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The Perils of Branwen!

Your favourite cleric, Branwen returns to Ankathla. She's followed you from Baldur's Gate. The neutral good cleric of Tempus can be found in the Bridge district.

What happened to Branwen, did you rescue her from the flesh to stone spell, did you travel with her to Badur's Gate and confront Saverok? The young barbarian cleric from the North returns, but to help or hinder? You can download her below.

She is currently at version 0.8. She'll join your party, but best not let her leave. In future, she'll be a true Cleric of Tempus and be more chatty. This release is ready to play, but with little no characterisation although it makes use of the BG1 sound files. This 'mod' for Baldur's gate is weidu compliant.

I'm releasing this in its current unfinished state because it is playable, if you role play well, she's as interactive as the BG1 character and I want to put something playable in front of people. I'd say my plans are based on a "Release early and release often" approach, but I know the first ain't true and I have severe doubts about the second.

At V0.8.0.4d, you'll find her in the Bridge district. She's at 80,000 XP and thus 7th level. She is reasonably equipped and has developed her inate abilities. If you remove her from the party, she can be found inside the Temple of Helm in the bridge district. (I expect that she'll be back at the same XP as when you first meet her). Apart from her joining and leaving conversations, this version has no banters, interjections or quests. She is unkitted i.e. she is a true class cleric. The mod does use the the bioware (english) sound tracks.

In the summer of 2009, Leomar, wrote to me to offer a German text translation, this was posted on the Downloads page in Nov 2009.

I propose to offer/include a clerical kit, banters & interjections and a quest at coming version releases, although I haven't decided in the order I'll do these thing; I also need to implement a fix for the problem in retaining XP (& Kit) should she leave the party. The current structure is not ready for multi-language support and I do propose to implement this. I have an automatic installer for windows and hopefully someone'll help me create a Mac version. The various detritus from the development process also needs to be removed.

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