I’d love to go sailing again, once the pandemic is over. Here are some 2021, links and notes …

  1. Lefkas by Sunsail, 1431 for a boat with two cabins
  2. Nautilus Yachting, who sails a Bavaria 34 from Stockholm, ~£1550 to £2750 depending on time of year but being in the Baltic, weather should be studied; it might get quite unpleasant, also need to do some route planning. Would I be stuck in the archipelago, or could I make it to Ryugen or other parts of Germany? Might need to buy a book to help route plan. Where can you moor overnight?
  3. I need to ensure my ICC remains current, if I you type “sailing school solent mile builder”, into google, there are a bunch of people that offer mile builder trips, I found this one, Solent Boat Training, and Sunsail probably still do it.
  4. Two years later, I find https://venturesailholidays.com/sailing-with-us/sailing-single-traveller/ which offers UK, Denmark & Norway as a [working] passenger.
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