Tidemill Gardens

Lewisham Strategic Planning has approved the demolition and the council flats on Reginald Road. This is well reported by @crosswhatfields on twitter. Let's hope a blog & permalink comes soon.

  1. J Corbyn: 'Too often regeneration is used as a by word for social engineering and social cleansing' Regeneration must be #ForTheMany #Lab17
  2. Corbyn: "Houses should be homes for the many, not speculative investments for the few" #lab17
  3. @Joe_Dromey @GaryCummins6 You have always supported this scheme and spouted its lies and false statistics. @Brenda_Dacres did not. You taint her good name.
  4. Deptford stitched up like a kipper. 3 councillors missing, vote of 4 to 2. Great support from Brenda but who invited Joe Dromey to pipe up?  https://twitter.com/achilles_newx/status/913159718486577152 
  5. At the Strategic Planning Meeting for #Tidemill - our GLA representative Len Duvall has not been allowed to speak!
  6. The crosswhatfields blog advertised the meeting on this blog.