Some of what I write deserves to be remembered for longer than the seven days I allow for comments. This page lists some of those articles, lists the site feeds, hosts, points at three code projects, and points at some mirrors I created. There is a child page, I/O, which hosts and displays feeds for what I have read and most of what I write.

Pinned articles

  • E-Voting
    • An essay-ette on why IT is not necessarily the answer to problems in voting systems. It was first published on my micro-blog, where I tried to have one word titles. I argue an IT system cannot be transparent and secret; using these words is obvious really. Nov 2017
  • Labour’s New Brexit
    • I review the Brexit debate at #lab17, where Momentum and the leadership manoeuvred to avoid a debate on CLP motions instead debated an NEC statement. I quote #lab16 Composite 1. I say “It would seem to me that the Leadership, by ensuring that motions were kept off the table, and that the NEC statement was the only thing debated, have moved the Party towards Brexit. This is based on capture, not on winning a debate. I am not happy, and don’t think I’ll be alone.”
  • The Single Market, it’s the state that’s the problem
    • A spectrum of obligations and entanglements with the EU, presented as a graphic; I look at the importance of the customs union and the single market, and then look at the political advantages of the Charter of Fundamental Rights. I conclude by asking why Lexiters think it’ll be easier to build socialism in one country. Aug 2017
  • Three steps to Censorship
    • How the UK criminalised file sharing in three steps! Originally called Digital Economy Act again! Feb 2017
  • Conflicting Data Requirements: Privacy vs. Transparency
  • Policy for Labour on the digital economy
    • In April, I made three proposals to act as the centre of public policy. Public money buys public domain, some things must be open source, and we need a fair copyright term. April 2014
  • Supporting the EDRI Charter of Digital Rights
    • For the 2014 European Parliamentary elections, the EDRI proposed a Digital Rights voting exchange, I campaigned for candidates to sign up to it, this article is describes why. April 2014
  • Remediating the internet’s outstanding SPOFs
    • in which I and Mike Masnick look at the internet’s outstanding choke points. April 2014
  • Who watches the Watchmen?
    • My take on Parliament’s response to the Snowden leaks. Nov 2013.
  • Backdoors
    • in which I catchup with the Snowden leaks looking at the economic and political fall out. Sep 2013
  • If Only
    • prompted by the play, I rant about triangulation, careerism and the loss of belief and passion in politics. July 2013
  • Software Migration
    • I had reason to revist some of the thinking behind my book on Software Migration, the key lesson of which is that the drivers and hence the tactics for software migrations vary. Nov 2011
  • Scalable Computing
    • Why now? An article for the the internet Knowledge Transfer Network. Here…. Jan 2010.
  • Evidence to the Government consultation on filesharing
  • Free the right price for software
    • briefly examines the impact of Welfare Economics and alternative business models on the transfer price for software. Aug 2009.
  • Are blogs losing their influence
    • prompted by the question, I look at a proposed architecture of publication, distribution, aggregation & consumption, which still stands. I also argued that good writing will prevail. Aug 2009.
  • The shape of the internet inside & outside the corporate firewall
    • on some IBM research on the (non-)ubiquity of the power of in-list search and the power curve. Why google may not be the best answer inside the firewall. Jan 2007.
  • More about managing the Professional Services firm
    • Services and products need to be aligned to the technology adoption cycle, a review of Geoffery Moore’s article “Just Shoot Me”, published 2004.
  • Managing the Professional Services firm
    • A review of Maister’s book, recognising the customer’s value requirements of expertise, experience or efficiency. July 2004.

My code

These are old projects and I have abandoned them, they might be useful to others. I updated them with their github links 27 Nov 2017

  • Pump I/O service script – 7th April 2015
    • an lsb compliant services script, uses forever and logrotate – now on github 
  • Macports Management Script – 2014
  • Snipsnap Management Scripts  – 6th Sep 2010
  • Planet Management Scripts – 10thAug 2013



I have copied some material to my site and offer them as mirrors for the original, sometimes because I knew it was going, sometimes because I though it deserved saving, or because I expect the material to loose  its permalink.

  • Without a transformation on Brexit, Labour’s election chances are dead
    • by Paul Mason, from the New Statesman, published in July 2019, .pdf … Download
  • The Electoral Commission, “EU Referendum Designation of Lead Campaigners””
    • written over the summer of 2016, posted to their site on 25 Oct 2016, .pdf … Download
  • Alwyn Turner, “Things can only get bitter: The 1992 general election was the moment when a generation gave up on politics.”
    • a mirror hosted here – .pdf … Download.
  • Stonebraker and others, “The End of an Architectural Era (It’s Time for a Complete Rewrite)”
    • a mirror hosted here – .pdf … Download.
  • Carole Cadwalladr’s “The Cambridge Analytica Files”, on how they got Facebook’s Data
    • from the Guardian – .pdf … Download
  • “Watchdog to launch inquiry into misuse of data in politics” by Jamie Doward, Carole Cadwalladr and Alice Gibbs
    • from the Guardian – .pdf… Download
  • Carole Cadwalladr’s “The great British Brexit robbery: how our democracy was hijacked,”
    • from the Guardian – .pdf … Download …
  • The Rules of UK Labour Party – posted Sept 2014, updated Dec 2016/March 2017, now has the 2018 rules
  • The Wisdom of Cows
    • the world through the ownership or control of two cows  – .htm … View here…
  • Snipsnap – posted Summer 2010
    • it was missing for a couple of months, I created a mirror – .htm …  View here…
  • My blog at Sun – posted Autumn 2009, updated Dec 2016
    • this is now copied to this site, for those who still need it, I have an an XML file, originally designed to act as an archive or source for migration – .xml … View here… XML
  • Report of the Digital Champion
    • Report on Digital Inclusion, I think I found this hard to find and hope that this mirror will help. (It really needs a landing page, possibly on the wiki.) – .pdf … View Here…
  • – posted Summer 2016
    • ex-colleagues created this page to commemorate the company, which existed from 1986 to 1997. For more see here….
  • EDRi Charter of Digital Rights

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