Sep 2021 – I established a “Brexit News” mingle.It needs to be integrated into wordpress and also the rss & opml feeds need to be advertised, this is ATOM only at the moment.

Jan 2021 – Either flickr have changed their API or flash is now gone from firefox, but I need to change the flickr slide show renderings on some of the older pages and have done so on some.


June 2020 – I moved the wiki to davelevy.info/wiki and advertised visualping.io as a means of subscribing. I also added the select by category widget in the footer.

May 2020 – I started to move some of the blog’s document assets from davelevy.info to my Google Drive. (This should be invisible to users.)

Apr 2020 – I installed a redirect, https://davelevy.info/youtube, now resolves as my youtube channel, I have added the youtube channel to the links at the bottom of the page and I have amended the slider so that it exposes links to the work page, the wiki, the politics category (was the whole blog), the thoughts category and the technology category.


Jan 2019 – I have updated the feedly OPML file

Jan 2019 – The copyright compliance statement was amended for the purpose of clarity.

Jan 2019 – I revised the front page to add two links to my linkein blog

Jan 2019 – Amazon reorganised their site or some books to which I referenced using their site have become unavailable in some of the older articles. I have deleted the hyperlinks.


Dec 2018 – I installed redirects in blog.davelevy.info and in davelevy.info to issue 301 redirects on the old blog permalinks.

Dec 2018 – I installed the ‘Random’ page which displays excerpts from seven randomly chosen posts.

Oct 2018 – I moved reference to my Paper.li site from the pages to a display widget.

Oct 2018 – I revised the front page to make a more prominent blog button

Aug 2018 – Revised the “Subscribe Widget” and edited the static page structure

May 2018 – I deleted the “thoughts” page.

Mar 2018 – I ported blogs.davelevy.info to this site and ello.davelevy.info.


Nov 2017 – I corrected the links in the code section of “Insights” and added the github links.

Jun 2017 – I uploaded a copy of the EDRi white paper, a Charter of Digital Rights and linked to it in the mirrors section of the Insights page. I reinstalled the xslt engine, the ATOM feed is now working

May 2017 – I installed a ./mingle redirect statement, and add a target=”_blank” to the i/o key index list.

Apr 2017 – I deleted the SNOBS mirror, and implemented the site at davelevy.info.

Mar 2017 – I updated the Labour Rules mirror to the 2017 version.


Dec 2016 – I have cross referenced the Labour Rules to the wiki copy which is now the 2016 rule set. I have made a feeds page, as a sub page of “Insights”

Sep 2016 – I have completed the Sun/Oracle blog migration

Jul 2016 – I have integrated my new micro blog ported from ello.co and I restored the FOAF file functionality


Jan 2015 – I have uploaded the Labour’s Rules to the site to act as a mirror.


Dec 2014 – I created a mirror for the SNOBs site since its hosting funding was about to withdraw. This wiki article refers.

Nov 2014 – I have uploaded the DITF PWC Report on the economics of the arts to the mirror site.


Aug 2013 – I have inserted a new <a href=”https://davelevy.info/snipsnap.html”>snipsnap landing page</a>. It is the object of the redirection on the old snipsnap site. The redirection will only be in place 1 month.

Aug 2013 – The snipsnap blog and wiki have been copied across to the wordpress instances.

Jun 2013 – I started a tidy up of the static site. A lot of the web services I have been relying on are falling apart. I have come to relying on my blog, my new wiki and my mingle page to keep the site fresh. The other external dynamic feeds are being enclosed, and sites such as living social and plazes failed a while ago. The index page has been revised, and the indexed visible static site reduced to Home, Downloads, News and the Sitemap.

May 2013 – The Bliki at http://davelevy.dyndns.info/snipsnap has been fixed.


Jul 2012 – The Bliki at http://davelevy.dyndns.info/snipsnap failed again. It was either Amazon’s fault. or mine.


Jul 2011 – I have moved my mingle, and other planets to davelevy.info. Mingle is a planet aggregator, with one, one line entry for each of its elements, which in this case is a number of my social media activities, including most prominantly Twitter and delicious. I have also moved planet davelevy and planet G3 News. See More….

