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zbench, footer.php

When written the zbench theme’s footer text was

Copyright © 2013 | Powered by zBench and WordPress

This isn’t what I want.

There follows an extract from footer.php in the zbench theme.  The rest of the article discusses how to change it.

<?php _e(‘Copyright’, ‘zbench’); ?> &copy; <?php echo date(“Y”); ?> <?php bloginfo(‘name’); ?>
| <?php printf(__(‘Powered by %1$s and %2$s’, ‘zbench’),
‘<a href=””>zBench</a>’, ‘<a href=””>WordPress</a>’); ?>

_e is a translation function. It is part of wordpress, in ${WP_HOME}/wp-includes/l10n.php. As you can see I have now changed the footer text. I did so using the _e function, but maybe should have just replaced it with hard coded html. I aslo removed the &copy; string, which is HTML and renders as ©. I have copied footer.php to the custom child theme folder which is where I made the changes

I have a community forum article here.

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