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  • Using userstyles.org
    This page was originally written in 2010, and may have been posted to the snipsnap bliki. When I rescued it, I copied it to the blog and then decided it would be better on the wiki. I made a major rewrite in 2021 as I considered writing alternate style sheets for …
    How awesome is this! Excel =INDEX, is a matrix retrieve i.e. =INDEX(array, row, col) retrieves an entry from the two dimensional array. If we combine this with MATCH which returns a row number we can use these functions instead of =VLOOKUP, its allegedly faster too. MATCH operates on a column …
  • Labour’s Proscriptions
    For those interested in Labour’s new proscription rules this is the central list of Prohibited Acts …
  • Small screen HTML runes
    Optimising HTML for small screens I have been interested in optimising HTML for small screens and/or using CSS as the vehicle. This has been driven by my personal publication properties and started at Sun with the then Sun Blog. I marked it as deprecated in 2020.
  • Energy Economics
    I wrote and posted on my blog, “Is  IT a utility?“, it’s unfinished and there’s some dubious stats and treatment and so I have created this supporting article.