This post uses TM Time Line to illustrate the History of this site.

The first wiki post

About Wills & Probate, the first post on snipsnap.

The Cobalt Qube dies.

The blog server hardware in my home died. The bliki content became unavailable.

Hosting by AWS

My bliki, snipsnap, is now back on-line, hosted by Amazon.

Transfer to 1and1 WordPress

This is the date of the Hello World post! It represents the establishment of this wiki instance at this address.

Restoring Snipsnap content

I recovered the file system dump of the Snipsnap bliki and started the of restore wiki content, Some was not brought forward.

The end of my snipsnap bliki

The migration of my snipsnap bliki to is completed. Most of the wiki articles have been transferred.

Nulis theme

I installed the Nulis theme.


I retired the wordpress implementation of my ello based microblog; I had previously copied this to my main blog and today I fixed the xrefs.

Encapsulated within

The wiki was moved from a sub-domain to a leaf node within to be precise.

Tempo theme

I moved to the Tempo theme.

Adopting the Creativeily theme

I adopted the Creativeily theme. It’s still being maintained and has better comment control and editing.

I need to suppress the add this lines

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