall”

Tags: travel, Europe, UK, cornwall, seaside, webcam.

bin ein sunbather, Beaches in Berlin

from The Guardian’s Travel section 14th July ’07, a review of the beaches in Berlin.

Tags: travel, Holiday, Europe, Germany, berlin, beach.

MAJC and Intels’s IA-64

from Ars Technica, November 1999, once again written a while ago

Tags: Technology, News, old, CPU, MAJC, SPARC.

companies are building their way to a very material future

by Nick Carr in the Guardian. 28th June

Tags: Technology, IT, datacenter, future, power, software, web2.0, datacentre, economics, News.


Paul Gehring’s Karate Club in Boulder, I assume? Not shotokan!

Tags: culture, sport, karate, US, Colarado.

check this out

Tags: Technology, software, blog, socialsoftware, web, web2.0, Internet, online, community, search.

Lodge Hotel, Swanage

another hotel in Swanage

Tags: travel, UK, Hotel, Advert, dorset, purbeck, seaside.

Grand Hotel in Swanage England

its views should be good

Tags: culture, travel, Holiday, UK, dorset, purbeck, Hotel, seaside.

escapes from New York

otherwise known as Around the Block , from the Travel Guardian June 30, 2007

Tags: culture, travel, US, nyc, beach.

Photosynth demo

from TED >> Talks >> Blaise Aguera y Arcas, this is a video.

Tags: Technology, software, Internet, photosynth, images, web, seadragon, visualisation, photo.

icon collection

Cars, ships and boats. Is this any good? I was looking for some icons to use the RYA chart software.

Tags: Technology, software, icons, transport, desktop, webdesign.

Arndale Court Hotel in Poole

Its in Dorset, 3 Star Hotel, convenient for sailing

Tags: travel, hotel, UK, Advert, dorset, Poole, Sailing.


a blog about Python, cleverly titled to get attention

Tags: Technology, software, programming, blog, guide, howto, python, Reference.

Languages by Eric Phelps

Eric Phelps home page, with a series of features on Windows scripting, including DOS batch.

Tags: Technology, Tools, utilities, windows, scripting, programming, opensource, dos.

Brother Betting Odds

if you have to follow it during the day

Tags: culture, TV, bigbrother, gambling.

Provocotive politics in virtual games

the nexus between meat & the net; poitics and virtual reality, an article from CNET News.com, dated March ’07

Tags: news, politics, Games, computer, Internet, simulation, VR.

Roof Gardens

in Kensington, now owned by Virgin, but a well kept secret in West London, inspired by some of the great gardens of the world

Tags: culture, travel, Food+Drink, Restaurant, UK, London, gardens.

Wireless Adaptor

this one’s from Netgear, WG111T

Tags: Technology, network, wireless, usb.

Interactive – Solutions

a meeting solutions company for collecting feedback

Tags: technology, advert, event, feedback, cec.

Seafood Experience

in Shoreham, they say “..Restaurant – cuisine with local fresh fish”

Tags: culture, Food+Drink, Restaurant, Advert, UK, westsussex, shoreham.

There’s British Beach guide

at the Guardian’s “Beenthere” wiki.

Tags: travel, UK, beach, Holiday.

top 10 coastal walks

from the Travel Guardian, first published in May

Tags: travel, UK, beach, coast, walking.

10 local hangouts in Barcelona

from the Guardian Travel site

Tags: travel, Europe, Spain, Barcelona, Holiday.

University, Google Maps

New Cross, London

Tags: UK, travel, university, London, maps.

Python for Windows (Ptui!)

from SourceForge.net, we’ll see!

Tags: Technology, software, Tools, programming, language, windows, sourceforge, download, python.

frame plan for school support staff

from the BBC NEWS, Education, about the Support Staff i.e. non-teaching pay negotiation process

Tags: News, economics, education, pay.

in Hartley Witney

The Monsoon Indian Restaurant and Takeaway in Hartley Witney.

Tags: culture, Food+Drink, curry, India, local, Restaurant, UK, hampshire.

– Harry Enfield

this is is the George Whitebread sketch – Yorkshire Man extrodinaire

Tags: culture, Comedy, harryenfield, TV, georgewhitebread.

– The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

by Gill Scott Heron, he was wrong by the way

Tags: Culture, politics, History.

hosts the wiki about the book

Tags: economics, politics, wiki, wikipedia, collaboration, wikinomics, web2.0, book, advert.


his Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia entry, he’s Gartner Symposium’s external keynote speaker, this entry has his publication list

Tags: Technology, People, author, Internet.

– Stuff in your Neighborhood

another geo-spatial social site

Tags: Technology, Internet, socialsoftware, geography, travel, community, web2.0.

Court, Hereford

They say “short breaks in an elegant English country house”, and at their prices it will be short, however, it looks magnificent and has 5 AA *s. I found this reviewed in the Guardian on 5th May.

Tags: travel, culture, Europe, UK, wyevalley, hereford, Hotel, accomodation, Restaurant, Food+Drink, Advert.

Street Hotel, Camberwell

reviewed in the Guardian, not the best part of London, near the Oval

Tags: travel, Holiday, Europe, UK, London, Hotel, Advert.

Schwartz on the power of blogging

Global Neighbourhoods: Interview: Jonathan Schwartz, Apr 22, ’05

Tags: culture, Technology, blogging, jonathanschwartz, SUNW.

of the superiority. Life can be so much better in France

from Special reports, at Guardian Unlimited. A more even perspective on France and the UK than one might find elsewhere.

Tags: culture, travel, politics, society, Europe, UK, France, UK+France.

Hotel, Berlin

Hotel in Berlin City Centre, Prenzlauerberg, again NE of Alexander Platz

Tags: travel, Holiday, Europe, Germany, berlin, accomodation, Hotel, advert.


in Berlin, NE of, but close to Alexander Platz, in Prenzlauerberg

Tags: travel, Holiday, Europe, Germany, berlin, accomodation, Advert, Hotel.

Island City Lodge in Berlin

perhaps not a place to stay, but worth a visit for a cocktail

Tags: travel, Holiday, Europe, Germany, berlin, accomodation, booze, Food+Drink, Hotel.

Hotel Esplanade, Berlin

South of the Tiergarten, im Schonberg, between Kufudam & Potsdammer Platz, 5*s eith great reviews at Yahoo. A NYC cocktail bar as part of the facilities.

Tags: travel, Holiday, Europe, Germany, berlin, accomodation, Hotel.

Park, Camberly

Streetmap’s Grid Conversion Results, includes long/lat

Tags: UK, surrey, local, whereis, geography, GMP, SUNW.

– Dixie Chicks – Truth No. 2

Had to be done!

Tags: culture, video, music, dixiechicks.


at Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, the beginning of some reading stimulated by Jim Baty Networks that conform to a “power law”.

Tags: Reference, science, graph, network, Internet, web, theory.

Trust approves final plan for DRMed program downloads

from Ars Arcana

Tags: News, business, economics, intellectualproperty, politics, bbc, DRM.

Mobile Software

In Pictures, from Forbes.com

Tags: Technology, Mobile, Phone, software, reviews.

– In Touch Now

use the mobile as a computer control device

Tags: Technology, Mobile, computer, lifehacks, Gadgets.

speeches of the 20th century

from Guardian Unlimited, Chrurchill, Kennedy etc

Tags: culture, politics, speeches, guardian, 20thCentury.

and the Wealth of Nations

by David Warsh, a history of economic theory and how knowledge has become a factor of production.

Tags: book, economics.

– There’s nothing wrong with gray.

A great look and feel with some CSS tutorials

Tags: blog, blogs, css, html, Internet, Technology.

Museum Tickets in Florence, Italy

Book tickets for many of the Florentine Museums

Tags: culture, travel, Europe, Italy, Florence, museum, art, sculpture, tickets, Advert.


The wikipedia page on the Giardino Boboli in Florence.

Tags: culture, travel, Europe, Italy, Florence, gardens, horticulture.

Academy of Engineering

They say “As Britain’s national academy for engineering, we bring together the country’s most eminent engineers from all disciplines to promote excellence in the science, art and practice of engineering.”

Tags: UK, Engineering, professional, academy.

Engineering at Oxford |

The postgraduate programmes page

Tags: UK, university, postgraduate, software, Engineering, Oxford, education.


They say “Queer Visions of Freedom: 10 Grub Splash Images”, but it contains instructions on how to configure a GRUB splash screen.

Tags: Technology, operatingsystem, boot, grub, howto.

Apartments, Vacation Rentals, Self Catering Apartments Berlin, Holiday Flats

They say “Berlin Apartments, Vacation Rentals, Self Catering Apartments Berlin, Holiday Flats”

Tags: travel, Holiday, Europe, Germany, berlin, accomodation.

Microsystems – UK – Sustainability

Sun UK’s sustainability page, self-interest is not necesserily wrong. This page has a SWAP calculator.

Tags: Technology, environment, SUNW, green, computer, vendor, Advert, SWAP.

the party

at the Guardian’s “Comment is free”. The CP USA have opened their archives.

Tags: culture, politics, History, US, socialist, left.

Compost Centre

in woking, its amazing what people can make a living out of

Tags: uk, surrey, Advert, vendor, gardening, horticulture, local, compost, mulch.

business of making online games fun

An interviewwith Richard Garriott, published in the Guardian.He’s the author/designer of Ultima and now “Tabula Rasu”.

Tags: culture, games, FRPG, computer, News, interview.

Financial Software

market data and trading

Tags: Technology, software, banking, marketdata, vendor.

Southern Yacht Club

The Royal Southern Yacht club, their home page.

Tags: culture, UK, Yachting, Sailing, accomodation.

father of Java watches his baby grow up

An interview with James Gosling during his UK visit last week, in the Guardian

Tags: Technology, programming, Java, future, gosling, guardian.

from Linux to Solaris OS

a text interview with Rich Green about upgrading from Linux to Solaris, interestingly it starts from the good reasons why Linux was adopted

Tags: Technology, News, linux, solaris, opensolaris, opensource, operatingsystem.

UK Communications industry regulator

Tags: broadcasting, complaints, economics, Internet, law, market, Mobile, Phone, politics, radio, Reference, regulation, Telco, UK.


USConstitution.net offers the text of the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, a FAQ, glossary, comment/question area, and links to other resources

Tags: Reference, US, law, politics, constitution, government, History.

invisible >> Guardian Unlimited Arts

The guardian puffs an Imperial War Museum exhibition called camoflage

Tags: culture, warstudies, art, mu.

Europa, the Gateway to the European Union, the english language page

Tags: EU, Europe, government, politics, business, education, Reference, Standards, trade, institution, international, law.

infinity and beyond!

from the Times Online, about the sedimentaion of profesisonal movie editing software into the consumer sector.

Tags: business, Technology, Movies, editor.

Walkthroughs for NWN2

They say “Neverwinter News, Trailers, Screenshots, Previews, Reviews, Guides — Neverwinter Nights 2 Vault”

Tags: Games, computer, FRPG, ad+d, NWN, Faerun, walkthrough, community, nwn2.

NEWS | Business | Microsoft warned of more EU fines

In the 50 years of European antitrust policy, it’s the first time we’ve been confronted with a company that has failed to comply with an antitrust decision,” a Commission spokesman said.

Tags: News, Technology, software, monopoly, eu, microsoft, regulation, compliance.

Admin Corner: ZFS to the rescue

pointed at by Stephen O’Grady’s blog, I shan’t be reading this today, but I will come back to it

Tags: Technology, operatingsystem, software, filesystem, storage, solaris, zfs, backup.


Another web site counter

Tags: Technology, web, site, counter, blog, blogging.

They say “StatCounter Free invisible Web tracker, Hit counter and Web stats”

Tags: Technology, blogging, blogs, personal, software, Tools, web, www.

Mentioned in the Guardian,5Best island escapes, offers sail tours of the west of Iceland

Tags: culture, Holiday, travel, Europe, iceland, Sailing.

Dictionary: anarchy

From Orwell to Lydon

Tags: Reference, politics.

I was looking for a definition of anarchy on urban dictionary They say “political t-shirts, stencil t-shirts, retro t-shirts, music t-shirts, film t-shirts, funny t-shirts, sport t-shirts”.

Tags: culture, politics, clothes.

Stonemasons Inn, Petworth

Had lunch there last weekend, very nice traditional english Sunday lunch, maybe we can do meals other than breakfast. Its right next door to the Petworth estate, which is always worth a visit, but best when the house and garden are open. This web site is

Tags: culture, Food+Drink, booze, Restaurant, sussex, local.

not blinded by Sun at investor’s day

A comment at bloggingstocks.com on an original article published at Tech Trader Daily, Barron’s Online. See below.

Tags: News, Money, investing, SUNW.

Ballmer repeats threats against Linux

from CNET News.com

Tags: News, Technology, operatingsystem, opensource, microsoft, windows, linux, free, Legal, intellectualproperty.

Super Villain are you?

It’s me I’m Doctor Doom

Tags: Culture, Super-Hero, fun.


Tee-Shirts from philospohy football celebrating the Republicans of the Spainish Civil War

Tags: Culture, History, fashion, Europe, Spain, clothes, Advert, shopping.

More Rounded Corners With CSS – Schillmania.com

making web pages pretty

Tags: css, howto, Reference, tips, programming, tutorial, web2.0, webdesign, Technology, html.

