While developing the new web site, I had a look at how my mingle was organised. The current regime has a conversion rules file for each output format and one for HTML. I need to incorporate the HTML output in a wordpress page and also apply the wordpress style rules to the HTML. I solved this problem by generating three html files, a feed, a source key and an output format key and then including them in the host page.

These files reference the theme CSS files and also hold some local styling, which shouldn’t be necessary but I think there’s an object model clash so both locations i.e. the theme CSS and the html file have their disadvantages.  I include them in the wordpress page using an IFRAME tag within a Code Embed alias.

This means I have the template files in the planet source directory, and they generate the html into the output directory. Amendments, such as the insertion of a new feed format need to be made in the source directory template files. The compiled template file needs to be deleted.

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