I have bought/subscribe to NordVPN and was recently taught how necessary it is. Here my notes, and links …

About Nord

Here is the Nord Home Page

W11 Startup

I have come to the conclusion that I need to ensure the VPN starts before google drive, MS Onedrive and the Browsers, also the chat clients including Steam. This doesn’t seem so easy. I made this query, and one of the replies points at the registry editor, another basically suggest one writes a local autoexec batch command file.

Does windows not have an equivalent to systemd.

I bugged it/RFE with Nord VPN who pointed me at their page on the windows kill switch and I then found How to create an internet kill switch on W11 by Digitbin; does this do what I want? The latter points at the netsh.exe command, is this its man page.

Nord’s Logo

This is allegedly a symbol of an iceberg, and so I found the featured image on unsplash. This page says,

NordVPN was launched in 2012 as a project carried by a group of childhood friends led by Tom Okman. They received an all-round support from a Lithuanian seed accelerator named Tesonet. Later in May 2016, they’ve released their Android app, accompanied by an IOS software a month later, a browser extension in 2017, and an Android TV app in 2018. During these years, NordVPN grew into an international solution for individual users and organizations across the world.

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