House, West Sussex

@ � Gardens-Guide.com, need a Sunday brunch, but this web site is quite interesting; its not the NT.

Tags: Culture, museum, local, gardens, stately, home, NT.

de la Musica Catalana on Flickr

the skylights in this building were pictured in the Guardian Review 10.02.07

Tags: news, travel, Europe, Spain, Barcelona.

good is your (written) English?

A site about Freelance Proofreading and Copy-editing, with a test. How good is your English Grammar?

Tags: Culture, Games, English, work.

the toy industry screeched to a halt?

from – CNET News.com, Innovating, but without high-tech

Tags: News, games, toys, innovation, economics.

English Breakfast by Kaori O’Connor

The English Breakfast: A Biography with Recipes: Kaori O’Connor,Keith Crome,James Williams from Amazon Books. Great Food, Expensive book – who knows, its the one meal the English do well.

Tags: Culture, Food+Drink, book, Advert, shopping.


Quick Guide To Creating RSS Feeds > Picking an RSS Format

Tags: article, Technology, software, Tools, rss, web, webdesign, web2.0, xml, tutorial.

of Public-Domain Image Links

from DailyKos

Tags: Culture, art, free, Reference, Internet, images, pictures, publicdomain.

restaurants in Southampton

from Google Maps

Tags: UK, Culture, curry, Food+Drink, Restaurant.

10: Enterprise Applications Platform

from www.sun.com, an IDC white paper about Solaris 10, its capabaility and attractiveness as an applications platform.

Tags: Technology, software, operatingsystem, solaris, opinion, opensolaris.

of the Sun/Intel Agreement

Jean Bozman of IDC is interviewed about the Sun Intel Alliance. Jan 2007. This is a podcast page.

Tags: Technology, News, computer, IT, podcast.

wine health locations found

A BBC article on the healthy effects of Red Wine. Published Nov 2006

Tags: culture, healthcare, booze, wine, News, health.

Jobs calls for DRM-free music

from | CNET News.com, references Real’s response and the Norwegian Government’s anti-trust rulings

Tags: Technology, software, DRM, News.

Java Enterprise System Identity Management Services Course List

Includes Directory Server

Tags: Technology, training, ldap, sunw.

– Evolution of Dance

who is this guy?

Tags: Comedy, Culture, film, Humor, music, video, dance.

calendar panel in Thunderbird

Calendar in the Mozilla mail client, drag and drop things into the calendar, needs a bit of work on the windows version.

Tags: Technology, Tools, Calendar, collaboration, email, extension, mozilla, thunderbird, opensource, software, windows, free.

Exchange Restaurant & Bar

the refurbished exchange hotel in Farnham, the Chef has Swiss and Moorish influences

Tags: Culture, Food+Drink, booze, Restaurant, UK, surrey, local, Advert.


found by Richard Morgan, They say “Plug it in. Stop spam. No subscription fee.”

Tags: Technology, antivirus, appliance, Internet, mail.

Intellectual Property

a magazine site about intellectual property issues, has rss and subscription features

Tags: Technology, law, intellectualproperty, magazine, business, economics.

Review of Intellectual Property

commisioned by HM Treasury and a review of the UK intellectual property laws, published in 2006, but takes a 21st century view on the issue

Tags: law, intellectualproperty, government, economics, politics, Reference, UK, Technology.

im Zurich

marvelous, whatr a complete collection both modern and old, the Zurich Art Museum

Tags: travel, art, museum, Switzerland, Zurich.

Roller Wiki at Apache

Roller Wiki – Apache Roller – Apache Software Foundation

Tags: Technology, software, Roller, blogging, blogs, apache.

Semantic Web

A Primer from xml.com

Tags: Technology, software, xml, web2.0, web, Internet, SemanticWeb, RDF, w3c.

— Describe yourself in RDF

a foaf file generator

Tags: Technology, rss, search, semanticweb, software, Tools, web, web2.0, xml.

a travel guide to Germany, in Germany

Tags: travel, Europe, Germany.

gpl-violations.org project

GPL Violations homepage – The gpl-violations.org project, GPL is not Public Domain

Tags: Technology, business, copyright, law, license, linux, software, Standards, GNU, gpl.

Airways – Hand baggage

The BA Statement about current hand luggage

Tags: travel, hand, luggage, howto, guide, Reference, BA.

the Samba Web Administration Tool

I found this while browsing blogs.sun.com, I wonder if it’ll help me sort out my Qube’s Samba policies.

Tags: Technology, software, samba, home, computer, linux.

CSS and XHTML Lab | 456 Berea Street

Another site promulgating good web design

Tags: Technology, software, webdesign, guide, howto, Reference, css, html, markup, design, web.

Academy of Arts

they are putting on an Indian sculpture exhibition ’till the End of Feburary

Tags: art, culture, London, Museum, sculpture.


by userstyles.org

Tags: Technology, css, firefox, extension, del.icio.us.

userstyles.org is a collection of styles that puts you in control of the appearance of websites and of Mozilla applications.

Tags: Technology, software, Tools, css, extension, firefox, Internet, webdesign.

to digitize cassette tapes – Lifehacker

by Alpha Geek, now do I need this, or can I afford to replace the tapes I own.

Tags: Technology, howto, cassette, mp3, audio, DIY, guide, lifehacks, music, Reference, tutorial.

A free tools vendor, offering Vanilla a forum solution, and a gallary browser

Tags: Technology, software, Tools, Internet, www, web2.0, webdesign, forum.

– Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Help:Category – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, also probably an entry point on using Media Wikia

Tags: Technology, software, wiki, MediaWiki, Reference, howto.

TP2 Code Generator

A generator for weidu installation scripts to modify BG2 games from The Black Wyrm’s Forums

Tags: Games, computer, frpg, bg2, Mod, programming, community.

This looks quite interesting, is it a identity aggregator and trust references?

Tags: socialsoftware, tags, trust, web2.0, reputation, identity, Internet.

Nights for Linux

worth remembering

Tags: Technology, culture, computer, Games, NWN, neverwinternights, FRPG, linux.


They call themselves, NWNX: Home, the NWN Extender, I have no idea if this is any use or not, but best notit go past without recording

Tags: culture, computer, games, NWN, neverwinternights, FRPG, community, Mod.

of Unrentide, Walkthough from Gamebanshee

Neverwinter Nights – the first exapasion, more role playing and problem solving, less hack and slash

Tags: computer, nwn, sou, neverwinternights, FRPG, walkthrough, Games.

moon of the 10th planet

Caltech’s article on Xena, the 10th Planet, actually I was looking for some usable pictures to decorate a new planet instance I am planning

Tags: Science, Astronomy, caltect, US, CA, education, planet.


The World Wide Web Conference is the global event that brings together the key innovators, decision-makers, technologists, businesses, and standards bodies shaping the Web.

Tags: Technology, Internet, web, www, conference, event, www2007.

Fedora Linux support ending

from CNET News.com, interestingly a quote says “Nobody has responded to our calls for help,” Keating said. “There are a good number of consumers, people who will happily consume until the project ends; however they are not willing to actually do any of t

Tags: Technology, economics, free, opensource, linux.

Predictions for 2007 by McKinsey

10 Predictions for Business & Economics for 2007 from The McKinsey Quarterly: The Online Journal of McKinsey & Co

Tags: business, economics, future, management, McKinsey, 2007, predictions.

Hants District Council, contact us

Link Page – Contact the Council, includes the phone number

Tags: Reference, ehdc, local, phone, council, government, UK, hampshire.

Nights Tips, Tricks & Hints

Sorcerer’s Place, page 1 of 2

Tags: computer, Games, NWN, neverwinternights, community, guide, FRPG.


Another Florentine Hotel, described as “Expensive” in the Rough Guide. Its in the City Centre and part of Tornabuoni Hotels chain

Tags: travel, accomodation, Europe, Italy, Florence, Hotel, Holiday, Advert.

Torre Guelfa, Florence

in the highest (private) building in Florence. 3*’s

Tags: travel, accomodation, Europe, Italy, Florence, Hotel, Holiday, Advert.

Henchman Inventory & Battle AI mod v1.07

at the Vault, ythis highly configurable modification of NWN improves the intelligence of friends and foes, both inside and outside battle.

Tags: culture, FRPG, computer, Games, NWN, neverwinternights, Mod, community.

Dance Dance Studio/School

A dance directory, the Gardenia School might be interesting

Tags: Culture, Dance, school, UK, Surrey, local.

a x86 emulator with DOS

what it says, I’m looking to re-install LBA on my XP machines.

Tags: Technology, software, operatingsystem, opensource, os, FOSS, free, Tools, windows, emulator, dos.

The FreeDOS Project

FreeDOS aims to be a complete, free, 100% MS-DOS compatible operating system

Tags: Technology, software, operatingsystem, opensource, os, FOSS, free, Tools, windows, emulator, dos.

– Pachelbel Rant

a comdeian talks about learning about classical music and the 16th century one hit wonder

Tags: Culture, Comedy, fun, Humor, music, video.


WebmasterWorld News and Discussion for the Web Professional

Tags: Technology, News, web, webdesign, software, howto.

Guide for Beginners

from the Linux Documentation Project

Tags: guide, howto, linux, Reference, bash, Technology, software, computer, operatingsystem, os, Documents, Docs, doc, documentation.

Linux Documentation Project

what it says, found via a great tutorial on sed & bash

Tags: Technology, software, operatingsystem, os, linux, howto, Reference, guide, Documents, Docs, doc, documentation, computer, opensource, tips.

Making Movies in Virtual Reality

This is machinima.com

Tags: Technology, cinema, machinima, animation, Fiction, Movies, video, computer, games, culture.

– Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Machinima – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, a portmanteau of machine cinema or machine animation, is both a collection of associated production techniques and a film genre

Tags: animation, cinema, Fiction, Movies, video, computer, games, Technology, culture, machinima.

at Water Taxi Beach

recommended in the Guardian travel, 16th Dec ’06. This site is the NY Magazine Bar Guide, worth a revist.

Tags: culture, Food+Drink, booze, US, nyc, guide, directory, nymag.

at Fulbrook School

from Streetmap, KUGB, Sensei Emmett – New Haw Classes – Berkshire/Surrey/Hampshire

Tags: Sport, karate, local, KUGB, Shotokan.

Sport, Martial Arts Clothing

Martial Arts Supplier of Training, Clothing and Boxing Sparring Equipment, UK

Tags: sport, clothes, karate, shopping.

Revival II & Epilogue

Another Module at Neverwinter Nights Vault

Tags: Culture, computer, community, Games, NWN, neverwinternights, FRPG.


Aribeth’s Redemption Chapter 1 — an NWN module at Neverwinter Nights Vault.

Tags: Culture, computer, Games, NWN, neverwinternights, community, FRPG.

Dutch Republic @ Wikipedia

The dutch republic, preceded the United States, preceded the English Civil War, rejected English Protectorate under Elizabeth I. A beacon for all democrats

Tags: History, Holland, republic, wikipedia.


BT’s News page, includes RSS Feeds etc.

Tags: News, BT.

can I compost?

from Garden Organic

Tags: gardening, horticulture, compost.

Japanese Garden in the Guardian

by Andy Sturgeon in the Guardian WSeekend feature, “Anatomy of a Garden” on 25th Nov 2006. Its taken me a while to bookmark this.

Tags: gardening, horticulture, japan, guardian, News.

Winter Reds

A Chilean Winter by Victoria Moore, Guardian Weekend 25th Nov 2006. She makes these sound worth trying.

Tags: Culture, wine, News, guardian.

– Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Wikipedia on making compost!

Tags: gardening, compost, wikipedia, wiki.

One of the opensolaris distros, easy install

Tags: Technology, software, opensolaris, operatingsystem, solaris.

is free: Annalisa Barbieri Profile

She also writes the New Statesman “Dress Code” column

Tags: News, clothes, People.


A UNIX time line – cute

Tags: Technology, software, operatingsystem, os, UNIX, History.

to edit a page – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

HOw to use the Media WQiki markup language

Tags: wiki, software, FAQ, guide, howto, markup, metadata, opensource, Reference, socialsoftware, wikipedia, MediaWiki.

vs Linux

This paper from Dr. Nikolai Bezroukov compares Solaris and Linux “in one specific environment (large enterprise environment).” The author’s conclusion? “In many (but not all) important enterprise level features (for example the quality of light-weight V

Tags: Technology, Sunw, UNIX, reviews, opensolaris, linux, comparison, solaris.

Radio 4 -The Now Show

This is really funny

Tags: News, Culture, Comedy, radio, show, politics.

ambiton by Po Bronson

About over encouraging children’s self esteem at the extent of their work effort. An article in the Guardian Weekend, Work supplement on 18.11.06

Tags: News, work, psychology.

intelligence, work & asperger’s syndrome

If you have Asperger’s syndrome, getting and keeping a job might seem impossible, but it’s not. Sabina Dosani talks to employers about why they value their ‘incredible’ workers. An article from the Guardian Weekend’s Work on 18.11.2006

Tags: News, guardian, work, health, aspergers.


A comprehensive guide to making your own compost from “Garden Organic”.

Tags: gardening, horticulture, compost.

