While in Berlin, I saw a post bitching about Corbyn and Starmer’s contribution to Brexit, and remembered that Labour’s RemaIN campaign run by the then legacy leadership was also weak. I know that the doorstep operation was weakened by the lack of commitment of the party and the exhaustion from the local elections that had taken place the previous month. The timing is further evidence that Cameron was unsure of what he wanted; whether it was a strong Tory Party or to remain in the EU. It’s common belief that Corbyn didn’t work hard enough, and that his Office were pro-leave, but what did the Party do.

After the Party’s experience on campaigning with the Tories on Scottish Independence, they resolved to campaign independently of the Tories in 2016.

  1. The domain, http://labourinforbritain.org.uk/ has gone, but  can be found on the wayback machine. It was led by Alan Johnson, then an MP.
  2. Wikipedia on the referendum, and the campaigns;, check the citations, also lmgtfy? the history of the 2016 referendum

But Labour in for Britain seems to have sunk without trace. They have an inglorious record. I found this twitter account, which maybe keeping the flame alive.

I was pointed at Marina Prentoulis, of UEA, her publications, and found her paper Brexit and the democratic deficit.

Wonder if the People’s History Museum have an archive.

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