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  • After the AEIP strategy day

    After the AEIP strategy day

    I attended the AEIP National Committee yesterday and now have some more reading to do, about SEO, and other campaigning organisations. Here are some links. 
  • Medium


    This post comes in two parts; I started it when I was sceptic and came to the conclusion that I should join it as a subscriber. The first part sort of documents …
  • Zenity


    While writing my error warning routines, I was pointed at zenity. Here are my notes …
  • Money & Lies in Starmer’s Labour Party

    Money & Lies in Starmer’s Labour Party

    Novara Media point me at some work, presented in an article in the Times by Gabriel Pogrund and Harry Yorke who track the role of Labour Together and its shady fund raising, …
  • Labour’s Money

    Labour’s Money

    I feel the need to document my findings on Labour’s finances. I have written about it here and on my blog. In 2020, the LP did not publish their 2019 annual report …
  • EP Elections 2024

    EP Elections 2024

    A note on the political manifestos of the EU parties.
  • Labour noughties debt

    Labour noughties debt

    During the noughties, the Labour Party failed to generate the cash to win and fight elections, it had to borrow tens of millions. Here’s some reporting on it,