Holdem Poker

Playing cards with the famliy, and having an argument about equal hands. As bridge players we looked into suit ranking but Poker doesn’t do it. They say “- Texas Holdem Poker Strategy”

Tags: Culture, Games, howto, Reference, strategy, card, poker, texas, holdem, texasholdem.

List Apart: Articles: Super-Easy Blendy Backgrounds

Another article from “A list apart

Tags: webdesign, Technology, html, howto, tips, tutorial, web, css.

pages that suck

Web Pages That Suck learn usability and good Web design by looking at bad Web design

Tags: webdesign, web, www, Technology, gui, css, html.

Color Schemes

A bunch of hyperlink schemes from www.gpeters.com

Tags: webdesign, web, html, css.

– photos for free

stock.xchng – the leading free stock photography site

Tags: pictures, images, multimedia, collection, free, photo, photography, photos.

simple rules for keeping an empty inbox

from Download Squad

Tags: howto, email, lifehacks, tips, mail.

List Of Fallacious Arguments

an interesting list, with a “critical thinking” based commentry

Tags: Reference, philosophy, argument, language, debate.

– Home

An XML standard to describe the sitemap, which is machine readable

Tags: automation, search, promotion, Internet, metadata, www.

picture of Berberidopsis.

I think this is a climber, recommended for the front

Tags: gardening, flowers, pictures.

picture of Hebe Caledonia

A picture of Hebe Caledonia, a shrub!

Tags: gardening, flowers, pictures.

picture of an Alium

A picture of an Alium, one of the proposed flowers

Tags: gardening, flowers, pictures.

Flight of the Butterflies

A picture, IIris, Flight of the Butterflies

Tags: gardening, flowers, pictures.


from Shape Services. They say, “Software for PDA and mobiles: MSN, Yahoo!, AOL, ICQ, Jabber, LCS, Sametime”, Olaf says if Yamigo (see below) can’t help me to get my IM client working, then these people will, but not for free.

Tags: Technology, Mobile, Phone, IM, wireless, software, Messenger, Internet, chat.

with MSN

Mess with MSN Messenger, mentioned on Club Sony Ericsson, alleged to be the host for a Java client for IM

Tags: Technology, Messenger, Mobile, Phone, MSN, Software, community, free, web, chat, IM.

Club Sony Ericsson Forums

What it says! Vodafone won’t help me sort out my IM client on the phone, so I need some help somewhere

Tags: Technology, Mobile, Phone, Sony, sonyericsson, community, forum, help, howto.

Levy’s ProtoPage

I thought I’d try it

Tags: portal, personal, experiment.


They say “released – free AJAX start pages now with RSS news feeds, sticky notes and bookmarks”.

Tags: web2.0, AJAX, tools, web, rss, Technology, software, portal, blogging.

bigger bang” from Guardian Unlimited, Weekend

An article in the Guardian Weekend 4/11/06, detailing the people behind the internet’s transition from advert to conversation.

Tags: Technology, News, guardian, Internet, Web2.0, socialsoftware.

– Products and Services>Packages

Sky TV’s product and fee mixes

Tags: Culture, TV, shopping, Advert, skytv, packages, UK.

Ontology Specification

Sematanticly Interlinked Online Communities

Tags: software, Internet, community, rdf, Reference, semanticweb, socialsoftware, web, xml, sioc.

Vocabulary Specification

FOAF Vocabulary Specification

Tags: Technology, software, data, Modelling, addressbook, community, guide, Internet, People, Reference, Standards, web2.0, foaf, rdf, xml, semanticweb, metadata.

puts Marx’s Das Kapital on stage | | Guardian Unlimited Arts

Good Grief! A german art’s collective puts Marx’s Das Kapital on stage from the Guardian Unlimited, Arts

Tags: Culture, theatre, Germany, economics, politics.

Combing sound and vision – anew way to choose and enjoy music, see also “Duke Listens”

Tags: Technology, tools, tagging, audio, multimedia, socialsoftware.

– Push cx

A new approach to promoting blogs and co-operating with others

Tags: Technology, Tools, folksonomy, tagging, software, socialsoftware, Internet, bookmarks, blogging, web, web2.0.

the workplace web

A white paper from IBM, the seminal piece on the differences between intranets and the internet. Date 2003.

Tags: Technology, Internet, intranet, whitepaper, paper, ibm, search, searchengine, www, Documents.

Flickr Toys

Gosh, a site to help you use your flickr collection, includes a mosaic maker

Tags: Technology, www, Internet, pictures, Flickr, collection, Photos, Photography.

Produce by Colin Malsingh

at pbase.com, includes a picture of Pantano tomatos, which may be what I’m looking for.

Tags: Photo, horticulture, colin, tomato.

Light Photo Gallery by Ian Cameron

A virtual gallery recommended by Colin, at pbase.com

Tags: Photo, community, folksonomy.

from the Guardian Unlimited Money

Take five easy steps to invest >> Isas and investments >> Guardian Unlimited Money

Tags: howto, guide, guardian, Investment+Management, investing, Money, finance, DIY.


a shot from Lorika 13, read her comments, but they include marmande which I want to try to grow next year

Tags: horticulture.

Tomato page at GardenAction

Growing Tomato plants with 35 pictures. Tomato tips, hints and advice

Tags: horticulture, gardening, tomato, fruit+veg, shopping.

Your fruit, herb and vegetable garden, a UK site, has good garlic pages

Tags: horticulture, gardening, fruit+veg, flowers.

to Grow the Garlic herb.

from garden action

Tags: horticulture, gardening, garlic.


What do you think?

Tags: travel, Culture, portal, Canada, french, Montreal.

HakPak’s by planetneverwinter

Looks like a good basic howto for hakpaks

Tags: Culture, Game, FRPG, NWN, hakpak, howto, Reference, community.

Solaris Service Management Facility – Service Developer Introduction

from Sun. This is the BigAdmin article.

Tags: Technology, solaris, UNIX, smf(5), Reference, opensolaris, howto, Documents.

System Administration Guide: Basic Administration

This is Chapter 14, “Managing Services” an introduction to SMF

Tags: Technology, solaris, opensource, opensolaris, howto, Reference, Documents, services.

Management Facility (SMF) in the Solaris 10 OS

A sun blueprint, on the service management facility by Rob Romack

Tags: Technology, solaris, opensolaris, UNIX, SUNW, howto, Documents, Reference.

the games industry mature?

A discussion on the development of the games industry

Tags: News, BG2, community, Games.

Parco dei Principi , Sorrento

A 5 stars hotel in Sorrento Italy, with views over the Bay of Naples, reviewed in the Guardian

Tags: Culture, travel, Europe, Italy, Hotel, Naples.

of Cornwall

I found this while waiting for my car to be serviced.

Tags: Culture, travel, UK, cornwall, gardens.

on Solaris GRUB

BigAdmin Feature Article: Multi-Booting the Solaris 10 OS, Linux, and Microsoft Windows on a Laptop

Tags: Technology, software, solaris, grub, SUNW.

importance of Solaris 10

by Paul Murphy at ZDNet.com. A very interesting review of S10, detailing some central kernel and OS features which he describes as a step towards Plan 9.

Tags: News, Technology, UNIX, solaris, opensolaris.

Steel’s Biography

on the net at : Chortle : The UK Comedy Guide, with hyperlinks to his show next week at the Arts Theatre 21 Oct ’06

Tags: Culture, Comedy, UK, London, show, Advert.


on the net at London Theatre Guide

Tags: Culture, theatre, UK, London.

Control Comedy

They say standup, I say, a web site for booking acts at various locations. This the SE page, ranging from Farnham to Portsmouth and East to Maidstone. I found this looking for the Petersfield Comedy club.

Tags: Culture, Comedy, local, Advert, live, UK.

– ok go

an interesting use for treadmills

Tags: Culture, multimedia, music, video, dance.

Steak House, NYC

210 East 46th St, between 2nd & 3rd

Tags: travel, US, nyc, Restaurant, Food+Drink, Advert.

Gold – Guardian reviews Edinburgh

Guardian Unlimited >> Travel >> Auld gold, Oct 2006, Reader’s Award, Best UK City, five reviewers. This is the seventh year in a row!

Tags: travel, UK, Scotland, Edinburgh, News, guide, reviews.

� Free Blog Tool and Weblog Platform

The blogging platform, needs among others PHP

Tags: Technology, Tools, blogs, free, opensource, socialsoftware, software, web, www.

Another source for computer cases and parts, pointed out to me by Robin

Tags: Technology, computer, hardware, case, server, DIY.

Tomato, e-travel agent

Black Tomato – incredible sports events and astounding global destinations, winner of the Guardian’s Reader’s Awards ‘Best Travel Website’ 2006

Tags: travel, advert, shopping, web.


Looking for unique accommodations and travel adventure? Investigate Himalayan Homestays

Tags: Culture, travel, India, Himalaya, Nepal, fairtrade.

Evil Tories

Thank you Ben

Tags: politics.

– MediaWiki

Media Wiki, the product that runs wikipedia

Tags: Technology, software, wiki, free, openSource, mediawiki, Web, www, Internet, folksonomy.


In Bradford, next door to the University

Tags: Culture, Food+Drink, Restaurant, UK, Bradford, eating.


Visit Bradford :: The Official Site for Bradford District Accommodation, Conferences, Attractions & Events

Tags: travel, UK, Yorkshire, Bradford, Reference.

Grill in London

Viet Grill � The Vietnamese Kitchen London – Restaurant Review and Information from www.london-eating.co.uk, E2, north of Old St. and Liverpool St, technically not in the City, probably not technically Camden either, which would make it Hackney.

Tags: Culture, Food+Drink, Restaurant, reviews, UK, London, vietnamese.

Crush Restaurant Wine Bar & Lounge

This is a really nice restaurant, with a good wine list and the best US service.

Tags: culture, travel, US, California, sanfrancisco, Restaurant, Food+Drink, eating.

Chalk Cafe

Booze, Burgers & Pool in Palo Alto

Tags: culture, Restaurant, US, Food+Drink, California, sanfrancisco, paloalto, travel.

Odeon – Guildford

Fanatical about Film

Tags: culture, cinema, local, Movies, Guildford.

An RSS aggregator, needs investigating

Tags: blog, folksonomy, free, online, Technology, web, rss, tagging.


Beer & Tapas in San Francisco

Tags: travel, US, California, sanfrancisco, Food+Drink, booze, Culture.

Tutorial at HTML Goodies

JavaScript Basics Part 1

Tags: Technology, software, Internet, web, www, javascript, howto.

Web hosting provider – Bluehost.com – domain hosting – PHP Hosting – cheap web hosting – Frontpage Hosting E-Commerce Web Hosting Bluehost, lots of stuff including shell

Tags: Technology, Internet, hosting, advert.

Unlimited >> Accenture to quit NHS technology overhaul

Accenture forecast to quit the NHS computerisation project

Tags: News, IT, NHS.

Nights Vault

Neverwinter News, Trailers, Screenshots, Previews, Reviews, Guides — Neverwinter Nights Vault

Tags: bioware, community, D+D, Games, neverwinternights, portal, rpg, software, NWN.

– The Message (v 1.20)

Shadowlords, The Message (v 1.20) — An NWN module – Neverwinter Nights Vault, for 1-4 level 1/2 characters with huge playability options

Tags: computer, Games, nwn, neverwinternights, community, Mod.

cd case

Make a CD Case

Tags: Technology, music, origami.

Entrance: The Real Rules, the Amazon page

Amazon.co.uk: Oxbridge Entrance: The Real Rules: Books: Elfi Pallis

Tags: book, Advert, education, university.

>> Oxford

Oxford pubs and bars; pubs in Oxford, Oxfordshire << beerintheevening.com

Tags: Culture, Food+Drink, booze, reviews, UK, Oxford.

Your Wish List

My Amazon Wishlist

Tags: Culture, book, amazon, myprojects, wishlist.


LakesNET – Cumbria and the Lake District, Accommodation, Hotels, Activities and Attractions, Ambleside, Windermere

Tags: travel, Holiday, UK, cumbria, lakedistrict.

der Republik on Flickr – Photo Sharing!

The Palast der Republick on Flickr, by me. Contrarian Image of the Berliner Dom relfected in the glass & concrete of the GDR People’s Palace! (CC).

Tags: Culture, Photo, images, politics, Architecture, Germany, berlin.

Format – Gameplay

PC Format’s Games review Section

Tags: computer, Games, Technology, reviews.

Lawn Doctor

Countrywide Lawn Doctor: a new UK franchise, with a local agent. They have a search page and a national number

Tags: gardening, lawn, local, Advert.

Experience: customer experience, user experience

This is the home of one of the most useful white papers on e-mail use I have ever read. The ambitions of the author are obviously a bit wider and this site warrants a further review.

Tags: howto, news, design, email, Games, ideas, Reference, Tools.

Malsingh’s Photo Galleries

Colin’s Pictures, including nature, panoramas and gardening

Tags: images, personal, photos, colin, nature, gardening.

SE Personal – Software – Lavasoft

An adware scanner

Tags: Technology, software, security, utilities, Tools, Free, antivirus.

Cruiser Aurora on Flickr

The ship that started the Russian Revolution

Tags: Culture, History, politics, socialist, ussr, soviet, warship, aurora.

Propaganda Posters – a photoset on Flickr

What an amazing collection!

