This is a personal wiki, I post my notes and findings about Technology, I.T., travel, computer games, gadgets and there a few articles about just living one’s life.

There are a large number of navigation features available via the sitemap , feeds pages and most importantly the index page, and on the Tag Cloud page. For more ways to find content, see also the Archive and Random pages.

My License is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Please feel free to reuse and share.

  1. This wiki is non commercial.
  2. All wrongs righted.
  3. Linking is not approval
  4. Opinions are my own, they do not represent my employer, nor any organisations I belong to or support.

More on Copyright

I try to obey the law, which means that there should be no copyrighted material unless permission has been given.  All copyright owners material should be and will be recognised. I do exercise my “fair use/fair dealing” rights, and my rights as a blog publisher, etc.  etc.

I have tried to conduct a search to identify the copyright status and owners of all third party content, but mainly images, to allow me to comply with the copyright restrictions and obligations. In the case of some images, I have been unable to identify the terms and/or owners but since they are already available on the internet, I have either linked or made local copies in order to ensure the long term availability of the image and for performance reasons. A third reasons for storing images is that wordpress’s featured image cannot  function using a remote URL and so I have created a local/cache copy,  possibly resized to permit the image’s use as ‘featured’ image.

Either late 2020 or early 2021, I made unsplash,com my main source of images. This was originally CC0 but they later amended it to CC0 except for the purpose of monetising a collection.  All my unsplash copies meet their licence terms.

I have usually changed the size and/or cropped the pictures; these are not a derived work.

I have used some pictures which are copyright UK Parliament who publish the pictures under Creative Commons and add additional restrictions. I have complied with their terms.


Other peoples material is published under different terms, most importantly, I use the tempo theme, and wordpress which are both published under the terms of the GPL 2.0.

Cookies and Plugins are now dealt with on the Privacy page.

WordPress supports feeds for both categories and tags, here are some of the category feeds

Whole Site Feeds

Frequently Posted Feeds

Not so busy



I installed a translation widget

Another Language



This is the home of my 2nd personal wiki.

The first wiki post
About Wills & Probate, the first post on snipsnap.
The Cobalt Qube dies.

The blog server hardware in my home died. The bliki content became unavailable.

Hosting by AWS

My bliki, snipsnap, is now back on-line, hosted by Amazon.

Transfer to 1and1 WordPress

This is the date of the Hello World post! It represents the establishment of this wiki instance at this address.

Restoring Snipsnap content

I recovered the file system dump of the Snipsnap bliki and started the of restore wiki content, Some was not brought forward.

The end of my snipsnap bliki

The migration of my snipsnap bliki to is completed. Most of the wiki articles have been transferred.

Nulis theme

I installed the Nulis theme.


I retired the wordpress implementation of my ello based microblog; I had previously copied this to my main blog and today I fixed the xrefs.

Encapsulated within

The wiki was moved from a sub-domain to a leaf node within to be precise.

Tempo theme

I moved to the Tempo theme.

Adopting the Creativeily theme

I adopted the Creativeily theme. It’s still being maintained and has better comment control and editing.

This first was held in a snipsnap wiki, hosted on a Cobalt Qube and then Amazon. I started to copy it to here, a wordpress wiki hosted at 1and1;  I started the transition on in June 2013. Some of the dates set in the new wiki, for articles and comments are not particularly accurate. Not everything was brought over, although currency was not the major test.  Some pages were merged; particularly those that are likely to be irrelevant such as stuff about my old mobile phones. It also shocks me that this little wiki is longer lived than some of my source material. In particular much of the Bioware Community Forums material and now the Neverwinter Nights’ Vault have disappeared.

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