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Sankey diagrams

Sankey diagrams

Post election, I wanted to make some sankey diagrams. My usual data visualisation tools are Excel or Libre Calc and I don’t think they include this charting option, but I want to do it. Here are my unfinished notes …

  1. How to make a sankey diagram in excel, by google
  2. Here’s an article on using Excel & VBA.
  3. A cloud based generator, needs investigating,
  4. as does this one,
  5. A blog article on Microsoft’s Power BI blog about Sankey diagrams (I have done this twice before).
  6. And what google suggests foe Libre Office.
  7. Here’s a list at a site called Sankey Diagrams.
  8. And it seems, there’s always Tableau.

Quite a few articles point at “R”.

The Microsoft answer is Power BI,- here’s their Getting Started page, and is it free? This page suggests it might be … but then you may have to deal with a new DML.

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  1. Imon Kearns
    Sankey diagram is a very useful visualization to show the flow of data. Many people create using R or other tools which require you to do some or extensive coding. But ChartExpo provides you a better and easiest way to create the Sankey Diagram in no time without coding only on few clicks.

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