After my trip to Turkey, I feel that I should visit Rhodes, it may be my next destination or if I can work out how to do it properly an interesting way of arriving at Fethiye. Here are my notes on visiting Rhodes. …

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  1. Top Hotels from Tripadvisor
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  4. I found the Savoy, which meets my price range, and the St Nikolis Boutique Hotel from Expedia, their site, which seems pretty full but also pretty expensive. I went with the Savoy.

I looked at Expedia and getting their is hard in a day, I was thinking of out on a Thursday and back on a Monday. Lufthansa can get me there and back from London City with only one stop and change each way. The take-offs are at reasonable times and so are the landings but it costs around £850. Advice is that the weekends are more expensive, perhaps I should look at Tuesday or Wednesday to the following Tuesday. At that price of airfare, it would be sensible to stay for longer.  An alternative is to fly to and from Gatwick.

I booked via Expedia, BA out, and Swiss back and am staying for a week.

The man on the seat 61 suggests that it might be sensible to travel from Athens to Rhodes by boat/ferry and he offers some web links to check fares and timetables. He also has two routes to get to Athens by train but this is a multi-day journey and there is no train route through the Balkans.

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  1. I did some research on the 15th May and found a Lufthansa itinerary to and from City LCY both with stop overs. The journey out arrives late on the Monday in Frankfurt and leaves Frankfurt Airport at 5:00 in the morning. I think Frankfurt shuts overnight and therefore and for reasons of comfort I would want a hotel room on the Monday evening. The journey home is by Swiss air and involves a couple of hours stopover in Zurich. I have found a reasonably priced hotel in Rhodes, the Savoy Hotel, which is reasonably reviewed in TripAdvisor.

    The Frankfurt stopover is silly, flying at 5:00 am means getting there at 3:00? Best check if there’s a Gatwick flight that arrives at a sensible time. Out by Expedia, Savoy Hotel, and back via LH looks best.

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