About Boris & Probity

He's very unlucky, at the least!

  1. Let's look at the Garden Bridge! Ooops!
  2. The President of RIBA is a person of substance often named as a contractual arbitrator on architectural and civil engineering contracts.
  3. Convoy's Wharf was 'called in' after Boris returned from a fact finding/sales meeting in China, where he met the developer.
  4. His custody of the Metropolitan Police has been hands off at best, but the cuts, the loss of two Commissioners, and the perceived conflict of interest between his support for and from the Murdoch Press, one of the objects of the most significant enquiries to be run by the Met during his Mayoralty leave questions of a conflict of interest to be answered. Questions which led to the resignation of Sir Paul Stephenson.
  5. The Mayor of London is London's Chief of Police whose job it has been to investigate the media after the phone hacking disclosures in the Guardian. He originally stated that the investigations into phone hacking by the press were “left-wing poppycock dreamed up by the Labour Party”. It’s hard to believe that Johnson did not repeat his views about the priority of the phone hacking investigation or make his views known through intermediaries to the investigating officers and their management.
  6. Sir Paul Stephenson, the Met Police Commissioner, a man who worked directly for Boris and ultimately responsible for these criminal investigations eventually resigned due to integrity issues related to the investigations into press and later police corruption.
  7. I comment on it towards then end of the following article,
  8. This is a man who receives £250K p.a. from the Telegraph, a sum he has describe as 'Chickenfeed', in addition to his salary as Mayor of London working for a newspaper; it should be noted that he gets more from a newspaper than he does as Mayor of London, who do you think comes first?
  9. Does he pay the appropriate tax on it? I am particularly interested in the employers N.I. contributions.
  10. The bridge isn't the only appointment where the competitive process may have been influenced.