I was looking for a DSAR template, but couldn’t find anything for free, except the ICO page. So I made one, here are my notes, or will be …

Here’s some words I made, which are also in a word file DSAR-Template;

Your Address, Post Code v Phone Number

<Their Address>



Subject Matter Access Request : <Qualifier>

I am xxxxxxx, although you may know me alternatively as xxxxxxx[1],

My membership/employee number is nnnnnnn and you have verified me at the following email(s).


Please reply to my.emaildaddress@maildomain.name[2], my postal correspondence address is:-

Number, Street Name
Post Town,
County Post Code

This is a formal Data Subject Access Request. I require to see[3] all data held related to my conduct, capability, attendance, sickness, any correspondence related to disciplinary or grievance issues, any email correspondence held by the organisation/company about me, including that in my manager’s mailboxes and my personnel records, from the current date covering the last 3 months/two years[4]

Correspondence should include all data held by the company/organisation and by third parties where the company/organisation is the data controller, to also include emails, handwritten notes, and texts or other messages on personal[5] and work mobile phones and any other messaging platform. Please note my personal identifier is not limited to my name.  It is for any data in which relates to me, for example, identified by staff number or pronouns such as he/she and him/her and/or internal system foreign keys, supporting pseudonymisation.

I wish to receive the data electronically.



[1] If known by an alias or nickname.

[2] You should use a private email account with a professional email id.

[3] If the Data Controller has CCTV records, these should be scoped in or out explicitly.

[4] As appropriate, the ICO suggests that a focused query will be fulfilled more rapidly

[5] Or explain the controls in place to ensure that personal data does not leak onto private phones.


Image Credit: from https://www.dporganizer.com, cropped, resized and stored for the usual reasons

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