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I have been playing with Deepart,, I have an album with most of my output in it and have installed a slide show below.



I have copied some material to my site and offer them as mirrors for the original, sometimes because I knew it was going, sometimes because I though it deserved saving, or because I expect the material to loose  its permalink.

  • A New Britain: Renewing our Democracy and Rebuilding our Economy. Report of the Commission
    on the UK’s Future

    • A report commissioned by Sir Keir Starmer, Leader of the Labour Party … pdf … Download
  • The Forde Report
    • A report on the leaked document on Antisemitism in the Labour Party, … pdf … Download
  • Systems Update Required!
    • A report commissioned by Labour Together on Labour’s Digital Campaigning capability … pdf … Download
  • GMB Elizabeth Henry Report
    • A report commissioned in 2002 by about the GMB and racism … pdf … Download
  • Action Plan: Driving Antisemitism out of the Party
  • Culture for All, a report/proposal by Tracy Brabin
    • This was launched in April 2020, uploaded in June … .pdf … Download
  • Starmer’s 10 Pledges to the Labour Party
    • I made a mirror from his campaign site, … .pdf … Download
  • The 2019 Manifesto, Time for a Real Change
    • Here is a mirror, … .pdf … Download
  • Report to the Labour Party NEC on Allegations of antisemitism at OULC
    • I found this in 2020, originally dated in Aug 2016 … .pdf … Download
  • Who nominated who in Labour’s Spring 2020 elections
    • These have a habit of disappearing, here’s the HTML page on my blog which points at .pdf copies of the Labour Party’s pages.
  • Tory Landslide, Progressives Split
    • A Datapraxis Analysis of the UK General Election, Dec 2019, .pdf … Download … or HTML
  • Without a transformation on Brexit, Labour’s election chances are dead
    • by Paul Mason, from the New Statesman, published in July 2019, .pdf … Download
  • The Electoral Commission, “EU Referendum Designation of Lead Campaigners””
    • written over the summer of 2016, posted to their site on 25 Oct 2016, .pdf … Download
  • Alwyn Turner, “Things can only get bitter: The 1992 general election was the moment when a generation gave up on politics.”
    • a mirror hosted here – .pdf … Download.
  • Stonebraker and others, “The End of an Architectural Era (It’s Time for a Complete Rewrite)”
    • a mirror hosted here – .pdf … Download.
  • The Indy on Rachel Reeves’ “Riots could sweep streets of Britain if immigration is not curbed after Brexit” speech
    • a mirror hosted here .pdf … Download
  • Carole Cadwalladr’s “The Cambridge Analytica Files”, on how they got Facebook’s Data
    • from the Guardian – .pdf … Download
  • “Watchdog to launch inquiry into misuse of data in politics” by Jamie Doward, Carole Cadwalladr and Alice Gibbs
    • from the Guardian – .pdf… Download
  • Carole Cadwalladr’s “The great British Brexit robbery: how our democracy was hijacked,”
    • from the Guardian – .pdf … Download …
  • The Rules of UK Labour Party – now 2020,
  • The Wisdom of Cows
    • the world through the ownership or control of two cows  – .htm … View here…
  • Snipsnap – posted Summer 2010
    • it was missing for a couple of months, I created a mirror, and posted my tools, most of this has transitioned to github – .htm …  View my wiki page here…
  • My blog at Sun – posted Autumn 2009, updated Dec 2016
    • this is now copied to this site, for those who still need it, I have an an XML file, originally designed to act as an archive or source for migration – .xml … View here… XML
  • Report of the Digital Champion
    • Report on Digital Inclusion, I think I found this hard to find and hope that this mirror will help. (It really needs a landing page, possibly on the wiki.) – .pdf … View Here…
  • – posted Summer 2016
    • ex-colleagues created this page to commemorate the company, which existed from 1986 to 1997. For more see here….
  • EDRi Charter of Digital Rights

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