also known as Mondaine. In my case, the Mondaine Swiss watch with time zone indicator/display. Here’s mine, it has a third time hand to display the time in a second time time zone.

I tested it on 19th August 2013, and it seemed to need a battery replacement. Otherwise OK. [Maybe not, the time zone adjustment winder is a bit fragile.]

It has a 22mm strap anchor.

I haven’t used it in a while, but it’s battery seems good. Just need to reset the time, date and the 3rd hand.

The upper button moves the outer bezel and thus changes the title of the time zone city which refers to the third (silver outline) hand; the button works both clock and anti-clockwise moving the bezel to left (to the west) and right (to the east). The lower button has two positions, fully extended moves the time hands, both forward and back. Pushing it in to a ½ way position and turning anti-clockwise moves the third hand, and clockwise advances the date. (I think, it might be the other way round.) NB the time is told on a 12 hour clock, the third hand & date is every 24 hours, so make sure that the time hands are in the correct half day. Actually, an hour after posting this, I found the manual, but now its on the web!

I also have a desk clock from them, which is pretty picky about the battery it uses. The batteries are best not bought from the pound shop.

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