Some resurgent interest in Solaris has made me check what I still have. Here as ever are my notes …

What I have found

I found an x86 version of the .iso, U6 GA1, hosted here. I also have an iso for OSolaris 09/06, which needs to be published.


I found something called Open Solaris starter pack which among other things had an early release of Nexenta. NB this is now 15 years old, but I had a look to see what had happened to Nexenta. NB They got bought. On their current site,

  1. nexentastor-community-edition-4-0-2
  2. free to trial, not sure if they have a time limit manager.

I have an iso for version 2 and it is also on the starterpack DVD.


This is what Solaris engineering rescued from the enclosure of Solaris.

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