Tags: Culture, art, politics, socialist, Russia, soviet, ussr.

1970, Photo collection on Flickr

A very interesting collection, I was looking for a desktop background.Flickr: Photos from seriykotik1970

Tags: Culture, flickr, images, collection, Russia, Moscow.

This was a mis-spelling and may need further reading. Not sure about it.

Tags: photos, pictures, blogs, web, wallpaper, free, images, multimedia.

to configure Desktop Themes in Windows XP

From Micorsoft, I’m taken withthe alienware theme and wish make one of my own.

Tags: Technology, software, windows, desktop, theme, howto, Reference, microsoft.


An interesting site, given its name, looks like a blog.

Tags: Technology, art, computer, desktop, free, icons, images, News, software, theme, blog.

Hanah Pescher Sculpture Gardens

Streetmap.co.uk- Hanah Pescher Sculpture Gardens, between Godalming & Horsham

Tags: culture, statues, sculpture, gardens, local.


The most difficult game ever published?

Tags: game, business, computer, economics.

Trees on Flickr

Taken by a contributor called the pack and a reminder of the beauty of Olive Trees

Tags: gardening, olivetrees.

London School of Economics, Graduate Prospectus page

The London School of Economics, Graduate Prospectus page

Tags: university, uk, economics.


It says it all. Not the most in depth but worth a look

Tags: Technology, software, linux, howto, Reference.

Urquhart interview: Neverwinter Nights 2

Published by ComputerAndVideoGames.com, Obsidian CEO Feargus Urquhart recently sat down to chat about his new stat-heavy baby, and told us about the trials he faces standing up to the likes of Oblivion and World of Warcraft. Urquhart also entertained us

Tags: News, Technology, computer, Games, FRPG, neverwinternights, NWN.

Stock Exchange – Indices

The index page at the LSE, with 15 minute delay and historical data, with charting options

Tags: Money, Investment+Management, investing, stocks+shares, UK, News, Reference, FTSE.

Weblogger JIRA

Browse Project – Roller Weblogger JIRA

Tags: Technology, software, jira, opensource, java, roller, wiki, blogs.

an Address Book with OpenLDAP

O’Reilley ONLamp

Tags: Technology, software, utilities, addressbook, ldap, Reference, howto.

Faq-O-Matic: A (nearly) complete Address Book example

OpenLDAP Faq-O-Matic: A (nearly) complete Address Book example, covers schema, permissions and loads.

Tags: Technology, software, directory, ldap, client, addressbook.

an LDAP Directory with WAP

from O’Reilly Network, this is an article with links to some of the products used

Tags: Technology, software, addressbook, Mobile, wap, ldap.

– Installing

Web 2 Ldap, what more can I say, this is a web server, that connects to LDAP, it’ll run as a web server or as an Apache module. Not sure how usefull it is and it requires Python.

Tags: Technology, software, utilities, web, apache, ldap.

Google Earth mash-up takes off

Silicon.com >> Retail & Leisure – Breaking Business and Technology News

Tags: News, Technology, Internet, web2.0, maps.

Fund prices by manager

From the Investment Management Association

Tags: UK, Money, Investment+Management, investing, stocks+shares, News, Reference, FTSE.

Gaim Home Page

GAIM at Sourceforge, the home page for getting the software

Tags: Technology, software, Tools, utilities, chat, client, community, free, gaim, Gnome, IM, irc, Internet, opensource, web.

– Enterprise Collaboration Platform & Wiki

Another Wiki implementation recommended by Chris Gerhard

Tags: Technology, wiki, software, rss, collaboration, community, free, Internet, IT, opensource, web, Tools.

of Israel – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

One of the big debates about Wiki’s is how can they deal with issues of controversy. This page is just that. It is also potentially a useful starting point for some facts when rowing about the Middle East in the family.

Tags: History, israel, wiki, wikipedia, Reference.

Court – a photoset on Flickr

I visited here today for inspiration about my garden. It claims to be one of the premier contemporary gardens in the country.

Tags: Places, UK, gardening, gardens, horticulture, design, burycourt.

File Organizer

Claims to be a removable media manager. It is a free 30 trial licence

Tags: Technology, software, windows, B+R, backup, catalog, removablemedia.

Unlimited Travel >> Saturday section >> Five Best … Hotel Conversions

This one lookefd rather good, particularly Cologne, Scilly and Amsterdam

Tags: travel, Europe, reviews, Hotel.

im Wasserturm, Köln

from the Guardian, 5 Best Hotel Conversions, this one was a water tower

Tags: travel, Europe, Germany, cologne, Hotel.

Nice things in London, no RSS unfortunately

Tags: culture, UK, London, local, fun, guide, eating, Restaurant, reviews, travel, Food+Drink, booze, museum.

Poirier, the author of touche

The website of the author of touche, a french women’s view of the English

Tags: Culture, book, author, English, french.

Ramsden’s “Don’t mention the War” reviewed by the Guardian

Guardian Unlimited Books | Review | The realities of realpolitik

Tags: bookreview, History, politics, johnramsden.

Internet Archive

I found this while looking for references to support my blog article on visiting the Che exhibition at the V&A earlier this week. A treasure trove of writing and resources from and about the Marxist left. Yup! It still exists.

Tags: politics, Culture, community, History, left, socialist, Reference.

Arch on Flickr

From “Parlington”, a picture of the Parlington Hall memorial, the only memorial in the UK to commemorate a foreign victory. “The Americian war of Independence” Inscribed: Liberty in N. America Triumphant MDCCLXXXII

Tags: Culture, History, Architecture, warmemorial, UK, scotland.

Unlimited | Comment is free | Either right or wrong

An article by Roy Hattersley, in response to the open letter by leading British Muslims to the Prime Minister about british foreign policy making Britian a terrorist target. He argues that if policy is morally wrong then it should be changed and that WRT

Tags: New, politics.

100 – 1 year view

at the FT.com .. Markets data .. Charts & analysis

Tags: Money, Investment+Management, News, Reference, FTSE, investing, stocks+shares.

Newman Landscapes

A local garden landscaper

Tags: shopping, Advert, local, gardening, UK.

The Institution of Engineering and Technology, was the IEE & IIE, is this appropriate for IT workers. It remains tightly coupled to the Engineering Council

Tags: uk, technology, engineering, professional, institution, professional-bodies, ecuk, iet, c.eng.

end run round copyright laws?

CNET News.com reports on a speech by Lawrence Lessig on Creative Commons and Copyright, possing the Internet web 2.0 as a co-operative development world where culture is becoming read-only.

Tags: Culture, Legal, copyright, community, creativecommons, News.


A new advertising campaign for Tiger Beers

Tags: Culture, booze, Advert.

de l’Orangerie

In the Jardin des Tuileries, Monet & other contemporaries, again an alternative to the Louvre

Tags: Culture, Europe, France, Paris, art, museum.

Is this OSx only?

Tags: Technology, software, email, Tools, mail.


by Douwe Osinga, neat toy colouring in countries on a configured list, one of the first assembled maps apps I every saw,

Tags: Technology, www, Internet, maps, images.

Source Website Templates and Downloads

| Free CSS XHTML Template Downloads, found on del.icio.us

Tags: Technology, web, www, Internet, css, html, design, free.

is Bently Court?

near Bentley, this is the streetmap page for it

Tags: local, gardens.

‘Real Burgers’ in London, courtesy of the Guardian

Guardian Unlimited >> Weekend >> Readers’ restaurants >> burgers in London

Tags: UK, London, Food+Drink, eating, burger.

Gate Game Editors at Mud Master

Home of the BG editors

Tags: Games, computer, software, editor, free, BG1, BG2.

the Sybase Software Asset Manager

License Manager – Sybase Software Asset Management (SySAM) – Sybase Inc

Tags: Technology, software, rdbms, sybase, SySAM, license, database.

reasons why you should never use PostgreSQL — ever

by Jason Gilmore, the headline’s sarcastic and the article has some stuff about clients

Tags: News, Technology, software, Tools, database, rdbms, opensource, sql.

Official lubricant of the new economy, seems very US, but we’ll see

Tags: News, business, economics, web.

The Best TV Guide with UK Radio and UK TV Listings

Fed up with looking for the next episode? This might be the answer, although it looks like its an installable browser.

Tags: culture, film, guide, software, Technology, Tools, TV, UK, windows, sky.

Government: NationStates

NationStates, inspired by the book Jennifer Government, a world politics game & simulation

Tags: community, free, fun, Games, international, politics, rpg, simulation, game, education, Internet, strategy, World.

British Society of Sculptors – About us

sculptures are us

Tags: culture, sculpture.

Is Better

The concept known as “worse is better” holds that in software making (and perhaps in other arenas as well) it is better to start with a minimal creation and grow it as needed. Christopher Alexander might call this “piecemeal growth.”

Tags: Technology, Software, Engineering, philosophy, essay.

� The web browser for you and your friends

The web browser for you and your friends. They claim optimised for photos, with annotation and writeback features

Tags: Technology, Tools, software, free, web2.0, browser, web, Internet, Photo, tagging.

International Dial Codes

A lookup for International Dialling Codes

Tags: Reference, Phone, international, telephone.

Dewberry’s Weblog – SWANilicious post – My First Firefox Extension

an article on mashing del.icio.us

Tags: Technology, blog, news, tags, folksonomy.

:: : entries

Free & Open Source del.icio.us

Tags: Technology, web2.0, folksonomy, Internet, opensource, portal, tagging, tags, utilities.

at the House on the Hill

Betrayal at House on the Hill – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, monster horror game

Tags: culture, Board, Games, Horror.

UK : eBay Explained

for those new to ebay

Tags: Technology, Reference, howto, ebay, auctions, shopping.


The magazine, not the play

Tags: labour, economics, magazine, politics, UK, left, News.

there >> San Francisco

The Guardian’s “Been There” wiki on San Francisco

Tags: culture, travel, US, California, sanfrancisco.

Moll Sculptures

Ron Moll UK Sculptor & creator of sculpture, garden sculptures and figurines, definately take commissions, also uses light & glass

Tags: Culture, sculpture, statues, Advert, shopping.

Sculpture from Africa In Stone

This has gone.

African Art, Shona Sculpture, Garden Sculpture from Africa In Stone

Tags: culture, sculpture, statues, Advert, shopping.

Peschar Sculpture Garden

Statues & gardens. The statues may be for sale, based near Dorking & Horsham

Tags: culture, statues, sculpture, gardens, Advert, local.

best … Lakeside hotels

from Guardian Unlimited Travel ,Saturday section, 15th July, Canada, France, Italy, Scotland & Slovenia

Tags: Holiday, travel, World, ideas.

Found for me when having an argument about the legal rights and wrongs of the UK/Argentina dispute over the Falklands, but actually more focussed on miltary history

Tags: History, naval, warstudies, 20thCentury, British, UK.

What is says on the URL, an online garden store speicalising in Japanese look.

Tags: culture, gardening, horticulture, sculpture, japan, shopping, Advert, UK.

Place – Baldur’s Gate 2 Mods

Title says it all, includes references to Baldurdash, Manveru and others

Tags: BG2, Mod.

Jaheira Page (Copy)

This is a copy of Manveru’s Jaheira Page. This is the original source for the Jaheira Romance quest bug fix. It documents he various state variables used to track and manage the quest and documents the ‘poke’s potentially required to make the unpatched ga

Tags: BG2, Mod, romancequest, fix, jaheira.


At – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, the EU’s tax and subsidy regulatory environment encouraging green corporate behaviour

Tags: politics, News, ecology, environment, green, trading, economics, greeneconomics.

– Che Guevara: Revolutionary & Icon

Its at the V&A, so about design not socialism, but let’s see how much they can avoid it.

Tags: culture, art, exhibition, London, che, museum, V&A.

Thousand Years, National Theatre

Mike Liegh’s play, transferred to the Lyttleton and closes 29th July

Tags: culture, play, Advert, theatre, nationaltheatre, UK, London.

on Junta , the game

compete as the corrupt power elite of a fictional parody of the Republica de los Bananas trying to get as much money as possible into their Swiss bank account before the foreign aid money runs out.

Tags: Culture, Games, Board, politics.

Gaim IRC Helper

For helping GAIM deal with IRC

Tags: Technology, software, chat, gaim, irc, opensource.

with Gaim

IRC with Gaim – FreeCulture.org: an international student movement

Tags: Technology, chat, howto, Internet, gaim, irc, windows, UNIX, linux, solaris, messanger.

— What Is Web 2.0

An article by Tim O’Reilly

Tags: Technology, Internet, www, oreilly, web2.0.


Billions of Free Sudoku Puzzles to Play Online

Tags: puzzle, soduku, Internet, online, web, Games, free.

for High Fidelity (2000)

I rewatched “High Fidleity”, the movie based on Nick Hornby’s book. This is IMDB’s listing of the soundtrack

Tags: Culture, music, Movies, soundtrack.

– Linux Command – Unix Command

Linux man page from about.com, used to sort my qube out. The UNIX clock daemon.

Tags: Technology, software, linux, utilities, Docs, Documents, cron.

Landscape Photos

Amazing site with photos posted.

Tags: Flickr, images, blogs.


Both a shop and a manufacturing exhibition, maybe worth a visit next time.

Tags: culture, travel, Europe, holland, amsterdam, diamonds, jewellery.

