Labour published its draft National Policy Forum report, I was told on the 9th May. The Labour Party URL for the report is here, on the Labour Party’s main site and behind the members’ ID wall; I have made a mirror. It is strangely not on the NPF site.

Labour List report that a number of amendments have been accepted, and list the topics of those they deem in important, yet to be debated.

On 12th July, I checked on the likely sources of amendment to the EU policies, the LME position is here, supplemented by a polemical document, and the Lewisham Deptford proposal is here. I made an extract of the original draft on European Trade, Immigration, and Asylum.

The LME position makes proposals to use the pan-European & Mediterranean convention on rules of origin as a substitute for the single market; if acceptable to the EU, this only solves one of the problems that the exclusion from the EU’s single market causes.

In order to amend the NPF Draft Report, Labour Party members had until May 29th just over three weeks, to notify, through their CLP NPF Reps changes they want to see. This deadline was extraordinarily short.

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  1. This was amended today. Links to my extracts and the Labour List ‘leak’ of the revised proposal were added together with a link to the LME proposal for the NPF.

    I amended the following text, “In order to amend the NPF Draft Report, Labour Party members had until May 29th to notify, through their CLPs, their CLP NPF Reps of changes they want to see in the draft policy document. This deadline was extraordinarily short. “

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