1st Steps

I have been thinking about Brexit again over the last few days, I issued my personal short term manifesto, and read the British Chamber of Commerce’s puff in the FT. I comment on the one benefit identified so far, Crown logos on pint glasses. Here are some notes, Continue reading “1st Steps”

Rewilding Britain

i wrote a blog article, which was a news piece on the reintroduction of bison to the UK, in Kent of all places. Last week, India Bourke wrote an article in the New Statesman, called “Why rewilding isn’t just for toffs“. She argues, that, “Small-scale farmers can play their part in conservation – Monty Don risks putting them off.” The article talks about set-aside subsidy and Monty Don’s criticism of such programmes. This piqued my interest; here are my notes. Continue reading “Rewilding Britain”

Using modals on this site.

I found the modals a fab way of keeping pages tidy and when writing about DnD games they allow me to hide the hints. i found some examples, and created a page with three modals, which now seem to only display the 3rd. I would like to fix that as I think I will/might use the technique to hide the motions in “Energy, Climate Change and Just Transition”. Anyway, here are my notes and links Continue reading “Using modals on this site.”

The right to national self-determination

While doing some thinking as part of my work on AEIP, I wondered where the “right of national self-determination” came from. It is not defined in the UN Charter, the UNDHR or the European Convention although on thinking about it, these were all written by Nation States and so they would not be keen to concede such rights. It may also be partly caused by the liberal antipathy to social rights, such as the right to freedom from poverty. For more see below/overleaf. … Continue reading “The right to national self-determination”


I used to like medium, but while it’s pretty, I haven’t concentrated on it for months; every now and then I copy some stuff from the blog to the medium feed, but my huge problem is that I now have to pay for people’s content and they need to pay for mine. Maybe I should, but I question, as do others, whether Medium is worth it. How many of its authors can I live without.? And on the other hand, I want my content to be free. Their paywall inhibits people’s ability to read my stuff; it’s no longer solely  an amplifier. Although I conclude after research that I should subscribe, and maybe more. Subscribing and reading is good citizenship. For more, see below/overleaf … Continue reading “Medium”

Copyright law and streaming

Kevin Brennan MP, introduced a private member’s bill earlier this year to establish the right to ‘equitable’ remuneration for musicians and composers for use of their material on streaming platforms. It would seem that this is an attempt to implement a series of recommendations from the DCMS Select Committee. (I think the bill will fail to leave the Commons as most private member’s bill do.) See below/overleaf for more notes and links. Continue reading “Copyright law and streaming”