Dorado Quality Steaks in Amsterdam

Latin American (especially Argentine) food seems very popular in Amsterdam.

Tags: travel, Europe, holland, amsterdam, Food+Drink, eating, Advert, Restaurant.


Not been here, but well advertised in the Dholen and well spoken of in the Rough Guide. Maybe next time

Tags: travel, Europe, holland, amsterdam, eating, Food+Drink, Restaurant.

for rent in Amsterdam

A tourist rental site offering house boat rentals in Amsterdam. It also has a small boat rental page

Tags: travel, Holiday, Europe, holland, Hotel, boats, houseboat, amsterdam.

on board!- Amstelbotel

a very large boat i.e. ship. moored in Amsterdam’s East Docks, therfore a bit of trek to anywhere acts as a hotel. This is its english front page.

Tags: travel, Hotel, boats, Europe, holland, amsterdam.

� Support/Technical Support

We know who they are.

Tags: Technology, hardware, howto, Reference, support.

about Shotokan Karate

ShotoMAG.com – The Online Shotokan Karate Magazine :: Powered by PortalApp, interesting technology and quite pretty but no RSS

Tags: culture, sport, martialart, karate.

>> Wikipedia

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, entry on Shotokan Karate

Tags: culture, sport, martialart, karate.


A hotel in Berlin, minimalist style, some may say basic, but located im Mitte

Tags: travel, Hotel, Germany, berlin.


An e-journal about economics, edited by David Warsh, an American journalist. This site has an RSS feed.

Tags: economics, News.

and the Wealth of Nations

A site promoting the book of the same title.

Tags: book, economics.

Unlimited Travel >> Saturday section >> Chicago on a plate

Eating in Chicago, hadn’t considered it but this article is from the Guardian’s Travel Section 24th June ’06

Tags: travel, US, Food+Drink.

Wizard, format converter

Converter supporting MP3, OGG, WMA 9, FLAC and WAV with ID3v2 Tag copying and creation.

Tags: Technology, software, Tools, audio, converter, format, .mp3, .wma, windows.

by the Sea

From Guardian Unlimited, “Travel + Culture” Surreal on sea. Not sure how long these’ll be available to see, but they’re in Belgium part of Beaufort 2006 a sculpture exhibition.

Tags: Culture, sculpture, seaside, Holiday, Belgium.

Engine Radio

Bob the Wizard’s Infinity Engine web radio site. This is quite cool!

Tags: BG2, BG1, FRPG, Internet, audio, Games, radio.


What Is White Gold? A Jewellers Answer to FAQ’s at 24carat.co.uk

Tags: Reference, jewellery, gold, whitegold.

Mountain Foundation

A British based charity supporting reconstruction in Afganisatan with a view to preserving Aghanistan’s culture and architecture. (My words not theirs, but looking to avoid the bulldozer and concrete pourers arts.

Tags: charity, afghanistan, reconstruction, kabul, middle-east.

at Portsmouth

Gunwharf Quays at Portsmouth Harbour, Shopping, Cinema, Entertainment, Events

Tags: shopping, local, gunwharf, advert.

A command line image management command from Image Magick

Tags: Technology, software, Tools, images, imagemagick, multimedia, UNIX.

Hambrough Hotel

reveiwed in the guardian, Vetnor IoW

Tags: travel, Hotel, isleofwight, advert, Holiday.

in the Shadows: Inside the Middle East Crisis with a Man Who Led the Mossad

Man in the Shadows: Inside the Middle East Crisis with a Man Who Led the Mossad, a book, the Amazon Page, not yet on sale in the Uk recommended to me

Tags: book, politics, warstudies, middle-east, mossad, spying, Advert.

Ethics in a World of Strangers

Book, the Amazon page, for some reason, no wish list button by Kwame Anthony Apiah, reviewed int he Guradian 10/6/6 by Jame Harkin

Tags: Culture, Philospophy, liberal, book, advert.

SatNav Navigation

Pioneer, combined ICE & SatNav

Tags: Technology, Satnav, maps, navigation, car, Advert.

– Land of Ideas

Germany Land of Ideas, looks like a business promotion & tourism site, worth a look. Note: Claudia Schiffer is helping this promotion

Tags: Germany, travel, business.

Cringely, on IBM

Interesting views of how IBM isn’t manging the three E’s and a deep malaise in Global Services, the goose that lays the golden eggs

Tags: Technology, News, Consulting, economics, management, business, ibm, services.

Feedback & Complaints

A web form and phone number

Tags: UK, mortgage, complaints, Money, finance, local, banking.

the UK based mortgage company

They say “Abbey : Online banking, Mortgages, Savings, Current Accounts, Credit Cards, Personal Loans, Insurance, Investments, ISAs”, I wonder when the Banco Santander brand will take over

Tags: UK, Money, finance, banking, mortgage, local.

Conferences International

Academic Conferences, their Table of Contents and sitemap page – organise a bunch of conferences about IT.

Tags: training, university, conference, IT.


UNICOM Seminars: IT/Management Training Courses, (PRINCE2, ISEB, CMMI, Six Sigma) Certifications, Conferences, Forums and Seminars.

Tags: training, IT, vendor.

de la Pomme d’Or, Bar sur Aube

H�tel de la Pomme d’Or, Bar sur Aube, Champagne near Troyes, east of Paris, north of Beaune

Tags: travel, Hotel, France, champagne, Holiday.

Vass on “Selectign Sun Servers”

This is an Inner Circle Program e-mail, and is about shoosing between Sun’s various servers and CPU architectures.

Tags: Technology, hardware, computer, servers, SUNW, billvass, selection.

v3 (SoU / HotU) — Neverwinter Nights Vault

Character Editor for NWN

Tags: Games, FRPG, NWN, editor, computer, utilities, software.

Valley Tango

Dance Classes in the Thames Valley, specialise on Tango

Tags: Culture, dance, classes.

Broken Hourglass – BG Mods V3.0, also big on RSS

Tags: Technology, Games, computer, FRPG, BG2, BG2plus.

Reference Manual

At sourcforge

Tags: programming, reference, tcl, Technology, software, UNIX, linux, windows, desktop, howto.

Cocktail recipe

This is at “drinksmixer.com”, interesting to see what else they’ve got.

Tags: Culture, booze, cocktails, howto, reference.

Zen of Free

Sun’s view on opensource by Simon Phipps,prepared for Open Source Meets Business, Nürnberg 200?

Tags: FOSS, opensource, simonphipps, keynote, SUNW.

Gnocl Home page

Gnocl – Tcl meets GTK+ and Gnome

Tags: Technology, software, computer, free, opensource, UNIX, linux, desktop, Gnome, programming, GUI, tcl, Gnocl.

TCL Bindings for Gnome

GnomeFiles – GNOME/GTK+ Software Repository

Tags: Technology, software, desktop, programming, Gnome, Linux, UNIX, GUI, computer, free, opensource, tcl.

Editor : Home

An HTML editor for UNIX

Tags: Technology, software, html, editor, bluefish, linux.

Hall Hotel, Woodbridge

Staying there soon.

Tags: UK, Hotel, travel, accomodation, england, ipswich, suffolk.


Barcelona near the Ramblas, discovered in the Rough Guide

Tags: travel, Europe, Spain, Barcelona, Hotel, Holiday.

Salcombe, Sailing in Devon

ICC Salcombe, sail training and watersports activity centre, Salcombe, Devon

Tags: Holiday, Sailing, Devon, UK.

Easy Web Page Design

Advice about MS MySpace

Tags: Technology, software, Internet, html, web, www, reference.


Vendor for 3rd Generation systems management solution, syarted by Sun people

Tags: Technology, software, grid, virtualization, automation, datacentre, datacenter, systemsmanagement.

Horse Hotel, Blakeney

Blakeney White Horse Hotel, Accommodation & Dining, Blakeney, North Norfolk, East Anglia. There are two hotels in Blakeney, or there were last time we visited. This is in the high street, not on the harbour mole.

Tags: travel, Holiday, Hotel, accomodation, UK, Norfolk, seaside.


video searches from google

Tags: Culture, Internet, Movies, multimedia, video, Tools, utilities, online, google, searchengine, portal.

the Island Race 2006

JPMorgan Asset Management Round the Island Race 2006 – Home

Tags: Culture, sport, Yachting, Sailing.

– Route map

Flybe are the biggest user of Southampton Airport

Tags: travel, Culture, airline, local, southampton, southamptonairport, Europe.

the Last Stand Trailer

Large & from Apple, needs Quick Time

Tags: Culture, Movies, sci-fi, Super-Hero, trailer, Advert, video.


Mutant High, a marvel/x-men fan site, awesomely comprehensive

Tags: Culture, Fan, Fiction, Super-Hero, sci-fi.

Unofficial Green Lantern Corps Web Page

what it says, comprehensive but dated, I thought it was abandoned but on visiting it today, it seems that it remains active. It would be better as a Wiki though. Awesome Glossary

Tags: Culture, community, Super-Hero, Fiction, sci-fi.


BRAMBLEMET – Weather Reports from Bramble Bank

Tags: UK, Sailing, weather, Mobile.

:: Political Badges

peace, cnd, leftism etc for sale

Tags: politics, shopping, badges.

Interim Management

A management consultancy, interesting sales spin

Tags: UK, Consulting, jobsearch.

there >> Venice

The “Been there” Venice site was reviewed in the Guradian over the weekend. I’ve kept the article to see if it provokes any good ideas when I finally get there.

Tags: Culture, travel, Europe, Italy, venice, reference, wiki, beenthere.

Ravilious Homepage

He was reviewed in the Guardian colour supp. An english naval war artist, lived and died during WWII

Tags: art, england, UK, Culture, online.

advertised in the Guardian colur supp.

Tags: DIY, shopping, vendor.

Perhaps a bit industrial.

Tags: shopping, diy, vendor.

riding holidays from travel quest

Horse riding holidays and vacations directory, a bunch of sites companies

Tags: Holiday, travel, World, horseriding, equestrianism.

Villa >> Streetmap

The streetmap for Burley Villa Stables, in the New Forest

Tags: UK, streetmap, burleyvilla, equestrianism, horseriding, Holiday, england, local.

Trails, BBQ’s and ‘Dude Days’

Burley Villa in the New Forest, horse riding holidays, offering “Western Days”, lessons, barbeque and two hour trial or alternatively they offer overnights.

Tags: travel, Holiday, UK, equestrianism, sport, england, horseriding.

Divani Caravel, Athens

reviewed in the Guardian Travel 8/4/6 as one of the 5 best rooftop pools, with a view of the Acropolis, it should be good. Part of Luxury Hotels Of The World chain

Tags: travel, hotel, Europe, Greece, athens.

Amazon advertised these people, who do Business Cards and other similar stuff.

Tags: businesscards, shopping, vendor, online, direct.

Nights Walkthrough

A game walkthrough at Game Banshee. This is the one I’m using!

Tags: Games, NWN, walkthrough, FRPG, neverwinternights, computer.

>> Wikipedia

Vienna – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, has a links section

Tags: travel, Culture, Places, Europe, austria, vienna.

Tresanton, St. Mawes

Hotel Tresanton – They say “The most beautiful and exclusive luxury coastal hotel in Cornwall, England”

Tags: UK, travel, Hotel, Holiday, cornwall, england, seaside.

there >> Vienna

The guardian’s tarvel wiki on Vienna

Tags: travel, Europe, austria, Reference.

: How It Works

A virtual network solution, maybe part of solving my MP on a home LSAN problem with BG2.

Tags: Technology, vpn, network, software, opensource, virtual, BG2.

Cowes Week 2006 – Welcome

The Cowes week home page

Tags: Sailing, Yachting, UK, isleofwight.

Guardian Hay Festival

An annual books fair

Tags: Culture, UK, event, book.

of the Valkyries

by Richard Wagner – Project Gutenberg

Tags: Culture, music, classical, .mp3.

Neverwinter Forums

Planet Neverwinter Forums

Tags: Games, computer, FRPG, NWN.

NEDIS Limited – Online

A home compyter parts direct sales outlet, I have tagged it because it may sell the cables I require to attatch the exotic peripherals that I plan to use to the computer.

Tags: shopping, vendor, Technology, PC, peripheral, hardware, direct, online.

Power Tab Editor is a tablature authoring tool for the Windows operating system. It is intended to be used to create scores for the two most popular forms of tablature found on the Web: guitar and bass. It is not designed to be used as a MIDI sequencer, n

Tags: Culture, Technology, music, software, free, audio, windows.

Weather Forecast

Seville Weather Forecasts on Yahoo! Weather

Tags: travel, weather, spain, seville, Yahoo.

Picture Package

Their english language home page, their software came with the Sony

Tags: Technology, software, multimedia, images, video, vend.


Seville unpeeled, by Robert Elms, oublished in the Guardian Travel 25/3/06, fortunately, one week before I go.

Tags: travel, Culture, Spain, Europe, seville.

there | Seville

Guardian’s Been There

Tags: Culture, travel, Spain, Europe, seville.

Sony Ericsson CLA-11 Cigarette Lighter Charger

This’ll do it, I hope!

Tags: UK, Technology, Phone, car.

Chargers – Mobile Accessories

I need to be able to charge this in the car. The company won’t buy me a charger.

Tags: UK, car, Phone.

