This is a trick, plane or train? It’s an arse-ache to get to cheaply (and quickly). Here’s what I have found.

  1. Kayak via LGW & STN  out from LGW chnage at Nice, back to Stanstead via Nantes, gets in late on Friday. No luggage, and lots of extras, inc. for Ryan Air early check in. Kayak is a market and search engine, the ticket vendor would have been
  2. Deutsche Bahn go to Manheim from LSPI, this could be paid using an Interrail ticket.
  3. How to get from Manheim to Strasbourg.
  4. I eventually went direct to Lufthansa and got a return from LCY via Frankfurt 🤔 for about the same price as Kayak although I upgraded from basic.
  5. Expedia and Eurostar are terrible prices.
  6. Hotel’s shouldn’t be a problem. [ || BW Hotel des Vosges ]

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