May 2011 – The Bliki at http://davelevy.dyndns.info/snipsnap is back online.

Apr 2011 – I implemented a blog preview on the home page using feedburner and buzzboost.


Dec 2010 – I have started a new blog again, at http://blog.davelevy.info/, I hope I have set the .htaccess file so that all blog URLs in davelevy.info redirect to it.

Jul 2010 – snipsnap.org has finally gone away, and I discovered my mirror page copies were corrupt, so I repaired them.

Jul 2010 – The google reader feed of my bliki blog is fixed on the blog, sitemap & 404 pages, the Communities page was tweaked to reflect the failed blog.

Jun 2010 – My blog server died so I have un-redirected the ./blog page and amended its contents to point at the google reader feed and a hope for the future.

Jan 2010 – Happy New Year. I have updated the professional pages to catch up with my move to Citihub Ltd. and archived 2008’s news.


Nov 2009 – ‘Perils of Branwen’, a german text translation was uploaded.

Aug 2009 – A new blog placeholder has been created at https://davelevy.info/blog. I also implemented a mirror of my Sun Blog as an XML file xmlin the mirrors section. The sitemap & 404 pages have been updated, and the home index page has a link. These three pages have all the sun blog link anchor text changed.

July 2009 – I revised the Snipsnap mirror page, I added pointers to the source code at sourceforge.net and uploaded HTMLMacro.jar. I amended the March note below.

Apr 2009 – I revised the Sitemap feature, with a new look and feel, and relocated the site news pages to here, this means that the hyperlinks listed on these pages needed to be changed. Each feature is located in a sub-directory with an index.html file, so that the directory names can be used to obtain most features. I have also attempted to delete any orphan pages and removed the experimental small screen optimised pages. A 404 page has been created and implemented.

Mar 2009 – I revised the Snipsnapmirror page, uploaded a .tgz file and added an add this button. It looks like the code’s gone otherwise.


Xmas 2008 – The CV was updated, and supressing navigation components when printing was implemented.

Sep 2008 – A width constraint was implemented on the home page, communities and this page using CSS positioning. See About css and a two column page on my sun blog.

Aug 2008 – I started to examine the possibility of moving planet/davelevy to a third party aggregator. I am looking at friendfeed which is a ‘software as a service’ personal aggregator offering, and I have a Communities page and friendfeed & my planet pages on the site now. Also updates to index & professional. The ‘addthis’ share button was added to the home page. Professional pages had NESSI stated.

June 2008 – the photo’s page went online.

May 2008 – I put the snipsnap tar archive up on the site, I needed an http version and both snipsnap.org and sourforge.net were bust the day I tried. By this time the book list server had stabilised and the Booklist page became useful.


Xmas 2007 – Inserted a Booklist page as an interest

Apr 2007 – Started using Plazes and added an “I’m here” page to this site. .

Feb 2007 – FOAF file becomes available at davelevy.info/foaf.rdf.

Jan 2007 – The wallpaper page, is finally advertised on the site map, and we have 2 Cows Politics as a mirror and I upload my Garden Project page.


Xmas 2006 – Reworked the menu structure, moved some BG content to my SnipSnap, publicised the wallpaper page. The snipsnap instance was reworked to run behind the apache server as a proxy. The planet instance is syncronised and publicised.

Feb 2006 – Enter the 1&1 Affiliate program. My static content at http://www.davelevy.info is advertised as hosted by 1&1 Internet. See aside in the menu box. This is also available on the front page. I now have a Snipsnap wiki available here…. This remains experimental.


Sep 2005 – V3.0 Green Robot goes live. – The Green Robot look and feel, my professional internet presence, the Perils of Branwen BG2 mod and my Jaheira FAQ are all uploaded onto the site.

Jan 2005 – V3.0 Green Robot entered, tests start.

Jan 2005 – My BG2 “Perils of Branwen” uploaded V0.8.0.4d, the URL is distributed by e-mail


Dec 2004 – .pdf copies of selected blog articles uploaded onto the downloads page