Sorting Algorithm Demo

Bubble sort demo with enhancements

Tags: Technology, algorithms, Algorithm, Java.


from NIST

Tags: Technology, Algorithm, algorithms.

Vaio Laptop from John Lewis direct

Sony Vaio Laptop, VGN-S5M, 1.73GHz with 13.3 Inch Display from John Lewis direct. I really like the look of the Sony laptops.

Tags: Technology, hardware, PC, laptop, advert, shopping, Sony.

Grid Rack System

Sun Microsystem’s web site advertising thin blade (1u) grid racks

Tags: Technology, computer, solaris, SUNW, grid, advert, vendor.


Maybe I’ll write this up sometime

Tags: travel, UK, hotel, leeds.

Firebird – Relational Database for the New Millenium, looks like it forked out of Interbase.

Tags: Technology, software, database, opensource, Tools, UNIX, windows, rdbms, sql.

IT (silicom.com’s view)

The nine projects at the heart of NHS IT – Public Sector – Breaking Business and Technology News at silicon.com, Janurary 2006

Tags: News, myprojects, NHS.

of Warcraft Community Site

I think this deserves some more investigation

Tags: Games, computer, community, forum, News, FRPG, warcraft.

– proxybutton: index

Fantastic, proxy on/off on the tool bar – Firefox here I come

Tags: Technology, software, mozilla, firefox, extension, opensource.

Sailing – RYA Sailing School, Poole South Coast UK

They claim to offer a nine day course in Poole for Day Skipper (theory & practical).

Tags: UK, Sailing, Yachting, training, advert.

– Home

The RYA (UK)

Tags: Sailing, Yachting, management, UK.

Arnold � Blog Archive � Thoughts on 23K miles

Geoff Arnold on Travel

Tags: travel, blog.

Hawksmoor, a comics super-hero at Wikipedia

Jack Hawksmoor (comics) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Tags: Culture, Fiction, Super-Hero.


Well, well, well. About Superman. Check out the wallpaper!!

Tags: Culture, Fiction, Super-Hero, superman.


This is the mod to run Baldur’s Gate in the Bg2 Engine.

Tags: BG2, Mod, BG1, D+D, rpg, FRPG, Faerun.

The Revolution

I’ve just bought this game and this is the vendor home page. Not very good really, but they do have wallpaper and buddy icons.

Tags: Technology, computer, Games, politics, fun, author, vendor, advert.

the BG2 SOA folder structure

How to protect the PBG BG2 folder during an o/s rebuild. A thread started by meat PBG. I’ve tagged it Bioware; they’e the author.

Tags: BG2, software, community, Bioware.

Diagonal Mar Barcelona Hotel

I believe there are several Hiltons in Barcelona. I shall be visiting this one on business soon.

Tags: travel, hotel, spain, europe, barcelona, Hilton.

to Nottingham and Nottinghamshire

Sherwood Forest, Games Workshop HQ,. Its probaly too late for me to truly enjoy this city; the kids have given up on GW but their tourist marketeers are still trying.

Tags: travel, UK, Nottingham.


The McKinsey Quarterly: Distortions and deceptions in strategic decisions

Tags: economics, business, strategy, Reference, Consulting.

McKinsey Quarterly

The Online Journal of McKinsey & Co.

Tags: economics, management, Consulting, business, ideas, Reference.


They say “Berkeley DB Database, Native XML Database, Native Java Database”

Tags: Technology, software, Java, opensource, database.

Source SQL Clients in Java

Looking for clients for my postgres databases

Tags: Technology, software, Tools, rdbms, client, Java.


Hotel Vitale, San Francisco Luxury Hotel near Embarcadero, recommended by Ferhat at Sun

Tags: travel, hotel, sanfrancisco, California, US.

They say “You are now in the grandest library in all the Realms. Seeketh out knowledge and lore within this place and may Oghma guide you.” A Fan Site for Forgotten Realms and hence BG2

Tags: BG2, community, D+D, FRPG.

Hampshire Clubs

Karate Union of Great Britain, Hampshire Clubs

Tags: UK, sport, local, karate, KUGB, Shotokan, hampshire.


New Owners of Paintshop Pro

Tags: Technology, software, Tools, images.

Exotics Nursery

More plants. Bit of a distance to travel but Declan Buckley went to them for his London garden.

Tags: Culture, gardening, horticulture, DIY.

Sunbird Project

The Sunbird Project – Standalone Calendar

Tags: Technology, Tools, mozilla, Internet, Calendar, software, opensource.

at Sourceforge

pgaccess, a tcl/tk postgres client

Tags: Technology, Tools, rdbms, client, tcl, opensource, software.

Free Anti-Virus

They say, “Grisoft Freeweb: Get AVG for your home PC virus protection

Tags: Technology, software, Tools, utilities, windows, security.

to turn on and turn off System Restore in Windows XP

from Microsoft.com

Tags: Technology, windows, reference, vendor.

up with GOOG and SUNW ?

from Financial Blitzkrieg : Info, Speed and Surprise. This is a bit odd, deserves a read (by me if not you). This will age.

Tags: Money, economics, IT.

– Wikipedia

We are going back there, so this should be useful.

Tags: travel, Holiday, Places, Europe, Germany, berlin.

Lantern – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Green Lantern @ Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, its catching up on glcorps

Tags: Culture, sci-fi, Super-Hero, Fiction.


Seems to be the place to be thses days

Tags: Board, Games, News, Culture.

– news

Not quite sure what this site is. is it a news site that flogs stuff (like The Register) or a vendor that advertises with free news? Seems to have quite an eclectic set of interests.

Tags: Technology, hardware, IT, PC, reviews, shopping, DIY, computer, News.

to Crystal Ski Holidays

Another Ski Holiday package vendor, does Virgin, Tahoe & “Inn by the Lake”. Better price than Neilson for this. In europe claims to be No 1 in Chalets, also have a last minute bargains panel on the front page

Tags: travel, Holiday, ski-ing, vendor, advert, US, Europe, California.

Watch Ltd

Sellers of the Swiss Railway watch.

Tags: shopping, Time, design.

a revolution with ‘mashups’ >> CNET News.com

A CNET news article on the evolution of “Maps” software

Tags: Technology, software, maps, News.

Ho showed me this site because I’m going to buy a new PC games platform. Very pretty, powerfull and expensive. I may have to build my own.

Tags: Technology, hardware, PC, shopping, advert, Games.

– sbc divx encoder

An open source product claims to manage .sbc, which Vodafone are now using on their message centre web site.

Tags: Technology, software, opensource, windows, video, audio, Vodafone, multimedia.


Documentation ar shellfront.org, an alternative windows shell

Tags: Technology, software, Tools, windows, desktop, programming, litestep.

needs checking out, looks like a magazine/gateway to realms

Tags: NWN, games, rpg.

NPC Page

A mod page by one of BOn’s creations

Tags: BG2, Mod, NPCs.

HTML Guides, Tutorials, Help and other resources for Web developers & Webmasters

Tags: Technology, software, html, web.

A set of free resources for web designers, lots of .gifs including animations.

Tags: Technology, Tools, html, web.

Number Plates from Elite Registrations

Personalised Cherished Private Registrations, these people are an agency so it’d be cheaper to go the DLA direct but they wrote to me and I’n doing some tidying up.

Tags: UK, car.


For conspiracy theorists everywhere

Tags: searchengine, Technology, web, Internet, politics.

in Space

The Fortean times profile of Juan Posadas, a scientific revolutionary

Tags: socialist, politics.

For various reasons I checked this site out; I wanted to see what Google said when you used Militant as a keyword. A colleague was describing himself as Militant. They say “The Militant began building a worker’s international in 1975,…”

Tags: socialist, politics.


Mark James blog. This page is his published icon sets. Neat!

Tags: Technology, images, blog, programming, Tools, icons, free, opensource.

Stemming Algorithm

This is the �official’ home page for distribution of the Porter Stemming Algorithm, written and maintained by its author, Martin Porter. The Porter stemming algorithm (or �Porter stemmer’) is a process for removing the commoner morphological and

Tags: Technology, programming, tagging, Algorithm, Reference.

New Take Away near the City Office, salads only, so lo-carb possible.

Tags: UK, London, eating, Food+Drink.


They say “design your dream garden”. A piece of software for garden design. The trial version is fifteen days and very limited in what it can do. I have bookmarked it to see if using the web site will encourage me to use it more.

Tags: Technology, software, DIY, gardening.

PCS, US Computer Parts Supplier

Silver PCs: I found these people when looking for Computer Parts & Computer Cases. – Am I really going to do this? – Also Computer Cases, Lian Li PC Cases, Hardware, Kingston HyperX Memory, Power Supplies, Hard Drives & More…

Tags: Technology, hardware, shopping.

to X-Case

I found this while looking to see what computer cases I might buy. They say ” Uk’s largest choice of pc computer cases, rackmount case and Psu’s”

Tags: Technology, hardware, shopping.

Travel Agency

My local travel agency

Tags: travel, Advert, local, shopping.

Real Burgers (in London again)

Tags: UK, London, Food+Drink, eating, burger.


Real Burgers

Tags: UK, London, eating, Food+Drink, burger.


Noble Caledonia, a niche travel agents, their offers include a Moscow/St. Petersburg tour. They have number of Antartic eco-holidays (whale, penguin watching etc) and a number of inland cruises in Europe etc.

Tags: travel, Holiday, Europe, World, ideas, Advert, vendor, shopping, Russia, Sailing.

Unlimited Travel>> The bliss list

A top 20 “Dream” holidays from the Guardian. I’m not so sure.

Tags: Holiday, travel, ideas.

Help: FAQ

No more needs to be said

Tags: Technology, technorati, blogs, Internet, web.

Technorati Profile

Technorati Profile for David Levy (DaveLevy), its got a tag map.

Tags: blog, portal, personal.

Weblogger, developer mail archives

roller-dev@incubator.apache.org Archives

Tags: Technology, software, roller.

I Know – Information, Transmission, Modulation, and Noise

Richard Friedmans Photo Blog

Tags: People, images, Photo, blogs.

The home page, Welcome Visitors

Tags: Technology, Tools, wiki.


An early site, based on a business, has many usefull resources for BG2 & NWN

Tags: BG2, www, vendor, D+D, forum, Reference, FRPG.

Book Of Knowledge: BG II SoA And ToB by Mysticsyn

The Book Of Knowledge: BG II SoA And ToB by Mysticsyn, a knowledgable correspondant at PBG. This doesn’t seem to have been updtated in several years. It is a .tripod.com site and uses pop ups to advertise its funders.

Tags: BG2, www, community.

Chase Leisure Centre

Local Swimming pool

Tags: UK, local, sport, swimming, swim.


A web adware hunter killer, this should be the home page for their free for personal use version

Tags: Technology, software, utilities, windows.

World Society for Protection of Animals

Tags: charity.

Old Tramshed, Bradford

Restaurant reviewed in the Guardian, this site is Google Local’s. At the time their site was under construction and not very good. Might be useful if I get on the Leeds project or revisit the University.

Tags: UK, Bradford, Food+Drink, eating, travel.

Menier Chocolate Factory

Restaurant,Bar, Theatre and Art Gallary. I need to visit this place. The Guardian recommended the restaurant. The name comes from a previous use

Tags: Uk, London, eating, Food+Drink, advert.

Sacher Wien at Luxury Hotels of the World

Hotel Sacher Wien, Luxury Hotel in Vienna Austria, Vienna Hotel Reservations

Tags: travel, Europe, austria.

Hotels Of The World at The Leading Hotels of the World

An advert for “Luxury Hotels” of the world. Jill found this for me with an ad. for the Hotel Sacher Wien (Vienna)

Tags: travel, Hotel, Advert, vendor.

ntp.org: Home of the Network Time Protocol

Tags: Technology, software, Tools, linux, UNIX.

32inch Stereo TV Monitor / Receiver

Philips 32PT81S 32inch Stereo TV Monitor / Receiver

Tags: Technology, hardware, multimedia, TV.


Is this Highbury Cemetry, anyway the London town link is worth remembering. LondonTown.com | London Leisure | Abney Park Cemetery & Nature Reserve London | Stoke Newington High Street

Tags: UK, Culture, travel, London.

Over-Seas League

A commonwealth London Club, restaurant, grounds and rooms. NB this is a club and you need to be a member to use it.

Tags: UK, travel, accomodation, Restaurant, London.

Computing Centre

Best Practice in IT – National Computing Centre

Tags: UK, Technology, community.

>> Restaurant >> Pizzeria

I like Pizzas, but finding good food in Guildford is hard, maybe we should go to Pompey

Tags: Uk, Places, Food+Drink, eating, local.


A deamon shell written in perl to check and invoke DDNS udates.

Tags: Technology, software, Tools, DNS, Internet, linux, utilities.

about Client tools

DynDNS: Support — Update Clients, downloads for update clients, DDNS routers, DDNS hardware clients

Tags: Technology, Internet, Qube, DNS.

Dan Remenyi

He was the course director at Henley college’s “IT Summer School”, author of “IS`Strategic Planning” and is currently at the Department of Statistics, Trinity College Dublin

Tags: People, university, IT.

Frank Land

A professor at LSE, wrote about the CSA failures in the Guardian 30/11/2005

Tags: UK, People, university, IT.

their UK home page

Tags: UK, hardware, Internet.


