I decided I needed one of these, between the tablet and the phone and making Kindle easier to read. It’s thicker but otherwise smaller when folded than my A32. Buying it was a palaver, and I eventually bought it with a big discount at John Lewis. Here’s a hint, EE don’t want to sell phones, they want to sell credit agreements. Here are my notes …

I decided to build it using a new SIM, which didn’t work and need it replaced. The data came across using a cable which is nice. This may have been a mistake as the device has room for two SIMs; it might have been smarter to bring the current SIM across but I didn’t want to be without in case it didn’t work.

  1. I have paired it with my Logitech keyboard & mouse, my ear buds. , and my bluetooth speakers [A15].
  2. NordVPN is now working.
  3. A bunch of things still need to be logged into.

The OS needs to be upgraded a lot, as do the apps; and this time I’ll audit the Samsung software, how much of it do I need? Samsung Boost seems to be a collection of free trials, most of which I have.

Multiple Sims

How does this work then? Especially with apps tied to the phone number such as whatsapp.

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