I have been to a couple of Campaign Lab “Hack Days” and picked up a project on measuring political donations. I decided to take an innovate, don’t invent approach. Here are my notes …

On the first day, found the code for such a web page; I have reverse engineered the data model and database, and have made a landing page for my implementations of this tool; I have inserted my data file into Neil’s code and it can be viewed here for Q4 23 and also for all 2023, although I need to do some work with the javascript; this page’s presentation is not very satisfactory.

In addition, Campaign Lab has incubated Who funds the Conservative Party?

On my third visit, I met the author of donation whistle, [ the site | the code ]. I really like this; it has a real time feed from the EC and answers some of the questions one wants to ask really well. I have starred it in github and raised one issue already.

I have worked with my 2023 extract to prototype some of the queries I plan to run and report on.

My sources

Mainly the EC,

  1. Their search portal, with filters set
  2. Their candidate spending page for 2019, does this do all, or only those that spend more than an amount
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