They moved us from Willet, we might need them again. The UK’s International Removal, Storage and Distribution company.

Tags: UK, accomodation, removal.


RNLI – Royal National Lifeboat Institution, their shop, well maybe we’ll see, otherwsie a charity shop

Tags: UK, charity.

recommended in the Guardian as cheap & “design led”, 124, West 45th, NYC

Tags: Hotel, travel, nyc, Advert.

To GAME Stores Group

Its Xmas time, I now need this site

Tags: UK, shopping, Games, multimedia, Advert, vendor, online, direct.

Pride & Prejudice, the Movie

An official web site of the 2005 film, other than the Working Title site.

Tags: Culture, Fiction, Movies.


NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System) is a professional open-source tool for the development of Windows installers. It is designed to be as small and flexible as possible and is therefore highly suitable for internet distribution.

Tags: Technology, Tools, software, programming, opensource, windows, installer, utilities.

their free offering

DynDNS: Dynamic DNS – free ddns, dynamic DNS service, your host in their domain, but they have some cool domain names.

Tags: Technology, Tools, software, Advert, Internet, DNS, hosting, web.

Home Site

A Massively Spiffy Yet Delicately Unobtrusive Compression Library
(Also Free, Not to Mention Unencumbered by Patents)

Tags: Technology, software, Linux, opensource.


A book list about Postgres SQL

Tags: Technology, rdbms, Reference, opensource.

internet storgae

They say “IBackup online Storage features Network Drive, Sub Accounts, WebFolders, Collaboration, FTP access and many more”

Tags: Technology, Internet, hosting, storage, vendor, online.

las Casas de los Mercaderes

A converted ‘bodega’. This is an exteremly slick site using popups and very dynamic content. Optimised for IE, both Mozilla & Firefox struggle. Boring. It looks very nice.

Tags: travel, Hotel, Advert, vendor, Europe, Spain, seville.

Simon, Sevilla

Hotel Simon, Sevilla – Seville, Spain, converted mansion

Tags: travel, Hotel, Europe, Spain, Advert, vendor, seville.

Plaza Hotels Europe

includes the Art’otel chain

Tags: travel, hotel, advert, vendor.

What more can I say? The project site for JSPWiki, the Roller teams wiki of choice

Tags: Technology, software, Tools, wiki, opensource, Java, web, Internet.

>> Solaris 10 & Postgres

Solaris 10 gets new file system, Postgres database, virtualization – Computerworld, this is the ZFS launch and leak

Tags: Technology, software, solaris, opensolaris, rdbms.

Unlimited Travel >> Skiing on rails

An article in the Travel Supplement about traveling by train to the ski-slopes of Europe.

Tags: travel, ski-ing, Spain, France, Italy, trains, reviews.

Unlimited Travel >> Where Hinduism meets hedonism

An article in the Travel supplement, Nov ’05 about Kerala, its cities, beaches and backwaters.

Tags: travel, India, reviews.

Online, Mad about Films

Empire: Film Reviews, Movie News and Interviews

Tags: UK, Movies, portal, video, reviews, News.

a Google Maps service

Could be v. interesting

Tags: javascript, maps, programming, Technology, software, Tools, html, web.

Guide to Central America including Nicaragua

Amazon.co.uk >> The Rough Guide to Central America >> Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama

Tags: travel, book, Reference, Central-America, Nicaragua.

Sandinistas at Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Sandinista National Liberation Front – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, contans a reading list

Tags: politics, History, Nicaragua.

People’s Revolution

Amazon.co.uk >> Nicaragua >> Sandinista People’s Revolution >> Books by Ortega, Borge

Tags: History, book, Nicaragua, Advert.

Amazon.co.uk: Sandino: Books

Tags: History, book, Advert, Nicaragua.

Data Systems

A disk 2 disk backup solution vendor.

Tags: Technology, hardware, storage.

Article on wikis

How wikis are changing our view of the world from CNET News.com

Tags: Technology, News, wiki, software, Tools.

TheCounter.com – The Affordable Web Site Analysis Tool

Tags: Technology, Internet, web, www.

from BT

BT plc’s Innovation web-letter

Tags: Technology, internet, Phone.

Arts diary

Guardian Unlimited >> Arts news >> Guardian arts diary

Tags: UK, art, News, Culture.


A cuban restaurant/bar in London, reviewed in the Guardian

Tags: UK, London, eating, booze, Food+Drink, Restaurant.

Cleaning Company

Oven cleaning services, agas, cookers, rayburns, microwaves and hobs

Tags: UK, DIY, Advert.

Keepers Arms, Trotton

Between Petersfield & Midhurst. Quite Odd.

Tags: UK, Restaurant, Food+Drink, eating, booze.

UK Customer Support

The Home Page

Tags: Technology, hardware, PC, windows.


FlexiSk, tailor made ski breaks and ski weekends to luxury chalets and hotels

Tags: travel, Holiday, ski-ing, Europe, US, advert, vendor.

Holidays, specialists in Greece, Cyprus & Egypt

Luxury Holidays to Greece, Cyprus & Egypt holidays. I had the ’98 brochure lying around.

Tags: travel, Holiday, Advert, vendor, Greece.

BluePrints Programme

Sun Microsystems Blueprints programme home page. The contents are dynamic and change based on recent publications

Tags: Technology, SUNW, UNIX, Reference, Documents, opensolaris, Java.

Maya at the Download Center

Free download. DigiMode Maya is a scaled down version of DigiMode ream Mass Media player. Hopefully a video editing capability.

Tags: Technology, software, Tools, video, multimedia, editor, windows.

Canary Wharf – What’s On –

Note – this is a .com site, the .co.uk has been taken by someone else. What’s on at Canary Wharf!

Tags: UK, London.

Trust Cottages (Home)

Home page for the NT Cottages rental

Tags: History, Holiday, travel, UK, accomodation.

National Trust

the home page

Tags: travel, UK, History.

– Andalusia – Parador de Cadiz

Parador de Cadiz

Tags: travel, Hotel, Spain, Holiday, Europe.

Kennel Club UK – Official Site

The Kennel Club UK – Official Site, owns breed defintions in the UK and runs Crufts. We’re interested in what a Foxhound or Beagle looks like

Tags: UK, Reference, dogs.

flybe.com – big user of southampton airport, used to be called European Jersey Air

Tags: travel, airline, Advert, Europe, UK.

Network Services, aka DynDNS.org

Another advert page found while looking to solve the dynamic ip, static name problem. Recommended by Mike

Tags: Technology, Tools, software, Advert, Internet, DNS.

– Dynamic DNS, Static DNS for Your Dynamic IP

A service provider solution to the Dynamic IP Hostname problem

Tags: Technology, Tools, software, Advert, Internet, DNS.

Karate Union of Great Britain’s Homepage

Tags: UK, sport, karate, KUGB, Shotokan.

news at silicon.com

Financial Services – Breaking Business and Technology News at silicon.com

Tags: News, banking, finance, business.

Yacht Charter

One of their Nautor Swan 48s, Phantom

Tags: holiday, ideas, yacht, charter, nautor, nautor48, advert, boats, uk, yachting.

Consultant”, a job search site

Management Consulting Jobs, Strategy & IT Jobs, News & Career Information – Top-Consultant.com

Tags: jobsearch, Consulting.

– Home of the Firefox web browser and Thunderbird e-mail client

Mozilla – Home of the Firefox web browser and Thunderbird e-mail client. at least that’s the current comment. “Mozilla Home”.

Tags: Technology, Tools, software, opensource, Open, www, web, UNIX, windows, mozilla.

PostgreSQL: The world’s most advanced open source database site

Tags: Technology, Tools, software, rdbms, opensource.

& FAQ – Betrayal at House on the Hill

The original rules are a bit careless. Here’s the revision.

Tags: board, Games, Horror, FRPG, Community, forum, vendor, Reference.

Epsom, a restaurant

Lime , Epsom, the London-Eating page, which is beit empty at the moment. Reviewed in the Guardian Gudie Oct 22nd

Tags: Restaurant, eating, UK, London, Food+Drink.

at the Tate Modern

Is this an advert for a display from David King’s collection of socialist political art & propaganda.

Tags: art, Advert, London, socialist, politics, Culture, images.

Cobalt Qube Collection

docs.sun.com: Cobalt Qube Collection

Tags: Technology, linux, SUNW, Documents, Qube.

Images – Gettyimages.com

an internet hosted resource site for the advertising industry

Tags: Photo, Reference, images.

Qube from Sun Microsystems

Sun/Cobalt, Server Appliances – Discontinued Product Manuals

Tags: Technology, SUNW, linux, Documents, Qube.

for Cobalt!

The Cobalt user group, now I’ve got one. A computer system appliance

Tags: Technology, SUNW, linux, qube.

this is their RSS feeds page

Tags: Technology, News, rss.

– GCSE Bitesize – Homepage

The BBC National Curiculum website home page

Tags: UK, student, education, Reference.

Viewpoints, Tools, and Content for Webmasters

Tags: Technology, Tools, www, web, html.

Saheb, London

The “London Eating” review page, this curry house is on the Isle of Dogs, south of Canary Wharf

Tags: UK, London, Restaurant, Food+Drink, eating, curry.


A Pocket Plane thread with a discussion between Andyr and mka about NWN mods

Tags: Games, BG2, NWN, neverwinternights.

Racing Team

The Ericsson Team page for the Volvo round the world race

Tags: Sailing, World, Yachting.

Hat Bugzilla

Red Hat’s Bugzilla

Tags: linux, Technology, software.

Technology – Fairchild Dornier 328

scotairways use these it seems

Tags: travel, airline.


Electronic Freedom Foundation on Bloggers, bit US centric

Tags: Legal, Reference, blogs.

& BECTA, an article in the Guardian Education

EducationGuardian.co.uk > E-learning > Supplier feels the hand of Becta, actually the article is about Educational Management software

Tags: UK, software, education, management.

Republic of Pemberley

a Jane Austin fan site, maybe THE Jane Austin fan site in the UK

Tags: UK, Fiction.

to practice – home of the ‘London Underground’ song

The web site for “The Amateur Transplants”

Tags: uk, music, silly.


HTML and CSS Tutorials, References, Articles and News – HTML Dog

Tags: css, Docs, html, Reference, Standards, Technology, Tools, web.

List Apart: Taming Lists

A List Apart: Articles: CSS Design: Taming Lists

Tags: css, html, Reference, Technology.

Finance:Homepage: Directgov – Education and learning

Student Finance:Homepage: Directgov – Education and learning, this is real time stuff so now on next year

Tags: UK, student, finance.

Student Loans Company Ltd.

The UK Student Loan Company, taking the piss as a student

Tags: UK, student, finance.

Carpet at Softpedia.

Download Red Carpet 2.4.4 for Linux – Red Carpet is a software management tool for RPM-based Linux distros. – Softpedia

Tags: Technology, Tools, linux.

Eating – London Restaurants Guide

Lets check this out!

Tags: London, UK, eating, Food+Drink, Restaurant.

Don, Restaurant & Bistro

The Don Restaurant and Bistro The Courtyard, 20 St. Swithins Lane, City of London EC4N 8AD

Tags: Restaurant, Food+Drink, UK, London, eating.

Managing British Schools

SIMS – Schools Information Management System – Capita Education Services

Tags: UK, education, IT.


BBC – Comedy – Guide – Yes Minister

Tags: TV, Comedy, UK, Culture.


Revolution Software Homepage, authors of “Lure of the Temptress” & “Beneath a Steel Sky”

Tags: Technology, software, Games.


Dominic Kay’s Blog

Tags: Technology, blog.

� PC

Gameplay, a direct sales, british computer game company , this is their PC page

Tags: UK, Games, Advert, vendor.

Editions Holidays

Travel Editions Holidays – Escorted group tours to France, Eastern Europe, and the world by train and coach, seasonal holidays i.e. Xmas advertised by the Guardian

Tags: Holiday, travel, Advert, vendor.


Brightwater Holidays: for quality garden and special interest tours; a world of gardens art and archaeology; flora, fauna and fun

Tags: Holiday, travel.

holidays in Andorra

An “If you Ski” page

Tags: Holiday, ski-ing, Spain, France, travel.

you Ski

Ski resorts, resort information, piste maps,

Tags: Holiday, Europe, ski-ing, Spain, France, Switzerland, travel.

Active Holidays

Yachting & Snow, interestingly in 2005/6 offered the “Inn by the Lake” at Tahoe and Virgin flights. I’ve updated my tags on this one.

Tags: Holiday, Advert, ski-ing, Sailing, Yachting, travel, Virgin, US, California.

Microsystems rejected ads

allegedly Sun have been censored by the press and turned to the web, advertising their new servers.

Tags: Technology, SUNW, Advert, fun.

Need more traffic to your BLOG? Join BlogExplosion.com the internet’s largest BLOG traffic generator! 100% FREE!

Tags: Technology, Tools, web, blogs.

Meter – Counter and Statistics Tracker

Site Meter is a free, fast, and easy way to add a web counter to your web page. Not only does it display the number of visitors to your web site, it also keeps statistics on the number of visits each hour and each day.

Tags: Technology, web, Tools, software, searchengine, Internet, blogs.

– themes: index

themes for Mozilla, try Lo-Fi or Orbit

Tags: Technology, Tools, software, opensource, Internet.

