I want to go sailing in the Aegean again, but perhaps not in a flotilla. I am looking for a berth rental.

Farout cruises, use a Turkish gulet but have at least one trip which starts and ends in Rhodes and only visits Greek Islands, they claim to do single tickets.

Or blue cruise, their cabin charter page about £850 + 70% p.w. = £1,445 probably + flight but the Ada Deniz looks cool.

Or https://www.medsailholidays.com/athens-cabin-itinerary/ from & to Athens

Or https://www.yachtgetaways.com/summer-2024 destinations in Croatia or Greece, (Paros, Lefkas or Corfu), definitely do book a cabin but expensive. I misread the currency, they quote in Euros, but don’t mention a single berth uplift. €1632 pp, but I assume based on full rooms and they are all doubles.

See https://www.goolets.net/blog/7-amazing-facts-about-turkey-gulets

Sunsail aren‘t doing this in the Mediterranean for 2024.


https://www.prometheus-sailing.co.uk/sailing-school/ have taken over Sunsail’s training solutions and have a 3 day refresher course, not sure about the Ionian prep courses they used to do.

See also https://davelevy.info/wiki/getting-back-to-sea/

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