Taking into account time served

Labour's star chamber finds Livingstone not guilty of anti-Semitism but suspends him for two years for "bringing the party into disrepute". Probably about right!

  1. The Guardian tells the story and para-phrases those who think he should have been permanently expelled ... we should bear in mind that the ECHR has stated that no court (in Europe) has the right to pass a permanent sentence.
  2. His (Jewish) defenders speak,
  3. and for balance I post this New Statesman article which catalogues the anti-ant-Zionists charges against Livingstone, quoting the Sun journalist and MP, Michael Duger.
  4. Tim wrote this, earlier this year, and highlight the fact that Livingstone can't and won't apologise that's the problem, although I disagree that expulsion is necessarily a suitable punishment.
  5. EARLIER Ken Livingstone - Time To Go: too much "Yes but Hitler" + won't apologise - HE WILL DESERVE EXPULSION  http://zelo-street.blogspot.co.uk/2017/04/ken-livingstone-time-to-go.html  pic.twitter.com/OIiBQAQBk3https://t.co/OIiBQAQBk3pic.twitter.com/OIiBQAQBk3
  6. As said, I oppose permanent expulsion for any reason and consider the five year/seven year moratorium on sentence review too long. We should note that a suspended member can only attend their branch meetings (unless the terms of the suspension prohibit that, which is more normally used for abuse and bullying offences and is designed to protect victims.)
  7. I have also kept my mouth shut on this issue; it's too dangerous, but I admire those who stick to their principles.
  8. Ben Sellers seems to agree wih me
  9. David Baddiel, sadly for me does not.
  10. But then there are some who think livingstone has "Hitler" tourettes