Economic Society

their Home Page

Tags: UK, economics, community.


a travel wiki started by the Guardian

Tags: travel, Reference, wiki.

& Western

Three restaurants in the South of England, we’ve used the Chichester one. Cowboy themed, steaks, fajitas, nachos & chilli

Tags: uk, food+drink, restaurant, travel, steak, westsussex, eating, Places, cowboy, meat.

BITE # pubs and bars – beerintheevening.com. I found this while looking for the “Smith & Western”

Tags: UK, Reference, community, Culture, travel, booze.

,fitted shelves etc

Shelvex fitted furniture for study and office

Tags: UK, DIY, Advert, vendor.

a Nautors Swan 51

We sailed on this on the Company-I day in 2004. She’s lovely!

Tags: Yachting, boats, Sailing, Holiday, Advert, Formosa, charter.

to financial software for banking, asset management and risk management

Tags: Technology, solutions, banking, Investment+Management, finance.

Courses Day Skipper Sailing Schools

A useful article about the RYA course structures, pre-reqs and training paths. Published by a site called “Blue Moment”.

Tags: Yachting, training, Reference.


The term “Scream Queen” … was created it helped categorize and recognize the numerous actresses frequently hired for horror pictures….The principal goal of this site is to honor some of these brave souls, famous or not…

Tags: Fiction, sci-fi, Super-Hero, Actors, Reference, Movies.

Sailing Club

home of the “Round the Island” race

Tags: Yachting, Sailing.


module mod_proxy

Tags: Technology, software, Tools, linux, apache, Reference, Docs.

the time?

United Kingdom current local time from www.worldtimeserver.com

Tags: UK, Time, Reference, World.

Baglioni Hotel, West London

Baglioni London Luxury Hotel England accommodation, bit shite wusing mozilla

Tags: UK, London, Hotel, Advert, vendor, travel.

Hold ‘Em Poker Rules

includes links to hints & tips & winning hands

Tags: Games.

Atlantic Hotel, St Ives

The Atlantic Hotel is situated on the way into St Ives with panoramic ocean views of St Ives Bay over to Godrevy Lighthouse

Tags: UK, Hotel, Holiday, Advert, travel, seaside.

Cross Hotel, Cornwall

Long Cross Hotel Cornwall, Free House Pub, Restaurants and Gardens, Trelights, Port Isaac, near Eden Project Cornwall UK. As I say an advert, we’ve been there for afternoon tea and walked round the gardens

Tags: UK, Hotel, Holiday, Advert, travel.


The home page of Nautor, vendor of the Swan Yacht classes. This might not be the best place to enter the site and it has a flash “flash” startup.

Tags: Yachting, boats, vendor.

Hotel, Bournemouth

Suncliff Hotel Bournemouth is in seaside tourist resort in Dorset on the south coast of England

Tags: Hotel, Advert, UK, travel, seaside.

home page

a windows/java webserver – I ran this for a short while but stopped

Tags: Technology, Tools, web, windows, Java.

– Because Women DO Play

Their BG2 portraits page, both men & women

Tags: BG2, Portraits.

Baldursgate, Portraits

The PBG portraits page

Tags: BG2, Portraits.

DaveLevy’s tags

My photo tags

Tags: Yahoo, Flickr, Photo, images, tags, portal.

Photos from DaveLevy

My Photos

Tags: Yahoo, Flickr, Photo, images, portal.

NPC Portraits

A RPG Dungeon mod with alternate portraits for the Bioware NPCs

Tags: BG2, Portraits.


An early BG fan site, with portraits and sounds, some scripts & NPCs, hosted at Fortune City

Tags: BG2, Portraits, Fan.

RSS (file format) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Tags: Technology, rss.


BG2 Portrait Gallery, over 25 pages, includes some Drow. A collection. Many of these pictures are three-quarter length pictures.

Tags: BG2, Portraits.


Dell, buying a PC or laptop, their UK home page

Tags: UK, Technology, vendor, PC, laptop, shopping, online, direct.

One of the first BG2 portrait collections, extensive and well indexed

Tags: BG2, Portraits.

Phroxengold Portraits

BG2 (& BG1/IWD) Portrait site, large, some rare pictures here, but the site can be jolly slow. aka PhroXenGold

Tags: BG2, Portraits.

Portrait Portal

BG2 Portraits, based on film stars plus a tutorial. One of the best!

Tags: BG2, Portraits.

Smith’s Faces of Bhaal

A BG2 portrait site and collection. Hosted by Angelfire, so ads are intrusive. The style of the collection is influenced by Final Fantasy/Japanese cartoon styles. This is not my favourite collection, but it has some useful pictures. I like the some of the

Tags: BG2, Portraits.

Digital Arsenal

The kid’s have finally prevailed. I’m not impressed but you might be. This is a cultural desert, but if you like it, enjoy!

Tags: Culture, video, music, Advert.

Beekveld Home Page

Erwin Beekveld’s home page, host site for the music video, “They’re taking the Hobits to Isengard”

Tags: LOTR, Fiction, Fan, music, video, multimedia, composition, fun.

– Programmer’s Text Editor

jEdit is a mature and well-designed programmer’s text editor with 7 years of development behind it, written in Java

Tags: Technology, Tools, software, Java, html, editor.

Resources for Learning and Teaching Strategy for Business and Life

Tags: business, economics, Games, education, Reference, Modelling, maths.

The home page for Data Centre Markup Language .org

Tags: IT, Technology, Modelling.

Alexander Hotel, Dublin

The Alexander is considered to be one of Dublin’s finest hotels offering a unique blend of modern European elegance and traditional Irish hospitality. Guests enjoy the contemporary, spacious surroundings of the large lobby area, as well as first class c

Tags: Hotel, Europe, Ireland, travel.

Hotel, Bradford

UK – reservations for business and leisure travel, the hotel’s home page. This is an old railway hotel and is located next to ?Foster Sq? mainline station.

Tags: UK, Hotel, travel.

Portland Gallery

Established by Tom Hewlett in 1984, Portland Gallery deals primarily in twentieth century and contemporary Scottish paintings with a specialisation in the work of the four Scottish Colourists: Cadell, Fergusson, Hunter and Peploe. Also exhibits and deals

Tags: art, Advert, vendor.

whirled from IT World (Geddit!)

Weird news, humor, gadgets, and offbeat items from the world of IT and beyond

Tags: Technology, News, IT.

a technology news portal, also offers many e-mail deliveries, when will they get RSS?

Tags: News, Technology.

Financial Investment Commentary, Stock Quotes, Symbols and Picks, YANF financial markets analysis site

Tags: World, US, finance.

of the MOD NPC’s…

written by Imrahil and hosted at Ironworks Forums

Tags: BG2, NPCs, Reference.

and Yachting Online

The UK’s top performance sailing magazine

Tags: UK, Yachting, Sailing.

on Mod Management

An article originally posted elsewhere giving a detailed view on development collaboration, tools & social technques including job roles etc. Very interesting! Posted at PPG by ‘Jester’, originally written by Josh Sawyer of Black Isle.

Tags: bg2, community, Reference.

Black Wyrm’s Forums

another BG2 modder community forum

Tags: bg2, Fan, FRPG, community, forum.

Text : The JavaScript Source

A javascript displaying Rainbow text

Tags: javascript, html, Internet.

JavaScript Source

The JavaScript Source: Messages: myRainbowSpan

Tags: javascript, software, html, Internet.

(UK) – Cars

includes details of the older Civics

Tags: Advert, vendor, car.

Lurker’s Guide to Babylon 5

More Babylon 5, not read this site a lot, but it looks good

Tags: sci-fi, Fan, Fiction, Culture, community, TV, ..

Weisz Paradise

Rachel Weisz Paradise is a non-profit fansite, made for entertainment only – to promote Ms. Weisz, her work and bring her fans together. Please be advised that nothing found here has necessarily been reviewed by professionals with the expertise necessary

Tags: Culture, Actors, Fan, Movies.

– Blogging Evolved

found this in an advert, but I first saw them a while ago. Looks quite neat as a hosting company, maybe even for individuals.

Tags: Advert, Technology, Internet, hosting, www, vendor.

Rice’s Sudoku Blog

Tips, Hints, Methods, resources and puzzles

Tags: Games, sudoku.

and free pizzas

Guardian Unlimited Money | Credit and debt , actually also Student Finance, a review of the main banks student account offerings

Tags: UK, university, student, Money.

to live on a budget

Guardian Unlimited Money | Credit and debt | Student finance:

Tags: UK, university, student, Money.

University of Exeter Alumni Network

their home page

Tags: UK, university, alumni, Exeter, HE.

– Home

recommended by Tom Simpson, refers to Wiki’s as well

Tags: community, Internet, java, opensource, software, Technology, Tools, web, wiki.

Rail, Travel & Tours

S.D.Enterprises Ltd, Dr Dandapani, Tailor-Made Itineraries, Tailor-made Travel, Trains in India, Palace-on-Wheels

Tags: Holiday, World, India, travel, vendor, Advert.

Travel, Tailor-made tours

Tailor-made tours of the Far East, Indian Subcontinent, S.America, Africa & New Zealand with Audley Travel. I found this in a Guardian Review

Tags: Holiday, travel, vendor, Advert.


Home & High Interest Savings Accounts

Tags: Money, Investment+Management, IM, investing, UK, finance.

Dragon Association

Home Page of the Class Association

Tags: Sailing, community, boats.


Search Engine and Directory for sailing related Yacht, Dinghy, Club, Boat, Manufacturer web sites

Tags: Yachting, Sailing, Reference, Tools, searchengine.


Passenger Cars

Tags: car, Advert, vendor.

Digger: Check who’s talking!

Another blogosphere ranking site

Tags: blogs, tags, Tools, web.

Unlimited Books : Review: La Vie en Bleu by Rod Kedward

Review: La Vie en Bleu by Rod Kedward, Modern French History & Culture

Tags: french, History, bookreview.

:: snipsnap-documentation


Tags: css, html, Internet, opensource, software, Technology, Tools, web, www, Documents, Reference, wiki, blogs.

Airways – home page

British Airways – home page

Tags: travel, Holiday, airline, BA, portal.

WDVL: D.J. Quad’s HTML Tag Reference List

Tags: html, Reference, web, www, css.

– Investing Glossary

A dictionary of finance and investment jargon words.

Tags: Dictionary, economics, Money, Reference, Investment+Management, IM, investing, finance, business, banking.

in 40 languages & versions, also links to other socialist songs

Tags: music, socialist, World.


The Currency Site: Foreign Exchange Services and Trading, front page has USD:GBP rate

Tags: Money, markets, FX, forex, Investment+Management, IM, Pension, currency, finance.

Rail Enquiries Online

The Gateway to Britain’s National Rail network

Tags: UK, travel, Reference, timetables, trains, train, railway.


a non serverside wiki, opensource etc

Tags: css, html, Internet, opensource, software, Technology, Tools, web, www, wiki.

FX Converter

FXConverter – 164 Currency Converter

Tags: Money, FX, Holiday, Investment+Management, currency, finance, forex.

OTHER media: Web site design

, eCommerce, Intranet Design, New Media, Content management, Email marketing, Mobile services, London UK

Tags: blogs, css, html, Internet, web, www, community, Advert.

BG2 Shadow of Amn Forums

Planet Baldursgate

Tags: bg2, community, forum.

Plane Group

Bending Baldur’s Gate 2 and the Infinity Engine

Tags: bg2, www, Fan, community.

Adventures Home Page

A rather different travel company

Tags: Holiday, World, travel.

tags: an introduction

A Consuming Experience: Technorati tags: an introduction

Tags: blogs, Internet, technorati, tags, tagging, web.


Cryptkeeper Forums – Index

Tags: bg2, community, forum.

your #1 source for everything Kate Winslet

Tags: Actors, Fan, Movies, Culture.


with homes, houses & property for sale on rightmove.co.uk

Tags: property, UK, house, home.

Chart by VisiBone

also known as a colour wheel, or color wheel for our transatlantic friends

Tags: Technology, html, Internet, reference, Tools, web, www, css, colour, color, RGB.

Realm of Sight and Sound

Andromeda Realm of Sight and Sound, the TV sci-fi show

Tags: Fiction, TV, Culture, sci-fi.


UK based holiday company, villas in Greece, Home Page

Tags: UK, Greece, Holiday, greekoptions, travel.

The OpenLDAP page

Tags: Technology, software, Tools, Internet, opensource, linux, ldap, directory.

katikies in oia, santorini

hotels in santorini, oia santorini hotels, hotel suites santorini villas greece

Tags: Holiday, Santorini, Hotel, Greece, Europe, travel.

Fireball: Markdown

Text markup language

Tags: Technology, Tools, software, web, markup, html.

BG Portraits by Cassinus

French Language Cassinus’ BG2 portrait collection. Very Large

Tags: bg2, Portraits.

Infinity Engine Utilities and Mods

Infinity Engine Utilities and Mods, includes the dialog compiler and install script creator/manager

Tags: BG2, Tools.


Game Editor

Tags: BG2, Tools.

Source Initiative OSI – Welcome

Open Source Initiative

Tags: Technology, Open, Standards, Legal, opensource.

SOA forum

SOA Forum index, first (most recent page)

Tags: bg2, community, forum.

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