I am an innovative, creative IT solutions designer, with nearly thirty five years experience. From October 2009, until the summer of 2017, I have been working at Citihub Ltd., as a Principal Consultant continuing to solve IT problems for the


I write mainly about Technology, Politics, and Technology Politics. These key categories were developed over time at work from 2004 and more recently, since the 2010 General Election influenced by and reflecting my political activism in the Deptford Labour Party.


I have a personal wiki, where I post my notes and findings about Technology, I.T., Travel, computer games, gadgets and there’s a few articles about just living one’s life. There’s also some politics and economics, but not so much today.



When I felt the need to start shouting on Facebook, I needed a somewhere to put my less well formed thoughts and diary-like notes. Firstly I experimented with ello, but I later transferred my ello to a wordpress blog at


Some of what I write deserves to be remembered for longer than the seven days I allow for comments. This page lists some of those articles, lists the site feeds, hosts, points at three code projects, and points at some


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