I can’t make the Nulis theme work with modals and there’s been a problem with CSS for a while; I am planning to switch my theme again. I have collected  whole bunch, and have short-listed  I like Cronus, which is a derivative of Tempo. Nulis and Cronus seem to have been abandoned.  Here are my notes…

Some notes,

  1. I have cropped and placed a blue/grey filter on the frontispiece, as have they.
  2. I need to put a margins - auto on the web page view, I am using tempo, not sure it’s necessary but I may want to widen the pictures.
  3. It only has one menu, which it places in the header. I need to look at how it does the widgets in the right hand column.
  4. I have too many pages on the wiki and so have retired a few, inc. Guest book and subscribe.
  5. All the pages with widgets need to be checked. I have retired a few.
  6. All the widgets need to be checked, and some will need to be reinstalled.
  7. There is a problem with the placement of the read more buttons on Cronus, this may be related to the implementation of Excerpts.Cronus requires the <!— more —> element to be on a new line.
  8. I need to bring forward the CSS for popups and the modals.

I found these pages to help …

  1. https://kinsta.com/blog/wordpress-css/#how-to-add-custom-css-in-wordpress
  2. https://www.wpbeginner.com/plugins/how-to-add-a-search-bar-to-wordpress-menu-step-by-step/

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