It’s not the easiest game to learn; here are my notes and links.

Do you have to pay money to be effective?

Quite a few things seem to be behind a real world shop. Is there a free way to pass these barriers. My first obstacle seems to be “Royal Prestige”, which it seems must be paid for; it is for 30 days and and a subscription. It’s over £20 p.m. Maybe get a month, to get the extra buildings?

Join an alliance

I didn’t do this as I started, I was expecting some distraction like in simcity. It’s actually helpful, very helpful and if you can find one that’ll take you join as soon as possible. Next I needed to work how to teleport my city to be contiguous with my allies. After achieving 9th level, I found a button in my knapsack that does this. Alliances can declare themselves peaceful and so we will not necessarily be bothered with attacks all the time. Other advice is to find the territory yourself, but it seems that very junior members of the alliance cannot ‘see’ the home province however, the boss can send a teleport location.

Some more on alliances from Medieval Fun and a post on how to mail allies.


One of the pieces of advice I read stated that Iron was a key shortage area, I find that gems and gold are constraints, and I keep running our of charcoal and occasionally tavern supplies.

Stationing Heroes

I think it goes like this: use gems to buy stationing points, then upgrade the town hall to get garrison points and then station your heroes.

How to

Hint anthologies


  • Fandom have a guide for Heroes, which emphasises Mr Guider’s advice, “There are four qualities of heroes; orange(the best ones), purple(good), blue(average), green(bad).”
  • Levelling up Heroes, by activity and purchase,
    • scour the country side, after 8th level from the challenge quests, you get XP and gems.
    • otherwise, recruit heroes, get medals instead of duplicates, trade the hero medals for wisdom medals at the arena, use these to buy hero skills


I looked to speed up research, I made a google query, without much luck. It seems a 35 level dragon helps research, the Institute level is also key, and thirdly, the alliance technology tree.


I have concentrated on economics, without Royal Prestige and at 14th level maurauder/17th level City hit a flat spot. I need a stronger Army. This, an article called Research at fandom’s wiki is full of obvious and some less obvious hints. This how to become powerful faster in rise of empires. says, “Train your troops and keep the upgraded”. Obvious really!

Enhancing your troops command capacity will help, and I need to look at Crafting and my citizenship class

Reign of Chaos

This is a bit tricky to understand, here are some hints,

Search for more

I got bored typing in “Rise of Empires: Ice & Fire” and so I made this.

It will open a new tab.

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