This is a wordpress blog, and thus can be subscribed via your favourite feed reader. [+] You can also subscribe to my blog via and also get this blog delivered to your e-mail box … use the widget immediately below, which uses feedburner, but best read the notes below the red box before trying this.

The subscription widget i.e. the red box is also published in the page footer. On this page, you are currently offered another entry point to the feedburner notification service, but a fourth way of subscribing to my blog,is to set up a visualping,io alert. This is a web site that monitors a web page and then mails you when it changes. For low frequency users, this is free,

The big red box seems to have one or two bugs in the process. For some it seems there is problem if logged into google and the feedburner code maybe browser sensitive as it runs the captcha. I need to run some more experiments, but at the moment I recommend using chrome on a desktop with your google primary login mail as the target email address.

While debugging the plugin, I have published this widget. Subscribe to Well Red by Email , which is a short cut to the feedburner subscription dialogue, but this may well have the same problems as the plugin.

As is this form i.e. a shortcut to the feedburner service,

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  • 20th April 2020 at 10:21 pm

    I worked through the subscription process with someone today and documented the possible workround.

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