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This is a wordpress wiki. The only personal data this site collects is comment emails. Comments are moderated. In the case of approved comments, this is used to notify you of any further replies, it is kept for as long as the article to which it refers is held within the database. Non approved comments are deleted or marked as spam, see below.

Your data is not shared; it is held securely in Germany or the US.

Any rights requests would be best addressed by commenting on this or the Guest book page. (I’ll provide an email shortly).

This site uses cookies, these are generated and read by wordpress or its plugins.

3rd Parties

This wiki is hosted by 1and1 Hosting. It is implemented in wordpress. See 1and1’s privacy policy, & wordpress privacy policy.

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This went away in Mar 23.

Oneall Social Login

I have configured Oneall Social Login to authenticate commenters, they too have a Privacy Policy.


I use the Akismet anti-spam tool; their privacy policy is here.