Don't bomb Syria

As the crescendo increases, the pressure on Labour's MPs grows; their party replenished of members, many returning from the last time the issue of war in the middle east was discussed...

  1. There was a debate last night in the Commons, Cameron presented his case for bombing, let's find Hansard and/or Parliament TV. Meanwhile, here's No 10, with Cameron's reply to the Commons Foreign Affairs Committee.
  2. This should be's report of Cameron's statement on 26th November, their technology is bit proprietary.
  3. The Parliamentary debate establishes the principle that, for action to be legal, here must be a path to peace and it would seem that this cannot occur without ground forces and no-one knows who will provide these, particularly given the disruptive roles of Turkey, Russia and Saudi Arabia.
  4. In kicking off Labour's discussion, Dan Jarvis sets five tests, this reads as if it's written in a hurry; it's not as clear as it needs to be, but this raises the issue of the nature of the action, determines its legality.
  5. I repeat a link to Craig Murray's blog where he shows the heritage of the doctrine of pre-emptive self defence
  6. Jon Lansman points out Labour's Conference policy, and calls on the Shadow Cabinet to back it. The LF article points at a Chatham House article now behind the paywall arguing that SC 2249 is not sufficient to allow the UK military to bomb Syria.
  7. Here's the text of the UN Security Council Resolution
  8. The European Journal of International Law argues that SC 2249 does not confer legality.
  9. Simon Jenkins in typical poisonous pen mode, makes some devastating points
  10. Peter Hitchens on LBC, on why Cameron is delusional, why the UN Resolution doesn't confer legality, and why the 70,000 moderate fighters are so important; the real military opposition to ISIL is the Syrian National Army, backed by the Russian Air Force, the Kurds and the Iranian backed militias. Hitchens also asks why Assad is so uniquely awful given the government's support for the Chinese, Bahraini and Saudi governments.
  11. Robert Shrimsley in the FT, has an amusing 43 point rebuttal of Cameron's statement.
  12. In their editorial, the Guardian proves that people who sit on the fence get splinters up their arse.
  13. I made a story about the legality of the drone attacks
  14. Here's a Tornado, from flickr, CC BY-SA Defence Images 2011
  15. RAF Tornado GR4 Aircraft at Gioia Del Colle Airbase, Italy During Operation Elllamy
    RAF Tornado GR4 Aircraft at Gioia Del Colle Airbase, Italy During Operation Elllamy
  16. And here's another